Dear SCORPIO – the Rooster urges you to spiff up your nest and start building a solid perch to launch the next massive growth-spurt from: Jupiter enters your sign Oct 10th, are you ready to play host to the most?  I know that’s a long way off, but the next months set you up for the perfect (re)start.  Mars pumps up your mojo to get a mountain of work done while completely re-vamping your daily routine.  Venus helps you figure out your true priorities with work, schedules and commitments.  Don’t set anything in stone before April 15th, when Venus retrograde is over – by then you’ll have a much clearer plan, one that puts passion in the driver’s seat:)

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10 thoughts on “SCORPIO

  1. Oh, thank you for this: “This Eclipse lands on the star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse, daring us all to courageously gallop towards our deepest dreams. A bubbling spring of pure inspiration bursts open, flooding you with cascades of cosmic creativity. Dare to believe in beauty, dare to fall in love, over and over again, with the gorgeous game of Life itself!” s i read this scope for the first time this month, on march 18 I just love the winged horse and I shall incorporate it in my ‘creative life’ this next little while. You are incredibly talented at messaging. Thank you again.

  2. Thanxx! You’ve helped & inspired me so much with writing & overall creative growth!! And, yes, lucky Scorpios – this bubbling spring of creativity will remain open for a looong time- Eclipses initiate lifetime shifts!

  3. A June to be remembered….thanks for the part about forgetting about the sun…perfect for this hot-humid climate. I love these words and I’m clicking on the link for clues. Thank you. This is awesome.

    • Thanxx so much, Marie!! It was a stretch to get it all done this time, with all the travel & changes…but, I thought of you, and of all the inspiration from our meeting, and pulled it off somehow:)

  4. Your Scorpio reading is playing out in a big way this month. My 50th HS Reunion is this weekend, where I will be reminded of the past and will get to forge new friendships over the course of three days (and speak as the Mistress of Ceremonies). Looking forward to sharing tales of the spiritual and creative paths with you this winter in La Cruz. Thanks for the Scopes! Of to hit the Donate button.

  5. Thanxx soo much, Janet!! You’r feedback and support really made my day and gave me a nice boost of inspiration to keep on writing!! Can’t wait to see you again in La Cruz! Ps- what a blast, the HS reunion…you’ll have so much fun reconnecting & weaving stories!

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