Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Let the Wave Catch You!

The New Moon Eclipse of March 20th emerges from the dreamy depths of Pisces, bringing to the surface something so new, so unexpected and un-formed yet incredibly eager to be born. The more I try to name it or define it, the more it slips through my fingers and vanishes into the mist. Yet the energy of excitement and anticipation is palpable. Mere hours after this watery Eclipse, the Sun and Moon enter Aries, signaling the start of Spring, the birth of new Fire. It’s not too often that the Solar and Lunar cycles line up like this – the light of our conscious (Solar) minds and the subterranean (Lunar) longings of our hearts get to ride this brilliant new wave together. But, the New Moon Eclipse is first – the heart must lead, we must yield to its pull if we long to bring to light something never before seen in our lives. There’s an element of mystery, danger even… if we can’t yet see the goal, how do we take that crucial first step?

While struggling to define the message of this Moon, a magical surf session from a few weeks ago drifted back into my mind. We were enjoying the sunset at anchor in front of El Anclote when the first sets of a southern swell began to lift our boat. Was it too late to paddle out? Maybe wait till morning? Seeing my friends catching some lovely rides all by themselves, I couldn’t resist. The sun was dipping below the sea as I paddled out. Over the mountains a nearly full tangerine moon rose in the lavender sky. It felt glorious just to be in the water, immersed in the elements. In a rush to catch a wave or two before it got dark, I fumbled and missed again & again. I didn’t even mind my pathetic performance. The moment felt too magical to allow the “inner critic” to spoil it:) As the last light of day faded, we were surfing in the moonlight, nevermind I could barely see the swells! Watching a friend gracefully glide by, I drifted too far in. Oh-Oh, the next wave was about to get me & toss me “in the washing machine”! At the last instant, I decided to turn my board and go for it – maybe I’ll get lucky? The dark mass caught me, I held on to the board and whoo-hoo, found myself on a wild ride towards the beach. I was giggling like a kid while attempting to steady myself. I felt exhilarated and humbled – the wave had definitely CAUGHT me! This wild stallion of the sea I had tried in vain to tame was now graciously carrying me along on a moonlit joyride. I feel there is a similar quality to riding the energy of this Eclipse- pushing it won’t work, neither does trying to figure it out in our heads. A sense of almost childish curiosity, the innocence of going for it in the excitement of the moment is strangely enough a better strategy. You may not “see” or know yet what you want to bring into the world, but you can feel the swells starting to lift you. Allow this wave to catch you, relax into the wild emergence, become one with “the beast”!:)

A beast? This is peace-loving Pisces we’re in, right? Yes, but there is a wild spring feeding these deep waters: this Eclipse lands on the fixed star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse. Sired by Neptune, born of Medusa as she was beheaded by Perseus (aah, the gory Greeks!:) , this is indeed a potent beast –his first job was carrying thunderbolts for Zeus! According to legend, everywhere he struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth, making him the patron of poets and artists. Bellerophon captured this mythical creature, as the horse was peacefully drinking from a spring. Who wouldn’t want the power and potency of legends at his beck and call? Have you ever tried to capture inspiration and control the flow of primal creativity? Has it worked out? Pegasus cooperated with Bellerophon in the divinely appointed mission to kill the fearsome monster Chimera, but when the warrior, inflated by pride, tried to ride the mythic beast to the heavenly abode of the Gods, he got bucked off. Pegasus galloped on without him, making it to the stars. Again, a lesson in humility here:) But, also a clue: Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology offered a novel solution to realizing our high ambitions- become one with the beast itself! Merge with your inner Pegasus, follow your animal instinct and trust the WILD desire in you. Playing it safe and remaining on the ground is not really an option here – the wave of this Eclipse will sweep you up, might as well give it a go! Growth requires risk. Even if you take a tumble, remember what happened to our warrior hero Bellerophon – uncharacteristically to the bloody bent of Greek legends, he didn’t fall to a dismal death. Only a broken leg and a broken pride, perhaps he even attained some wisdom from the experience:)

If you’d like to see what area of your life gets awakened by this Eclipse, check the last section of your March Cosmic Wave Scope.  Enjoy the ride!

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