New Moon in Capricorn – Earth is calling!

The year’s first New Moon – Jan 16th 9:18 pm in NYC, Jan 17th 4:18 in Estonia –ushers in a new era of essential EARTH element work.  2017 and much of 2016 were dominated by FIRE and AIR energies (Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra), and geez, did we all blow some hot and heavy air!:)  Most of us are feeling a bit burned out from firefighting, flame-throwing and watching the world go up in flames.  We yearn for something solid and timelessly true, something we can touch or make with our hands.  Mother Earth is calling us home, and our bones and bodies are ready to listen, even if our heads are still caught up in hot smoky clouds:)

This year the major planetary movers & shakers are all in Earth and Water – Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Uranus, the fiery rebel, getting ready to wake up our grounded creativity in Taurus mid-May.   This New Moon is the gateway to this brand new potent playground!  Capricorn is associated with all manner of structures – the bones in our bodies, the trunks and branches of trees, the soaring peaks of mountains and the pillars and beams of our houses, businesses and cathedrals.  Beyond physical structures, this intrepid sign casts its mark on the blueprints of our social and economic organization, the very underpinnings of our human world.  SACRED ARCHITECTURE is Capricorn’s highest calling and we’re invited to draw up some soaring plans of our own this Lunar cycle.  2018 is the year when “stuff gets real”, mind meets the MAGICK of MATTER and creativity crystallizes into new structures that we will live with for years to come.  What kind of a world do you want to build, shape and create?  It’s time to jump down from the hot-air balloons of yesteryear, grab some tools and get cracking!

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