Dear SAGITTARIUS – Year of the Rooster kicks off with a flurry of a communications-crowing: rebellious ideas mix with utopian visions, stirring up a stimulating “cocktail” that’s true Sagittarian delight.  Your creativity is on fire the next few months, your mind buzzing with brilliance.  Of all the signs, you’re perhaps the most delighted with and suited for “living in interesting times”:) Extra manifestation mojo, courtesy of Mars, helps you put ideas into action with startling speed.  Enjoy this effervescent energy and share your spark – this Rooster vibe is tailor made for “shouting it from the rooftops”, dear grandiose centaur!

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4 thoughts on “SAGITTARIUS

  1. Sagi here – this resonates with me! I literally had a life changing idea on the 6th December 🙂 thanks for the reading – will be back for more 🙂 ‘see you’ x x

  2. I love this months scope – thank you SO much for sharing! I have been having baths this past week and taking time to pamper myself and just nurture myself at home which is alignment with what you’ve been saying… and funnily enough, when Mars enters on the 20th I go on school holiday from teaching and have plans for that day to get out the city for 2 weeks and work on a project dear to my heart – which I’m so excited to hear about now cos I know I’ll be backed by the celestial bodies to get going on this 🙂 Thank you!!!! Much love x x x x x

    • Thank you so much, it’s lovely & magical to hear how you’re so naturally in-tune with the cosmic surf this month! I wish you best of luck with the project on March 20th! Until then, rest up & recharge:) i’ve been really enjoying your blog, thanxx for sharing your joy with the world!! Xoxo

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