Dear LEO – this Fire Rooster vibe matches your own shining self so well!  Be bold and wear gold if it makes you feel good…don’t let anyone crimp your style!  Creative energy seeks external expression with extra power and potency this year, and you can be its conscious conduit.  Why do roosters strut their feathered finery?  To impress the chicks, of course;)  Allowing your wild and wonderful essence to surface helps attract just the right sweetie-bird to share your soaring path with.  This month’s lunar cycle may bring the long-awaited ring!:)

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2 thoughts on “LEO

  1. Thank you from Nikk, the double Leo! I just read this to him:) We got a laugh because he just showed me his huge “to-do” list last night and then he did about five projects this morning. And he laughed when I read the “empty yourself with generous gusto, there’s plenty of new seeds to sprout”. Luckily he is fixed. Ha Ha.
    We’re on our way slowly north back to La Cruz. See you the end of January!

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