Jungwon, environmental advocate, writer, editor, mother, NYC

I’ve shared many spiritual adventures with Katrin, from meditation retreats to surfing and sailing on the Pacific coast of Mexico. I must include on our “highlights reel” the couple’s reading she did for me and my partner in 2018. Since Katrin knows me, I appreciated but was not so surprised at her insights on how my birth chart has shaped my character and my choices. However, I was stunned at the deep and quite specific insights she offered about my partner, since it was the first time she had met him. She also gave an overview of our dynamic as a couple that was so accurate we still laugh about it, and she also offered excellent forecasts for each of us that included many things that came to pass (such as several public speaking opportunities that came seemingly out of nowhere). Of course, as egocentric humans we all love to hear about ourselves, but what made the reading special is how she placed each of us individually and together within the context of broader cosmic shifts affecting global politics, the environment, and cultural paradigms. This is astrology for the thinking person who is deeply engaged with the world around them.