Full Moon in Cancer – A Soulful Howl!

Full Moon in Cancer (exact Jan 12th at 6:35 am in NYC, 13:34 in Estonia) is glowing in the crisp winter sky tonight, rising a restless yearning in our souls.  Native Americans called the mid-winter full moon the Wolf Moon and the Hunger Moon…evocative names, and if we step outside on a cold winter night, we feel the meaning of these names right in our bones… our heart longs for the comfort and safety of a full belly and a warm place to sleep, an almost animal kind of basic need.  Most of us modern humans have these survival needs covered, most of the time…let’s consider ourselves lucky, as we gaze up at the luminous Luna tonight!

The aspects around this Moon are tense and restless – it touches off the Cardinal Grand Cross pattern that dominated the tumultuous twists and turns of 2012-2015.  Rapid change of any kind offers no comfort-food to the ancient animal sense of safety that still rules a huge portion of our emotional wiring.  On a soul-level, we know that change is inevitable, essential fact of being alive on this dynamic corner of the cosmos.  But our primal feeling-body can get jarred and triggered by this wild evolutionary ride.  This Moon brings the tension to a crescendo – we can no longer hide what’s in our heart.  So, instead of imploding in frustration, I urge you to open the floodgates to let your feelings flow – HOWL it out if you need to!  Let the tears mix with salty curses…get it off your chest, wheeew….and then, take a LONG HOT BATH to soothe yourself back to that cuddly warm animal place…”just for now, in this moment, I am safe”.

One more Moon MAGICK ritual you can play with, to increase the cathartic healing potential of this Lunation: make some MOONWATER to perform a ritual cleanse.  Set out a glass jar or bottle (or lovely lead crystal wine glass, if you have one!:) so that the Moon’s light shines directly on it. Leave it out for one full night, and use it next day to wash yourself, adding your favorite spells or incantations to declare your intention of washing off anything that obscures the true you (good-old Hogwarts “Revelio” spell would work well!:)  Your heart’s voice will emerge so much clearer – you can FEEL out your next step, no matter the chaos and noise around you.  Whatever happens on the outside, you are HOME inside your soul.

Ps- as I’m writing this, I’m in the midst of the “perfect Cancerian storm” – packing and organizing my home (and, geez, i’m really not the most organized person:) to be ready to be rented to a lovely friend, while my husband and I head off to a long-awaited roadtrip to Mexico.  Lots of change, and ultimately, I’m excited and happy…if I think about actually being on the road…and, swimming & surfing in warm waters off Mexico’s Pacific Coast…but, the next few days are madness, and my inner animal is protesting loudly.  So, I’m off to howl at the Moon in my urban backyard (it’s Brooklyn, pretty much any kind of wildness is fine here:), and then a nice hot Moonwater bath. I’m curious how this emotional rollercoaster Moon is shaping up for you… share your stories in comments, if you dare:)  And, remember to make time for deep SELF-CARE!

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