New Moon in Cancer – Courage of the Tender Heart

This New Moon in nurturing Cancer (exact at 10:30 pm June 23rd in NYC, 5:30 am June 24th in Estonia) opens a door to a tender terrain, inviting us HOME to ourselves.  This year’s jagged journey has not been easy for some of us… the path ahead may still seem too steep, inflicting a soul-sapping weariness upon our shoulders.  This New Moon invites us into a safe space to refresh our soul and restore our strength… at its best, this caring Cancer Moon is like a warm hug melting our armor into dewdrops and tears.  If we allow these waters to flow, we’ll be gently carried along to a deeper source of sustenance – the fierce courage of our heart.  It’s the courage of a mother protecting her child, and each one of us, male or female, carries seeds of this primal power.  Surrendering to tenderness, we water these precious seeds.

Mercury, the divine messenger teams up with this Moon, offering a rare chance to express and share our feelings.  Language of the heart is sorely neglected in our education – I remember practicing all manner of mental gymnastics at school, but missing even the most basic introduction and initiation into emotional intelligence.  This gap has caused many a bruising stumble on my path…uggh:)  Like a caring mother, this Moon can hold our hands as we take a tender step or two, fumbling our way through a declaration of love… a plea for support…or a sharing of our deepest hopes or sorrows.  It still may feel awkward and strange… hang in there, breathe!:)  The surge of relief from getting something “off our chest” can grow into jubilant joy of genuine connection.

It happened to me last night, as I was conducting my “Dark of the Moon” ritual – a fire to burn and release a myriad of memories in the form of postcards and papers.  In my native Estonia, we have a tradition of “Disappearing Thursday” (Kaduneljapäev): on the Thursday before the New Moon, all manner of magic and healing can happen if you’re willing to let go, to clear out, to purge and cleanse, inside & out. There are spells for getting rid of all kinds of pests & pestilences.  I love to use FIRE as my ally for releasing.  As I was burning up an old sketch from an exercise on MASKs (what mask I wear, what am I hiding behind it…), my dear friend and “witchy sister” Cortney snapped a picture of the drawing dissolving into ashes.  FullSizeRender.jpgI had not planned to share this ceremony…it was my private inner world, why would it be of interest to anyone, I assumed…but, this picture was just  too spooky-cool, so couldn’t help posting it on Facebook, along with a bit of writing to explain its meaning.  And, to my great surprise, this dash of unplanned openness resonated deeply with some of my dearest friends, eliciting several soulful conversations and even a request for a shamanic healing ceremony (yes, I create personal ceremonies for peeps too, in addition to astro-readings…just saying:).  So, I encourage you to be a bit more daring in sharing what’s on your heart… this tender Moon will help you find the words that help and heal.  And, if words fail, a warm hug might be the best medicine of all!

A New Moon Spell to create a safe space for soulful sharing:

  • Protego Totalum! – a protective charm from the wonderful world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter, used a create an invisible shield of protection around an area or dwelling for an extended period of time.  Use it to create your own version of a safe a haven, a sanctuary for soulful connection and yummy “solo time” – this Cancer Moon favors intimacy of all kinds, so take some tender time for yourself too, no guilt, no excuses!  This spell will ensure your bubble bath or a nap won’t get interrupted…you’ll be in a cozy cocoon, invisible to others’ distractions & demands…mmm… how sweet!

Full Moon in Scorpio – All That’s Hidden Comes to Light

Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky on May 10th (exact at 5:42 pm in NYC, 12:42 am May 11th in Estonia), sending a searing beam into the hidden halls and deep dungeons of our inner castle.  Whatever we’ve lost, neglected or deliberately concealed stands out in stark relief.  Some of what we find might not be pretty, but if we hang in there in honest curiosity, trash can turn to true treasure under our courageous and compassionate gaze.  Doorways of dreams are wide open under this Moon’s mesmerizing glow – ancient knowledge and potent personal guidance is available in our meanders into the “in-between”.  Deep and tender knowing can awaken as we brush aside the veils of convention, daring to explore the “taboo” territories of death, power, passion and soulful sex.  A potent brew this Moon is cooking up!  Do we dare to drink a cup?;)

Full Moons are culminations, peaks of a wave that started a while ago, perhaps without our conscious awareness.   Seeds were planted Halloween time, with October 30th Scorpio New Moon…after a long hibernation, a seeming death in the darkness of winter and a slow spreading of roots in early spring, the plants (and plans:) have finally popped.  What became of your seed?  Is it a flower or a weed?:)  This Moon grants us a glimpse into the mysteries of creation – the eternal cycle of birth-death-rebirth.  Phoenix is one of Scorpio’s ancient alchemical symbols…everything lost is found again – renewed, reborn, recycled.   One of the subtle gifts of this magical Moon is awareness of our influence, our co-creative power…and the responsibility required to wield this potent force with more consciousness and care.   An honest look at where we are is the perfect place to start.

Stellar Spells to enhance this Moon’s magic:

“Revelio!” – a revealing charm from the wonderful world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter, used to reveal concealed objects. It may also be used to reveal the true appearance of someone who changed their appearance with a spell.  How perfect for some serious Scorpio sleuthing!  However, do we dare to turn the spell towards ourselves?  To cut through our own convenient web of little white lies?…hmm…:)

“Spirit grant me Second Sight, let all that’s hidden come to Light!” –  enhancement spell to increase our intuition and clear seeing, inside and out.

Happy Full Moon!  Enjoy this magnificent magnifying glass… it will show exactly what you’ll need to know!  


New Moon in Taurus – the Healing Power of Pleasure

This Taurus New Moon (exact at 8:16 am April 26th in NYC, 3:16 pm April 26th in Estonia) feels like a long-awaited “aaah!”, a thorough exhale of all the past month’s tensions and exacerbating efforts.  This April has not been easy for many of us – while the spunky Aries energy has urged us forward into action, the overlapping retrogrades of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have thrown many a curve into our tracks.  These delays and detours can direct us to a wiser, better thought out path…and, perhaps, most of all, teach us patience, the hardest of all virtues in these “instant download” times.  But, arrrgh, these lofty perspectives and glimpses of a greater plan don’t always save us from feeling like a volcano of frustration ready to pop.  At least, this has been my own experience with a construction project on my boat (which is also my floating home for several months in winter).  The contractor slides out with a smile and another “tomorrow…for sure…manana!” and leaves me steaming in Mexican mid-day heat.  To make matters worse, I’ve watched many a day of stellar surf pass by while “waiting for Godot” on the docks.

As the lunar cycle drew to a close, the waning Moon in Aries got a boost of raw fuel from Uranus, the cosmic rebel.  My patience reached the boiling point.  I stormed the welding shop with my husband, grabbing tools and materials and literally taking matters into my own hands.  This desperate act, and the dragonbreath of determination fuming from my Taurean nostrils seemed to make an impression – the project is finally moving forward, slowly but surely.  You too can expect to see the first forward steps in many of your Earthly endeavors, with steady Taurus energy at the helm for the next month.  Yes, it won’t be fast, and with Mercury still in retrograde till May 4th, some amount of rethinking and redesigning is bound to occur.  But, the satisfaction of at least SOME progress is sweet indeed!

Since the Springtime sign of Taurus rules the senses, there’s a way to add some “oomph” to this process of growth and germination – taking in and fully APPRECIATING any positive experience that occurs along the way.  Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist & meditation teacher has coined the phrase: “our brains are like velcro for negative and like teflon for positive” – meaning, our long process of evolution, focused on mere survival, has honed us to search keenly for the tiger in the bush while ignoring the hummingbirds, rainbows and flowers.  I certainly observed my mind spinning into many a sadistically satisfying negative loop with this stalled project, while there was plenty of beauty around to enjoy –warm breezes, sunsets, supportive smiles of friends…and the occasional surf sessions squeezed out from the chaotic construction schedule.  Luckily, part of me was awake and aware enough to laugh at my own folly and consciously redirect my “evolutionarily embattled” neural circuits towards more soothing and enjoyable stimuli.

Now, with this mellow Taurus New Moon gracing the sky, this process of “taking in the good” will be infinitely easier.  Rick Hanson suggests spending at least 15-30 seconds consciously enjoying a beautiful or pleasurable experience, to make sure it truly sinks in.  If we do this often enough, we can actually evolve our brains out of the twitchy-tense fight-or-flight mode and become more like the serenely smiling Buddha (who was a Taurus, by the way!:)  The fruits of this practice of conscious pleasure don’t need to wait till some far-off ideal of enlightenment – enjoying moments of delicious delight in the very here and now will make us instantly more happy, healthy and ALIVE.   And, an added bonus – this more mellow, mindful and appreciative approach will redirect our life to an easier flow, more in tune with the magic of nature’s cycles of growth.  Our projects will blossom and progress with way less struggle and strife.  As the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu remarked: “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.   Hmm…perhaps the wayward welder was in fact my teacher here, a distressing “Buddha in disguise”!:)   ”manana, tranquilo, take it easy…breathe”:)

  • A New Moon Spell to practice and play with: “What I appreciate, appreciates!” Take a loving look around you – craft a ritual of GRATITUDE, add in daily doses of delight…and watch your life blossom in beauty.  Earth magic is seductively simple…and profoundly potent!
  • And, don’t forget the most magical words in every language (as my parents taught me in childhood, when I wanted something…”use your magic word!”;) “Thank you, Gracias, Aitäh, Grazie, Merci!“ These simple sounds are like cosmic fertilizer, coaxing ever more growth, abundance, satisfaction and smiles!

Full Moon in Libra – a Dynamic Balance

Full Moon in Libra lights up the sky on April 11th (exact at 2:08 am in NYC, 9:08 am in Estonia).  Libra’s symbol is the scales – balance, a rather tricky and often misunderstood concept.  Feeling into the energy of this Moon, it occurred to me that true balance is far from the static, blissfully calm and satiated state often aspired to but seldom, if ever, achieved.  In our ever-evolving universe, balance is the ability to ride the topsy-turvy waves of change with flexibility, responsiveness and intense awareness – always moving, always adjusting from one side of the scales to the other.  This Moon shines a bright spotlight on our balancing ability, amplifying thoughts and emotions (Jupiter, the planet of expansion right next to this Moon magnifies everything!) to show where we’ve swung too far, pointing the way to a graceful counter-move that can save us from a fumbling tumble:)

I have just returned from my first-ever 6-day juice cleanse retreat, where a small group of us submitted to a rather rigorous routine in order to re-balance our liver and digestive systems.  As days went by, feeling hungrier and hungrier, it occurred to me that this feels far from my blissfully (ignorant:) notion of what a health-retreat in the luscious Mexican jungle should be like.   My body was led to a temporary state of quite serious imbalance in order to bring about a refreshing restart, hopefully leading to a greater, more sustainable equilibrium.  Trusting the guidance of our very caring and knowledgeable resident healer and staff, I wasn’t worried.  Something deep in my somewhat grumbling gut told me this is just the right swing far out to the edge in order to bring me back towards the center.  Along the way,  I received a very lovely Libran bonus – the silly sense of humor and sweet support of my husband who (quite reluctantly:) stuck it out the whole retreat with me, and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship with a couple from Mexico City who were also doing the cleanse with us.  We all agreed how much easier (and more fun:) it was to get through it together.

The planetary patterns surrounding this Libra Moon – conjunction with Jupiter (expansion and amplification), opposition with Uranus (sudden rapid change) and square with Pluto (potential for deep transformation) are pretty darn intense.  The pendulum swings can feel quite wild and wanton.  Our saving grace is to remain flexible and awake, trusting the deeper, perhaps presently unfathomable purpose of this dynamic tightrope act.  Venus, the ruler of this Moon is on a retrograde journey through compassionate Pisces, about to embrace Chiron, the ancient archetype of the wounded healer – indeed, there is a silver lining, a beautiful healing potential.   Heart-to-heart connection with yourself and those around you is the glimmering moonlit path.

FULL MOON MAGICK to play with: stand on one leg with your eyes closed…observe what happens, how your body adjusts, twists and wobbles to keep the balance.  Switch legs and repeat.  Is it easier on one side or the other?  And what does your intuition say about that difference…what can you adjust in your life to feel more flexible and balanced?  Now, grab a friend and try the same trick again, this time standing side-by-side, holding hands.  Is it easier together?  (hopefully, at least, more FUN:) Can you offer support and receive the steadying hand of your buddy…in this game…and in life? 

Enjoy the wild swings and even the occasional tumbles of this Libra Moon!  And share how these topsy-turvy times are treating you!  XOXO

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New Moon in Aries – the primal JOY of being ALIVE

A few days before this New Moon, I had a chance to see a spectacular circus performance put on by a large group of kids from the circus-arts school Cirque de los Ninos in the small seaside Mexican town of San Pancho.  The young performers’ energy and excitement made my skin tingle and my whole body light up with sparks of joy.  In addition to admiring their acrobatic feats, I actually wanted to BE one of these happy little “monkeys” tumbling and doing somersaults!  (hmm…perhaps it’s not too late to run away with the circus?;)  Connecting with this rambunctious rush of raw life energy, expressed so fully by these kids, made me wonder what happened to my own “wild one inside”… I felt a tinge of sadness drop into the bubbly brew of bouncy beats… when was the last time I felt so unabashedly ALIVE?  And will I ever be able to experience this innocent and yet so primally powerful JOY again?

This Aries New Moon (exact at 10:57 pm March 27th in NYC, 5:57am March 28th in Estonia) offers us all a chance to recover this wiggly-giggly wild Soul in the very physical, felt expression of life – to bring back that proverbial “spring in our step”, to reawaken to LIFE in all its cosmically creative glory.  But, before we get all excited with writing out our New Moon wishes and goals, the starry patterns suggest a look back: the closest planet to this Moon is Venus, the Goddess of Love, who is on a retrograde journey all the way till April 15th.  To recover our spark, we might have to revisit the terrain and time when we lost it – perhaps way back in childhood, when our shrieks of laughter and mad-monkey antics were met with harsh spells of “SSushhh!”, when being a ball of effervescent energy was deemed a dangerous challenge to parental authority.  Whatever it was that squashed our spark, we might not really remember – over time, the societal straight-jacket can become so internalized that we “Shush!” and shame ourselves for being too much, too loud, too out there.

This Moon can help us find the keys to these hidden shackles in the very here and now, in the place we’d least expect to look: in our BODY, in our physical patterns of experience (Mars, the ruler of this New Moon, is in Earthy Taurus, inviting us to trust the guidance of “our guts”:).  We can start by tuning into moments of aliveness of any kind, whether pleasure or pain (a stubbed toe can bring a rush of energy and emotion, along with a flood of memories mixed with curses and tears;)  As we find these sparks, we will also notice any blocks in the flow.  What happens to a frozen dam of ice in a rushing river in Springtime?  It cannot hold forever…the inevitable influx of new LIFE breaks down the most stubborn barriers…starting with a trickle, culminating with a crashing crescendo!

The breakthroughs of this Lunar cycle may indeed require enduring some discomfort, as we come up against long-ingrained limitations, but nature’s innate drive for new growth is on our side – we can shake off the shackles of “Ssushh!” with a bold physical explosion of energy – dancing our hearts out, screeching like monkeys, even going for an all-out adrenaline-pumping run.  For the more mellow among us, a deeply releasing massage might do the trick, releasing the restrictions and rules stored deep in the tissues.

***A note from the retrograde Venus – this New Moon awakens our primal desires in their sexual expression as well…and with the Goddess of Love doing the “backwards-forwards” dance, we may stumble back into past’s turbulent passions!  So, before jumping into a spicy Spring fling with your “ex”, it’s wise to take a moment and tune in – is this truly heart’s deepest desire, or are you willingly binding your ecstatic energy back in the old cage?  I’m not saying recycled romance is always a “no-go”…but, this Moon’s primary drive is towards yourself – LOVE as the simple joy of being alive, rejoicing in your own being.   Venus will turn direct April 15th, bringing along the “birds and the bees”…a bit of patience, dear!

A New Moon SPELL to practice & play with: “Relashio!” – the spell Hermione used to release the Dragon from the dungeons of the Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter series.  Go ahead, break the chains, free the wild one inside!   This Aries’ energy is bold and primal.  Let it refuel our lust for LIFE, bring the “zing!” of Spring back into every cell of our bodies!

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Full Moon in Virgo – a Healing Spring Cleaning

Full Moon lights up the sky on March 12th (exact at 10:54 am in NYC, 16:54 in Estonia).  In fastidious and detail-oriented Virgo, this energy can feel like a merciless magnifying glass on all our imperfections.  As I was mulling over what to write, and Moon was already well into Virgo, my gaze drifted to my husband’s face, zooming in on a spot on his cheek where he missed a few hairs while shaving.  Pointing it out to him felt strange, since this is so far from my usual (blissfully?;) oblivious state of being where I can walk around with lunch leftovers on my shirt for a whole day without a care.

This Moon carries a tinge of almost uncomfortable awareness verging on anxiety, courtesy of a tense quincunx aspect to electric Uranus.  Instead of indulging in irritation, we can put this edgy vibe to perfect practical use by getting a jump on some serious Spring cleaningAdding the magic ingredients of mindfulness and intention, we can merge the exterior action of creating cleanliness and order with a reciprocal inner process …and feel the mental knots melt away as pots and pans find their rightful spots and the sink re-emerges from under the mountain of dishes:)

There is also a beautiful healing aspect to Chiron in this planetary pattern, inviting us to explore deeper levels of “putting our world right”.  We can use this Moon’s “urge to purge” by dropping harmful health habits and clearing space on the “inner hard-drive”.  Or, we can try an almost old-fashioned, more loving and less perfectionist approach: we can repair what’s broken, restoring it to full function.  Living in a small Mexican village, I’m impressed with the locals’ patience and skill – they can fix just about anything, as long as it serves a practical purpose.  And if the original function is no longer an option, they often find fun creative ways to repurpose and reuse even the smallest stuff – a very Virgo virtue indeed:)SoccerBall_Planters  A few days ago I saw a lovely row of planters on a cafe windowsill. As I admired their unusual texture, I realized to great delight they’re actually old soccer balls filled with soil…containing new green life instead of clogging up a landfill. You can use this humble but highly potent alchemy to mend any aspect of life, from a busted pair of sunglass frames to a broken friendship… it won’t work if you won’t try!:)

Full Moon SPELLS to play with:

“Reparo!” – the mending charm Hermione used on multiple occasions to repair Harry Potter’s glasses.  You can use it to add extra potency to any fix, ensuring the repair is effective and long-lasting on both physical and etheric levels.  I bought some needles and thread to sow up a skirt I really love, and plan to use “Reparo!” to make the whole process faster & more fun:)

“Scourgify!” – the scouring spell used by Molly Weasley to make cleaning up after a party of hungry wizards a breeze.  Infinite number of uses, this might be a true Virgo witch’s favorite bit of practical magic!;)

Enjoy this healing Moon, and share what’s stirring for you!  Xoxo

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in PISCES – Fresh Coordinates from Your SOUL

A solar eclipse is a very exact New Moon, aligned so that it blocks out the light of the Sun.  On a deep symbolic level, this powerful spectacle re-calibrates of our sense of Self (our core motivations and energy, represented by the Sun, our life-giver here on Earth).  As the Sun emerges from Moon’s shade, after being “swallowed up” by darkness, a fresh set of coordinates is inscribed in our Soul by this radical renewal of light.   If you’re lucky enough to have seen a Solar Eclipse, you can probably sense why the ancients ascribed such momentous predictions and prophesies to these events – there’s something inherently awesome and spooky about seeing the Moon “eat up” the Sun, and the first sun-ray popping out from the eerie dim disk sets off a palpable wave of relief – the “juice is back on”, we’ve got power again!:)  The light has prevailed over the dragon of darkness once more.

This Pisces eclipse arrives at the scene of considerable cosmic drama – Mars, the planet of action is about to catch unpredictable Uranus in the fiery battlefield of Aries.  The impulse to DO something, anything, QUICK is almost unbearable…but existing structures and agreements (represented by Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra) have raised up ramparts of resistance.  Grrr, we could easily beat our heads bloody against the wall… Thankfully, this Eclipse can lift our gaze above this pugnacious power-play to reveal a refreshingly WIDER and WISER path.  The trouble is – are we willing to listen, to pop our heads above the fray long enough to receive this gift of GRACE?

A few days before this Eclipse, I was advising a new client on the verge of making major changes in the practical aspects of her path – where to move to, what to do for a job?  Hearing my pitch of this Pisces Eclipse as a fresh soulful download from “the bigger picture”, she asked with a note of understandable anxiety: “Will there be a sign? Like, where am I supposed to go?”  The words “supposed to” stuck out like a sore thumb, making me pause and dig deeper for an answer.  As an aside, there is a fun and fascinating branch of astrology called “astro-cartography” which can indeed point to places that will be more conducive for particular aspects of life – such as love, healing or career – for a particular person…but, my intuition was pointing to a more fundamental need here – I wanted to help her regain confidence in her OWN SOUL compass, instead of heaping more external authority on her somewhat scrambled system.  So, I invited her to breathe deep and FEEL her way into the kind of environment she’d truly love to live in, allowing colors, scents and shapes to emerge from the unfettered expanse of her soul.  And, to be open to the subtle tugs on her heart, the first fleeting glimpses of these precious new coordinates, as the eclipsed Sun re-emerges on Feb 26th.

So, my NEW MOON ECLIPSE MAGIC spell for you, dear reader, is to craft your own version of sacred SOUL LISTENING:  honoring oceanic Pisces, use the WATER elementtake a luscious bath with home-made aromatic salts (add your fave essential oils and speak your soulful spells into the salts, then dissolve the magic mix in the water).  Relax, let it all soak in, absorbing the messages on a cellular level.  Allow the cosmic currents to caress you as you float, to gently guide you in the direction of your dreams…no drama necessary:)  Being by the ocean can amplify and accelerate your eclipse spells, so jump in the water and swish like a fish: swim, sail, surf! (I plan to do all of the above:)  If no sea or bathtub around, sing in a decadently long shower...anything that gets you into the FLOW of imagination is the magic medicine of this New Moon:)

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