Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – You didn’t come here to be NORMAL!:)

Eclipse season is here – the rapid (r)evolutionary roller-coaster is gathering speed!  Eclipses act as accelerants, kicking our butts out of familiar ruts.  This Aquarius Eclipse (essentially a very precise FULL Moon, exact on Aug 7th at  2:11pm in NYC, 9:11 pm in Estonia) shines a searing spotlight on the shady side of social cohesion: in the desperate dash to “make it” in this world, have we snuffed out our own peculiar brilliance, cut off our quirks in order to appear acceptable and employable?  And, to soothe the pain of such “necessary surgery”, are we now desperately looking for a Band Aid-personality in the form of masks we slap on in social media (another very Aquarian realm)?  The upcoming New Moon total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Aug 21st opens the floodgates to a roaring river of Art and all manner of authentic expression. To ride this exhilarating Eclipse express, we need to break the stupefying spells of social conditioning, to close our eyes to the bright billboards of created culture and look to the Light that glows within.

 “You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be YOU!” said Robert Holden.  To me, this is the very heart of this Aquarius/Leo Eclipse cycle

You didn't come here to be NORMAL
You didn’t come here to be NORMAL!

Be very curious and open this amazing August – you may find the uniqueness of YOU reflected back in the eyes of your Aquarian tribe- your “motley crew” of mates old and new.  And, don’t forget to be a true mirror for every friend and stranger who crosses your path.  We all could use an uncensored look at who we are…especially our quirky qualities, the stuff we try to cover up and hide:)  Aquarian energy can be super-spacious in its highest expression, accepting (if not always loving:) a vast variety of expression.   Enjoy getting intimately acquainted with your own “looney” side under this Moon’s light… your so-called strangeness might be your greatest GIFT to the wonderfully wide and wacky web of the world!

Some Stellar Spells to play with, to accelerate your “evolutionary express”:

“Lumos!” – the spell to create an illuminating light at the tip of your wand.  Use it to see clearly, both inside and out, so you can untangle yourself from society’s sticky webs of approval and acceptance;)

“Revelio!” – a charm used to reveal concealed objects and the true appearance of someone who’s changed their appearance with a spell.  Try it on yourself, to reveal your authentic self…if not to others, at least to yourself:)

Enjoy this Moon’s magic, and share what’s stirring for you!  This August is quite a ride!  Xoxo

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