July 2014 Scopes

July 2014 Cosmic Wave Scopes

New Moon on June 27th opened a bright new possibility in the very foundation of your life – your home.  This month, you have a chance to change your home situation into one that really matches your lofty ideals and visions.  Dare to dream big and set your sights on creating a truly nourishing nest for your restless soul.
There might be some tricky balancing required between your bold visions and your partner’s plans in the early part of the month, but don’t fret: with Mars, your ruling planet marching forward, having passed a long and challenging course in the fine art of relationships during the first part of this year, you will have the finesse and skills (dare we say “listening skills”?:) to find a mutually empowering creative solution to any tug-of-war.
Last month’s Mercury retrograde had you reconnecting with your siblings and roots, picking up pieces of the family puzzle and seeing new patterns emerge.  Deep healing shifts and fresh perspectives were on offer.  This month, lovely Venus is lending her irresistible charm to your communication and Mercury the messenger planet is speeding ahead again, so it will be easy to tie up any remaining loose ends and proceed to send out a flurry of lovely exciting e-mails brimming with gratitude and new ideas.  Spontaneous meetings and short trips will sprout from this fresh shower of connections, and you will get plenty of chances to test-drive the new YOU that is emerging from the stardust of this years earlier cosmic storms.  The worst weather is definitely behind you and the forecast is showing sunny skies ahead: Jupiter, the jovial good-luck guy takes up residence in sunniest sign of all, Leo, on July 16th for a year-long lease.  The world is about to get a lot brighter, more fun and playful – the mood-thermostat gets turned Up and more Up!  Your creativity is going to be flying high, especially towards the end of the month, so be prepared for a major infusion of life-juice into anything you’d like to create.  Whether its a book or a movie, or the desire to bring a new child into your family, the universe is saying: “You’re ON, Dear Aries, big time!”
Hope you’ve taken the time during the earlier part of the month to freshen up your nest, because on the next New Moon,July 26th, a wonderful new egg is ready to hatch!  This pretty bird will spread its shiny colorful wings and sing you a happy song that opens your heart to JOY.  Take it all in, ENJOY!:)

New Moon on June 27th cast a fresh beam of light on how you talk to yourself and others.  You’re a naturally caring and warm communicator, and this lovely moon is making sure your words will reach the right ears and touch the right hearts.  Neptune is lending a friendly hand to the Moon by weaving its magic amongst your circles of soul-friends, connecting you with people who share your highest ideals and visions.
Venus in chatty Gemini is helping with this wonderful web of supportive connections as well by giving your self-worth a well-deserved makeover.  Notice how you talk to yourself – are you as caring and generous with yourself as you are with your friends?  It may sound a bit silly, but, really, what if you could think of yourself as your best buddy?  Someone you truly value and love to spend time with?  Mercury, retrograding last month through your house of self-worth has probably turned up a few wacky limiting ideas that you’d thought were “just the way things are”.  Now, this winged messenger is turning direct and inviting you to look at yourself with fresh eyes.  And, if simply feeling better about yourself is not enough of a motivation for your practical side, dear bull, consider this: with Venus the Lady Luck involved, there’s a direct link between the value of your bank accounts and the esteem you hold for yourself.  This month, the key to the vaults of abundance is hidden in the “ephemeral” realm of thought.  Lucky for you!  No need to move mountains and sweat buckets – simply talk and listen, reach out to friends and colleagues who inspire you, and befriend yourself even more.  Ask for a raise, ask for ideas and advice for your business, play with new ways to generate more of what you desire.  You may find you enjoy it so much your head will spin with all these new exciting connections!  If you get too dizzy, simply take a breath and take a walk – a little quality time with the sensual beauty of nature is just what the doctor ordered to recharge your batteries.
July 16th, jovial Jupiter will take up residence in your home (the home sector of your chart:), and what a fun and generous house guest he is!  He will urge you to think big, to expand your existing home base or consider a move to more palatial digs.  Basking in the sunniest of all signs, the royal Leo, Jupiter loves red, orange and gold, so you may find yourself in a home fit for a King, with the New Moon on July 26th leading you to the door.  The fresh new thinking and communication you find yourself engaged in is the KEY to this magical door to the new YOU – King or Queen in your glorious castle, generously gabbing with the wise and wonderful of the world.

New Moon on June 27th set the stage for a beautifully supported opportunity to expand your earnings.  With lovely Venus traveling through your sign, you’re feeling sparkly fabulous.  All this inner glitter and gold is a sign of a genuine increase in your sense of self-worth, which translates smoothly and gracefully into brilliant ideas for growing your net worth.  Neptune in your career house is throwing a friendly beam to this New Moon, so dare to dream big!
With Mercury, your ruling planet, turning direct July 1st, it’s time to test-drive the emerging “new YOU”: you’ve had a major upgrade of the software running in your head and a chance to wipe out any nasty thought viruses that bogged you down.  Are you ready to believe the speed and ease your new system can deliver?  Are you eager to hit “Play”?  A chance to exercise your newly upped mental potential arrives early in the month in creative brainstorming sessions with your wildest and most unpredictable friends and colleagues.  These exchanges may really put the STORM in brainstorm, so hold on to your hats!  You may find yourself amazed at your skills and dexterity in balancing differing opinions and harnessing the energy of lightning-bolt insights.  This is high-voltage volatile “juice” from the universe, but no one is better at bottling lightning than you, magical Gemini.
Full Moon on July 12 brings closure to a previous pattern of sharing power and resources.  Perhaps you harnessed too much of your potential in serving the ambitions of others? If you find this situation no longer serves you in light of your own expanding power and earning potential, be confident: you’ll have the support of the universe to change it wisely and with class.  Don’t hold on to any restrictive arrangements out of habit and old loyalties.  There are greener pastures around the corner: generous Jupiter paired up with a brillant New Moon on July 26th turn the spotlight on your already formidable communication capacities – “Lights, camera, action!” – your words will shine with megawatt star power, attracting all the support you require and applause you’ll deserve.  The world is your stage, enjoy the limelight and don’t mind the papparazi.  There’s no such thing as “bad press” in your world, with Jupiter the good-luck guy stepping up to be your publicist.  With attention as the new currency, all this buzz turns into clinking coin in your wallet as if by magic.

New Moon on June 27th cracked open your carefully constructed cocoon of Self for the newly born butterfly of YOU to spread its wings.  As your brilliant fresh colors catch the spark of the high-summer Sun, you marvel at this beautiful being – “Is this really me my eyes are seeing?”.  “Yes”, says the Sun and smiles.  It’s your Birthday time, dear Cancer, time to celebrate the new you that’s emerged from the stardust of the Spring’s cosmic storms.  Yes, the cocoon was a wise choice during the wild weather, and yes, the Sun is out now, the storms are over, it’s safe to come out and play.
As you stretch and test your strength in flight, Neptune the dream weaver whispers in your ear enticements of exotic lands and esoteric adventures.  Whether you feel the call to actually hop on a plane, or explore the inner landscapes with the help of wise and beautiful spirit guides, the universe is urging you to heed this call: try something new that expands your horizons, you will feel wiser and more inspired for it.  Venus has volunteered to be your spirit guide this month in your deepest inner journeys and Mercury the magic messenger is lending her a hand, helping you reconnect the threads of ancient tales into a beautiful new tapestry.  “A Celtic shaman heals by telling a better story”, says Dream Teacher Robert Moss, one of my all-time favorite earthly inner travel guides.  Let Mercury and Venus help you craft a better story of your past, one that gives lift and support to this new butterfly of you that’s being born.
As this butterfly flaps its wings, the world changes in subtle yet powerful ways: early July brings some sudden shifts and opportunities in your work that require a fine balancing act at home, and Full Moon on July 12 offers a closure in old ways of “doing partnerships”, opening the door for a more authentic, clear, grounded and empowered way of relating.  We know that “change” might not be your favorite word, dear comfy Cancer, but the key to gracefully navigating these shifting breezes is the realization that YOU are the one that “called it in” – the new you, born again on your birthday, is simply too big to play in the old sandbox.
And, the universe is about to get a lot more light and playful: on July 16, Jupiter the good-luck guy is taking up residence in sunny creative Leo for a year.  For you, dear Cancer, this is most auspicious development: Jupiter will be gracing your house of self-worth and earned income, so it’s time to spread these beautiful sparkly new wings of yours, strut your stuff and cash in on your innate gorgeous creativity.  Let’s face it, you’ll create anyway, might as well have fun with it and see, perhaps some of what you touch will turn to gold?  Because, with jovial Jupiter in charge of your money flows for the next year, money follows joy, not the other way around.  New Moon on July 26th will open the door to Jupiter’s abundant blessings, it’s time to celebrate YOU indeed!

Dear LEO,
New Moon on June 27th opened a secret doorway to the spirit-world deep in your unconscious.  Fresh beams of creative inspiration lit up the darkest corners of your inner castle, revealing long-hidden jewels that are finally ready to be brought to light.  Generous Jupiter has been traversing these realms of inner landscapes with you for the past year too, planting seeds of spiritual expansion. This influx of genuine soul-food has nourished your very being – you feel wiser, more connected and generous, more authentically you.  Neptune, the divine tuning fork, is in perfect harmony with this symphony of inner expansion as well, reminding you gently that you’re connected to benevolent forces far more powerful than you can fathom with your mind.
Connection is the theme that echoes throughout your everyday life as well: retrograding Mercury had you reconsider your role in your community last month, urging you to forge more genuine and empowering links.  Now you’re ready to taste the first sweet fruits of your labors of love – Venus and Mercury are teaming up to shower you with fresh sparkly conversations, lively new friends and well-deserved acknowledgement from your peers.
And, if you think that sounds good, get ready for even better news: on July 16, Jupiter the good-luck guy is taking up residence in your sign for a year.  The whole world is about to feel a lot more like YOU: all of us will get to enjoy a taste of your creativity, generosity, playfulness and genuine star quality.  For you, this will kick off a whole new 12 year cycle: Jupiter will be the midwife to the birth of a new, upgraded, expanded, more authentically confident YOU.  Your innate creativity will get a powerful boost as well – be prepared to ride this magnificent wave of hopeful, larger-than-life energy!  Whatever you decide to initiate this year will surely rock your world and expand your horizons in a big way.  July 24th meeting of Sun and Jupiter in your sign, followed closely by a joyous New Moon on July 26th will kick off your birthday season with fanfare and fireworks.  Celebrate yourself!  All this inner work you’ve done is finally paying off, the diamond that emerged from the depths of dark vaults in your inner castle is sparkling in brilliant sunshine.  A star is born again!;)

New Moon on June 27th opened the door for new nurturing soul-friends to enter into your life.  You will be amazed at how quickly you can connect with them on a genuinely caring and intuitive level.  Your mind may balk at this infusion of intimacy, but your heart is yearning for this nectar of genuine kindness, so be bold and let these loving connections gently unfold.  With dreamy Neptune weaving it’s magic, conversations may take on a romantic turn on warm summer evenings turning into sultry nights.  The possibility is there for something beautiful, although a bit blurry… And even if this midsummer night’s dream remains just that, a dream, it’s lovely to indulge in some delicious dessert of fantasy once in a while:)
When you wake up from your soulful slumbers, you find your inbox full of exciting invitations and inspiring opportunities: with your cosmic patron Mercury speeding up direct from June 1st, and Venus the Lady Luck shining up your resume, your career house is buzzing.  If you deleted any nasty limiting thought-viruses from your mental hard-drive last month, especially any nagging doubts about your own worldly potential, you’re in for a flurry of exciting opportunities.  If Mars playing tug-of-war with brilliantly unpredictable Uranus late last month shook up your nicely organized financial picture a bit, don’t worry –  fresh leads and inspiring ideas provided by Venus and Mercury will ensure you’ll be able to pick up the pieces and re-arrange them in a more authentically rewarding way.
And, more rewards are heading your way from a rather unexpected place starting on July 16th when Jupiter, the jovial planet of hope and expansion takes up residence in your most hidden inner realms for a year, shining brilliant sunshine into the darkest recesses of your inner castle and excavating jewels of bright delight from the depths.  With Jupiter as your designated driver, this road-trip into the spirit world will be filled with blessings and sprinkled with playful surprises.  You may find yourself giggling at a reflection of a rainbow in a puddle, or, to your meticulous mind’s utter astonishment, shopping for crystals and angel cards with your new soulful best buddy and attending a meditation ceremony on the New Moon of July26th.  Don’t worry, your new friends won’t judge you as weird and wacky (although some old acquaintances may raise an eyebrow:), and no, you haven’t suddenly gone off your rocker.  Would it ease your mind if you knew all this spiritual expansion is precisely the groundwork you need in order to plug into the natural abundance of the world, and all this inner inquiry is setting up the emergence of a new, more genuinely confident YOU next year, when Jupiter moves into your sign?  And, no, you don’t need any crystals or fairy figurines in order to follow Jupiter’s hopeful path.  All you need is an open mind and even a tiny bit of the sweet curiosity you had as a child.  Enjoy the (inner) journey!

Hope you enjoyed last month’s cosmic assignment of shattering your own internal “glass ceiling” of what’s possible to achieve in the world, because this month the pace is on (or, as my favorite teacher of dream-weaving, Robert Moss once wrote: “The time is always NOW, except when it’s GO”:).  New Moon on June 27th opened a beautifully supported opportunity to advance in your career and to “shine out” in the world that may feel like a dream come true.  Neptune is lending far-reaching spiritual support to you here, reminding you to notice the magic in every day.  The more you acknowledge the invisible hand that’s gently opening the doors just ahead of you, the smoother and more gracious your upward path will become.  Listen to your intuition as it speaks to you through these little everyday miracles, and follow the path that feels light.
Full Moon on July 12th offers you a chance to make an adjustment at home in order to accommodate your budding professional growth.  Perhaps you need to declutter and re-organize your base to feel more grounded, more in contact with the strength of the Earth.
You might even consider a move if your present surroundings feel less than solid.  Again, trust your gut with this and make only the changes that feel truly empowering.  A sense of solid foundation is important to you, as a platform to spring forth from, to go out and play and create, knowing you have a secure base to return to.
And play you will, and travel and explore, with your lovely cosmic patron Venus teaming up with magical Mercury to bring you myriad opportunities to expand your physical and mental horizons.  You might even meet some like-minded travel companions who are turned on by the beautiful way you express your spirit.  Sparks will fly, and late night conversations may lead to… a love that’s more than just a meeting of the minds;)
On July 16th, jovial Jupiter stirs up your social life by becoming your publicist and networking chief of magnitude for a year, bringing you an abundance of beautiful, fun and creative friends who will expand your world in ways you cannot yet imagine.  Blessings will bubble and flow amongst your peeps like champagne on a birthday bash, and the joyous New Moon on July26th will be the perfect occasion to throw a kick-off party for a season of mutual expansion and generous sharing of genuine hope and inspiration.  Enjoy!  What a gift you are to your friends, and they to you!

On the New Moon of June 27th, the travel bug bit you, and you find yourself itching for new experiences to expand your horizons.  Whether these journeys involve actually hopping on a plane and jetting off to exotic locales, or stopping by to hear interesting lectures on esoteric topics at your local bookstore, your soul is yearning for deep and expansive nourishment.
Uranus and Mars sparring off might have brought up some sudden health concerns for you around this New Moon, so if you find yourself a bit depleted or off-kilter, consider a retreat somewhere beautiful, surrounded by the gentle serenity of nature.  If last month’s explorations into relationship territory were fruitful, bring your special someone along: with Venus gracing your house of deep intimate merging and Mercury the magical messenger moving direct again, a moonlight walk on the beach might be just the setting for heart-to-heart whispers of deepening intimacy.  If you rolled your eyes at the last sentence with an ironic “yeah, sure, I wish!”, don’t brood, dear sexy Scorpio: heeding this new Moon’s directive to expand your horizons might be just the ticket to net you the elusive soul-mate you’ve been longing for – what better setting to meet your match than an exotic adventure of the inner and outer kind?
In any case, make sure you rest up and recharge your batteries during the first half of the month, because the universe has some excitement in store for you: on July 16th expansive Jupiter crosses the top of your chart, casting your career into the limelight for the next 12 months.  “Lights, camera, action!”, you may feel like you’re suddenly on a stage, with everyone eyeing and applauding your every professional move.  If this prospect makes you want to squirm and run for cover, consider this: it’s not YOU as a person who’s on display, it’s the divine talent and creativity the universe is pouring through you for everyone to enjoy.  Hang in there and ride this magnificent wave, you won’t regret it!  The courage you exhibit in rising to this opportunity will be handsomely rewarded.  The thrill and excitement are extras, the sweet cherries on your deep dark chocolate cake:)

New Moon on June 27th planted seeds of new insights into the transformative nature of finance in your curious mind.  Your growing understanding of the energy behind this concept of “money” and the potential power you can wield with how you choose to invest your resources is inspiring you to take a fresh look at some innovative ways your financial transactions can be actions for the greater good.  In the down-to earth reality, this opportunity to play a bigger game on the board of life may come in the form of a favorable settlement or inheritance, or even someone else asking you advice on how to best manage their assets.  In any case, this represents a paradigm shift in your sense of your own worldly power and potential.  And, if some of you reading this roll your eyes and think all this fancy talk about investments and impacts surely does not apply to me, I can barely pay my rent, then think again, dear rebellious centaur – there’s a revolution happening in crowdfunding and microfinance where even the loose change in your pocket can turn into an instrument of social change on global scale.  So, don’t play small by pretending to be powerless!  Full Moon on July 12th in your house of self-worth is echoing the same tune: time to drop any veils of false modesty and reveal your true ambitions. If your brilliance intimidates your boss, well, then you know you’ve outgrown this assignment.  The universe has bigger plans for you, don’t pretend you don’t know it:)

Your stock is rising in relationships as well: last month’s Mercury retrograde had you rewiring your thinking in this area, and this month you stand to reap the sweet rewards: Venus and Mercury team up to brew a fresh infusion of fun and flirt and sweet romance made especially for you!  If you’re single, no need to feel sorry for yourself on missing out on the action – quite the contrary, you’ll be in prime position to catch the eye of a sweet funny Valentine, as long as you remember to flash your own winning smile.  This lively vibe carries over to your business partnerships as well, so if it’s an investor or co-conspirator you’re after, the same light and joyous approach will get you there.

On July 16th, Jupiter, your larger than life patron, sails into your house of long distance travel and conscious expansion.  This is his favorite realm to explore, lucky for you!  For the next year, you’ll be showered with opportunities to travel, to learn, to teach and spread the expansive energy of YOU.  These opportunities may well line up with your newfound financial acumen and ambition: traveling the world while doing well and doing good, how does it get better than this?  You’ll be happily galloping along, exploring greener pastures along the way.  Sounds like Sagittarian heaven on earth!

New Moon on June 27th cast a loving beam on your relationships, tugged at your heartstrings and urged you to open up and actually express the deep tenderness that lies somewhere inside your outwardly rather stoic self.  Neptune the dream weaver is adding depth and vastness to your words and thoughts, and it may seem like there’s an almost psychic connection between you and your partner this month.  And, if the word “psychic” does not pass your pragmatic muster, you can call it intuition, or just praise yourself on your improved listening skills.  What matters is the essence – you’re able to “get” your partner’s drift before they speak a word, and they are likewise very tuned in to you right now.  And, if romantic candlelit dinners are not on your agenda at the moment, you’ll be pleased to hear the same nurturing intuitive connection is available to you in your business affairs.  Potent new possibilities are born this month, as long as you cultivate a sense of connection and trust first, and listen to what is said between the words.
Last month had you revamping your everyday routine, decluttering your mental and physical files and folders.  If you did even a little bit of it (and, it’s not too late to start now:), you’re enjoying a fresh new breeze in your day-to-day comings and goings that’s putting a spring in your step and giving a welcome lift to your thoughts.  Lovely Venus is co-conspiring with Mercury the messenger to sprinkle you with clever compliments from co-workers and flirty smiles from the cashier at your morning coffee counter.  Notice these fun little gifts and let yourself enjoy the “everyday”.
And, if you feel you’ve still got a lot of shedding to do before you allow yourself to feel the lightness, Full Moon on July 12 is your ally: its signaling a culmination of something in your very sense of Self – a burden you thought you always had to carry for others is ready to be released, forging a way for clear, strong and unapologetically authentic self-direction.
You will need this clarity and insight to take full advantage of the magnificent possibilities for transforming your financial situation and more broadly, your relationship to power and potency that the universe has on offer for you for the next 12 months.  Starting with July 16th, expansive Jupiter is ready to deliver the dynamite you need to blow any limiting idea you had of your capacity to move monetary mountains and shake the financial foundations of this reality into cosmic confetti.  You’ve been the target and the conduit for the most profound paradigmatic changes since 2008, when Pluto (think “plutonium”!) entered your sign.  Now you’re ready, with Jupiter’s help, to exercise this power born from the depths.  Diamonds are born deep in the earth’s crust under tremendous pressure.  Similar inner alchemy is ready to be brought into the spotlight in you.
On the sparkling New Moon of July 26th, don your priceless treasures.  Investors, allies and potent power-brokers of the new paradigm are waiting to welcome you to the table.  Remember your course in intuitive communication from earlier this month: power moves between the words.  You will “get” this new game, because deep inside you know you were born to play it.

New Moon on June 27th invited you to take a fresh look at your everyday habits – are you taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health in a way that truly supports your optimal energy level?  If there’s room for improvement (and, for most of us, there is:), the energy of this gentle Cancer Moon is perfect for starting a new, truly nourishing health habit.  We’re not talking extreme sports or strenuous exercise routines, don’t worry!  Relaxing Yin yoga, dance, or even just lovely meandering walks in nature on a regular basis, combined with simple nourishing food is more like it.  Neptune, throwing a harmonious beam from your house of self worth, is singing in tune with this gentle Moon, reminding you that true self-care is the foundation of valuing yourself – the care and resources you invest in yourself this month will pay back multifold in both spiritual and material gains.
All this attention on health will insure you’ll have plenty of energy to devote to your multitude of creative projects, which are really gearing up to get going:  lovely Venus is teaming up with magical messenger Mercury, marching forward again fromJuly 1st to shower you with inspiration galore.  Your words are sprinkled with extra charm and fairy-dust, make sure to bottle some of this ephemeral essence in your writing.  Even if you don’t have time to fully finish any one thing (quite possible!:), don’t worry, just jot down the juicy bits and ideas into a treasure-trove you can dip into later.
The second half of the month starts off a year of treasuring your loved ones: Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into your house of partnership on July 16th, lighting up your love life with playful, jubilant energy.  Your partner will bring you lots of joy and creative juice.  Anything you think of doing together – do it, your creative alchemy is truly expansive this year!  This lovely energy carries over to your business partnerships as well, you’ll have excellent luck with joint projects and ventures, as long as you choose Jupiterian people as your co-captains.  “Jupiterian”, what’s that, you may justly wonder?  Well, think of someone in whose presence you feel a sense of genuine confidence, expansion and hope.  This is not the inflated fake confidence so many business folks try to slap on like a cheap but flashy suit – beware of that, or your ship may end up crashing into rocks under full booming sail.  Trust your intuition to KNOW who will truly expand your horizons, and your joint ventures will be crowned with success and acclaim.
The joyful Leo New Moon on July 26th will be the perfect time to kick off this year-long celebration of partnerships: do something fun and festive with your special someone, and plant some seeds of creative collaborations.  All the care and attention you lavished on yourself earlier in the month will ensure a strong and healthy root system for the tree you’ll plant together. There will be plenty of sun for it to grow and thrive, and it’s fruits will be plentiful and pretty!

New Moon on June 27th in your soul-sister water sign of Cancer poured divine nourishment on your seeds of creativity, urging them to sprout.  You’re birthing something beautiful!  Neptune the dream-weaver, your cosmic patron, is casting a supportive beam to this New Moon, ensuring that whatever it is you’re creating will feel like your deepest dream come true.
Last month’s Mercury retrograde had you revisiting your roots and digging deep to find the essence of what home really means for you, taking a fresh look at what you need in order to feel truly comfortable here on earth.  Now, lovely Venus and chatty Mercury, speeding up direct, are teaming up to help you put all these new ideas into action.  It’s time to speak up at home, to let your loved ones in on what you’d love your home to look and feel like.  Not everyone is as naturally psychic as you, dear Pisces, so please take heart and express your desires.  The universe listens when you ask!  With Venus lending you some extra charm and sparkle in this area, you’re likely to land in a nest that’s fresh, fun and airy, surrounded by birds of all kinds of feather singing happily together.  You might find that in order to fulfill your nesting urges, you’ll need to fly a bit higher and look a bit further – a move might be beckoning.  With Venus the Lady Luck stepping in to be your personal real estate agent this month, you’ll be pleased with what she has to show you.
Matters of “ideal setting” are echoed in a wider context with the Full Moon on July 12th highlighting your role in your community, bringing to a closure an engagement that’s felt a bit too burdensome lately.  You’ve taken on a lot responsibility and now it’s time to reconsider and redistribute the loads.  You’ve learned heaps and grown immensely in wisdom and stature, so take a moment to truly celebrate and acknowledge all your efforts.
You’ll be able to use all you’ve learned in your new, lighter, more fun and creative projects ahead.
And more fun is coming your way indeed, with jovial Jupiter waltzing into the midst of your very everyday activities.  More genuine JOY in the little details of your life, more fun and creative co-workers, more energy and vitality in your body – all this is making the next 12 months feel a lot brighter in a very tangible way.   Your creative seeds will blossom in this new, sunnier setting.  And if your heart’s desire has been to bring a happy little one into the world, the stars are aligned beautifully for that deepest and most intimate kind of creation.  Open your heart and let love in:) EnJOY!

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