April Scopes – Fueling the FIRE Within

April arrives on a chariot of FIRE – the planetary party in adventurous Aries wakes us up with an ardent call to ACTIONhearts_on_fire_by_kmterryThe bold and provocative New Moon of April 7th shows where to aim our arrows of desire.  Uranus adds a dose of “devil may care” rebelliousness to the mix, urging us to be utterly AUTHENTIC, no matter how wild and wacky it may seem to the powers that be:)

The adventure takes a sharp inward turn on April 17th as Mars starts its retrograde trek thru Sagittarius.  A courageous quest for personal truth is the best way to surf this wayward wave.  Shaking off shadow loyalties and murky motivations will LIBERATE your lifeforce by the time this pattern runs its course.  Worth a little detour, no?:)

The focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂
If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.

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Dear ARIES, Happy Birthday! Refreshed from last month’s slow swim in the somnolent Piscean waters, you’re off to the races! The first tickle of the Spring Sun that urges the buds to burst wakes up your world big time:) Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck arrives at your party April 5th, bearing glorious gifts of confidence and SHINE. As you blow out the candles on this year’s yummy cake, make a wild wish – with Venus in your posse, your powers of attraction are at their peak this month – you may actually get more than you asked for!

April 7th brings a bright New Moon in your sign – your cosmic Birthday present & emotional re-start. Uranus, the cosmic rebel lends an extra dose of electricity to this Lunation, fueling the fire to “do my thing”, no matter what. Jagged old structures and potent opponents that used to stop you in your tracks get blown aside by this bold and boisterous wave. Saturn, the stern taskmaster is lending unexpectedly solid support – sustainable progress can be yours if you’re willing to put in the WORK (darn, why couldn’t it all be just candles and cake?;)

As for progress, Mars, your mighty cosmic patron has been stoking up your wanderlust big time, setting a fire under your feet to explore distant horizons. However, the path to the proverbial mountaintop is not so smooth and straight: there’s a detour around the bend on April 17th that makes Mars stop in his tracks, spin his wheels and turn right around. Aaargh, really? Before you start huffing and puffing, stomping the ground in righteous anger at thwarted ambitions, consider this: were you really SURE of this path? Was this course your authentic choice, or were you cruising on autopilot? This planetary redirection invites you to dive deeper DOWN and IN before committing too much time and resources to reaching UP and OUT. As Gautama Buddha once said: “if you don’t change direction, you may end up where you’re heading” … chew on this, until your brain grinds to a halt… now you’re ready for the real journey! 🙂 Apply your innate drive for adventure in this dig for deeper truth: unlock the shackles of unseen motivations, slash the sticky web of shadow loyalties and insidious ideologies. Liberate your lifeforce to act like an arrow, with potency and precision. Isn’t this a way cooler Birthday present than goodies and cake? Another warrior initiation, another chance to perfect your aim – the fire in your heart is fueled anew!

Dear TAURUS, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface: like the Spring’s new seeds, fresh ideas are taking root in the deep dark soil of your interior. Before popping up into the light, they need to form a solid foundation to sustain this season’s growth spurt. Where to find the necessary nutrients, how to refill the reserves? What better food than compost, all organic, homemade!:) Your task in the weeks before your Birthday is to be the careful gardener: gather up the crumpled up piles of paper from past year’s projects, mix in a generous helping of bygone patterns of belief, water it with a few tears from a nagging old wound or gripe. And then, light a fire under this potent brew – cook up a juicy batch of custom compost that makes your garden grow wild and wise! Venus, your gorgeous cosmic patron enters your personal “underworld” on April 5th, bearing a torch to show you clearly what must go into the cauldron. Let her teach you the warrior-witch ways of wonder – how to turn sh*t into flowers, pain into passion, led into gold!

The Sun enters your glorious cosmic abode on April 19th. Happy Birthday, Taurus!! Time to smell the roses, taste the cake and book a pampering massage – indulge in a fantastic feast for the senses, celebrating the joy and pleasure of being ALIVE in this marvelous physical body. The Full Moon on April 22nd (Earth Day, no surprise they chose Taurus time to celebrate our bountiful planet!:) invites you even deeper into the realm of Earthy pleasures by lighting up your lovelife.   Enjoy a moonlight meander with your special someone, followed by a sharing of soulful secrets between the sheets;) The planets align beautifully in Earth signs, making this a perfect weekend to plant seeds for your next round of passionate projects…or, to engage in the most magical of Earthy creation-games, conjuring up a child of your own. Enjoy the sizzling sparks and sultry Spring nights, dear sensuous Bull!   You can teach us all a thing or two about loving the simple joys of living!:)

Dear GEMINI, Mercury, your light-footed cosmic patron has been stirring up your social circles, delivering impromptu invites to last-minute gatherings, stuffing up your schedule to the point of bursting. Not that you’re complaining – after a busy month of March, you’re ready for a bit of a party! The company you keep is about to improve even more as lovely Venus makes a stylin’ entrance on April 5th, followed by a bright and provocative New Moon on April 7th. Uranus, the cosmic awakener teams up with this Moon, bringing along a posse of colorful characters who can burst the boundaries of your known universe with a single sizzling remark. You’re curiosity is certainly very well fed this month, dear gregarious Gemini! Stalwart Saturn lends support to this boisterous brainstorm by pointing out some solid partnership potentials. Keep your eyes and ears open, a fly-by seed of a far-out idea can turn into a promising project, as long as you’re willing to put in the work!

Some of this work will be quite introspective in nature, as Mars joins Saturn on the backward track on April 17th. Any agreements entered into in haste over the past few months are up for review. Are you and your partner still on the same page?   Did you perhaps skip over imparting some important instructions, assuming a common set of operating principles? Not everyone has the same “mile-a-minute” mind, dear Gemini! Instead of spinning your wheels in frustration, you could choose to sit down with your friend, your lover or a co-creator and lay out your true agenda, making sure to hear the other side of the story. Coming clear on your goals and motives (even the ones you didn’t know you had!:) will set you free again to forge ahead in the spirit of trust. That’s a treasure worth a bit of deeper digging, don’t you think?;)

Dear CANCER, as the planets gather in fiery Aries, your career mojo kicks in big time. The treasures you gathered on last month’s soulful journeys are just the tools you need to take the next steps in your worldly work. The more you dare to integrate your imagination into everything you do, the greater your contribution and the richer the rewards. The bright and provocative New Moon of April 7th, amped up by the lightning-bolt power of Uranus, the cosmic awakener, urges you to risk being more uniquely and unabashedly YOU in your public role. The world needs what you have to share, dear caring Cancer, now more than ever! A warrior of Love, a fierce guardian of all that is alive – these are the potentials awakened by this restless and revolutionary Moon.

Andrew Harvey, a modern mystic, writer and activist posed a brilliant question to guide you on the path towards the higher octave of your worldly work: “What breaks your heart the most?” (not quite what you expected, huh?:) Most of us have heard of “following our bliss”, but Harvey dares us to dig deeper by allowing our hearts to break open, to “follow our heartbreak” to our greatest gifts and contributions. Paradoxically, true surrender into heartbreak tumbles us under the waters of grief only to deliver us back into the flow of bliss beyond our imagination: the soulful joy of having our gifts RECEIVED, the ecstatic energy of living in genuine gratitude and endless energy of creation.

Steady Saturn supports this exciting adventure by lending you tons of tenacity and grit to follow thru on these high ideals. By the end of the month, both Saturn and Mars will be retrograde, pointing you to a need to integrate all the recent learning into your day-to-day routine. Practice is the key here, a stubbornly steady “step-by-step” approach, especially if outward applause is not yet apparent. The Full Moon of April 22nd shines a spotlight on your creative endeavors, inviting you to “come out of a closet” with a project or a piece. Humility, awe and genuine respect for the creative process are rewards enough, as deep down you know, but, you may well be surprised at the support you receive among the circles of kindred souls. This is not the month to hide in your cozy cave, dear cautious Crab – the planets are poking you to come out and play, to add your song to the great symphony of life!:)

Dear LEO, last month your heart got stretched into the great unknown by the potent Pisces wave, now your mind is ready to reach for the stars. Any activity that feeds your curiosity is superbly supported as the planets gather in adventurous Aries. A soulful journey to the far shores or a midnight session of surfing the seductive swells of the net, it’s all part of your Spring semester in the grand University of Life. The bright and provocative New Moon of April 7th, amped up by Uranus, the cosmic awakener, delivers a lightning-bolt of insight that shatters the cathedral ceiling of conventional wisdom once more, revealing a stunning view of SPACE. How many times have you felt you “had it all figured out”, only to be left gasping in awe at the infinity of possibilities just beyond your grasp? Uranus’s tenure as your favorite “wacky professor” lasts another two years, so there’s no point in even attempting to put the pieces back into a perfect pattern. You’ll be surprised, again and again…might as well enjoy the ride, stretching your mental muscles as a Yogi of consciousness!

Stalwart Saturn shows a path to ground all this exciting energy – a creative project that’s been gathering dust could use this jarring jolt of juice. By the end of the month, both Saturn and Mars will be retrograde, helping you dig through the piles of plans that once seemed so bright. There’s buried treasure there, trust your gut and dig! A fragment of a long-forgotten fantasy can come right back to life, infused with fresh insight. This deep detective work can stir the glowing embers of long-lost love affairs as well, beware!:) Retracing the path of passion, weather creative or strictly personal, requires courage. Luckily, you’ve got plenty to spare, dear king of the jungle! Enjoy this Spring awakening, strange as it may be… boredom is banished from your menu this month for sure;)

Dear VIRGO, with the red-hot planetary party in adventurous Aries, your lovelife is on fire this month! Last month’s mellow moonlit walks and soulful secrets shared helped deepen your trust in togetherness, giving you courage to dive in to the cosmic game of creation hand-in-hand. It takes serious guts to merge both body and soul! Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck comes to your aid on April 5th by lighting the fires of desire so hot in your heart, you’ll find it hard to resist:) A bright and provocative New Moon follows on April 7th, urging you to RISK falling deeper and deeper into incredible intimacy. With Uranus, the cosmic awakener teamed up with this Moon, you can blaze bold new trails in the tender territory of soulful sexual union. Each cell tingling with life, each breath singing the song of creation – rewards for daring to take the plunge are pretty sweet indeed! If physical love is far from your agenda this month, don’t despair – this wild and wonderful wave can sweep you into blissful oneness with all of nature. Dancing through the meadows and woods, drunk on the power and beauty of Life, you’ll collapse in mystical ecstasy under your favorite tree. Wow, what a celebration of Spring it will be!

Stalwart Saturn shows a path to ground all this exciting energy, right to your roots. After April 17th, both Mars and Saturn will backtrack through the very foundation of your chart, inviting you to use the cosmic currents (or currency:) you generated in your ecstatic encounters to finish up any nagging projects in your nest. After a sweet session between the sheets, your honey might be more in the mood to tackle the long-forgotten “honey-do” list gathering dust on the fridge:) Any of the “R” words: renovate, review, redo, refresh and revisit will be your clues to making practical use of this month’s planetary alignments. It may even be easier to line up the resources ($$) required to firm up your foundation. Who knew all this “birds and the bees” business can bloom into such nourishing Earthy fruits!:)

Dear LIBRA, hope you let last month’s Full Moon Eclipse sweep out the final flush of limiting beliefs and constricting concepts that stood in the way of embracing all of YOU… because LOVE is knocking at your door with the fierce insistence of Spring’s first flowers. Are you ready for adventure? Venus, your lovely cosmic guide dashes into fiery Aries on April 5th, carrying a passionate torch. A bright and provocative New Moon follows on April 7th, urging you to RISK taking a step or two in the daring dance of two. Uranus, the cosmic rebel amps up this Moon’s potential to break new ground and blaze new trails. Is your carefully crafted concept of Love holding your heart hostage? Are you willing to be surprised; to be swept off your feet by someone you’d never suspected of being your knight in shining armor?;) If you open your heart to Love’s liberating potential, you’re in for a wild ride! Each cell tingling with life, each breath singing the song of creation – rewards for your courage are pretty sweet indeed:) If you’re already happily home in long-term love’s safe harbor, you can still welcome this fresh and fiery wave – a dash of Springtime spice brings the sparkle back to your eyes, adding a mischievous tinkle to your lovers’ smile.

Stalwart Saturn offers support to this exciting new venture if you’re willing to do the work (darn, why couldn’t it all be fun & games?:) Serious conversations are key to steering this ship to a steadier course – you may have crackling chemistry, but do you see eye to eye on matters of principle? Can you come up with a common guiding vision, a “constitution” for your nascent nation? And, equally important, can you respect the inevitable differences of experience and interpretation that will surely surface? This kind of deep digging can build true trust, enriching your budding partnership with a supportive foundation. As the planets plant themselves in Earthy Taurus near the end of April, this solid soil will prove essential for the next sexy season of growth. Enjoy sowing the sparks & seeds this month, dear Libra!;)

Dear SCORPIO, the creative sparks unleashed by last month’s dreamy Pisces wave are looking for a place to land. If your schedule’s been stuffed with ten thousand tasks, it’s time to shake up your routine to make room for all these stellar seeds to sprout. The bright and provocative New Moon of April 7th fills your tank with fresh fuel to tackle this radical reorganization. Uranus, the cosmic rebel teams up with this Moon, inviting you to throw the rule-book out the window and start from scratch, using your own unique template. What if your best ideas pop up at 2 am? Welcome them – set up a magical midnight lab to concoct your latest creations! There’s so much well-meaning advice on what’s healthy and right…and most of it makes your chest feel tight:) This month’s planetary alignments give you license to ignore the chorus of experts and do what feels good for YOU, no matter how weird or wacky it may seem.   Following your own wild joy throughout your days, you’ll recover your mojo and magic, your happiness and health. Finally a Spring cleaning you can believe in!

Full Moon illuminates your own sign on April 22nd. You can think of it as a half-year review, shedding light on the seeds planted on your last Birthday so you can see clearly which plans have blossomed and which withered on the vine. Don’t be afraid to discard a dated strategy or two…think of it as compost – the alchemy of letting go releases the life-juice from the prison of old forms, allowing it to fuel the next round of creation. Under the Full Moon, the Sun sits in your opposite sign, the sensual Spring beast of Taurus. This stirs up sexy tension in the air, creating a welcome diversion:) Any liberating shifts in your own psyche allow your partner to breathe more freely as well, setting the stage for a renewal of romance in the merry month of May. Venus snuggles into Taurus on April 29th, suggesting a sizzling weekend between the sheets;)   Enjoy, dear Scorpio, you’ve earned it!

Dear SAGITTARIUS, the planetary party in fiery Aries wakes up your world big time, jolting you into a search for the next bright adventure. This is a fun and fast wave, tempting you to blow off work in favor of all manner of mischief. As you know, there’s no use in denying nature!;) After months of devoted work, you deserve a break – a “Spring fling” of flirting with potent possibilities. Venus enters Aries on April 5th, making you a magnet for amorous attention…watch out world, the wild centaur is on the loose!;)  Your best bet is to simply enjoy this juicy, sexy swell without rushing to commit to any person, project or place – as Mars is set to reverse course mid-April, you will likely reconsider any spur-of-the-moment choice. The bright and provocative New Moon of April 7th adds more fuel to the fire, amping up your creative capacity.   Don’t waste these days buried in tedious tasks – the planets are poking you to break out of jail and PLAY! Far from frivolous, these wild and wacky wanders can spark solutions to many a practical problem on your path, believe it or not:)

Stalwart Saturn helps you ground this exciting energy into restructuring your very sense of Self. After April 17th, both Mars and Saturn will be marching backwards through your sign. This retrograde redirection invites you to dive deeper DOWN and IN before committing too much time and resources to reaching UP and OUT. As Gautama Buddha once said: “if you don’t change direction, you may end up where you’re heading” … chew on this, until your brain grinds to a halt… now you’re ready for the real journey! 🙂 Use your innate drive for insight to dig for the deeper truth: unlock the shackles of unseen motivations, slash the sticky web of shadow loyalties and insidious ideologies. April 22nd New Moon will illuminate the hidden halls of your psyche, giving you a clear shot at the spooks.   Enjoy blasting away the” lies that bind”, liberating your lifeforce to act like an arrow, with renewed passion and precision!   A month of unusual adventures indeed, dear courageous centaur!

Dear CAPRICORN, after busy months at work (well, yeah, when are you not busy at work, really?;), the planets are poking you to pay attention to the home front. Venus enters the domestic sector of your chart on April 5th, ready to sign on as your daring designer and decorator. With this kind of cosmic crew, Spring cleaning will be a breeze! A bright New Moon follows on April 7th, inviting you to radically refresh your nest. The “radical” part is Uranus’s contribution, and it doesn’t have to mean a neon yellow couch or a sparkly shag carpet – this planetary alignment is simply reminding you that your home need not resemble a spread from a fancy catalogue. It’s time to RISK introducing a bit more of your own authentic flavor to your pad, no matter the critics or conventions. There’s an interior undercurrent to this vibrant wave, inviting you dig for deeper truths about your roots. Perhaps the family roundtable about turning the basement into a rec-room will uncover more than you’d bargained for:) Yes, discussions can indeed get a bit…heated…but, it’s good to clear the air! The result can be a refreshed root-system on all levels, both physical & psychic.

The focus shifts to the work on your “interior castle” mid month: after April 17th, both Saturn, your stalwart cosmic patron and Mars, the planet of action will be marching backwards through the hidden halls of your psyche, looking for rotten beams to replace and rusty spiritual supports to shore up. Out of sight, out of mind no more – all the unconscious gunk is up for review. Ugh, this doesn’t sound nearly as fun and productive as repainting the living room! But, the hidden efforts may indeed bear more lasting fruit the next few months – getting crystal clear on what drives your relentless will is well worth of your investment of time.  Knowledge is power, self-knowledge the supreme of powers still. Enjoy the worthy work, both inside and out, dear capable Capricorn!

Dear AQUARIUS, past month’s Full Moon Eclipse shattered the glass ceiling of constricting concepts, blasting out last of the limiting mental matrixes. As you dusted off your feathers, a whole new space of possibilities opened up around you…”Aah, I can breathe much more freely!”   As the planets popped into Aries one by one, the fires of your mind were stoked again with sizzling sparks of fresh insight. Your communications capacity needed a shot of rocketfuel just to keep up with the influx of ideas and invites. Lovely Venus joins this boisterous brainstorm on April 5th, magnifying the magic of your words. Ask for what you desire, express your unique point of view – the world is much more receptive to your verbal volleys this month! The bright and provocative New Moon of April 7th adds more fuel to the fire. Wild and wonderful ideas compete for your conscious attention – “say me!”, “no, me, me!” – you may begin to wonder if you’ve contracted seasonal ADHD;)

Stalwart Saturn helps you ground this exciting energy into maintaining the relationships that really matter. Try as you might, you can’t answer every e-mail, respond to every call or request. Choices have to be made, and that’s Saturn’s specialty. After April 17th, both Mars and Saturn will be marching backwards through your busy social circles, offering a much needed chance to catch up on communications. There’s a deeper truth to be discovered in this backwards glance: you’ll get a chance to see who your real comrades are, and who’s simply wasting your time. Saturn supports you in weeding out the words that are nothing more than noise. Mars motivates you to untangle your energy from commitments that no longer fuel your passion.   Focusing all this inner fire into a laserbeam, you’ll find yourself growing into quite the agent of change as this wave winds its course. Enjoy the action, inside and out!

Dear PISCES, hope you enjoyed a lovely leisurely week or two last month, celebrating your Birthday in sweet supportive company…because, the pace is about to pick up: with motivating Mars at the top of your chart and a crackling committee of planets gathering in your “values and income” sector, it’s back to work big time. Venus joins this team on April 5th, amping up your powers of attraction. A bright and provocative New Moon follows on April 7th, urging you to make the next bold move in the Earthly game of creation. The possibilities are way beyond simply asking for a raise (although, yes, Venus can help you with that for sure;) – there’s a rebellious streak to this stellar swell, thanks to Uranus, planet of irrepressible individuation.   If you’ve ever dreamed of launching your very own venture, or doing something wildly original as a way of earning your Earthly keep, it’s time to get off the fence. Stalwart Saturn lends solid support to your aspirations, helping you lay a firm foundation for these exciting enterprises if you’re willing to put in the WORK.

Much of this work will have an inward tilt for the next few months as Mars, the planet of action turns backward in the sky on April 17th. You’re asked to re-examine your public role, to genuinely question your grandest goals and ambitions. Is your will aligned with your Soul’s deepest calling? Do your outward actions reflect your honest heartfelt beliefs? Are you offering your gifts to the world in the spirit of true generosity? If not, why not? All the murky mixed messages and sticky shadow loyalties are also up for review – you can’t get crystal clear in your course unless you’re willing to look at the whole TRUTH, warts and all. Warning: jumping wholeheartedly on to this challenging wave can change the arc of your life! The world needs what you have to share, dear cosmically compassionate Pisces! A warrior of Love, a fierce advocate for all that is alive – these are the potentials awakened in April. Are you ready?





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