AUGUST Scopes – the Unique Spark in YOU

A brave and hopeful New Moon lights up Leo on August 2nd (4:44 pm NYC time!), urging us to let our imagination take flight.  Like children playing in the cosmic sandbox, we can create our world anew according to our hearts’ authentic aim.  Steady Saturn sends a beam of support – seeds planted now will have serious staying power!  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in brilliantly quirky Aquarius on August 18th invites us to “free the freak within”, to risk being as wild and wonderful as only we can be:)  This takes a bit of courage, sure – but without revealing the “uncensored self”, true friends and lovers just can’t find us!  The planets are busy too – Mars meets Saturn for a serious rehash of strategy on Aug 24th, while generous Jupiter embraces Venus on Aug 27th, releasing the blessings of an abundant harvest.   Check your August Scopes for how to max this month’s mojo:



The focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂
If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.

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Dear ARIES, hope you’ve enjoyed basking in the sunny glow of your soul-sister fire sign of Leo, letting your batteries recharge in the season’s SOULar power:) Like a cat on a sunny windowsill, you’ve been biding your time…seemingly chill and still, but ready to pounce like a tiger at a moment’s notice. The New Moon of Aug 2nd wakes up the playful beast within, stirring the urge to create your world anew with wild and joyful gusto. Mars, your impetuous cosmic patron emerges from the long dark trek trough Scorpio’s underworld the same day, impatient to explore new horizons in fiery Sag. Whoo-hoo, you can smell the fresh breeze…so much lighter and brighter out here! The past months of slow inner burn have torched all that’s not essential, leaving you standing naked in your soul’s searing mirror. Your aim is clear, almost inevitable…this New Moon urges you to get cracking with all the courage and commitment you’ve got. Saturn sends a solid beam of support – the seeds you plant right now have serious long-term potential. Let your brave heart lead the way as you play the grand game of creation! Optimism and realism in perfect balance – this kind of stellar surf deserves to be danced with:)

August 18th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse invites you to throw a party for all your favorite peeps. Sparks will fly as you rub elbows with an electric mix of quirky collaborators, fabulous fantasy creatures and magnanimous muses. “It’s more fun together” is definitely the name of the game. The more you let your guard down, allowing your wild and wonderful self to speak and share without a censor, the more magic can manifest – a brilliant breakthrough, a potent business alliance or a steamy late-summer romance are all seeds “in the stars” under this liberating Moon. This month stirs up your creative cauldron big time – add your own special spice, dear adventurous Aries, and watch what bubbles up!:)

Dear TAURUS, Venus, your own gorgeous cosmic patron has been busy as your personal design guru, helping to create a castle fit for a queen. You might have spent a good chunk of your summer vacation on a DIY project to spruce up your nest, or devoured hours surfing ads in search for a larger lair. There are larger longings at work – an urge to find an abundant abode for your Soul, a sense of rootedness that draws from a deeper well. The bright and hopeful New Moon on Aug 2nd hands you a key to that special space, hinting at a home within that can’t be bought or sold. Once you settle on this inner throne, finding the exterior image of your own Garden of Eden will be easy. Saturn sends a solid beam of support – seeds planted now have serious staying power. You may sign a contract on your dream-castle after all, dear lovably luxurious beast! With Venus in verdant Virgo after Aug 5th, you’ll have an impeccable eye for detail coupled with just the right creative touch. Enjoy every step in the journey HOME this month!

The Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse on Aug 18th casts a bright spotlight on your worldly work, highlighting your unique contribution to the wider weave. Enjoy sharing the fruits of your labor and allow the accolades to reach deep into your bones. Full Moons are a celebration, a culmination of months of growth and work: think back to what you seeded in the waning days of winter, around the Feb 8th wild and wacky New Moon – now’s the harvest time. This Moon is an eclipse – very precisely aligned with the Earth’s axis. Eclipses signal more substantial shifts and changes. What part of your public role have you outgrown? Perhaps you’re ready to embrace and showcase even more of your uniqueness, less afraid to seem a bit wacky or weird? This Moon urges you to give the inner censor the boot:) With a firm footing in your own Soul, thoroughly at home in yourself, you can afford to spread your branches wider, allowing your authentic fruit to feed the world. Enjoy the stretch, dear Taurus, from your deep core to the stratosphere and beyond!


Dear GEMINI, after a fun flurry of summertime socials, Mercury, your quick-witted cosmic patron landed in down-to-earth Virgo on July 30th, pulling your focus to practical matters for the month ahead. Building a solid, sustainable foundation moves up the priorities list – you may find yourself surfing real-estate ads, dreaming of a more commodious castle, or hitting the hardware store in search of smart solutions to refresh your current nest. The bright and hopeful New Moon on Aug 2nd lights the fuse on the next round of creative fireworks – so many possible plans, it’s easy to be dazzled by this dance of ideas. But too much of a good thing can leave you spinning in place, dizzy and distracted. Steady Saturn comes to rescue, pointing towards your partner as a sensible sounding-board, a much-needed voice of reason. Together you can hammer out a plan that’s both playfully brilliant and sustainably solid.

Good news are on the way as Mercury meets Jupiter on Aug 22nd , but it may be wise to keep your options open and refrain from signing on the dotted line just yet – Mercury goes retrograde Aug 30th, looking to dig up extra details on the deal. The end of the month may find you juggling several perfectly lovely plans. A natural master of multitasking, you’re born to handle change with grace – flexibility could be your middle name:) The Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse on Aug 18th reveals a glimpse of the grander pattern, helping you see the forest behind the trees. Use this time to mix and mingle and mine your best peeps for ideas and insight – brilliant and quite possibly quirky solutions can be the key to your practical conundrums this month, dear cosmically creative Gemini.


Dear CANCER, hope you enjoyed a mellow week or two in mid-July, because August promises to put you back in the saddle big time. The bright and brave New Moon on Aug 2nd brings a fresh crop of opportunities to cash in on your gifs if you’re not afraid of good old-fashioned work. Steady Saturn sends a solid beam of support – seeds planted now have serious staying power. Saturn has been schooling you in his step-by-step, brick-by-brick approach since past December, and seems like you’re finally ready to get the plot:)   Mars lends you his muscle this month, giving a nice boost of juice to your daily doings. This is no dull drudgery – every effort you make will help you feel more alive, more authentically engaged with the fire in your heart. Mars and Saturn shake hands on August 24th, urging you to commit to a particular path or project with all your passion and …plenty of patience. Deep down you know the view from the top will be well worth the climb!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 18th illuminates the intricate weave of intimate power – how you share and manage the most electric energies of sex and money. The hidden comes to light – perhaps you’re more powerful than you’ve let on, dear cozy Crab!:) Taking a deep breath and revealing your authentic awesomeness doesn’t have alienate your intimate other(s). In fact, openly owning your magic and mojo can pave the way to a sudden promotion or an offer of brilliantly original professional collaboration. Communication is key as Mercury meets Jupiter on Aug 22nd – asking for advice and sharing your strategies can bring in profitable possibilities. Venus and Jupiter grace your words with extra power of attraction around Aug 27th. Cast a splendid spell, weave a new world with the tip of your tongue – the Universe is all ears, eager to dance to your daring tune, dear cosmically creative Crab!


Dear LEO, Happy Birthday! Without your creative sparkle, courageous heart and generous smile, where would we be….the world would be much colder, duller place indeed:) The bright New Moon on August 2nd casts a fresh beam of light on your own sign, signaling a rebirth in your heart – it’s your cosmic Birthday present, a boost of new potential and promise. Time to plant the seeds of your deepest desires, dear cosmically creative Leo! Steady Saturn sends a solid beam of support – this is not a fleeting “like” or a flash in a pan flirt – anything you start now has serious staying power. Take a deep breath as you stand at the edge, ready to dive “all in” – weather into a courageous creative project or an amorous adventure about to sweep you off your feet. Whatever you say YES to now will be with you for a while, dear lovable Leo – use your magic wisely!;)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 18th sheds light on your pattern of steps in the traditional dance for two, setting the stage to be even more daring in revealing the true YOU. The glam and glitz of romance is fun for sure, but all that glitter can cover an authentic ache, a soulful longing. Can you muster up the courage to see and be seen without the projection on the shiny screen? Courage is a heart word – it comes from cor- the Latin word for heart. Eclipses signal substantial shifts and changes in our core cosmic wiring. Perhaps you’re ready to embrace and showcase even more of your uniqueness, less afraid to seem a bit wacky or weird? And offer the same gift of open heart and open arms to your lover, your dance partner in life? Mars meets Saturn on Aug 24th – passion and commitment commingle in the skies. This could be the beginning of a profound and beautiful adventure, if you dare!

Dear VIRGO, your curiosity gets an electrifying poke with Mercury, the magic messenger in your sign since July 30th. Creative sparks that have been popping up in deep dreamtime on sultry summer nights tempt and tease you at the edge of conscious awareness. Waking up in the morning, you can behold the first strokes of a promising plan, a bright new pattern to re-order your reality…but, aargh, the outline melts like morning mist, leaving you grasping at gossamer threads. Patience, dear practical Virgo – there’s a bit of work to do before welcoming the new: the hidden halls and cozy closets of your inner castle need a good clean sweep, a proper prep for your Birthday Party. The brave New Moon of August 2nd comes to your aid, showing you how to sort the trash from genuine treasure. Steady Saturn lends a hand, helping you compost any ancestral angst, hidden heartaches and lingering fears into a firm and fertile foundation for a brand new beginning. Nothing goes to waste – energy simply changes form, liberated from past patterns, ready for courageous creation yet again.

Venus waltzes into your sign on August 5th, decking the halls for your celebration. It’s a bit like an early Birthday present – Venus amps up your powers of attraction, helping you feel more lovely and lovable. Like a fresh flower, you exude a subtle sexy scent that draws just the perfect birds & bees;) Sun enters your sign on August 22nd, lighting up your world – Happy Birthday, Dear Virgo, may all your best and brightest dreams come true! A set of stellar swell is on its way near the end of the month as generous Jupiter meets up with Mercury (Aug 22nd) and Venus (Aug 27th) in your sign. Think big, and whisper your wildest wishes to the wind – the Universe is all ears, ready to spread the seeds of desire into the fertile terrain they require!


Dear LIBRA, Venus, your gorgeous cosmic guide has been stirring up your social circles for the past few weeks, filling your schedule with sultry summertime soirees, playful beach parties and crackling creative gatherings. The first days of August add fuel to the fire: Venus winks at Uranus, the cosmic wildcard on Aug 1st, hinting at a sudden spark of romance that can turn your world upside down. New Moon on Aug 2nd opens the doors for even more cosmic connections, introducing you to some potent new peeps. Steady Saturn sends a solid beam of support – this is not a fleeting “like” or a flash in a pan flirt – anything you start now has serious staying power. Saturn also steadies your own mind, allowing you to see your friends and relations without rose-colored glasses. Keeping it real is the theme, dear lovable Libra! You can forge friendship that will stand the test of time this month – a cosmic gift that keeps on giving:)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 18th lights up the “true love” sector of your chart, amping up your heart’s desires. There’s a playful vibe to this Moon – you can afford to drop a few filters, be bold and brave like a child again. A spark from the summer’s parties could burst into a full-blown flame at the slightest provocation;) Your creativity gets a boost from this Moon as well – you may fall for a fantastic project instead of a person, getting a rush of the sheer JOY out of making your world anew, like a kid on the beach building cities of the future from shells and sand. Wherever this quick and quirky wave takes you, have FUN with it! As the month draws to a close, you may feel the need to balance the scales with some well-deserved quiet time – a “staycation” with your fave books, or a meditative weekend in the woods. Jupiter embraces Venus on Aug 27th, sending ripples of Divine Love through every cell of your system from the deepest reaches of your soul. Take it in…and let it ripple out…you’re on the verge of a huge leap of expansion…more on that next month!;)


Dear SCORPIO, August arrives with a New Moon (Aug 2nd) at the top of your chart – a fresh boost of fuel for your worldly work: a promotion, a juicy new job, a gold star on your report card in the School of Life. Stalwart Saturn sends a solid beam of support – this is no fleeting “flash in a pan” gig – anything you start now has serious staying power. Saturn has been schooling you in his step-by-step, brick-by-brick approach since past December, and seems like you’re finally ready to get the plot:)   Mars lends muscle to your income-boosting endeavors, making you capable of moving mountains this month. If mention of Saturn has you feeling a bit weary, don’t fret – this work is far from dull drudgery! Every effort you make helps you feel more alive, more energized and engaged with your path and purpose – the tireless fire in your heart. Mars and Saturn shake hands on August 24th, urging you to commit to a particular project with all your passion and …plenty of patience. It’s a marathon, not a sprint:!) Working for it fair and square makes every mile add a drop of sweet satisfaction to your cup of well-earned worth.

As planets shift to Virgo, turning to your posse of practical, down-to-earth peeps becomes the next crucial step. Mercury, the messenger planet meets generous Jupiter on Aug 22nd – asking for advice and sharing your strategies can open up plenty of profitable possibilities. Venus and Jupiter team up on Aug 27th to weave a golden web of support and creative cross-pollination around you.   Trust your gut – you know which friends truly have your back through thick and thin. These are the peeps to gather around you this month as you tackle the next strategic steps in bringing your gifts to the world’s table to show and share. Enjoy the climb, dear Scorpio, and know that despite the many solitary hours of dedication and toil, you’re not alone on the path!

Dear SAGITTARIUS, Mars, the cosmic action-hero bursts into your sign on Aug 2nd, giving your mojo a major boost. For the first three weeks of the month, Mars covers ground already traversed in April and May, during his retrograde escapade – you’ll get a chance to finally make some progress on projects that stumbled or stalled back then. A brave New Moon in Leo ignites your wanderlust on Aug 2nd – you’re ready for action and adventure again, dear courageous centaur!   Big ideas swirl around your brain like bright butterflies, tempting you to chase them “over the rainbow”. However, this Moon has a bit more serious tone for you – Saturn in your sign sends a supportive beam, asking you to bring your lofty visions down to earth by playing in the realm of “possible and plausible”. Keeping at least one foot on the ground, you can set yourself up for a major leap forward this month!:) Mars and Saturn shake hands on August 24th, urging you to commit to a project or a path with all your passion and …plenty of patience. Take a clue from the wisdom of Lao Tzu – “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” …and another step after that, and another (adds Saturn:)

Stellar surf arrives at the top of your chart later in the month. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role at work or volunteering your wit and wisdom to a prestige project, it’s time to share your wares with the world. Jupiter, your own generous cosmic patron meets up with Mercury (Aug 22nd) and Venus (Aug 27th) in your “house of honors”, as the ancient astrologers called this area of the chart. It’s harvest time, the world is ready for your gifts – don’t be shy in sharing! In true Jupiter spirit, what you give comes back in magnanimous multitude. It’s a month of abundant action, dear adventurous Sag, no time to slouch on the couch:)


Dear CAPRICORN, New Moon on Aug 2nd in the “money, sex and power” sector of your chart adds extra amperage to your ability to attract exactly what you desire and require. Whether it’s amorous alchemy in the bedroom or conscious co-creation in the boardroom, your stock is on the rise. Great gains can be made if you dare to bare your authentic ambitions;) Saturn, your stalwart cosmic patron sends a solid beam of support – anything you start now has serious staying power. Do you KNOW what you’re willing to work for, what’s worth bringing into physical form? Saturn has been clearing the cobwebs from the deepest chambers of your inner castle since last winter. This month, he’s got some fresh muscle to help with the heavy lifting – Mars enters this hidden realm, eager to get things moving. Mars and Saturn meet on Aug 24th, urging you to focus your manifestation mojo on a path or a project that speaks to your soul’s passion and purpose. Trust your gut, your dreams, your midnight musings – in moments away from the day’s distractions, truth will emerge like a diamond from the mountain’s depths.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 18th helps this quest for clarity by aiming its beam on your values and worth. Are you willing to see how unique your genuine contribution is to our world? You get plenty of kudos for practical ambition and stubborn stamina, but are you ready to accept accolades (and more tangible, monetary rewards:) for your sheer brilliance? Are you willing to RECEIVE abundance without having to constantly prove your worth? These questions can unlock an avalanche of abundance in the coming year as generous Jupiter crosses the top of your chart on Sept 9th, launching into the public eye. Last week of August offers stellar surf in preparation – Jupiter meets Mercury (Aug 22nd) and Venus (Aug 27th). This posse of planetary professors is ready to hand you a shiny certificate from passing the required classes at the School of Life. You’ve perfected your skills, plowed through the research and aced your exams. More than anything, you’ve learned that sometimes you don’t know it all – genuine curiosity coupled with honest humility can take you farther than any grand and cocky theory:) Gather your wits and wisdom this month, dear tenacious Mountain Goat, and prepare for a big leap in September!

Dear AQUARIUS, last weeks of July set your heart aflame with sparks of romance, turning up the temp in your relationships. This sizzling set of waves carries you into the fresh and hopeful rays of August 2nd New Moon.  A handsome stranger from the summer’s social swirl of may be ready to start going steady if you’re into deepening the dance;) And if you’re already happily home in long-term love’s safe harbor, this Moon will help you refresh your romance and renew your playful passion.   Steady Saturn sends a supportive beam, favoring a union built on a firm foundation of true friendship and shared goals. Look back on your journey – who’s been there by your side? Who truly has your back when life gets out of whack? This Moon can help you spark a solid soulmate bond with serious staying power, if you dare to bare your heart’s honest aims.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 18th aims a searing spotlight on YOU, making sure you’ve got nothing to left to hide. Last month’s Full Moon cleared the cobwebs from your closets, now you’re ready to put on your best and step out in the spotlight. Full Moon in your own sign is like a half-year review – what’s become of last Birthday’s bright promises? Which seeds have grown, which withered and died? Don’t be afraid to drop a dated strategy or two! This Eclipse signals a substantial recalibration of how you present yourself. Are you ready to share more of your brilliantly quirky self with the world? This takes a bit of courage, sure – but without revealing your “uncensored essence”, true friends and lovers just can’t find you:) Uranus, your quirky cosmic patron sends a supportive beam to this Moon, giving you just the jolt of “devil may care” daring you need to step out of the shadows. Let LOVE be the carrot that lures you out, dear delightfully different Aquarius!

Dear PISCES, New Moon on Aug 2nd invites you to re-do your daily routine to reflect more of your heart’s authentic aims. Mars crosses the top of your chart the same day, amping up your money mojo and lending you much-needed muscle to tackle growing responsibilities at work. Seems like lazy days of summer are over, dear dreamy Fish! Stalwart Saturn sends a solid beam of support to this Moon, helping you muster the stamina for the steady climb ahead. Saturn can teach you “stick-to-itiveness”…if that’s a word…but, yes, potent progress at work is possible this month with a “step-by-step, brick-by-brick” approach:) Seeds sown on this New Moon have serious staying power – like a mountain pine stubbornly clinging to a crevice in the cliff, they’ll continue to grow for years to come. Choose wisely where you invest your passion – Mars and Saturn meet on August 24th, urging you to commit to a particular project or path. Yes, the climb won’t be quick or easy, but the view from the top will be well worth the wait!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 18th illuminates the innermost reaches of your soul, shedding light on deep-buried doubts and hidden longings. Eclipse signal substantial shifts, shaking us out of our cozy ruts on to a rollercoaster ride of rapid evolution. This one helps you banish centuries of ghosts and goblins from your castle, clearing the way to move forward with courage. Brave hearts will be rewarded with a stellar set of swells last week of August – generous Jupiter meets up with Mercury (Aug 22nd) and Venus (Aug 27th), setting the stage for a delightful dance for two. Let your special someone sweep you up in a loving embrace as you escape for a romantic weekend far from the madding crowd. You’ve been busting your bum at work all month, a healing dose of “sweet medicine” is just what the doctor ordered! Support from your sweetheart brings a smile to your face in the busiest of days, helping you to joyfully “whistle while you work”:)






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