FEBRUARY Scopes – Wake UP! crows the Rooster:)

Happy Year of the Rooster!

Since Mercury was still retrograde at the start of 2017, the Lunar New Year that kicked off with the Jan 28th Aquarian New Moon feels to me much more like the real fresh start, a palpable energetic shift ushering in a wild set of waves.  In keeping with the Chinese Zodiac theme, I was planning to pop in the famous “Chinese curse” – “May you live in interesting times” – highly appropriate in sentiment, but, as it turns out, also rather apropos in other ways in this “alternative facts” era – turns out this phrase has no known origin in Chinese language or culture and is actually made up by an Englishman…go figure!;)

Meditating on the messages of this fiery red rooster year in the sleepy Mexican village that is my winter home, it finally hit me: what do roosters do for us?  They WAKE US UP, loudly, often at really annoying hours for a night-owl like me.  And, looking around at the wider world, many of us feel like we’ve been shaken rather rudely out of our solipsistic slumbers…grrr… But, there’s no time to mourn the shredded blanket of illusion.  Mars, the planet of action and motivation entered its home terrain, the fiery sign of Aries on Jan 28th, just as the New Moon ushered in the rooster’s rule.  Sleep is simply not an option, at least not till March 10th when Mars takes a breather in much more mellow Taurus.

This Martian mojo can move mountains, helping us create massive change in a matter of moments.  It’s high-octane fuel that should come with a warming label: “handle with CONSCIOUS CARE”.  We’re all in for a crash-course in personal pyrotechnics this month.  On a practical level, when you feel like you’re just about to “blow your top”, take a deep breath and go for a run instead…or any sport that helps you release the tension…perfect time to lose those stubborn holiday pounds, instead of losing your temper:)

Roosters are also known to “strut their stuff”, parading proudly in their finest feathers.  2017 calls on all of us to be more bold and public, to crow out courageously and risk being SEEN in our full glory.  This takes a ton of “cojones” (Spanish for balls;)  But, it doesn’t mean we got to be cocky in that annoying macho manner (though, yeah, we’ll see more of that this year than most).  Revealing our authentic passion, putting our heart on the line requires courage of a different, deeper kind – the guts to be vulnerable and real, to risk seeming ridiculous or “way out there”.  The root of “courage” is “coeur”, HEART in Latin.

Rooroosters-1801620_1920sters walk with their big bold heart front and center.  We can borrow a bit of their instinctive confidence and add our voice to the wake-up choir!   Sure, it may not sound pretty, this cacophony of cries, but out of Chaos new creation comes.

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Now, let’s see what area of life the Fire Rooster shakes awake for each sign:



The focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂

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