August 2014 Scopes Archive

August Scopes are ready for archive, since a fresh batch of September Scopes is going to be ready TOMORROW!  Enjoy:)  If you’ve forgotten where Jupiter is showering you with expansive magic, hope and opportunities, re-read the first part of your August Scope.  Jupiter will stay in Leo until next August, so you can keep playing with this sunny Leo energy for a good long time.   If any of you have stories of how Jupiter is already shining up your life (what has shifted for you, inside & out, since July?), I’d love to hear!  Post a comment, or shoot me an e-mail via the “contact me” box.


The bright New Moon on July 26th lit a fire under your creative cauldron, and Jupiter the cosmic agent of expansion is adding his magic to the mix.  You’re like an excited kid again, blowing rainbow bubbles full of fantastic juicy ideas into the wide open sky of the universe.  Finally, the sun is out and your eyes sparkle with anticipation of long-awaited mischief.  You’re so ready to PLAY! Jupiter will be your jovial creative mentor for the next twelve months, you lucky Ram.  The kick-off for this year-long course in divine joy of creation is NOW, so don’t event think of sleeping in or slouching off – this cosmic life-juice is too potent and beautiful to waste.  In fact, if you feel your desire stirring to bring a happy little child into your family, the stars are beautifully aligned for this most deep and soulful creation.  Venus the goddess of love joins Jupiter on August 18th for a magical romantic rendezvous, increasing your luck in love even more.  If you’re single, don’t mope – it’s time to get out and play, flirt, mix and mingle!  With Jupiter and Venus on your side, you’ll feel like a high-wattage movie star, and the sparks that fly may ignite more than one suitor’s passions;)
Don’t be too hasty to settle on “the one”, enjoy the spotlight and drink in the champagne of excitement and attention!  It’s genuine medicine for your body and soul, after all you’ve been through earlier in the year.  It’s healthy to enjoy being the full-on fabulous YOU again!

As the lunar cycle culminates on August 10th, the Full Moon asks you to celebrate all you’ve done for your friends and community, acknowledge all the amazing contributions you’ve given and received, and to see if it’s time to let go of some arrangements, responsibilities and ideas that are no longer 100% congruent with the new, highly charged creative direction you’re heading.  A re-balancing is called for, to make room for all the new seeds sprouting up in the garden of your life.

The month ends with a New Moon in the practical earth sign of Virgo, giving you a much-needed opportunity to ground all this wonderful creative firestorm you’ve stirred up earlier in the month into your everyday life in a healthy, sustainable way.  Be open to changing up your daily routine a bit, perhaps taking up new health-habit that truly supports all this expansive work and play you’ve embraced.  Even the fireball of a child in you needs a nourishing meal and a yummy nap after all this intense playtime spent changing the world!:)  Don’t worry, this won’t slow you down!  In fact, if you embrace this Virgo Moon’s gentle reminders of self-care, you’ll be ready to truly PLAY in the big leagues!  We’ll be watching and cheering you on!

The brilliant New Moon on July 26th ignited a yearning for a truly princely makeover of your home (or, should we just come out and say “palace”?;).  With generous Jupiter as your real estate agent and interior decorator, there’s no such thing as “too big”, “too bright” or “too pricey” for you now, when it comes to feathering your nest in style.  Your body and soul yearn to be in the Earthly Paradise of your own creation.  Go for it!  Your home will be your creative canvas and a source of hope, joy and expansion for the next year to come, and beyond.  Feeding your roots with the fertilizer of Jupiterian magic will ensure a bountiful harvest in all other areas of your life.  Having a strong, beautiful and generously nurturing home base is key for your wellbeing, dear child of Earth.  What might seem a luxury to others is essential for you, and Jupiter is backing you up with all the cosmic support you need on this.  Venus, your lovely cosmic patron, is joining Jupiter for a fabulous dinner party in your newly remodeled castle on August 18th.  When hope and expansion meet beauty and abundance, magic is at hand.  Invite your dearest friends and collaborators, and entertain your wildest most sparkly dreams!  If you’re working from home, or desire to do so, this is also a beautifully supportive cosmic wave to catch.  Opportunities literally come knocking at your door (because who wouldn’t want an invite to your newly fab digs?;)

As the lunar cycle culminates on August 10th, the Full Moon asks you to celebrate your worldly  accomplishments in your career.  A cycle is coming to fullness there, the fruits of your labors are ripe and ready for picking.  Have a feast, share the bounty, and release.  A new, more expansive role is beckoning.  Resist the urge to hold on out of comfort or habit!  Trust the flow and let it go, dear stubborn Bull, and you’ll see the “empty” space you created being filled with opportunities much more suited to who you’ve become.

The month ends with a New Moon in your fellow earth sign of Virgo.  All the expansion and upgrading you’re doing in your home has stimulated the practical side of your creativity, and this New Moon is a great time to put these ideas to work, making your life more healthy and sustainable in a fun way.  The only rain on your parade might come from your partner, who is perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed by all this glitz and glamor you’re bringing in.  This need not make your home a battleground, however: just recognize that gold might not be everyone’s favorite color, and give your dearest some personal space, a cozy little cave they can hide out in while you discuss the new draperies with your fabulous designer-friend.  Celebrate your differences as part of the magic that brought you together.  Perhaps a “his and hers” wing of your new palace is the perfect amicable solution?;)  With Jupiter in your home sector for a full year, that’s clearly within the realm of possibility!

New Moon in sunny Leo on July 26th fired up your already formidable communication capacity, charging your words and thoughts with genuine A-list star power.  Jupiter the cosmic agent of hope and expansion is your talent agent this month, and for the year to come.  Lucky you – you’re bursting with creative ideas, your mind is moving a mile a minute, and you feel like you can barely contain yourself.  Mercury, your cosmic patron, joins the high-wattage star-studded party in Leo as well on July 31st – it can really feel like you’re “on fire”, creatively speaking.  Jupiter, the generously regal host of this glamorous gathering, is making sure the champagne keeps flowing and sparks of connections flying.  Any one of your millions of ideas has the potential to turn to gold right now!  And, with all this fiery cosmic rocket-fuel, you have the energy to initiate many creative ventures.  Don’t listen to the naysayers telling you to sit still and focus on one thing at the time: they’re just jealous of all the fun you’re having PLAYING the creative game of life.  Multitasking is one of your inherent “superpowers”, and the cosmic weather is favorable for you to fly high and shine bright right now, enjoy the ride!

As the lunar cycle culminates on August 10th, the Full Moon asks you to celebrate all that you’ve learned in the “University of Life”.  Yes, some of the lessons weren’t easy, you might have had to repeat some courses more than twice, but, whew, something in you is so ready to graduate.  Acknowledge the contribution everyone you’ve ever met has been to this graduate course in life and living.  And, let it go, burn the books and step out of the classroom in to the clear breezy space of creation.  You have a lot to contribute, and the world is finally catching up, ready to receive your magic.

New Moon on August 25th in the practical earth sign of Virgo offers you an opportunity to catch your breath and ground all this creative juice into your roots – if you’re thinking of moving, or otherwise sprucing up your nest, the two weeks following this New Moon is an excellent time.  Investments in real estate are also favored.  However you decide to ride this earthy cosmic wave, do it in a way that’s deeply sustainable and healthy, both for you and our home planet.  In fact, health matters may come into focus around this time: Saturn and Mars in your house of everyday routine are issuing you a reminder to take better care of your physical structure, which you tend to neglect during periods of high-flying creative mental activity.  Heed their message, avoid burnout by adopting a healthy habit or two.  Saturn is helping you to stick with it.  And, don’t worry, this focus on the physical is not meant to slow you down!  Quite the contrary, it will give you the gumption to build a more sturdy lift-off platform for the rocket-ship of creative communication you’ll be riding for the next 12 months.  Speak, write, share to your heart’s content, we’ll all be listening for that special spark of inspiration only you can deliver!

The bright hopeful New Moon on July 26th teamed up with generous Jupiter to give your self-esteem a bountiful boost.  It’s like seeing yourself in a new mirror lovingly framed in jewels and gold: you’re getting a glimpse of how beautiful and talented you really are.  Opening up to your true shining light can blind you at first with disbelief – could this really be the same old little me?  Mercury the magical messenger joins Jupiter to drive the good news home, to help rewire your stagnant small-time thinking.  In fact, it’s more like a jolt of joyful expansive energy that blows restrictive thought circuits right out of your mind for good.  All that’s required on your part is a small leap of faith… over your own shadow!  Venus the lady of love and luck is here to lend you a hand, as she joins Jupiter on August 18th to cheer you on.  If you dare to open your heart to even a smidgen of your own brilliance, your rewards will be beyond belief.  Jupiter and Venus – hope and expansion teamed up with beauty and abundance – will ensure that any increase in self-worth will directly increase your net worth, and opportunities to create and generate even more will flow from this potent beginning through the next 12 months.

As the lunar cycle draws to a close, the Full Moon on August 10th shines a spotlight on your patterns of sharing power and resources.  Perhaps you’ve harnessed too much of your potential in serving the ambitions of others?  Has the web of support you’ve relied on for so long started to feel more like the ties that bind?  If you uncover something that no longer serves you, don’t worry, dear caring Cancer: you’ll have the support of the universe to change this wisely and with class.  Don’t hold on to a tangled web of co-dependency out of old habit and loyalty – this sticky stuff can only hold you back – let it drop and you’ll see how a new, more empowered path opens before you.

New Moon in the detail-oriented earth sign of Virgo on August 25th brings a flurry of communications to catch up on.  The seeds of new work and creative opportunities you planted earlier in the month are sprouting up quick and strong, and you may feel that you’re being pulled in too many directions at once.  Luckily this Virgo energy is known for the quality of intelligent discernment.  You’ll be able to choose which calls to take, which appointments to make.  Don’t be afraid to say “No” to what doesn’t feel 100% right and light – Jupiter in your house of self worth and earnings will keep the abundant offers coming.  Your job is to pick the most scrumptious and juicy ones, you lucky Crab!

Dear LEO,
Your birthday season kicked off with a flurry of fanfare and fireworks last month, with generous Jupiter taking up residence in your sign for a year, bestowing upon you the crown of “the luckiest sign of the zodiac”.  A joyful New Moon followed on July 26th, giving birth to a brighter, happier, more authentically confident YOU.  This is the beginning of a whole new 12 year cycle of expansion – every area of your life will get a boost, as the ripples of rebirth radiate outward.  Whatever you decide to initiate this year will rock your world and expand your horizons in a big way.  In fact, you are the agent of joyful expansion for the whole world this year: all of us will bask in the warm glow of your creativity, generosity, playfulness and genuine star quality.  Lovely Venus and magical messenger Mercury join Jupiter in your cosmic fan club this month, a stellium of support applauding the “new you” taking your first gleeful baby steps.  Enjoy this magnificent bubbly wave, play in the sandbox of creation!  This innate joy is the best birthday present ever!

Full Moon on August 10th shines a bright spotlight on your relationships.  Any friends and lovers who turn green with envy in the presence of your true brilliance will scurry away.  Let them go with a generous smile.  No point in dimming down your own inner SUN to make others “comfortable” any longer!  Hand them a pair of rhinestone studded sunglasses if they insist on hanging around – this will help them find their inner rockstar, if they dare;)

New Moon in the earth sign of Virgo on August 25th will help you make practical use of all this glamorous cosmic juice you’ve been drinking in.  As the dust-storm of glitter settles, you’ll find that some of it lands in the form of genuine nuggets of inner gold – as this Jupiterian expansion buoys your sense of self-worth, you’ll discover ingenious ways of increasing your net worth in a very earthy and sustainable way.  Extra funds are very welcome indeed, since your present nest may start to feel a bit too constrained to accommodate the new colorful you that’s stretching it’s wings and growing by leaps and bounds.  A bit of patience is called for in finding a suitable solution, and a sense of understanding that this is not really a problem, just a slight “growing pain” as you remake your world in your new, more authentically glorious image.  Remember, you’re the lucky one this year, and with Jupiter on your side, the possibilities are endless!

New Moon on July 26th cast a brilliant beam into the darkest recesses of your inner castle, bringing to light jewels of delight.  This kicked off a year-long excursion into your interior landscapes with Jupiter as your most faithful and magnanimous spirit guide.  Mercury, your light-footed cosmic patron, danced into this picture as well on July 31st, sparking off a shower of incredible insights into your deepest existential inquiries.  It’s as if your mind suddenly acquired a whole new exciting extra dimension you were only vaguely aware of before.  How wonderful to discover a hidden room within yourself, to crack open the door and marvel at the mystery inside!  And, don’t worry, dear meticulous Virgo, this inner exploration is definitely not a heavy slog through the psychic debris of musty old letters and discarded junky trunks.  Yes, you may indeed find (psychic) artifacts from your ancestors, or clues to even more ancient layers of the past, but Jupiter, teaming up with lovely Venus mid-month, will ensure there will be treasures of genuine gold here for you to glean.  Use your impeccable taste to pick and choose what to keep and what to lose:)

Full Moon on August 10th highlights your everyday routines and habits.  In light of your earlier insights into your inner workings, you may find that some of the things you do or people you spend time with on a daily basis (like that annoying colleague?;) just don’t serve you any longer.  As this cosmic wave of culmination sweeps thru your daily doings, allow it to wash away anything that no longer belongs. That means your own unhealthy habits as well, dear – excellent time to “kick” any addictive behaviors that have been bugging you!  Cosmic support is with you to make this easier than you ever thought.

All this inner and outer work begins to pay off as your Birthday commences: New Moon on August 25th opens the door for a new, more authentically confident YOU to walk out into the world.  All the changes that you’ve been incubating in your private chambers are ready for prime time.  This Moon gets an extra boost of regal courage from the bright star Regulus, in the heart of the majestic Leo constellation.  What a precious and potent cosmic Birthday present indeed!
When Mars and Saturn square off with Venus near the end of the month, communications may develop an extra edge.  Not to worry: this is in fact a perfect occasion to draw on your newfound inner resources – remember Jupiter, your loyal spirit guide in Leo backing you up – your politely uttered words have the strength of a Lion’s roar now.  Time to get used to wielding personal power, you’re no longer a wallflower (not that you ever really were, you’ve been cleverly fooling us all along;)!

The joyful New Moon on July 26th opened the door for abundance of new creative and glamorous friends to enter your life.  With Jupiter as your social director for the next 12 months, your calendar is going to overflow with fun festive events and star-studded soirees.  You’ll be the life of the party, and when Venus, your gorgeous cosmic guide, joins Jupiter in the festivities on August 18th, your whole LIFE might feel like a party for a while.  Enjoy it, dear lovable Libra!  It’s the high-summer time of playful fun-in-the-sun when life is meant to flow easy.  Play is the divine art of creation, and you’ll have plenty of eager and inspiring playmates to build sandcastles on the beach with.  Together you’ll come up with grand ideas for a better, more beautiful, hopeful and joyful world.  If you’ve turned on the news lately, you know the world is in desperate need of some brightness and light.  Don’t see your playtime as frivolous flitter – a touch of glitter and spark of joy is a genuine GIFT to all of us! You light up the world, and that is so needed when times feel dark.

As the lunar cycle culminates with a bright Full Moon on August 10th, spotlight is on your creative self-expression.  All the internal and external critics and judges you’ve kept on your payroll – it’s time to send them packing!  Judgement is the greatest unkindness we can do to ourselves, and the source of so much needless suffering in the world.  Anything that doesn’t allow you to embrace that creative little kid in you bubbling with excitement, it’s time to let it go.  As the moon wanes, it will erase your harsh inner critic, if you’ll let it.

The pace slows down a bit near the end if the month with the New Moon in private and practical earth sign of Virgo.  Whew!  You may really appreciate this chance to catch your breath after the flurry of festivities settles:)  Follow your inner direction and choose the kind of spiritual nurturing that feels right for you, whether it’s a meditation retreat to really tune in to your depth, or simply a quiet weekend spent in nature recharging your inner batteries.  As the external chatter subsides, some old inner doubts may surface – am I really worthy of all these blessings, am I asking for too much?  Bring your care and compassion to these voices, and let them have their say.  It’s like meeting a younger, more confused and uncertain version of yourself.  Show this inner youth the world through your present, wise, kind and expansive eyes.  Remind yourself of the abundance of creative support you have from your circles of friends, old and new – Jupiter and Venus are amongst your cosmic cheerleaders, take in their warmth and encouragement.  Befriend yourself, all of yourself, dear loving Libra.  What you have to give is gorgeous, and what you stand to receive beyond belief.

The bright New Moon on July 26th, teamed up with expansive Jupiter, cast your career into the limelight.  “Lights, camera, action!”, you may feel like you’re suddenly on a stage, with the public eyeing and applauding your every professional move.  If this prospect makes you want to squirm and run for cover, consider this: it’s not YOU as a person who’s on display, it’s the divine talent and creativity the universe is pouring through you for everyone to enjoy.  Hang in there and ride this magnificent wave, you won’t regret it!  Jupiter will grace your “house of honors” (as the ancients called this area of your chart) for the next 12 months, so take a risk, “shine out” in your chosen field, and you’ll soon see how this expansive cycle lays the foundation for the next 12 years of your (work) life.  You’ve got a lot of cosmic support this month to get a good kick-start (or, if you need it for motivation, a good kick in the pants to get you out of your comfy cave;).  Mid-month, Venus joins Jupiter in your cheerleading squad, bringing you rock-star opportunities (August 18th is a day to circle in gold!), and Mars transiting your own sign gives you the extra energy and creative juice to make it happen.  Better get used to being in demand!

Speaking of demand, all this professional expansion will bring to light a need to upgrade your nest, as the Full Moon on August 10th illuminates everything that’s too small, too dingy or just plain broken in your home base.  Trust your intuition on this one, you’ll know whether a weekend purge and a trip to the dump (sorry, recycling center!:) will satisfy your soul, or a more extensive change of scenery is required to accommodate the new YOU.

New Moon on August 25th will bring new friends into your life, or perhaps a whole new community where you feel supported and connected in a very practical, grounded way.  Perfect balance to give you a firm footing to shoot to the stars from.  Mars and Saturn get into a scrape with glamour girl Venus late in the month, and this may bring up some of nagging old demons of self-doubt: “Am I really all that?”.  Let these voices have their say, but remember, you have a CHOICE whether to believe them.  And, with jovial Jupiter and Venus the Lady Luck in your power posse, I have a hunch which choice will feel more fun –  you’ll get such a kick from telling these curmudgeonly critics: “You’re fired!”

The bright happy New Moon on July 26th teamed up with Jupiter, your larger than life cosmic patron, opening up juicy possibilities for long distance travel and conscious expansion.  The world is your oyster, you lucky scion of Jove!  For the next year, you’ll be showered with opportunities to travel, to learn, to teach and spread the expansive energy of YOU.  Sounds like Sagittarian heaven on earth!  Mercury and Venus join up with Jupiter this month as well, lighting your curious mind on fire and adding a touch of glamour and class to your wondrous words and wide-reaching visions.  Write, speak, publish, preach and blog to your hopeful heart’s content – the world is ready for your message.  We could all use a peek through your optimistic lens to show us a bigger brighter picture of what’s ahead.
Full Moon on August 10th brings your focus back to the nitty-gritty of everyday communications, to help you weed out any time-sucking tasks and to-do lists that distract you from your expansive calling.  Take a look in your inbox, unsubscribe from any lists that create information clutter, and see if you can automate or delegate some of these everyday digital tasks, to create the mental space to truly embrace the wide vision you’re here to share.
New Moon on August 25th brings an opportunity to cash in some practical gains from all this expansive brilliance you’ve been spreading around.  If you’re looking to move up in your worldly standing, it’s a good time to apply your considerable talents and earthly experience to a new, more deeply sustainable career path.  The only obstacles are in your mind, deep in the hidden nooks and crannies of your unconscious.  Saturn has been helping you bust the ghosts out of your mental closets for a while now, and Mars is joining the crew to give the last remaining mental skeletons a shattering kick.  Goodbye and good riddance!  The Jupiterian journey of joyful expansion can proceed full steam ahead!

The golden New Moon on July 26th teamed up with expansive Jupiter to highlight your relationship to deep power and potency.  For the next 12 months, Jupiter in fiery Leo is ready to deliver the dynamite you need to blow any limiting idea you had of your capacity to move monetary mountains and forge potent transformative alliances.  You’ve been the target and the conduit for the most profound paradigmatic changes since 2008, when Pluto (think “plutonium”!) entered your sign.  Now you’re ready, with Jupiter’s help, to exercise this power born from the depths.  Diamonds are born deep in the earth’s crust under tremendous pressure.  Similar inner alchemy is ready to be brought to light in you.  In the down-to earth reality, this opportunity to play a bigger game on the board of life may come in the form of a favorable settlement or inheritance, or an opportunity to join forces with other dynamic movers and shakers to start a new business or an investment pool.  In any case, this represents a paradigm shift in your sense of your own worldly power and potential.  You’ve been waiting for this cosmic wave, deep inside you know you were born to harness seismic shifts of consciousness to move earthly mountains.  Embracing this emerging potency will ripple through your whole life, down to the most intimate details – you’re closest relationships can enter a whole new depth, a passion akin to molten lava moving in the earth’s crust, gathering power to create new land.

Full Moon on August 10th in your house of self-worth is echoing the same tune: time to drop any veils of false modesty and reveal your true ambitions. If your increasing power and confidence intimidates your boss, well, then you know you’ve outgrown this assignment.  The universe has bigger plans for you, don’t pretend you don’t know it:)

New Moon on August 25th brings you a chance to share your practical wisdom on a wider scale – opportunities to speak, to travel and write crop up.  The world is ready for your unique transformative insights!  You’ve gone through a lot of profound changes in recent years.  What you learned from restructuring your own life is key to rebuilding our whole societal structure on a healthier, more sustainable platform.  This journey is not without it’s challenges, for sure – some cosmic movers and shakers are stirring up the pot: Mars gives your cosmic patron Saturn a motivating kick and gets into a tussle with Venus and Jupiter over balancing your individual need to shine with collective dreams of your community.  Patience, understanding and tenacity are called for – thankfully you’re a born master at that.  Remember, Jupiter is your wise guide in the alchemical art of merging power – you’ll find a solution that’s far greater than the sum of its parts.  Your natural tenacity and practical intelligence were made for this, doesn’t it feel good to finally up your game?

The joyful Leo New Moon on July 26th teamed up with jubilant Jupiter to kick off a year-long celebration of partnerships.  Your special someone will bring you lots of joy and creative juice – you’ll be tempted away from “serious” work on a regular basis by the playful plans that pop up in your partner charmingly mischievous mind.  It’s OK to lock up the laptop for an afternoon and follow that sparkle of joy – anything fun you think of doing together will set off ripples of magic, lifting your entire life out of everyday doldrums.  Together, your creative alchemy is truly expansive this year!  And, if you’re single, don’t fret:  it’s time to get out, have fun, flirt, mix and mingle.  With a star-studded cosmic party in your partnership house – Jupiter hosting lovely Venus and magical messenger Mercury in glamour and style – you’ll glow like a movie star.  And, in a way, that you are – a star and director of your own script – so, dream up some fun playful pick-up lines and step on to the set.  Not taking the chance is the only thing you might regret;)
This lovely energy carries over to your business partnerships as well, you’ll have excellent luck with joint projects and ventures, as long as you choose genuinely brilliant creative rock-stars as your co-captains.  No wannabes need apply, your time is too valuable to get entangled in someone else’s inflated fantasies.

Full Moon on August 10th invites you to take a closer look at yourself, inside and out, and see if you’ve outgrown your habitual “self-image”.  All the fresh creative energy pouring into your relationships naturally shifts and changes the way you see yourself.  Have fun clearing out your closets of outdated outfits – make room for a new colorful number your partner might gift you on a whim.  The style and color may be flashier than you’re used to, but, you’re not exactly conservative yourself, dear outrageous Aquarian, so try it on, just for fun;)

New Moon on August 25th brings a chance to grow into deeper intimacy by embracing the  practical dance of sharing your daily resources.  There might be some fine balancing back and forth with this, as your work responsibilities rise to attention again.  Wise patience and deep sharing of what’s truly important for both of you will get you through this in fine form.  And if the discussion gets a bit heavy and heated, remember the joyful playful times you’ve just enjoyed – there’s more of that to come, have heart, Jupiter will make sure a wink and a smile is never far away from your face.

The bright New Moon on July 26th opened your eyes to the magic and beauty of “everyday”.  Jovial Jupiter joined in, gifting you a pair of rhinestone studded technicolor glasses: suddenly, the sky seems a little bluer, the sun a bit warmer, and the birds on your walk home from work serenade you with songs you swear you’ve never heard before.  You have an innate capacity to notice and appreciate the “little miracles” of life.  Now this natural talent gets a joyful boost with magical Mercury and lovely Venus joining Jupiter as your daily cosmic companions.  All of this will help your health as well, giving you a shot of fresh playful energy, a bouncy spring in your step.  You may even find yourself attracted to more glamorous fun sorts of exercise.  Why not try a ballroom class, you’ve always wondered what it’s like to feel like a classic movie star, elegantly gliding across the parquet?;)

Full Moon on August 10th illuminates the deepest recesses of your inner castle, allowing you a glimpse of the ghostly old notions that have been stealthily weighing you down – perhaps a deep nagging doubt of the originality of your ideas creeps up, dear creative dreamer of magnitude.  As the moon wanes, allow it to dissolve anything dark and nebulous that doesn’t truly belong.  It might not have been yours to begin with, why drag it along?  You can’t solve all the sorrows of the whole wide world, dear compassionate Pisces, although we know that doesn’t stop you from trying.

New Moon on August 25th highlights your relationships, opening the door to offering and receiving genuine support on a very earthy, practical level.  A solidly sustaining base is a good thing, since Mars teaming up with tough taskmaster Saturn in your house of higher education and travel might pull you away on an unexpected assignment that throws off your lovely daily rhythm.  When you return, you’ll find Jupiter has generously kept up the beautifying project – you’ll continue to find shiny little treasures and playful surprises in your daily doings.  Share the magic with your partner, and you’ll both feel the deep glow of gratitude for simply being here, walking the earth.

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