Full Moon Eclipse in Leo – Hear Me Roar!

Eclipse season is here – the rapid (r)evolutionary roller-coaster is gathering speed!  Eclipses act as accelerants, kicking our butts out of familiar ruts.  This Leo Eclipse sheds light on our shadow loyalties – the beliefs and pictures we cling to that cloud our innate ability to shine and thrive.  Leo is ruled by the Sun.  This heavenly body, our life-giver here on Earth, sheds its light on everyone.  Whether you thank the Sun or curse it, it still shines…light, warmth and energy are its very nature.  There’s an innate generosity to a happy healthy Leo – an ability to light up the room just by being one’s sunny self.  This eclipse can help us recover our own innate glow, if we’re willing to let our rage and resentment go.  And by letting go, I don’t mean sweep under the rug, no no!  Leo energy calls for EXPRESSION – letting it rip & roar.  Let’s dance & shake it out under the Full Moon, until we fall down laughing…that’s the spirit!

Full Moon MAGIC tips: Leo energy loves a bit of drama…a wild and wacky Full Moon ritual popped into my head, to help us “get out of our own way”: imagine an SNL comedy skit of your own worst self, a ridiculously amped up version of you portrayed by a talented cast of comedians.  What would burst your bubble so that embarrassment would tip over to liberating laughter?? Play with it:) Or, for those with visual skills, draw a cartoon version of your most pompously puffed-up persona and burn it in a Full Moon fire.  Who are you really, once the pressure to maintain a certain self-image is gone?  And how would you relate to others, free of any need for applause or approval?  There’s a ton of stellar support in the sky for authentic expression, for true camaraderie and community… if we’re willing to take off the mask.

Full Moon SPELLS to play with:

“Riddiculus!” – a most fun and effective spell from the Hogwarts “Defence Against the Dark Arts” class – it destroys boggarts, most annoying creatures that take the shape of our worst fears.  The antidote – turn the frightening thing into something stupidly funny, and watch it pop!

“Revelio!” – a charm used to reveal concealed objects and the true appearance of someone who’s changed their appearance with a spell.  Try it on yourself, to reveal your authentic self…if not to others, at least to yourself:)

Enjoy this Moon’s magic, and share what it’s stirring up for you!  Xoxo

For personal cosmic wave guidance, contact me at katrinhaiba@gmail.com

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