Cosmic Wave Surf Report

SunSign_Event_LandscapeReady to escape the snow?❄️☃️😉 Let the sea, sun and tropical jungle recharge your life – join us on a beautiful & energizing adventure-retreat in Yelapa, Mexico! 🌴🌺🌞 Learn fun experiential astrology from my cosmic mentor Rebecca Gordon and enjoy refreshing nature adventures and soulful shamanic journeys led by me. Yelapa’s magic can change your life in wonderful, unexpected ways! Here’s a link with more detailed info on Rebecca’s websiteRegistration open only till March 23rd!

What do you want to BUILD in your life in 2018? The Jan 16th Capricorn New Moon is perfect for drawing up the blueprints for potent practical change.  SACRED ARCHITECTURE is Capricorn’s highest calling – we’re invited to draw up some soaring plans of our own this Lunar cycle.  2018 is the year when “stuff gets real”, mind meets the MAGICK of MATTER and creativity crystallizes into new structures that we will live with for years to come.  This signals a cosmic shift from FIRE and AIR (are we burned out yet??:) to EARTH & WATER – here are some ideas on how to navigate this new terrain

The October 5th Full Moon in Aries is ELECTRIC – a simultaneous embrace of mighty Mars and seductive Venus fires up our creativity and offers an opening to a new way of relating – one where we give our lovers SPACE to shine in their full fabulous glory.  Here are my Moon musings, along with an amazing experience I had at a Liza Colby show in NYC ( she’s a true fierce & fearless Goddess!)

The August 21st NEW MOON in Leo – a total Solar Eclipse visible across the USA – births a bold new possibility of enlightened leadership that’s never yet existed on our planet.  To access this amazing potential, we need to face our own deepest darkness, our collective and personal SHADOW.  True courage is born in times like these!  Here’s my Moon musings, to help light the way.

The July 9th FULL MOON Capricorn is extra potent! 🌕🌩️Native Americans called it the Thunder Moon, for the frequent midsummer storms. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation lends extra potency to this Moon, while Mars, the warrior opposes the Pluto-Moon pair from emotional Cancer – wheew, an intense and volatile cosmic cocktail indeed!  Here’s my Moon Magic musings and Spells, to help us use this Moon’s intense illuminating potential for maximum growth and good.

The June 23-24th NEW MOON in caring Cancer invites us to venture into the tender terrain of our HEART.  True courage is born from this daring dip into vulnerable waters!  Mercury, teaming up with this Moon, helps us to find the words to share our true feelings – to reach out for help, to declare our love and affection, to weave a nourishing web of support.  Here’s my Moon musings, along with a special SPELL for creating SAFE SPACE.

The May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio sends a searing beam into the hidden hallways of our inner castle, revealing what’s lost or concealed Dream-doorways are wide open, the veils are thin…do we dare to see what lies within?  Here are some stellar spells to help enhance our Second Sight – the intuitive and unflinchingly honest way of seeing that opens the way to our greatest co-creative potency.  Enjoy this Moon’s magnificent magic!

This Taurus New Moon (exact at 8:16 am April 26th in NYC, 3:16 pm April 26th in Estonia) feels like a long-awaited “aaah!”, a thorough exhale of all the past month’s tensions.  It invites us to drop into nature’s easy flow and ENJOY the myriad little pleasures each moment has on offer.  This is potent Earth magic, an evolutionary impulse that can awaken the Buddha within, and help us grow out of the terror of the twitchy “fight-or-flight” mode that’s wreaking so much havoc in the world these days.  The solutions are simpler than we dare to believe, suggests the sign of the Bull:)

Whoo-hoo, Spring is here!  The ARIES NEW MOON on March 28th helps us bring fresh “zing” back into our cells, awakening the child-like JOY of simply being ALIVE.  Retrograde Venus right next to this Moon guides us on a kind of Soul Retrieval – to take back our innocent wiggly-giggly effervescent energy from the societal shackles of “Sshusshh!”;)  Check out my Moon Magick tips, stories and SPELLS

The March 12th FULL MOON in VIRGO awakens our “urge to purge”. Here are some Stellar SPELLS to speed up the Spring Cleaning!🙂

Today (Feb 26th) is a stunningly SOULFUL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces.  Check out how to surf this graceful healing wave, and make some MOON MAGICK!

Jan 28th Aquarian New Moon ushered in the Year of the Fire Rooster.  This bold and public Eastern Zodiac wave fits perfectly with what our Western system sees in the stars: a wild ride of rapid change.  We’re all called to add our voice to the cacophony of creation – this is no time to be shy!:)  Check out my longer musings on this Rooster Year and check your Scope for clues on how to surf this dynamic set of swells

2017 begins on a Mercury Retrograde wave – perfect for taking the time to recalibrate your Cosmic Compass to a courageously conscious course.  Jupiter shines the way towards abundant shores, as the Capricorn lunar cycle awakens our most authentic ambitions (ps- I took the cover photo on Jan 1st – New Moon shining over the New Year!:)  And, JANUARY 2017 brings a new Scopes format…stay tuned… Personal “2017 Year Ahead” readings are also available for potent precision navigation! Happy New Year!!

What a wild year it’s been!  December sky is so action-packed, it took me way longer to cover it all:)  This month’s stars will challenge us to ignite our inner LIGHT, and crack our minds wide open.  Restless revolutionary energy gathers momentum, culminating around Christmas with potent alignments: rebellious Uranus trines stalwart Saturn on Dec 24th, and opposes expansive Jupiter on Dec 26th Holidays will be anything but boring!  Curious what EVOLUTION these cosmic fireworks can catalyze in your life?  Check your DECEMBER SCOPES… and, report back from your own wild ride!!

November starts deep & dreamy with Neptune sending a soulful beam of support to the Scorpio Sun.  True TREASURE is found in the depths this monththe dark hours spent delving into dreamtime, and sharing spells and stories around a Full Moon fire (a stunning Super Moon this month, brightest since 1948!).   Let’s make moonlight MAGIC together!:)  Check your November Scopes for special spells & sprinkles of stardust for your creative cauldron:


Inspired by October skies, my creative cauldron cooked up a playful batch: Scopes full of stellar spells and planetary potions brewed especially for YOU! It took a little longer, hope it’s worth the wait:) There are potent liberation spells to ride out the rebellious Oct 16th Aries Full Moon, and soulful Lunar magic for the deep and dreamy Halloween New Moon of Oct 30th. Enjoy the Month of Magic, and let me know how your spells go!


WOW, this is certainly a September to remember!!  The most astrologically active month in a long time – Sept 1st “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse sets the swell of change in motion. Eclipses speed up evolution, packing a potent punch of possibilities into a tight timeframe. Mischievous Mercury travels backwards Aug 30th – Sept 22, and Jupiter changes signs on Sept 9th, entering Libra’s lovely landscape.  All this action inspired me to write longer than usual Scopes, to help you ride this wild set of waves in style:


A brave and hopeful New Moon lights up Leo on August 2nd (4:44 pm NYC time!), urging us to let our imagination take flight.  Like children playing in the cosmic sandbox, we can create our world anew according to our hearts’ authentic aim.  Steady Saturn sends a beam of support – seeds planted now will have serious staying power!  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in brilliantly quirky Aquarius on August 18th invites us to “free the freak within”, to risk being as wild and wonderful as only we can be:)  This takes a bit of courage, sure – but without revealing the “uncensored self”, true friends and lovers just can’t find us!  The planets are busy too – Mars meets Saturn for a serious rehash of strategy on Aug 24th, while generous Jupiter embraces Venus on Aug 27th, releasing the blessings of an abundant harvest.   Check your August Scopes for how to max this month’s mojo:


July 4th New Moon in compassionate Cancer invites us to steer a courageous course by our Heart’s Compass.  Imagine there were no separate words for “feeling” and “thinking” – instead, a unified fluid perception of all the nuances of the situation, accessed without a form or filter. Glimpses of this are well within our reach if we learn to trust the ebb and flow of heartfelt conversation and soulful silence.  NEPTUNE throws a dreamy beam to this Moon – a special friend may become a starry-eyed lover on a sultry summer night! :)   As the planets pop into sunny Leo mid-month, we’re urged to “sing it from the rooftops”, to risk revealing our heart’s authentic aim.  Vulnerability is the true courage this month!   Check your July Scopes for ride this brave and tender wave:


June 4th New Moon in Gemini invites us to weave new worlds with our WORDS. It’s time to wave the modern-day magic wand – a pen – to craft our own potent incantations, spells and prayers! Venus bestows her blessings, urging us to set the course for maximum JOY.  The “big planets” – Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune – get involved in this game of creation, amping up our ability to conjure change.   There’s excitement in the air and “butterflies in the stomach” :)  Check your June Scopes for how to max this magic:


Mercury retrograde in Taurus asks us to meditate on the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese sage: “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.   Instead of pawing the earth in frustration at the seemingly sluggish pace, we can stop and smell the roses:)  Relaxing into nature’s rhythm allows us to access major manifestation mojo this merry month of May!  Check your May Scopes for how to work this Earthy magic:


April arrives on a chariot of FIRE – the planetary party in adventurous Aries wakes us up with an ardent call to ACTIONhearts_on_fire_by_kmterryThe bold and provocative New Moon of April 7th shows where to aim our arrows of desire.  Uranus adds a dose of “devil may care” rebelliousness to the mix, urging us to be utterly AUTHENTIC, no matter how wild and wacky it may seem to the powers that be:)

The adventure takes a sharp inward turn on April 17th as Mars starts its retrograde trek thru Sagittarius.  A courageous quest for personal truth is the best way to surf this wayward wave.  Shaking off shadow loyalties and murky motivations will LIBERATE your lifeforce by the time this pattern runs its course.  Worth a little detour, no?:)   Check your April Scopes for how to fuel the inner fires:


Stellar swell of CHANGE rolls in with the March 8th (9th in Europe:) New Moon Solar Eclipse Eclipses interrupt our habitual patterns, bringing in possibilities that truly didn’t exist before.  Exciting, but also…aargh, a bit scary, as our familiar reference points get swiftly swept away.  Check your March Scopes for clues on how to keep your head above the water and learn to surf it in Style:)  This Pisces wave blurs all boundaries…and you can use this to your advantage – relax, TRUST, breathe and BECOME the WAVE. Surfers know these BLISSFUL moments of being ONE with the flow:) 


The Feb 8th New Moon in brilliantly quirky Aquarius ushers in the Year of the Monkey in the Eastern calendar.  Monkeys are a wildly playful and irreverently inventive bunch. To profit from their wacky wisdom we’d all do well to loosen up a little. Check your February Scopes for tips on mastering this monkey-business, swinging from tree to tree, fun and free;)


Happy New Year!! Ready to tackle a fresh set of goals?  Mercury, the mischievous messenger says: “Hold your horses!”, advising us to take a good look back before jumping into new adventures.  What are you most proud of from the past year?  What projects and peeps got lost in the holiday shuffle?  The Jan 5th -25th Mercury retrograde  in ambitious Capricorn offers us a chance to refine our goals and make sure we have a truly trustworthy foundation to take off from.  No need to grumble, most of us could probably use a bit of a breather after the Holiday rush:)  Check your January Scopes for your personal Mercury message on how to spot the best wave to start off the Year! 


Bright New Moon in Sagittarius on Dec 11th invites you to dream up a bold new VISION.  With Jupiter in practical Virgo, bringing your “Big Ideas” down to Earth is key to unlocking the abundance – offer something that sustains us all, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.  Full Moon in caring Cancer warms up the Holiday season on Dec 25th.  Allow your heart to soften, wrap your family & friends in a cozy hug!  With all our quirks and edges, we all have a soft spot for LOVE somewhere inside:)  Check your December Scopes for how to surf this sparkling season with Grace and Style! 


Do you dare to bare your Soul? With Sun and Mercury in sexy Scorpio, it’s time to dive deep! Fearless pursuit of truth leads us into raw and tender territory. True intimacy with Self and Other is the delicious, dangerous fruit tempting us to take the risk… What magic are you willing to weave this Season of the Witch? Check your November Scopes for some spellbinding suggestions;)


Looks like a PRODUCTIVE month ahead! Seeds of change blown in by the autumn winds are landing in fertile ground.  Cosmic lovers Mars and Venus team up with Jupiter in industrious Virgo, lending you abundant energy to tackle any task you set your heart and mind to.  Powerful Pluto provides stellar support to this magic of Earthly manifestation – you can move mountains this month if you’re not afraid of a little WORK;) Check your October Scope for tips on harnessing this potent and productive wave:


A whole new landscape is revealed in September sky!  With both Jupiter and Saturn settling into new signs, it’s “Back to School” for all of us as we learn to navigate this shifting terrain.  Venus emerges from her retrograde journey with renewed passion on Sept 6th. Now it’s up to us to express our LOVE in ACTION. Check out your September Scopes for clues on how to rock this dynamic month!


An abundant Harvest of the Heart is ready to ripen in August’s golden days! Retrograding Venus is helping you weed your inner garden, making sure you’ll truly LOVE what you’ve grown. If you find a few prickly weeds, gather up the courage to pluck them out! Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve had a “change of heart”:) Check out your August Scopes to see what area of your life needs a bit of weeding and where the most abundant fruits will grow for the next 12 months as Jupiter travels the verdant Virgo lands:


July starts off with stellar surf – Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck falls into Jupiter’s abundant embrace in generous and creative Leo.  Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn the same day amps up the power: dare to dream big and bold!  Surprise yourself by surpassing your own expectations:)

The July 15th New Moon in the sign of the Crab opens up a wellspring of intuition, inspiration and healing.  To get to Cancer’s safe harbor, there’s a tricky passage to navigate as potent Pluto challenges all our assumptions.  Emotional Intelligence is the key to successfully surfing the Summer of Love! Check out your July Scopes for clues on how to ride these wild waters:


With Mercury the Merry Prankster still in Retrograde, serious striving and linear logic gets you nowhere.  PLAY is the name of the game:)  Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius brings in the broader perspective – “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”

Life is not a struggle, it's a wiggle!

Life is not a struggle, it’s a wiggle!

Enjoy jumping through the rabbit holes into new realities! A fortune cookie I recently received had the perfect mantra for this month – “Life is not a struggle, it’s a wiggle”!  Crackling creative fireworks erupt later in the month as Jupiter and Uranus team up in Fire signs – a wonderful wave to jump on if you dare to act on your wildest (and wackiest;) dreams!  Check out your June Scope for clues on how to harvest this incredible influx of ideas and energy:


Monkey mind running wild? MERCURY RETROGRADE in Gemini will do it!:) Instead of letting the “inner monkey” drive you up the tree, how about having some FUN with this maddening energy? Creative breakthroughs could lurk in the jungle! I gathered up some tips on how to have the MOST FUN Mercury Retrograde Ever


MERRY MADCAP Month of MAY!  Mercury Retrograde in curious Gemini, a smolderingly SEXY Scorpio Full Moon – what a wild ride ahead!  The Drama Queen and the Trickster are among the cast of characters you’ll get to play with in this magical month of May;) Check out your May SCOPES for tips on how to SURVIVE and THRIVE during Mercury’s retrograde romp!   ***


ABUNDANT APRIL has arrived!  Time to CELEBRATE the SENSES as the planetary party moves to Earthy Taurus.  Before diving into this delicious wave, there’s a tricky patch of weather to navigate with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4th.  Check your APRIL Scopes for tips on how to USE this Eclipse to clear the slate and welcome in the abundant Earthly blessings!   ***


Solar Eclipse in Pisces- Let the Wave Catch YOU!  March 20th Solar Eclipse lands on the star Scheat in the constellation Pegasus, the winged horse. There’s an element of mystery, danger even… and the excitement of something so new, so brilliant being born! How can we ride this wild wave without getting bucked off?  Click here for some clues:)


MIGHTY MARCH, Spring is here!   There’s enough FIRE in the sky to melt the most stubborn snowmen! Sizzling hookups between Uranus, Jupiter and Venus start the month off with a major dose of adrenaline and ABUNDANCE.  We need all this extra “juice” to navigate the choppy seas mid-month as last of the Uranus-Pluto squares rumbles through. A soulful New Moon Solar Eclipse in the oceanic sign of Pisces points the way forward on March 20th. This Eclipse lands on the star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse, daring us all to gallop towards our deepest dreams.   Check your MARCH Scopes to see how to rock these wild and wonderful waves!   ***


FUN and FAR-OUT FEBRUARY to you!  We’re all in for an extended stay in the brilliantly broadminded Aquarian terrain. Where have you hidden your unique genius?  And how to find it?:)  The cosmic weather heats up after Valentine’s Day, as Venus and Mars hook up for a hot date on February 22.  Check your FEBRUARY Scopes to see what gets awakened and aroused in your life by this ecstatic burst of energy!   ***


MERCURY Retro in Aquarius – you didn’t come here to be NORMAL:)  What messages is the playful Trickster of our solar system whispering in our ears this Retrograde cycle?  We have the potential to find way more than the missing files on our harddrive!:)  If you’re wondering how to make the best of this extended detour in the brilliantly quirky Aquarian terrain, read on… 


JOYFUL JANUARY to you & yours!!  A burst of Cosmic Fireworks kicks off the year, as Sun meets potent Pluto on January 3rd, launching us all on a profound journey of personal EMPOWERMENT.  Yes, we ARE the change we’ve been looking for and it’s no time to be afraid of yourself!;)  Check your JANUARY Scopes to unwrap the precious GIFTS of 2014, and see how to put all that new-found potency to use in making 2015 your best year yet!   ***


Happy DECEMBER to remember!  We gallop into the month on an stellium of planets in expansive Sagittarius.  Our hearts are refreshed by a healthy dose of hope, as new adventures beckon in the New Year.  Our minds sizzle with brilliant plans and big ideas, and the Gemini Full Moon on December 6th adds fuel to the fire.  Make sure to catch some of these “mental fireflies”!  The one thing you can’t say this month is “I’m bored, I have no clue what to do…”:)    As steady Capricorn takes the reins on Winter Solstice, we are asked to CHOOSE a creative seed to commit to wholeheartedly nurturing in the New Year.  Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius on December 23rd offers a clue where our investment of time and dedication is likely to pay off the most.  Check your DECEMBER Scopes to see how to ride this rollicking wave into a solid finish you can be proud of!   ***


*** Happy nourishing NOVEMBER!  A bit more mellow month ahead, thank goodness!  Use the first weeks for dreaming, introspection and integration – much needed “cave time”:)  Scorpio is the alchemist of the zodiac, his deep and powerful magic can compost the “dead leaves” of your life into rich soil for new creation.  As the cosmic crew shifts to Sagittarius, lights go on, it’s party time!  Holiday gatherings have the potential to fill more than just our bellies – sharing good cheer with folks you love can lift our spirits and fill our hearts with HOPE yet again.  Enjoy!  Warm hugs to you all!  Check your NOVEMBER Scopes to see where fresh new sparks will land!   ***


Ready or not, it's time to step into the Eclipse Changing Cabin, and emerge anew!

Ready or not, it’s time to step into the Eclipse Changing Cabin, and emerge anew!

How to Rock this Eclipse without capsizing your boat?  As I write this, wild winds are howling outside my Brooklyn pad.  The weather knows what’s up – winds of change are blowing through our lives, and like the autumn leaves whirling along for the ride, we’re not sure where we’ll land next – a feeling that’s alternately liberating and unnerving.  My dearest mentor and “Goddessmother” Jessica Fleming nailed it last night, describing her plans for the future as rather “wobbly” at the moment.  It made me smile and relax into my own interstellar wobbles:)   I was getting quite tense trying to “figure things out”, all the while knowing deep down that all these mental gymnastics are futile in the face of the deeper shifts that are in progress right now.  I sense this Scorpio Eclipse like a tsunami that starts as a small ripple, a “wobble” in the deepest part of the ocean, gathering strength as it radiates outward.  What’s the most dangerous place to be in a tsunami?  Read more …

PS- the photo of the “Cosmic Changing Cabin” is from a remote beach in Estonia, my native Nordic land.  They provide these quaint (and very practical) changing cabins on beaches to avoid the awkward “towel dance”.  This particular one, though, looks like it may help you change way more than your underwear!


*** Happy WILD and Wonderful OCTOBER!  Wow, what an action-packed month ahead – a mind-bendingly creative Mercury retrograde, energizing Eclipses and the dynamic trio of “cosmic mover and shakers” (Uranus, Jupiter and Mars!) teaming up in a crackling Grand Trine in Fire.  Where do all these cosmic fireworks land for you, what inspiration they ignite? Find out by reading the OCTOBER SCOPES, and enjoy the wild ride!  Remember, excitement feels a lot like fear, but it’s WAY more fun!!   ***

For a personal reading, contact me at katrinhaiba(at)


*** Happy SEPTEMBER!  The month starts off under the influence of the “back to school” Virgo New Moon of August 25th (as you can see, the Lunar Months and our Calendar Months have drifted out of synch a bit:).  The first part of each Scope deals with the lessons of inner & outer sustainability that this Moon is calling us to explore.  On September 8th, the mood gets dreamy and deeply transformative with a lovely Full Moon in Pisces conjunct the cosmic healer Chiron.  It’s like a miracle of pure grace flowing into our lives, allowing for the deepest transformation to happen with ease… as long as we surrender to the mystery:)  Find out what area of Your life is about to be blessed with this gentle, yet incredibly potent healing potential.  May we all share this harvest of grace!   ***


Happy AUGUST!  Wow, what a dynamic month ahead: Mercury and Venus join Jupiter’s blingin’ beach-party in LEO, while madcap Mars in Scorpio is hell bent on making sure we go for that big wave, even though it scares the sh*@#! out of us!  Check out AUGUST SCOPES for tips on how to harness these amazing cosmic waves for your best, most exhilarating advantage!


Fantastic Cosmic Surf coming SOON: Jupiter enters Leo on July 16th!  Let the fun begin! Find out more on how to ride this joyously exuberant wave in JULY SCOPES🙂

Cosmic Wave Surf Report June 9 – June 15

Telling stories to the Sea


Sea Legs

The image of walking along a beach, as the tide recedes, keeps floating up as I think of the energy of this week.  It’s a cloudy day, mellow and melancholy, and we meander along the newly revealed sea-bottom, examining the treasures and trash yielded by the sea.  Is there something we hoped was gone forever, something we tossed into the depths to discard?  And, yet, here is, revealed and resurfaced again.  This wet jumble of forgotten dreams, emotional flotsam and jetsam is asking us to re-dream, re-arrange and re-member.  As the master dreamer Robert Moss said, of his ancestral Celtic lineage: “Celtic shaman is a poet, a storyteller.  He heals by telling a better story”.  The Scorpio Moon of Monday and Tuesday is inviting us to pick up our discarded pieces and get creative.  A whole new collage, a mosaic of magic can emerge.  And, don’t worry if this picture looks a bit jagged and strange!  That’s precisely the goal of this Moon – to show us faces of us that we haven’t yet seen or recognized.  Allow yourself to be the mysterious stranger…to yourself…don’t hurry to give this face a name.  Wander along the tideline, the border that belongs to neither land or sea.
As the Moon sails on to Sagittarius Wednesday, the breeze picks up, building up a frothy surf.  We get impatient, and dreams of setting off for distant shores fill our mental sails.  The wild waves wipe out our melancholy masterpieces of yesterday, and toss up some driftwood for a Full Moon bonfire.  All kinds of pirates and adventurers gather round the flames, speaking million different tongues.
Hard to tell who’s exchanging heroic tales, who’s gearing up for a fight.  Venus in Taurus, the lovely lusty goddess, saves the day by turning on some tunes for a hearty dance.
On Friday, Capricorn Moon sweeps in, giving orders to clean up the mess and straighten out the scene.  Sometimes its good to have a firm captain in charge.  As the Moon lights up the Grand Cross pattern briefly on Saturday, arguments arise who’s job it is to wash the dishes and swab the decks, and who gets to go exploring new territories.  As the evening rolls around, lovely Venus again, this time backed up by generous Jupiter, smooths out the ruffled feathers by serving up a delectable feast of earthly and emotional nourishment.
The week ends with a breath of fresh air: Sunday’s Aquarius Moon lifts our sights and minds to higher grounds and further horizon’s.  It’s excellent time to gather all our inner characters and outer compadres to plot the course for ambitious utopian adventures.  Impossible just means hasn’t been done YET:)  And, since we survived the trips to the depths and the raucous seas of the days before, we feel stronger and wiser, more capable of dreaming big and gathering the crew to start building the ship to take us across the known horizon.

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