Dear CAPRICORN – Year of the Rooster helps you lay a fresh crop of golden eggs, opening up unique and unusual opportunities to earn extra cash.  These eggs need a nice new nest, of course:)  Mighty Mars lends you muscle this month to tackle a home-improvement project or search for a brand new perch.  Renovations are especially favored, as Venus retrograde (March 6th-April 15th) rises the itch to revamp both form and function to match your evolving desires.  Your partner may have ideas of his (hers) own, perhaps different from your designs.  Don’t let creative competition devolve into domestic disaster –assign “his” and “hers” rooms, if you must:)

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4 thoughts on “CAPRICORN

  1. Thanks Katrin, spot on as usual!
    Oh yes, Goat Woman is already feeling the desires to leap to a whole new level, having a Jan. 5 birthday Pluto connection, and being “Plutonian”, with a score of 83 on Donna Cunningham’s Sky Writer quiz “How Strong is Your Pluto?”.
    David Bowie’s passing reminds me to aim for the creative stars. (BTW, check out his horoscope, one aspect is a yod with Uranus in the 5th in Gemini as the pointer!)

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