Happy September!

*** Happy SEPTEMBER!  The month starts off under the influence of the “back to school” Virgo New Moon of August 25th (as you can see, the Lunar Months and our Calendar Months have drifted out of synch a bit:).  The first part of each Scope deals with the lessons of inner & outer sustainability that this Moon is calling us to explore.  On September 8th, the mood gets dreamy and deeply transformative with a lovely Full Moon in Pisces conjunct the cosmic healer Chiron.  It’s like a miracle of pure grace flowing into our lives, allowing for the deepest transformation to happen with ease… as long as we surrender to the mystery:)  Find out what area of Your life is about to be blessed with this gentle, yet incredibly potent healing potential.  May we all share this harvest of grace!   ***



For a personal reading, contact me at katrinhaiba@gmail.com

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