Dear AQUARIUS– Happy Birthday!! The Jan 28th New Moon in your sign that kicked off the Year of the Rooster invites you to “be as weird as you wanna be”, to let your most “far out” self shine bright.  The world is yearning for “CHANGE” – and, no matter what some people say, we can’t turn back the clock to some mythic sense of “good old days”.  Your unique big-picture perspective and far-reaching vision is needed!  Mars gives you massive mental mojo this month, and Venus helps you craft your message to attract, inspire and excite.  Go for it, crow it out, loud and proud!

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1 thought on “AQUARIUS

  1. How fun to have a few others thinking like I do for a few weeks at least. I need to get back to being quirky, funny, strange and odd – have become too straight laced!

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