March Scopes – Surfing the Swell of Change

Stellar swell of CHANGE rolls in with the March 8th (9th in Europe:) New Moon Solar Eclipse Eclipses interrupt our habitual patterns, bringing in possibilities that truly didn’t exist before.  Exciting, but also…aargh, a bit scary, as our familiar reference points get swiftly swept away.  Check your March Scopes for clues on how to keep your head above the water and learn to surf it in Style:)  This Pisces wave blurs all boundaries…and you can use this to your advantage – relax, TRUST, breathe and BECOME the WAVE. Surfers know these BLISSFUL moments of being ONE with the flow:) 

Surfers know...:)
Surfers know…:)

Practice the Wu-Wei wisdom of the Tao, stop pushing and pulling and let the cosmic current carry you to the next natural action with effortless ease.  Aeternalight Astrology wrote a beautiful piece on this flowing Pisces wave, check it out for its intelligent insight and poetry.

And if you find yourself adrift on a strange sea,  take comfort in philosopher Martin Buber’s wise words: “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”  🙂

PS- the pictures in March Scopes are from one of my favorite surf spots: Punta Mita, Mexico.  I’m supremely lucky to be able to hit the waves there this weekend!  Nothing like salt water to clear the cobwebs out of my head;)

The focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂
If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.
If you don’t know your rising sign, you can contact me or look it up yourself online.

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MARCH 2016 Cosmic Wave Scopes

Dear ARIES, take a deep breath and… relax. The first weeks of March call for a graceful dose of We-Wei, the Taoist approach of going with the flow, not pushing, pulling or even trying to steer your ship. I know this runs so counter to your usual modus operandi, dear fiery beast! Instead of impatiently pawing at the earth, consider this the natural and necessary exhale before the next powerful in-breath of your birthday season. As planets gather in your House of Dreams, allow yourself the leisure and luxury to simply float on the currents of the cosmic ocean. See it as an adventure: Mars, your fiery patron enters Sagittarius, the sign of the global gypsy on March 5th, waking up your wanderlust big time. If you can swing it, go for an aimless amble on your favorite beach, or a zen-drive down the road to nowhere around the March 8th New Moon Solar Eclipse. This lunation opens a magical passage into the deepest treasure chamber of your soul. Allow yourself the time-space to explore it! Who knows where you’ll surface, and what you’ll turn up;) As the philosopher Martin Buber so wisely mused: “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

The Sun bursts into your sign on March 20th, announcing the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of a new Solar cycle around the zodiac. Happy Birthday, dear adventurous Aries! Quick-witted Mercury is the first to arrive at your planetary party, zipping in just after the Sun, delivering a boost of mental mojo resembling rocket fuel. The dreamy Piscean slumber party is over, wake up world!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of March 23rd could bring a bit of drama to the celebration: a war of words can erupt with an ex or soon-to-be ex;) This is the last of the Eclipses in your relationship sector for a good long while, wheeew…. let it bring you the GIFT of clarity on who’s really meant to be in your movie. A direct and courageous approach in the matters of the heart, tempered with cosmic compassion gathered from your inner explorations earlier in the month will steer you through this choppy surf without too many broken hearts or shattered champagne glasses;) This Full Moon clears the space for the gifts of April 7th New Moon in your sign – your cosmic Birthday present & emotional re-start – something to look forward to!

Dear TAURUS, the brilliant career wave that kicked off last month continues to carry you joyfully along. With both Venus and Mercury busy in the most public part of your chart, it’s time to shine and showcase your talents. If you’re currently looking for work, the stars are aligned to reel in an enticing offer. Don’t ignore this lovely wave if you’re living the life of leisure (the secret hope of many a Taurean;) – the ancients called this area of the chart the “house of honors” – any way you can contribute to the greater good by volunteering will spark up your social scene, sending good vibes rippling all around.

Fresh currents of cosmic compassion find their way to your heart with the beautiful New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 8th, which opens the doors for new soul-sisters and brothers to enter your circle.  Venus slips into dreamy Piscean waters on March 12th, helping you make the whole month into a love-fest filled with heartfelt healing words and soulful shared silences. A gentle note of caution: all this watery energy can make you more porous, more likely to soak in any vibe around you. Make sure you surf this deep-ocean wave with your best of buddies, and confess your dearest dreams to only the purest of hearts. Otherwise, this Piscean party can end in a toxic hangover-haze:)

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd brings a welcome chance to ditch some of your most annoying addictions and unhealthy habits (Quitting smoking? Or sweet-sweet sugar, an even more Taurean vice?;) Eclipse energy interrupts our habitual pathways, which is brilliant for breaking long-ingrained patterns. However, it can also make us feel rather jumpy and “unglued”…not your favorite state of mind, dear steady Bull. To succeed in this endeavor, enlist the support of some of these soul-buddies you connected with earlier in the month. Hand-in-hand, you can reach the safe shore, freed of all the junk that used to drag you down. Love is the answer, always, and especially this month!:)

Dear GEMINI, Mercury, your quick-witted cosmic patron has been expanding your horizons inside and out, mixing tempting travel plans with fabulously foreign points of view, cooking up quite the creative stew:) This influx of insights nudges you to shift your focus from your own personal projects (or problems:) to humanity’s hopes and dreams. The healing New Moon Solar Eclipse in compassionate Pisces on March 8th broadens the picture even more, allowing you to glimpse the Ocean of Oneness and feel your heart beating in harmony with all the creatures big and small. This Eclipse brings a potent wave of fresh energy to the very top of your chart, the “house of honors” in ancient astrology. Modern practice often reduces this to the “house of career”, but earning your Earthly keep is far too narrow a river to contain the potential of this point. Your Soul’s Calling, your truest mission, your genuine gift to the world are all more apt descriptions of the seeds swept in on this cosmic current. Warning: embracing the gifts of this Eclipse can change the course of your life! Lovely as this may sound in theory, this is not a path you can “dip your toe into”, testing out your options with your mile-a-minute mind. Your heart must be willing to lead, surrendering with courage to destiny’s wild waters. Once you’re “in”, there’s no turning back to the well-planned path you thought your life was supposed to take:)

Andrew Harvey, a modern mystic, writer and activist posed a brilliant and provocative question that can guide you on your path towards discovering this higher octave of your worldly work: “what breaks your heart the most?” (not what you expected, huh?:) Most of us have heard of “following our bliss”, but Harvey dares us to dig deeper by allowing our hearts to break open, to “follow our heartbreak” to our greatest gifts and contributions. Paradoxically, true surrender into heartbreak tumbles us under the waters of grief only to deliver us back into the flow of bliss beyond our imagination: the soulful joy of having our gifts received, the ecstatic energy of living in genuine gratitude and endless energy of creation.   The March 23rd Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can help you shatter any locks and chains that still hold your heart from expanding to the size it can truly be:)

Dear CANCER, as the Sun merged with magical Neptune in February’s waning days, a wave of wanderlust swept through your mind, carrying you off on a voyage of dreams. The veils between the worlds started to melt and impossible ideas seemed suddenly well within reach. This watery wonder-world wave will stretch through most of March, gathering amplitude after March 8th’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in soulful Pisces. You’re on a gracefully guided Quest thru ever higher and wider realms of knowledge and experience. The whole world is your teacher, offering profoundly healing glimpses of the Oneness that pulses and percolates through all the myriad of forms. It’s a powerful time for any journey, inner or outer, that has expansion as its aim. You’d do well to keep a journal to catch the juicy sparks and planetary pearls for future creative fuel. A note of caution: be aware of which thoughts you take in, which ideas and ideologies you absorb – not every river is fit to drink from:)  You can’t stem the flow, but you can easily let stuff go that doesn’t feed your sensitive Soul. Be a wise wanderer, a skillful sailor!

The Sun crosses the top of your chart on the Spring Equinox, followed closely by Mercury, the mental magician. It’s time to put these interdimensional insights to work on the Earthly plane. As the planets gather in fiery Aries, your career mojo kicks in big time. The treasures you gathered on your voyage of dreams are just the tools you need to take the next steps in your worldly work. The most improbable intuitive insight can crack a stubborn creative conundrum or blast though a practical problem with ease. The more you dare to integrate your imagination into everything you do, the greater your contribution and the richer the rewards. Don’t be shy, dear cautious Crab – sharing is caring, after all!;)

Dear LEO, hope you took some time to purr and play with your nearest and dearest, as February drew to close – the “leap day” we get every four years seemed like a perfect excuse for a time out from the daily grind. Early March continues on this curious and cuddly wave, encouraging your forays into intimate encounters. March 8th New Moon Solar Eclipse in soulful Pisces draws you even deeper into the “dance of two” – this gentle, compassionate wave can steer you to share your deepest secrets with a special someone, revealing layers of healing connections with the power to erase whole histories of hurt. Deep trust can blossom from these tender seeds – a trust that touches into realms well beyond this particular person or relationship, hinting at an intimate, passionate communion with all that is. A blissful union of body, spirit and soul is possible if you’re brave enough to set yourself adrift on this graceful, but inherently ungovernable cosmic current. You can’t learn how to ride this wave, you must BECOME the wave, dear courageous Leo!:) Your precious “self “may disappear, perhaps for a mere moment, as you glimpse the “WOW” of wild wonder, potency, passion and delight.

The Sun, your bright and powerful cosmic patron emerges from the mystical Piscean ocean into fierce and forward-looking Aries on March 20th. Spring is here, a fresh new cycle has begun! Mercury, the wing-footed messenger of Gods follows the Sun, igniting an insatiable curiosity in your intellect. Your heart got stretched beyond the boundaries of the “known universe” by the potent Pisces wave, now your mind is ready to reach for the stars in order to integrate the expansion into a new workable worldview. Any activity that feeds your curiosity is superbly supported, as April beckons. An adventurous jaunt to the far shores with your closest companion, or a midnight session of surfing the myriad pathways of the net, it’s all part of your Spring semester in the grand University of Life. Let your heart expand into the great unknown, and your mind will be tempted to follow!

Dear VIRGO, hope you’ve managed to re-jiggle your busy schedule a bit, carving out personal time for romance and play, because planets are aligning to make March a stellar month for more moonlit walks by the seashore:) Mercury, your quick-witted cosmic patron slips into the swoon-inducing Piscean ocean on March 5th, inviting you to loosen your grip on the facts & figures of mundane reality.   On March 8th, a beautiful healing New Moon Solar Eclipse follows, opening the way for deepening togetherness. With all the growth and change you’ve gone thru since your last Birthday, you’re ready to approach relationships from a stronger, more confident stance – no longer looking to lose yourself in self-effacing servitude. This Eclipse clears the path for a brave new paradigm in partnerships where you can both surf a long and lovely wave together. It will take courage to get to this state of conscious co-creation – heartfelt honesty about your own deepest desires and genuine curiosity towards your partner’s dreams. With the world awash in the lush pastel palette of Pisces, you may lose your cool to the “rose-colored glasses”. A tricky feat of emotional intelligence is required to see things CLEARLY and compassionately, but you of all people are capable of pulling it off:) The same exciting dynamic applies to your closest creative and business alliances as well ­ – a new, more soulful way forward beckons, if you can keep your head above the water while trusting the current to carry you.

The potent possibilities of the Pisces Eclipse find fertile soil to produce their first practical fruit later in the month as the planetary party shifts to active and adventurous Aries. Now that you’ve heard the Soul-song of your partner and developed deeper trust in your togetherness, you’re ready to dive in to the cosmic game of creation hand-in-hand. A powerful alchemy where two plus two is way more than four is possible, both in the boardroom and bedroom, oh-my!;) The March 23rd Full Moon Lunar Eclipse helps you sweep out any outdated alliances and professional obligations where you’ve been selling yourself short. Have faith, whatever wanes with this Moon was ready to ripen and rot anyway! Keep your eyes on the wider vistas and water the seeds of soulful unions this month, dear practically brilliant Virgo!

Dear LIBRA, last month’s fun frolicky wave carries you well into the first week of March, sprinkling sparks of romance, magic and mischief in its wake. Your creative capacity gets a boost – brilliant ideas swim around your head like a school of shiny fish, jumping up into conscious awareness in a dazzling dance of joy. It’s almost too much, you may feel, as your mind explodes in kaleidoscopic colors. What you need is more SPACE, inside and out. Luckily, the planets are prepared to pave the way by dipping one by one into Pisces, the most open and oceanic of the heavenly abodes. Creating more spacious, natural flow in your day-to-day doings becomes their “mission de jour”. The healing New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 8th opens the way for a whole new experience of Life, from the tiniest of details to the broadest of perspectives: the more you TRUST the cosmic currents of Life, the more magic will manifest. Inviting GRACE into your most mundane moments and invoking Divine Order in your daily doings is the key that unlocks this flow. Making SPACE for miracles is your mission this month, dear lovable Libra! You can begin by taking a few minutes a day to simply LISTEN. You can call it meditation if you wish, but deep down it’s an act of communion with your Soul, as natural and effortless as breathing. Enjoy the EASE of change, for a change;)

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd steps in to clear out the last of the limiting beliefs and constricting Self-concepts that stand in the way of fully embracing this new, easier and more joyful way of being. The crash course in Self-development that’s been your cosmic curriculum the past few years has kicked your butt big time. Think of this as the final hurdle, the final exam to pass. As the last of the Eclipses in your sign for quite a while, it’s a precious opportunity to take out the trash:) If things feel a bit wobbly, don’t worry – it’s a sure sign you’re on the path to something so new you can’t quite grasp it yet. Trust and courage are your allies, a glowing trail synchronistic sparks will light your way!

Dear SCORPIO, as the planets gather in your Soul-sister water sign of Pisces, get ready to surf a stellar wave of cosmic creativity all the way to April. The potent New Moon Lunar Eclipse of March 8th opens the floodgates to a deep and daring tide that can sweep you into an ocean of joy you didn’t know existed. There’s a strong current of compassion and healing involved that can clear the clogs of doubt from your creative pipeline and wash away any stains of pain from your heart. Eclipses are known for interrupting habitual pathways and bringing in previously unheard-of possibilities.   The key is to hang loose, let the Wave show you the Way:) Lovely Venus joins the Pisces party on March 12th, sprinkling sparks of romance into the already dreamy mix. Time to dust off your dancing shoes, dear sexy Scorpio!;) Don’t worry, you won’t look like a fool: none us know the steps to this fresh new song, we’re all making it up as we go along!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd shines a searing beam into the deepest-darkest recesses of your inner castle to roust out the remaining spooks of self-sabotage, ancestral addictions and other assorted psychic debris. The past few years’ cosmic curriculum has kicked your butt big time. Think of this as the final purge – as the last of the Eclipses in your House of Dreams for quite a while, it’s a precious opportunity to sweep your Secret Castle clean:) If life feels a bit strange, as if the weave of your world has come undone, unraveled at the seams, don’t worry – it’s a sure sign of the “old order” crumbling to reveal the path of light coming thru. Remember good old Leonard Cohen, the poet-prince of lost souls: “there is a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in”:) Feed the seeds of creative joy planted in your HEART by the New Moon, resist the urge to force them into a certain structure just yet…breathe, trust…enjoy the emergence!

Dear SAGITTARIUS, Mars, the planet of action marches into your sign on March 5th, giving you a healthy boost of energy and enthusiasm. Fresh off a square with Mercury, there’s a touch of downright belligerence in this call to action. Where to ground all this extra juice without blowing anything up in the process? Work is an obvious answer, you’ve been riding high on a Jupiter wave there, but this month’s cosmic currents call you to redirect your attention for a few weeks and consider the conditions at the home front. March 8th brings a healing New Moon Solar Eclipse at the foundation of your chart, urging you to take the time to tend your roots. There’s a gentle, intuitive flow to this wave, it’s not a call to jump right into an intense home-improvement project. A cozy “staycation” is a far more appropriate answer – a long yummy bath, followed by a meditative drift into the dreamscapes will melt the tension of the past months like magic. A bit of late night fantasy house-hunting can get your creative juices going – where would you really like to live, if money and other Earthy obligations were not part of the equation?   Far from useless, this meander of the mind can unearth your deeper longing for belonging. Yes, there may indeed be no place in space that can contain your restless spirit for long, dear adventurous Archer… but it’s fun to play, imagining the twists and turns your life could take!

The Sun crosses the Spring Equinox on March 20th, emerging in fiery Aries. Mercury, the messenger planet follows close behind, jolting you out of sweet slumbers. After a refreshing nap, there’s twice the mojo to get moving. Perhaps some of those places you dreamed about are tempting enough to have a real-life look? There’s a playful, flirty vibe to these explorations, it might be fun to test the waters…but, as Mars is set to reverse course mid-April, you will likely reconsider any spur-of-the-moment choices. Your best bet is to simply enjoy this juicy, sexy wave without rushing to commit to any person, project or place. It’s the tingle of Spring in your veins, the siren song of cosmic creation… let yourself play with possibilities. There’s real wisdom in a lighter touch – it gives the Universe a chance to kiss you back, dear sexy Sag!;)

Dear CAPRICORN, the great career mojo awakened by last month’s New Moon continues well into March. With Venus, the Lady of Love & Luck as your agent, you can pitch that ambitious new project or ask for a bonus that’s worthy of your considerable contribution. Communication is the key to all of this, as you well know. Luckily, planets are aligning to give your thoughts and words extra polish and potency this month. But, this injection of intelligence has nothing to do with facts & figures, quite the contrary: the March 8th New Moon Solar Eclipse flips the switch 180 degrees from logic, opening the doors to incredible intuitive capacities that may have lain a bit dormant under day-to-day cognitive functions. It’s a bit like moving up to the penthouse with a panoramic view – wow, there’s a whole new level of understanding available that makes life flow with enviable ease:) Tapping into this emergent essential KNOWING takes quite a bit of courage and TRUST – there’s nothing firm to hold on to, no set procedure to follow. But, the boost of processing power is palpable. A higher level of ethics is required to unlock this capacity – the brilliant mind must merge with a caring heart to wield words this potent. Are you ready to step up to enlightened leadership, dear capable Capricorn?

The March 16th alignment of generous Jupiter with Pluto, the cosmic powerbroker (currently on a long-term mission to wake up your secret superpowers!:) urges you to think bigger and broader. Extending your reach beyond familiar shores via travel or online communication is a great way to make these cosmic bigwigs work for you. You’re maturing into a teacher and a mentor, even if your actual profession bears no resemblance to anything academic. The March 23rd Full Moon Lunar Eclipse offers a chance to reshuffle your responsibilities and drop the roles you’ve clearly outgrown. This is the last of the Eclipses in your “house of career & honors” for quite a while. If you’ve been on the fence, biding your time for the “perfect moment”, the Universe may just give you the nudge (or a kick:) to quit that boring position and set your sights on a path that truly thrills you to the core.

Dear AQUARIUS, the planets are lining up to put the glamorous new gadgets and shiny sparks of insight bestowed upon you in your Birthday season into practical use. With Mars, the man of action at the top of your chart the past few months, you’ve been busier than a bee. As you catch a breath, ask yourself: “How do I feel about all this outward flow – is there a balance of giving and receiving, does what comes back feed both my body and soul?” Mars is set to retrace his steps later on in April, offering an opportunity to realign your public role with your true passion. This process gets a jumpstart this month with the beautiful healing New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8th. Eclipses interrupt habitual patterns, bringing in a brand new way of looking at things. This one asks you to surrender any lingering doubts about your inherent worth or value, and open yourself up to be a true vessel of Grace to all you serve through your work. This soulful quality is already present in your essence, the potent cosmic currents around this Eclipse simply sweep out whatever mud or crud was obscuring its true scope and reach. The challenge is to TRUST the twists and turns of this deeply intuitive flow, to appoint your Heart the captain, with your brilliant mind as the faithful crew:)

The March 23rd Full Moon Lunar Eclipse delivers the final blow to any constricting concepts or less-than-spacious views you still may harbor in some hidden corner of your mind. Yes, even you, the utopian innovator of the Zodiac, have a tendency to “get stuck” on a limiting mental groove once in a while!:) Independent thinking versus intellectual collaboration is the axis that attracts this Eclipse’s firepower. The aim is to transcend this seeming duality and birth a new paradigm where collaboration can flourish in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration and creative cross-pollination – the kind of grand School of Life where you’re both a student and a teacher at the same time, contributing your knowledge while eagerly integrating the insights of others. Sounds like a fun place to be, even though it may take a bit of ideological wrestling to get there:) This new way of learning has a huge role to play in your search for more soulful work, so there’s a direct practical benefit to boot!

Dear PISCES, Happy Birthday! Enjoy weaving a fresh set of starlit trails of adventure in the vast ocean of the world! There’s a potent planetary party gathering in your honor this month. Celebrations started as Sun swept into Neptune’s dreamy embrace on Feb 28th, dissolving the “small self” into blissful waters of Being. If your Birthday fell on or shortly after that date, expect a year of strange and magical journeys into what it truly means to be ME. You may not recognize the face in the mirror by the time your next Birthday rolls around… in a good way – the light in your eyes will shine with the gorgeous glow of distant galaxies. Mercury, the messenger planet is next to arrive, splashing into your sign on March 5th to heighten your incredible intuition and tune the whole world to your wavelength. A healing New Moon Solar Eclipse follows on March 8th, ushering in a whole new way to be YOU. This deceptively gentle, yet deeply potent cosmic current can connect you to your true vastness, dissolving any doubts about your essence as eternal Song of Spirit echoing thru all time & space. TRUST is the key to mastering the practical magic of this immense and intimate KNOWING. You can heal and help others by simply being here, fully present to the woes and wonders of our Earthly world, simultaneously surfing the stellar tides, beyond the beyond!

Sun crosses the Spring Equinox line on March 20th, followed by Mercury the next day, sparking the first exciting chances to use your interstellar insights in the Earthly game of creation. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd can clear any lingering doubts about your material mojo, helping you establish a better balance of power in all manner of partnerships, whether in the bedroom, boardroom or both:) You’ve been working on boosting your practical potency for several years, and this is the last Eclipse to blast thru this area of your chart for quite a while. Don’t hide under the covers, dear sensitive soul, let light of this Moon clear the cobwebs of codependency from your co-creative ventures for good. With Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck in your sign till April 5th, you’ll have an unfair advantage to attract exactly what you need as you navigate these currents of change. Don’t worry, your cosmic compassion and innate generosity won’t let you play unfair!;)

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