Cosmic Wave Astrology is created by Katrin Haiba –  astrologer, shamanic healer, surfer and captain of sailboat Lila.  Born in the tiny and beautiful Nordic country of Estonia, Katrin has made the whole world her home.  Professionally trained under renowned New York astrologer and columnist, Rebecca Gordon, Katrin aspires to help you navigate your life’s shifts and changes with utmost joy and ease.Katrin_flyer_2014.indd
“I see astrology as the ART of living according to the cycles of nature.  When we let the Cosmic Waves carry us, life starts to FLOW, we feel the tangible support of the whole wide Universe as we move in HARMONY with the dance of life.  It’s a deeply healing and empowering experience to realize we are “in synch” with the unfolding of the larger story.  It’s also incredibly practical – knowing where to focus your time and energy to get the maximum results saves you from needless stress and useless “running around”:)  A seed planted at the optimal time grows strong and healthy.  I invite you to explore this joyful way of living and growing – what wonders can we create together, in harmony with the heartbeat of the Universe?”
Photo by my crazy creative collaborator & favorite mischief maker Cortney Armitage.  I’m soaking up the love at Fort Tilden Beach, NYC:) Check her out, she shoots amazing Rock-n-Roll photography!
Here’s a fun video of Katrin sailing her boat Lila in Mexico: http://youtu.be/BhPn326_4qY
If you’d like a personal reading, or have some feedback for the Scopes, contact her @ katrinhaiba@gmail.com

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  2. Your August scopes are full of energizing, optimistic encouragement. And they are spot on. Now the Venus/Jupiter opposition is giving us the nudge to dig deep into our soul depths for inspiration and practical healing. Looking forward to reading your September Scope! Also looking forward to seeing you in Nov (?). 😍

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