How to Rock this Eclipse

Ready or not, it's time to step into the Eclipse Changing Cabin, and emerge anew!
Ready or not, it’s time to step into the Eclipse Changing Cabin, and emerge anew!

As I write this, wild winds are howling outside my Brooklyn pad.  The weather knows what’s up – winds of change are blowing through our lives, and like the autumn leaves whirling along for the ride, we’re not sure where we’ll land next – a feeling that’s alternately liberating and unnerving.  My dearest mentor and “Goddessmother” Jessica Fleming nailed it last night, describing her plans for the future as rather “wobbly” at the moment.  It made me smile and relax into my own interstellar wobbles:)   I was getting quite tense trying to “figure things out”, all the while knowing deep down that all these mental gymnastics are futile in the face of the deeper shifts that are in progress right now.  I sense this Scorpio Eclipse like a tsunami that starts as a small ripple, a “wobble” in the deepest part of the ocean, gathering strength as it radiates outward.  What’s the most dangerous place to be in a tsunami?  The shoreline!  The strip of solid land that borders the ocean.  I can say that from a personal experience: as the tremendous tsunami that caused the Fukushima disaster reached the West Coast, I happened to be floating in my sailboat, anchored far out in the deep water (not from any wisdom or preparation, but from the benevolent chance that guides a lot of my life – the motor in my boat had stopped working, so i couldn’t get into the marina!:).  As I floated there loose and just barely connected to anything solid with my anchor chain, the tsunami passed by underneath, gently and smoothly.  Turned out my being “stuck” out there, unable to make a sensible move, was the best protection.  This feels like a wise strategy for the next few days, waiting and trusting this “floating in-between” stage, not forcing myself to “land” yet.  Perhaps letting yourself float and absorb the deep soulful shifts of this Scorpio Eclipse would ease your mind as well?  If it feels wobbly, well, let it wobble, and drift into the wider Oceanic perspective, where tsunamis of change are just waves, gentle ripples in the field of possibilities.   If you’d like a quick check on where these deep-water pulses are likely to land in your life, feel free to contact me for a reading, or read the last two paragraphs of your October Cosmic Wave SCOPES.

A few more beautiful bits of soulful writing that speak to this Eclipse’s energy:

my dear friends’ Spiritual Surfers’ post on SURRENDER

and wonderful astrologer C.A. Brooks’ column for the week, especially the part about “showing up before you’re ready”!  Because, really, are we ever “ready” enough?:))  In fact, I unknowingly followed her advice 6 months ago, in the last Eclipse cycle, by starting Cosmic Wave way before I felt “ready” … and it’s been a wild and wonderful ride… and, I’m still not “ready”, but having a blast making it up as I go along:)

I’d love to hear some of your Eclipse stories, the wobbles and all! How are you riding these wild October waves?  How have the changes from this Spring’s Eclipses stretched you?  It’s so lovely to read each-others stories, and see how we’re all somehow in it together:)

PS- the photo of the “Cosmic Changing Cabin” is from a remote beach in Estonia, my native Nordic land.  They provide these quaint (and very practical) changing cabins on beaches to avoid the awkward “towel dance”.  This particular one, though, looks like it may help you change way more than your underwear!

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