May Scopes – Be the Budding Buddha:)

Mercury retrograde in Taurus asks us to meditate on the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese sage: “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.   Instead of pawing the earth in frustration at the seemingly sluggish pace, we can stop and smell the roses:)  Relaxing into nature’s rhythm allows us to access major manifestation mojo this merry month of May!  Check your May Scopes for how to work this Earthy magic.

The focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂
If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.

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MAY 2016 Cosmic Wave Scopes

Dear ARIES, you’re probably spinning your wheels, ready to pour the fresh fuel from your Birthday into the fires of ACTION. But, with both Mars, your impetuous cosmic patron and Mercury, the magician of the mind moving backwards thru the skies, the path ahead appears peppered with “detour” signs. Don’t despair, dear adventurous beast!   There’s a truly stellar set of Earthy waves on the way, ready to water the seeds of your sweetest material desires. To plug in to this manifestation magic, all you need to do is… nothing! “What kind of Bull is this?!?” With action as your instinctual MO, the meandering pace of this month may indeed feel like nothing is getting done…causing you to sizzle and steam in frustration;) May I suggest a far more pleasant possibility? Lie on your back in the fragrant Spring grass under a leafing tree, allowing your body to melt in Mother’s earthy embrace…watch the blooms unfurl their tender petals, one by one, as the clouds drift by. And meditate on the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese sage: “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. It may take twenty minutes…or two days…but eventually, you will drift into the relaxed flow of Life:) And when you do, you’ll KNOW in your gut and in your every cell what needs to be done, and when.   Graceful abundance is yours this month, if you can give up the chase:)

The Full Moon of May 21st illuminates your inner quest, handing Mars a flaming torch to guide the way. The circuitous path starts to make some sense, the map gets zoomed out to reveal the grander pattern behind the twists and turns. Mercury turns direct the day after, giving you the green light to proceed with the now (hopefully:) well digested plans. Perhaps your summer travel schedule finally falls into place? All this lovely Earthy growth can certainly support an adventure or two! On May 30th, Mercury gets a solid pat on the back from Pluto, the planetary power-broker – the time is ripe to pitch that potent business plan, or put in for a long-sought promotion. You’ve had a month to prep your game, spreading your roots slow and steady. Now, the growth starts to show…are you ready?;)

Dear TAURUS, Happy Birthday! Time to smell the roses, taste the cake and book a pampering massage – indulge in a fantastic feast for the senses, celebrating the joy and pleasure of being ALIVE. As the planetary party gathers in your sign, the whole world tunes in to your mellow wavelength. No one should accuse you of being lazy…quite the contrary, your earthy wisdom is the key to the kingdom this month – with Mercury, the magician of the mind meandering backwards through your sign till May 22nd, there’s treasure to be found in the slow lane. Instead of spinning our wheels in our heads, we’re invited to listen to the body for a change. This is where you naturally shine – contemplating life with your “gut”, you can teach us all a thing or two about what it takes to truly arrive and thrive on this bountiful planet:)

Mercury gifts you a mirror in which to see yourself as you truly BE yourself – letting the layers of projections (who and how you should be) drop like outworn outfits off your beautiful body, you’ll emerge naked and new. With Venus in your sign till May 24th, you’ll have plenty of time for a Birthday shopping spree to pick out a fab set of clothes to create yourself anew. Venus gets a glowing kiss from Jupiter on May 10th, ensuring you’ll look downright dashing in your fresh attire, attracting with ease all the love and abundance you desire.

May 6th brings a lovely New Moon in your sign – your cosmic Birthday present & emotional re-start. The planets align beautifully in Earth signs, making this a potent time to plant the seeds for your next round of passionate projects…or, to engage in the most magical of Earthy creation-games, conjuring up a child of your own. Enjoy the sizzling sparks and sultry Spring nights, dear sensuous Bull!   The world is yours to shape this month, with supportive beams from Pluto and Jupiter adding extra power and expansion into every step you take.   Make the most of this magic!

I offer you this prayer-song from the Nootka tribe, used to invite fair weather, for inspiration:

“You, whose day it is, make it beautiful. Get out your rainbow colors, so it will be beautiful!”

Dear GEMINI, though you probably hate to admit it, even you need a break once in a blue moon:) With Mercury, your light-footed cosmic patron stuck in the slow lane till May 22nd, meandering backwards through the pastoral paths of Taurus, you’re scheduled for a bit of a breather. Might as well enjoy it, stop and smell the… compost!;) “What kind of Bull is this?!?” Yes, your task in the weeks before your Birthday is to be the careful gardener: gather up the crumpled up piles of paper from past year’s projects, mix in a generous helping of bygone patterns of belief, water it all with a few tears from a nagging old gripe and cook up a juicy batch of black gold that’s ready to receive some sparkling seeds. Your brilliant mind won’t help you much, you’ll have to get your “hands dirty” with the muck and mire of your psychic basement – the wisdom that works here lives deep in your BONES. The rewards will be rich indeed, if you dare to dig deep: a fertile foundation to build the next stage of your life on, with solid support from powers both seen and unseen:)

The Sun bursts into your sign on May 20th, followed flirtatiously by Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck. Happy Birthday, dear magician of the mind! Lighter and brighter waves are on their way, you’re done with cleaning the dungeons for a year at least;) A brief squall of tension may ruffle your feathers as you hash out the “big picture” plans with your partner around May 24th. With a bit of patience and genuine curiosity, you’ll be able to sail thru into smoother waters with gifts of a clearer vision for the course ahead. Enjoy these fresh breezes, gusts and all – they’re carrying bright new seeds of brilliant ideas, ready to take root in your freshly fertilized heart and mind.

Dear CANCER, as the planets gather in earthy Taurus, it’s time to test the strength of your social supports. Yes, you may prefer to dream away your days in soulful solitude, but the comfort found in caring camaraderie will do wonders for your spirit this merry month of May. Mercury, the messenger planet is meandering backwards thru this territory, conspiring a series of “coincidences”, making sure you’ll bump into an old friend or two on your path. Allow these encounters to distract you from your regular routine – the boost of fresh energy is well worth a few “wasted” hours:) On a deeper level, this retrograde asks you to review your contact list, making sure you’re spending time with peeps who truly FEEL right. This earthy wave wakes up your body wisdom – observe your “gut sense”: how does it feel to hang out with certain circles? If you’re left drained or despondent after an encounter, it’s time to disengage. A lovely New Moon on May 6th paves the way for fresh new friends to enter – the patterns in the sky weave a wonderful web of support around you. Don’t shy away from receiving their contribution and care!

The Full Moon of May 21st shines a searing spotlight on your health and habits, pointing out what needs to shift so you can truly soar. The truth might well be a bit inconvenient, dear comfy Cancer:) With Mars the motivator rummaging thru this sector of your chart on his retrograde journey, you’ve run out of excuses! Might as well use this “cosmic juice”, you’ll feel so much better for it. Enlist your best buddies to keep you on your game: let a trusted friend lend a hand in clearing the clutter off your desk and purging your closets of long-forgotten layers of…stuffff (it’s much more fun together, and you’ll land some unexpected laughs!) Then commit to a weekly yoga date, or form a running pack. Your body will thank you with a sweet surge of energy and your spirit will soar with shared smiles of camraderie:)

Dear LEO, the sizzling sparks set off by last month’s mental fireworks are looking for a place to land. With the planetary party gathering in Earthy Taurus, the practical side of your life is ready to receive these seeds of rejuvenation. Mercury, the merry messenger is meandering backwards at the very top of your chart, inviting you to take a fresh look at the fruits of your labor. You’re ready for a real growth spurt in your worldly work, but your passion and ambition, potent though they may be, will not suffice to get you there. Neither does “putting your nose to the grindstone” or powering through with sheer force of will. The secret ingredient is deceptively simple, requiring no extra effort at all:) In fact, relaxing your grip is the first crucial step in unlocking this month’s magic – take a deep slow breath of fresh Spring air and listen to the sound of grass growing, of the leaves gently unfurling in the playful breeze…aaahh…   Meditate on the wisdom of Lao Tzu: “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. Dropping into this natural flow allows you to KNOW deep in your bones how to grow a bountiful garden.   Abundant harvest is yours this month, if you can let it ripen in due time:)

The Full Moon of May 21st illuminates your creative journey. Perhaps you’re finally able to finish a passionate project you’ve been putting on hold? With both Mars and Mercury in backward motion, the “R” words are certainly in vogue: reclaim, rewrite, recycle – reconnect to the sense of creative adventure that makes you happy to be alive. This fiery Moon can also rekindle the glowing embers of a long-lost love affair, retracing the paths of passion.   The merry month of May could end on a rather sexy note indeed!;)  Reworking your life into an homage to Love on all levels, both public and private, is your “mission-du-jour”, if you choose:)

Dear VIRGO, the pace is much more mellow this month with Mercury, your light-footed cosmic patron meandering backward through earthy Taurus till May 22nd. The messenger planet invites you along on his leisurely wonders, urging you to seek out the simpler pleasures of a walk in the wild woods or a jolly jaunt through a meadow full of May’s most marvelous blossoms. Your wanderlust is well awake this month, might as well enjoy an expedition or two off the beaten path. “But…wait…what about all the advice to avoid travel during a Mercury retro?” Well, if you’re trying to get somewhere specific with plans for ambitious accomplishments, I’d say yeah, hold your horses for a few weeks:) But hitting the road for the sheer joy of it – traveling for PLEASURE – is superbly supported by the stars. Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck plays your travel agent till May 24th, tempting you with delightful detours “for two”;) Whether it’s a leisurely ramble thru your favorite trails or a sweet & sensual stroll under the stars with your “special someone”, you’d do well to stretch your legs this month. The planets are plotting to expand your world, inside and out!

Speaking of expansion, Jupiter’s been stretching you high and low since last fall. Hope you’ve heeded his advice to step out of your comfort zone and risk a living in the larger landscape of Life. However, you may feel your momentum has faltered a bit during the past few months…perhaps all your ducks didn’t want to line up neatly in a row for the “big jump”:) Jupiter has been retrograde since Jan 7th, pointing you backwards to rehash your strategy. Hope you’ve used this time to finish your homework because the wait is finally over: the jolly planet of opportunity moves forward again on May 9th, receiving a glowing beam of support from Venus. The game is ON again, big time! Jupiter is on your team till early September, make sure to use his ample muscle to help move a few mountains. Enjoy the expansion and adventure, dear Virgo, happy trails!

Dear LIBRA, hope you enjoyed last month’s wild ride on the rapid rollercoaster of romance! If you feel a bit dizzy from Love’s heavenly heights and terrifying drops, you can breathe a sigh of relief: this month’s pace is sensually slow and sultry as the planets plant themselves in Earthy Taurus. Venus, your gorgeous cosmic patron is right at home in this tender territory, guiding you gently into deepening your trust in togetherness, igniting an irresistible desire to dive into the dance of co-creation hand-in-hand. Mercury, the merry messenger planet is meandering backwards thru this sexy sector of your chart till May 22nd, teaching you a new move or two – one step forward, two steps back;) This tantalizing tango can drive you wild, dear lovable Libra, waking up the carefully hidden hot and horny beast in you!;) The sultry New Moon on May 6th urges you to RISK revealing your true desire for a magical merger of body and soul – each cell tingling with life, each breath singing the sweet song of creation – the rewards for daring to bare it all can be darn delicious indeed!

If physical love is far from your agenda, don’t despair – this divinely Dionysian wave can sweep you into a blissful union with all the atoms in the Universe. Dancing through the meadows and woods, drunk on the power and beauty of Life, you’ll collapse in mystical ecstasy under your favorite tree. Wow, what a sensual celebration of Spring it will be! And, don’t take this for some airy-fairy hippie-dippie stuff – there are potent practical benefits to being like “the birds and the bees” – all this Earthy magic maxes out your money mojo, allowing you to attract abundance with natural ease.  Work it, lovely Libra, make hay while the sun shines! The merry month of May tempts you to play in the deep end, if you dare;)

Dear SCORPIO, a renewal of romance is in the stars this merry month of May! With lovely Venus in the relationship sector of your chart till May 24th, LOVE is knocking at your door with the sweet insistence of Spring’s first flowers. Are you ready to yield to life’s simple pleasures, to melt into a month of mellow magic? With Mercury, the messenger planet meandering backwards through sensual Taurus till May 22nd, the pace is slow and sexy for sure;) Mercury’s glance into the rear-view mirror guides you to look at love from a different angle, to risk dating and relating from a much more curious, much less certain place, replacing the negative notions in your head with a gut-level trust in nature’s creative game …yeah, being more like the birds and the bees, big time!

The New Moon on May 6th sweeps in a fresh crop of potent seeds… if your field is ready to receive;) Are you willing to be genuinely surprised – to be swept off your feet by someone you’d never suspected of being your knight in shining armor?;) If you open your heart to Love’s liberating potential, you can be in for a sweet surprise by May 10th, as jovial Jupiter sends Venus a generous kiss. A special friend may cross the line into the sweetheart territory; your best buddy can become the connection to a lovely new spark – definitely not a time to hide under a rock, dear sexy Scorpio!   If you’re already happily home in long-term love’s safe harbor, this month will refresh your romance with a delicious dash of Springtime spice, poking you to play both naughty and nice;)   Enjoy this sumptuous feast for the senses, you have certainly earned it!

Dear SAGITTARIUS, with planets gathering in Earthy Taurus, the month of May promises to be quite a bit more mellow. Even if your mile-a-minute mind may bristle at this seemingly sluggish pace, your body is pleased with the chance to finally catch a breath. You’ve been on a demanding uphill trek for many months now, and the effort has taken its toll. Mercury, the messenger planet is on a retrograde ramble through the “health & daily routine” sector of your chart till May 22nd, offering you a chance for a much-needed reboot. Looking at your life from the simple, down-to-earth Taurean lens for a few weeks, you can eliminate a ton of “Bullsh*t” tasks that have drained your tank to the dregs. Focus on the essentials, on what’s right in front of you…and don’t forget to take the time to “smell the roses”:) Taurean delight in the signals of the senses is the perfect balm to bring your body back to balance. And if the wild horses in your head start to run away with a thousand plans and projects again, whipping up a wave of anxiety, meditate on the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese sage: “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. Relaxing into nature’s pace, you’ll have much more energy by the end of the month, and way more clarity on where to direct your aim.

Full Moon in your own sign on May 21st illuminates the inner journey. It’s like a half-year review, shedding light on the seeds planted on your last Birthday. Don’t be afraid to discard a dated strategy or two…think of it as compost – the alchemy of letting go releases energy from the prison of old forms, allowing it to fuel the next round of creation. Jupiter, your generous cosmic patron turns direct on May 9th – your worldly work is about to move forward again with fresh ideas and excitement.  You’ll be glad you cleared up your schedule and topped off your tanks in the “slow season”, dear adventurous archer!:)


Dear CAPRICORN, May’s mellow breezes wake up your cosmic creativity, sowing fresh seeds of inspiration in your soul. With lovely Venus as your muse this month, you can encounter a bounty of beauty in the simple steps of daily life. Mercury, the messenger planet is meandering backwards through slow and sensual Taurus till May 22nd, inviting you to take a bit of a breather, to “stop & smell the roses”:) The relentless onward & upward rush has a way of dulling our senses…this month offers a precious opportunity to reboot and reconnect. This “slow season” is far from a lazy indulgence: a moment of quiet reflection can coax up an incredible idea, a brilliantly practical solution to a problem that had you stuck in the muck. An old project may also pop up with renewed passion, urging you to have another go – recycling and repurposing is still in style:) May 6th New Moon sprinkles a fresh crop of ideas into the mix, adding just the right amount of spice to get the creative cauldron cooking. Enjoy the process of earthy experimentation, dear capable Capricorn!

This same sensual Taurus wave stirs up passions of a rather playful and potent kind – LOVE fills the air this month with the Springtime buzzing of the “birds and the bees”;) Mischievous Mercury can arrange an “accidental” encounter with an old flame, tangling you up in a tempting tango.   Passions can burn deep and true indeed as Venus falls into Pluto’s potent embrace on May 13th. This slow and sexy dance can turn your world upside down… but, perhaps that’s precisely what you need – being seduced into the next cycle of evolution;) Yielding to the creative currents of passion can bear abundant fruit this month, if you dare to liberate your lifeforce from the constraints of convention. There’s an animal hidden within you, wild and free… let it play in the sun this merry month of May, footloose and fancy-free!;)


Dear AQUARIUS, the “category 5 brainstorms” that swept through in April may have finally fried your circuits, causing a case of communications overload. Luckily, relief is in sight this mellow month of May – as planets gather in Earthy Taurus, your attention is drawn to replenishing your roots. With lovely Venus as your “decorator du jour” till May 24th, beautifying your nest can bring you just the boost you need to get back in balance. Not to worry, it doesn’t have to become a chore, eating up your precious time and money – this Taurus wave is all about simple chic. Mercury, the magician of the mind is meandering backwards through this very territory, offering up plenty of pointers on how to reuse, recycle and repurpose your worn-out wares into fun fresh forms. There’s a deeper layer to this dig – as you search grandma’s shed for that vintage chair, you may stir up some long lost stories and misty memories. Take your time, let the things tell their tales… you may end up unearthing an abundant treasure of inner riches way beyond any material inheritance.

Speaking of treasure, Jupiter, the planet of plenty turns direct on May 9th, releasing any holds that may have been placed on your “big money” projects. Venus gives Jupiter a sweet kiss on May 10th, whispering some of your wild and wonderful desires into the ears of the God of Generosity. The renovation budget may receive a pleasant boost, allowing you to indulge in simple luxuries. Or, you may get the idea to replant yourself in more comfortable surroundings, deciding to start the hunt for a home of your own. No matter how you use this Earthy boost, it’s fun and fruitful to dig your fingers into the soil of your soul this merry month of May:)

Dear PISCES, after April’s intense burst of effort, you may feel a bit fried…well, wheew, you made it through, and now it’s time to enjoy a much more mellow month:) With Mercury, the messenger planet meandering backward through grounded Taurus till May 22nd, you’re drawn into a rather meditative mode – ruminating over all the options opening ahead of you, deliberating which path to take. This Taurean wave takes you deep into the belly – to the seat of your Earthy intuition and bodily wisdom. You’re guided to FEEL your way forward, step by step. Lovely Venus joins this journey, making the process rather pleasant – your clues arrive in bursts of beauty, tingles of pleasure and shivers of joy. Follow these subtle sensual signals to the life you love, dear psychic fish!

Full Moon on May 21st illuminates the very top of your chart – your public position and conscious contribution to the world. You’re asked to re-examine your role, to genuinely question your grandest goals. Is your will aligned with your Soul’s deepest calling? Do your outward actions reflect your honest heartfelt beliefs? This process of realignment, of fine-tuning your aim started a while back. In the light of this Moon, the path is becoming clearer. You may be nearing completion on a certain career track. If so, embrace it – accept the applause and awards, bow graciously and step off the stage, and on to the adventure of the open road. Follow that Taurean “gut sense” to the next practical step, taking your sweet time to “smell the roses” along the way. Take heart in the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese sage: “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. Relaxing into nature’s pace is your recipe for success this month, dear Pisces. Enjoy the unfolding, the unfurling of your life’s budding blossoms…









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