Dear VIRGO – with Mars in the “money, sex and power” sector of your chart and Mercury finally direct again, you can make some potent moves.  This month is pretty volatile – sudden swells of change are on the move – you may have to act fast to jump on a particularly profitable wave.  Connections made over the holiday season can be crucial and very supportive.  The bold and brash vibe of the Rooster is quite far from your personal style, but you can reap rich rewards by pulling strings behind the scenes and recruiting the right partner to be the “public face” of your venture.

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13 thoughts on “VIRGO

  1. Hey Katrin! Thank you for all this. A lot of work getting this all together and sent. This is great info!

  2. Thank you for these starful and planetful insights, Katrin! I just saw on facebook that I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday, beautiful! I hope it was a great day and that your year is one in which all the planets and stars line up to make your spirit soar with abundance and happiness!! Love, Mary

      • Spring has just begun here. We just returned from Kentucky, where the dogwoods and redbuds were in bloom. Absolutely beautiful. Mattie just had both of her knees rebuilt, so we are full time caring for her. We knew it would be hard, but wow! Between meds, iceing, cleaning the incisions and putting salve on, taking her to pee in a sling, etc…and she cries and cries constantly. So sad. But in 12 weeks, she should be doing better and in 6 mos, running again. Hope your birthday was GREAT!!

  3. Hey Katrin! Thanks again for the great info!! Really good to know.
    I just read what I wrote in May. So update on Mattie – Wednesday marks 12 weeks and she is already running a little bit off leash. So glad we did it. It was a lot of work, and set us way back financially, but she is going to be just fineYay!!!!!!!
    Thanks again, Kartin.

    • Hi, Mary! Thanx so much for the update! So glad all the effort & expense is bearing healing fruit for Mattie! And Virgo’s are in for a year of huge personal growth, staring in mid-August. So excited for you – seems like the growth is already happening, with your blog, etc.
      Lots of Love,

  4. Thank you Katrin! It’s always great to know where the energy is each month, and the way you explain things is so easy to understand. I appreciate that so much! ❤

  5. Well done, starting my peaceful and meditation in taking all this amazing pleasures and beautiful walk in the wild woods of this awesome Universe the is giving us such incredible view and talk with his beauty.

    Always Love,
    Sincerely; John A.

  6. Thanks again, Katrin!
    Will I see you next month?! Hope so! Happy New Moon!
    Blessings Love and Light

    • Thanxx so much, Mary!! I’m about to fly to Kauai tomorrow, for the magical retreat with Jess & Mish. Won’t make it to New Mex this year….maybe next:) Blessing of the caring Cancer New Moon!

      • Ohhhhh noooo! I was looking forward to seeing you. 😦
        Have a wonderful time on Kauai!!!! I have spend many many good times there. Be sure and get on a boat to see the Na Pali coast and snorkel!
        Much love,

  7. Crazy, crazy times, these! Thanks for sharing some positive possibilities within the chaos!

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