Mighty March, wake up World!

MIGHTY MARCH, Spring is here!   There’s enough FIRE in the sky to melt the most stubborn snowmen! Sizzling hookups between Uranus, Jupiter and Venus start the month off with a major dose of adrenaline and ABUNDANCE.  We need all this extra “juice” to navigate the choppy seas mid-month as last of the Uranus-Pluto squares rumbles through. A soulful New Moon Solar Eclipse in the oceanic sign of Pisces points the way forward on March 20th. This Eclipse lands on the star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse, daring us all to gallop towards our deepest dreams.   Check your MARCH Scopes to see how to rock these wild and wonderful waves!   ***


sunflareBeachGirlThe focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂

If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.
If you don’t know your rising sign, you can contact me, or look it up yourself online.

For a personal reading, contact me at katrinhaiba@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Mighty March, wake up World!

  1. Hey Katrin! Thanks again for great info. Did you see on my last post that I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award? Your blog is so inspiring! Check out my post to see if you want to accept.

    • Hey, thank you so much!! I really really appreciate you nominating me! Your blog always inspires me too, to look more deeply, to slow down and sense oneself as BEING nature. Right now i don’t know that many bloggers, so i can’t “pass it on” yet. But, i’m super-tickled and grateful for your nod!! Big hugs from Mexico!

  2. I love your descriptions – tangerine moon, lavendar sky. Since my reading with you my life and relationships are even more amazing. This super moon solstice feels like a new year, which I feel is more inspiring the the spring. I think of you at times- when my first spring rose bloomed – on 3/20, when I look at my red and yellow surfboard, which is in my wall as art. Matt (yours) would appreciate the many solar powered windmills in our dersert oasis. Thanks, Brenda. Matt says hi. (Yes, Kat, I am ready to re-discover the back roads and blue highways of my own country. And write about it.)

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