September 2014 Scopes Archive

September 2014 Scopes

The August 25th New Moon in the practical earth sign of Virgo invited you to ground the wonderful creative firestorm you’ve stirred up earlier in the month into your everyday life in a healthy, sustainable way. It’s harvest time, and you’re getting curious about the fruit that has ripened in your creative garden under the Summer sun – will it nourish me, and be of genuine use to others? You have a chance to re-make our world into a better, healthier place one practical detail at the time. Be open to changing up your daily routine a bit as well, perhaps taking up new health-habit or reorganizing your office. Don’t worry, all this focus on the “nitty-gritty” is not meant to bog you down – generous Jupiter continues to supply you with plenty of creative rocket fuel. In order to avoid burning out in all that fire, please embrace this Virgo Moon’s gentle reminders of self-care. You’ll be glad you did – a solid, well-run launching pad is essential for all that you’re ready to bring into the world.

Full Moon on September 8th echoes this theme of self-care on the deepest, innermost levels of your being, gifting you a beautiful opportunity for spiritual healing, rest and rejuvenation. A retreat to a gorgeous place near water would be a lovely way to use this energy. Meditation, energy healing and sound-baths are also supportive of this cosmic gateway to gently release anything that doesn’t allow you to truly trust the unfolding of the “larger landscape” of your life.

New Moon on September 24th brings a breath of fresh air into your relationships. You’ll find a renewed sense of joy and possibilities in discovering how to relate with your dear ones with grace and ease, while remaining fully YOU in all your wild fiery creative glory. Yes, it’s a balancing act, but the key here is to realize that balance is not something static that can be “achieved” – it’s a continuous DANCE of co-creation – at times a slow and lovely Waltz, at times a dramatic Tango. Enjoy it all – see it as another way to use the creative rocket fuel you’re so abundantly blessed with!

The August 25th New Moon in your fellow earth sign of Virgo stimulated the practical side of your creativity, inspiring you to make your life more healthy and sustainable in a fun way. You find genuine joy in figuring out how to do things not only better, but also more beautifully. And, you don’t have to be an artist or an artisan to put this fresh energy to good use – your whole life is your canvas and even your smallest everyday acts can be infused with innate beauty. If you’ve been dreaming of the most deeply earthy kind of creation – bringing a child into your world – cosmic support is there, especially after September 6th when Venus the planet of Love enters your Garden of Creation. Enjoy!
The only potential spoiler in your creative explorations is your nagging “inner critic” that tends to get your ear just when you begin to “get into it”. As soon as you start to compare the fruits of your garden with the neighbor’s bounty, you’re lost. Bring your focus back to the unique CONTRIBUTION you are, and see how your sometimes (seemingly!) small gifts can change the world for others in a very tangible way. And, if that doesn’t work, send that “judge” of yours on vacation, a margarita on the beach might just mellow him out:)

As the lunar cycle culminates on September 8th, the Full Moon in oceanic Pisces asks you to celebrate your circle of soul-friends. This energy has deep healing potential and the veils between the worlds are thin at this time, so make sure you surround yourself with people who truly honor you for who you are. The space of genuine mutual caring and allowance is just the balm you need to heal any ancient wounds of “not belonging”. Even your “inner judge” may melt and relax in this healing embrace of true brotherhood and sisterhood. Cherish your cosmic tribe this Full Moon – attend a group meditation, or take a hike with friends to a sacred waterfall – gentle healing blessings will flow to all.

On the New Moon of September 24th, your urge to make your life a work of art finds a fresh canvas. You may even feel inspired to start a new healthy habit that feels more like art than dreaded “exercise”:) Take a dance class, or try horseback riding – anything that makes you feel alive and beautiful will effortlessly lift your spirits and re-energize your body without feeling like “work”. No, I’m not calling you lazy by any means, dear sensual bull – it’s just that “effort” is not what motivates you – beauty does! You can’t go wrong by following that luminous thread of beauty through the hours of your everyday. Take your cue from Rumi: “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

New Moon on August 25th in the practical earth sign of Virgo offered you an opportunity to catch your breath and ground the non-stop creative juice that’s been coursing through your veins deep into your roots. With all that’s going on in your life, it’s important to have a foundation capable of sustaining your intensity and nourishing your body. Venus, the planet of love and abundance comes to your aid here, volunteering to be your home decorator and health coach on September 6th. In the sign of Virgo the harvest goddess, Venus makes sure your roots will be fed only the best organic fertilizers, ensuring you’ll grow a healthy stable base to reach to the sky from. If you’re thinking of moving, or otherwise sprucing up your nest, Venus will guide you to smart and sustainable choices that will satisfy your body and soul. She will ensure any energy you invest in shoring up your base will reap lovely long-term rewards.

Full Moon on September 8th shines a bright spotlight on your work in the world. Whether you know it or not, you have an amazing ability to tap into (and shift!) global consciousness. This moon offers you a beautifully supported opportunity to heal any deep-seated doubts you’ve had about your ability to make a profound difference in the world, bringing gentle compassionate light to the places where you’ve not trusted your oceanic awareness, where you’ve felt wrong for not being able to explain everything you know deep inside. Let this healing watery Pisces moon dissolve all barriers to your true brilliance, inside and out. The world will benefit from your unconditioned expression, don’t pretend you don’t know this:)

A fresh breeze of creativity blows through your life on the New Moon of September 24th, helping you reconnect with that playful, mischievous and curious child inside you. New ideas pop into your head as if by magic, your love life sparkles with fresh flirty joy, and, who knows, the universe may have a cosmically creative idea to birth through you:) If welcoming home your very own bundle of joy is what your heart desires, you might just get your wish. All the healthy upgrades you made to your crib earlier in the month will go to good use for sure. If your idea of “creation” is not quite so earthy at the moment, you’ll find a multitude of other projects knocking at your door. Good thing you’ve invested a bit of effort in nourishing your roots, because fun and colorful fruits are popping up all over your life! Enjoy the playful magic that creating on planet Earth can be!

New Moon on August 25th in the harvest-time earth sign of Virgo brought you a fresh crop of ideas and e-mails to catch up on. The seeds of new work and creative opportunities you planted last month found fertile ground to sprout – in fact, there might be too many plans and options popping up all at once. Luckily this Virgo energy is known for the quality of intelligent discernment. Use your innate intuition coupled with a healthy dose of earthy objectivity to choose which calls to take, which appointments to make. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to what doesn’t feel 100% right and light – Jupiter in your house of self worth and earnings will keep the abundant offers coming. The universe is conspiring to put you to work this year, in the best and most empowering way:)
There’s a certain “back to school” mood in the air as well, and you may find your curiosity aroused to learn a new skill or upgrade your existing inner “software package”. It’s a great time to take a class, get some mentoring or do some independent research into what truly fascinates you. As long as you’re coming from genuine joyous curiosity, not a nagging sense of “not good enough, not smart enough”, you’ll find a wellspring of practical earthy wisdom opening before you. And, if you do discover that old gremlin of inadequacy crawling out of a dark corner of your mind, don’t worry – just approach this little monster with a gentle smile: “Hello, who are you? What would you like to tell me?” Sometimes that’s all it takes to make an inner “enemy” into a wise friend and ally:)

The beautiful healing Full Moon on September 8th in your soul-sister water sign of Pisces lifts your awareness from the (sometimes dizzying:) daily details to the lofty visions of oceanic oneness. Heed the call, take a soul-journey – whether it’s an actual trip to a gorgeous retreat by the water, or an expansive inner adventure. You’ll feel refreshed and renewed again by this welcome glimpse into the unfolding of the larger landscape of your life.

As the autumn leaves start to fall, your energy is drawn to your roots again with the New Moon on September 24th in the home sector of your chart. You may find yourself spending most of your time and energy “feathering” your cozy nest, creating a beautiful base for yourself and your closest loved ones. If you feel you’ve outgrown your present quarters, you’ll have all the luck in finding a new lovely place to call your home. As the chilly autumn winds blow outside, you’ll be curled up under a comfy blanket, catching up with all the half-finished books you bought in the flurry of curiosity earlier in the month. Looks like your personal version of Heaven on Earth, dear cozy Cancer!

Dear LEO,
New Moon in the harvest-time earth sign of Virgo on August 25th showed you the first useful fruits of your cosmic birthday present delivered by generous Jupiter this summer – all this inner expansion and fresh boost of hope is starting to show up in your life in tangible ways. You’re starting to see yourself with fresh eyes, and realize you’re worth more than you thought – and, no, this is no fluffy self esteem pep-talk – the ways this rise in valuation shows up is entirely practical. Your resourcefulness in accomplishing the tasks of daily survival and the generous way you’re always willing to help others through their challenges is a true gift of the Earth. Underneath your dazzling exterior is a genuine heart of gold, and this New Moon helps you see that your greatest asset is your very Self. Out of this inner acknowledgement grows an abundant garden of earthly support. To put it bluntly, money does grow on trees for you this month, dear lovable Leo – trees that are nourished by the rich soil of tangible experience of the contribution you are to the world.

Full Moon on September 8th opens the door to deep healing and empowerment. Where have you engaged in subtle power-plays, played the victim and sold yourself short in order to ensure what seems like support? Don’t hold on to any tangled web of co-dependency out of old habit and loyalty – this sticky stuff can only hold you back – let it dissolve in the light of this compassionate Pisces Moon, and you’ll see a new, more empowered path opening before you. This is a chance to heal a deep sense of mistrust you’ve had in the very fabric of life. Let the ocean carry you, let the universe have your back! Trust that you don’t have to control… that, in fact, you can’t control the way this support shows up for you. And KNOW that it always will.

All these deep inner shifts and re-evaluations find a beautiful outlet on the New Moon of September 24th in the gracious air sign of Libra. You’re testing a whole new way of relating in the world, and it feels so much lighter! Something in you is ready to emerge, to sing a new song of beauty and balance. Reach out to soul-sisters and brothers, speak, write, communicate – you’ll have a lot to say, and your message will touch the hearts and minds of many. The new YOU born in the sunny heart of this Summer is spreading it’s wings in the world, and the fresh autumn breeze is giving you lift to fly high!

New Moon on August 25th heralded the birth of a new, more authentically confident YOU. All the changes you’ve been incubating in your inner castle this summer are ready for prime time now. This Moon gets an extra boost of regal courage from the bright star Regulus, in the heart of the ancient majestic Leo constellation. Happy Birthday, dear Virgo, what a precious and potent cosmic Birthday present indeed! You are ready to step out into the world in all your earthy wisdom and glory as the Queen (or King:) of the Healing Garden of Life. Venus joins your cosmic Birthday party on September 6th, gifting you a makeover fitting of your inner beauty. You might feel the urge to shop for a smart new outfit, or get your hair done in a fresh new style. Do it, dear, enjoy this process of rebirth and emergence! Take a cue from your beloved plant world – the trees get new leaves every year, why shouldn’t you?:) Venus is gently guiding you to find treasures of timeless and practical beauty that will serve you well for years to come.

All these sprouts of inner growth finding their way to the surface of your life wake up and shift your relations with your loved ones. The Full Moon in gentle compassionate Pisces on September 8th provides a beautiful opportunity to have some honest heart-to-hearts with those you hold dearest, and discover new, more balanced and empowering ways to continue growing together. And, if you feel a need for a parting of ways with some, this moon will help you do it with grace and ease. Whether you’ll drift closer or further apart on the ocean of life, there are gifts of deep healing and wisdom on offer, if you open your heart to RECEIVE.

As the light of the next New Moon emerges on September 24th, all this healing and re-balancing starts to trickle deeper into your core, shifting the way you value yourself in the world. You’re not known for “tooting your own horn”, dear Virgo, but false modesty is a twisted form of arrogance if you look deeper into it’s roots. So, take a clear and honest look at yourself, assess your skills and notice the contribution you are to the tangible, day-to-day healing and sustaining of our planet. You are needed and valued here, perhaps more than you allow yourself to realize. And, the more you let this simple truth sink in, the more the world responds by offering you beautiful ways to exercise your skills and talents, and earn a nice living from doing so. Enjoy your work in the healing garden of Earth, we’re all so grateful for your gifts!

New Moon on August 25th in the private and practical earth sign of Virgo called you to explore the hidden corners of your inner garden. A welcome change of pace after a busy summer for sure! While a little R&R to recharge your batteries is lovely, there are deeper cosmic currents at work here – you have a chance to weed out tons of troublesome old thought patterns that have been choking the flow of your creative life juice. Don’t be afraid to get your “hands dirty”! And, resist the urge to jump to damning conclusions or stinging self-judgements when you see what emerges from the shadows – rather, use this as a chance for compassion and forgiveness for yourself and for all the ancestors whose ancient wars have sown these sorry seeds. This Virgo energy is very healing and resourceful: you can COMPOST all that inner gunk, recycle it into potent fuel for fresh creation. As the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh shared with his students: “Without mud, you cannot have a lotus flower”. So, bless the weeds and dead old leaves of past pain as you compost them, and trust the alchemy of transformation. And, lest you think this journey is just a hard but necessary chore, Venus, your beautiful cosmic patron, steps in to lend you a hand on September 6th, showing you unexpected treasures and tasty fruits that have grown up amongst the weeds as well. There’s hidden wisdom and joy in this work, if you’re willing to get genuinely curious about your inner wilds.

The theme of healing is woven gently through the time of the September 8th Full Moon as well – this watery Pisces Moon shines a compassionate light on your daily life, asking if there’s anything that needs releasing there. It’s a great time to schedule a healing session that’s truly nourishing for your body – relaxing reflexology, Reiki, or a session of Watsu – a beautiful way of doing massage and stretching in warm water that leaves you floating in oceanic bliss. Cosmic support is there to gracefully release any addictions or unhealthy habits as well – this Pisces Moon can literally dissolve anything that no longer belongs in your life.

The September 24th New Moon lights up the beginning of your Birthday season with a fresh beam of beauty and balance. All the healing, releasing, inner and outer de-cluttering you’ve been busy with created the space for the seeds of a lovely new YOU to be planted. And, the first inner flowers nourished by your carefully tended compost are raising their pretty heads:) Enjoy this breath of fresh air, stretch and step out into the new year of your life! Happy Birthday, dear Libra!

New Moon on August 25th asked you to open up to the possibility of letting some new friends into your life, or perhaps finding a whole new community where you feel supported and connected in a very practical, grounded way. Yes, dear Scorpio, you’re very selective about letting people “in”, and rightly so – superficial niceties are not your style. You need to know you can trust a friend to go to the deepest of soulful depths with you (and to get you out of jail with no questions asked on a Sunday morning:). This earthy Virgo Moon is opening the door for just that kind of authentic, no-nonsense connection with the people in your life, where love and support is shown through everyday actions, not fluffy flowery words. You ARE that kind of friend, and you’re worth your weight in gold in the lives of those who are lucky enough to know you. Celebrate true friendships this month, be grateful for your special “parters in crime” and watch that gratitude beam right back at you. Let your friends inspire you and show you how you’re part of a quiet revolution towards a more authentic, truly healthy and daringly vulnerable way or relating.

Buoyed by the inspiration from your friends, your creative dreams set sail on a magical oceanic journey with the Full Moon in psychic (and psychedelic:) Pisces on September 8th. The mood is wide open, mysterious and undefined – inspiration seeps into you from every direction. Life feels dreamy, misty and full of beautiful healing potential – any doubts you’ve ever harbored about being irrevocably connected to the infinite well of creation are ready to dissolve. Don’t hold on, let the pain drift away… learn to let the current carry you, trust the rhythm of the cosmic tides.

As the month draws to a close, the lovely Libra New Moon on September 24th draws you deeper into the mystery, inviting you to explore the hidden corners of your inner castle. It’s time to air out the most secret chambers of your soul, clear out the cobwebs from the chandeliers and find these long lost treasures you’ve heard about from your ancestors of yore. And if some of your psychic inheritance turns out to be heavy lead instead of gleaming gold, you’ll know what to do – alchemy is your natural birthright, dear Scorpio, the transformative magician of the zodiac. Enjoy the excavation! The space you clear will bode well for the rebirth that’s on the horizon in October, as your Birthday season beacons.

New Moon on August 25th in the resourceful earth sign of Virgo brought you a fresh crop of opportunities to apply your expansive insights and considerable talents to the task of creating a better, healthier and more sustainable world. Jupiter showered you with seeds of “big ideas”, and now it’s time to plant some of them into the fertile soil of your worldly mission. But, you might in fact be so in demand by others and so (over)extended in your own head that the choice of which promising seed to nurture gives you a migraine instead of a jolt of joy. You hate to narrow things down, but this is precisely what’s required if the seeds you plant are to have enough air and room to thrive. Luckily, Venus comes to your aid in the form of a Virgo garden goddess starting September 6th, giving a special “glow” of authentic appeal to the opportunities that are best to pursue. Venus in Virgo has impeccable taste and knows what she wants, and you’re lucky to have her as your cosmic career coach right now. Follow your authentic desire (Venus!), and reflect on how what you do serves the greater good as well as your own continued growth, and you can’t go wrong.

Making new commitments in your engagement with the world calls you to check on the health of your root-system on the Full Moon of September 8th. Do you feel supported enough at home in order to reach higher and wider in the world? This Moon in spiritual, oceanic Pisces asks you to consider the deepest meaning of “home”, offering you a beautiful opportunity to heal any old wounds of rootlessness you may still harbor in your heart. Let this gentle compassionate energy melt away anything that prevents you from truly experiencing yourself as the CHILD of the WORLD you are, dear planetary citizen Sag!

Your “planetary passport” comes in handy as the next New Moon approaches in lovely Libra on September 24th – this lunation lights up your relationships with inspiring friends and connected communities, bringing you more expansive ideas on how to apply your vision in the service of all. Go out, mix and mingle with other dreamers and creators, and you’ll find yourself weaving a world of beauty and harmony with fun and fascinating cosmic comrades. The key here is not to go it alone, although you’re known for skipping ahead in the game – the rewards multiply as you include others in your plans, allowing yourself to receive their brilliance as a contribution to your own shine. Enjoy the sharing of the light!

New Moon on August 25th brought you chances to share your practical wisdom on a wider scale and lit up your curiosity to further expand your knowledge and skills in very practical, directly applicable ways. The world is hungry for your unique transformative insights! What you learned from (ongoing:) restructuring of your own life is key to rebuilding our whole societal structure on a healthier, more sustainable platform. This New Moon stimulates your imagination and inspires you to “think big” – it’s likely you’ll come up with a grand plan or two that are actually really “doable”! How practically brilliant is that?:) Venus, the planet of love and luck will volunteer for the post of your graduate advisor in the “University of Life” on September 6th, helping you connect the dots and find the perfect opportunities to fill in the gaps in your knowledge base. You’ll delight in gathering the choicest fruits from the garden of earthly wisdom. And, you’re not selfish with your harvest by any means – as you learn, you also teach and share, building a sustainable community of mutual empowerment where all can grow and benefit. What a gift you are to our world!

Your focus shifts from big ideas to tiny details as the Full Moon of September 8th sheds gentle light on the little “signs” and clues you receive every day from conversations with colleagues, headlines that catch your eye, even seemingly “random” words of passer-byes. You are asked to NOTICE how beautifully, yet subtly, you are guided in your daily life. If any doubts, old fears of disconnection or familiar thoughts of “having to do it all alone” surface, allow the healing waters of this Pisces Moon to melt them away. You are always “plugged in” to the communications grid of the universe, even though some of the messages at times astound and confound you:) Don’t try to force it all to make sense, especially during this imaginative dreamy Moon. Let yourself be inspired and led, even though it may feel quite strange at times! The larger picture that starts to emerge from these little prompts and clues is more beautiful and profound that you could have ever planned on your own.

New Moon in sociable air sign of Libra on September 24th offers you a fresh batch of opportunities to apply all your newly upgraded skills and universal insights to your chosen work in the world. Relationships are key here, so don’t be shy – ask questions, reach out, share, and the web of human interconnections will light up with exciting offers and potent possibilities. You thrive when you contribute your best to the world, so roll up your sleeves, dear Capricorn, enjoy being in demand!

New Moon on August 25th offered you a chance to grow into deep empowered intimacy with yourself and your partner(s) by embracing the practical dance of sharing your daily resources. Some re-balancing of responsibilities might be required, as your work duties rise to attention again. Wise patience and deep inquiry into what you actually need in order to feel nourished and supported in the details your daily doings is the key to this quandary. Venus in the form of the healing Virgo goddess comes to your aid here starting September 6th, helping you reach sustainable settlements and mutually agreeable arrangements. While these shifts and changes may bring up some old fears and nagging doubts about the solidity of your foundations, the gifts you’ll stand to receive as you ask yourself fearlessly honest questions are profound: a renewed sense of real-life personal power and a thoroughly checked and confirmed base of solid sustainable support from your closest partners. It’s worth the journey, don’t you think?

Matters of worth and sustainability are in focus again in the softer and gentler light of the Full Moon in compassionate Pisces on September 8th. Are you willing to truly GET what an amazing contribution you are? Are you willing to see how brilliantly and creatively you nurture and heal others? And, are you willing to RECEIVE at least some of what your heart desires from whole wide universe? The energy of this Moon is so vast and undefined, yet so tender and deep…let it soak into your every cell, drink in the kindness and gratitude that flows your way. Get a relaxing massage, a session of reflexology or Reiki – allowing yourself to simply receive is the key that opens the vaults of universal abundance in your life.

All this healing and re-balancing of your inner and outer resources creates a joyful opening on the New Moon in lovely Libra on September 24th – opportunities to learn, travel and grow in the company of your most admired and adventurous friends pop up like flowers after a nourishing rain. It’s “back to school” time in the University of Life, and you LOVE learning, dear infinitely curious Aquarius. Enjoy the delight of new circuits buzzing to life in your brain, turned on by fun fascinating new students (and teachers!) enrolling in your course!

New Moon on August 25th cast a fresh beam of light on your relationships, opening the door to offering and receiving genuine support on a very earthy, practical level. While pretty words and poetry do tickle your fancy, dear romantic Pisces, it’s the thoughtful caring deeds that actually open the deepest doors to your heart. You need to feel you can rely on your partner, and likewise, you aspire to offer the same kind of tangible daily love to others. There might be a need for some re-balancing of responsibilities with this Moon, as it signals the end of Summer and the beginning of “back to work” and “back to school” season. And, don’t think you can escape this detailed audit of your daily doings if you’re single, dear freely swimming ocean Fish!;) This call for a fresh healthy start applies to all of your committed relationships, be they business partners or close friends who form a pillar of your support system. Luckily, lovely Venus volunteers to be your coach and mediator, starting September 6th, helping you make choices that ensure peace and harmony and a healthy share of the harvest for those nearest and dearest to your heart. If you’re on the lookout to meet that “special someone”, Venus can be your discerning matchmaker too, bringing forth quality candidates for your consideration:)

All this focus on relating has inspired you to look deeply at your own authentic needs and desires, and the Full Moon on September 8th in your own oceanic sign invites you to dive deeper. You KNOW when you’re not “being you” in the world, it just doesn’t feel good! The compassionate healing energy of this Moon can gently melt away anything that’s not your essence, anything that prevents you from emerging anew as the beautiful blessed child of the benevolent UNIVERSE you know you are. Let it go, dear, let it go!

As the new you emerges from these dreamy depths, it’s greeted by a bright new Moon in loving Libra on September 24th. It’s like a fresh breeze that brings you a whiff of adventure, arousing your wanderlust and curiosity. Go for it, expand your world through travel and study – follow your innate attraction to anything that’s beautiful and harmonious and you’ll be led to discoveries that open your horizons far and wide. Sure, you can travel solo, but it might be more fun to bring your “special someone” along:) Shared joy can multiply the blessings and smooth over the occasional bumps in the road!

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