Full Moon in ARIES – Electric!

Full Moon in Aries lights up the sky on October 5th (exact at 2:40 pm in NYC, 21:40 in Estonia).  Here in NYC, the Moon was nearly full last night, adding its mesmerizing glow to the million electric lights of the “city that never sleeps”, luring out the local loonies, restless romantics and crazy creatives.  My friend Cortney Armitage, an amazing music photographer (yes, pls check out her wonderful work!:), invited me along to see Liza Colby, a gorgeous singer known for sizzling stage shows.  Since I’d never seen Liza before, I was unprepared for the full force of being suddenly plugged into her circuit – she transformed into an intense cosmic GODDESS of ELECTRIC excitement, sublime strength, sexiness and sheer JOY!  Whoo-hoo, fierce fiery Aries Moon energy embodied to perfection in a tiny (super)human form – the best comparison I could come up with is an equal-parts mix of Daenerys Targaryen (the fearless Dragon-Queen from the Game of Thrones) and Tina Turner:)  In her own words: “When I sing, I want it to be badass, feminine, empowering, and ooze sexuality … I want to kick mother#$&ers in the face with rock n’ roll.”  Yeah, you go girl!!

Full Moons are by definition oppositions – the Sun and Moon in opposite sides of our Earth, inhabiting the furthest distance of duality, inviting us to embrace two seemingly contradictory energies in one intense instant.  In this case, the fearless fiery independence of Aries and the loving grace of supportive relationship in Libra.  While this may seem like a difficult stretch, there is a secret ingredient that can make it not only possibly but even enjoyable and easy – the oft-overlooked but omnipresent SPACE that exists between us, within us and all around us.  Holding that space with loving awareness is the key.  This was demonstrated so beautifully at last nights performance by Liza’s husband, who danced to her beats with a mellow knowing smile, allowing his “personal goddess” to shine in her full stunning sexy glory, embodying the electric erotic energy to everyone present.  I saw no hint of jealousy, only solid support and a co-conspiratorial twinkle in his eyes:)

This Full Moon features a beautiful chance of relationship renewal for all of us – the Moon’s ruler Mars, the archetype of masculinity is meeting up with cosmic goddess Venus in the sky.   Their embrace takes place in Earthy Virgo, the sign of harvest and healing.  What would it take for all of us to learn to love in a way that allows our lover to SHINE in his or her full fabulous glory?  And how much joy and freedom would such a wave unleash?  I for one am exited to jump in and explore!

FULL MOON Magick:  In lew of a Spell, I felt inspired to offer some words by the wise Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh to muse & meditate on as you look at the Moon tonight:

” If you love someone, one of the most precious things you can offer him is space.  Visualize the Moon sailing in the sky.  The Moon has a lot of space around it, that is part of its beauty.  Many of the disciples of the Buddha described him as a Full Moon sailing in the empty sky.

Breathing in, I see myself as space …. Breathing out, I feel free”

Enjoy this exciting Moon, with all the energy, creativity and spark it ignites in your heart!

For a personal astro reading and starry spells, contact me at katrinhaiba@gmail.com


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