Full Moon in Scorpio – All That’s Hidden Comes to Light

Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky on May 10th (exact at 5:42 pm in NYC, 12:42 am May 11th in Estonia), sending a searing beam into the hidden halls and deep dungeons of our inner castle.  Whatever we’ve lost, neglected or deliberately concealed stands out in stark relief.  Some of what we find might not be pretty, but if we hang in there in honest curiosity, trash can turn to true treasure under our courageous and compassionate gaze.  Doorways of dreams are wide open under this Moon’s mesmerizing glow – ancient knowledge and potent personal guidance is available in our meanders into the “in-between”.  Deep and tender knowing can awaken as we brush aside the veils of convention, daring to explore the “taboo” territories of death, power, passion and soulful sex.  A potent brew this Moon is cooking up!  Do we dare to drink a cup?;)

Full Moons are culminations, peaks of a wave that started a while ago, perhaps without our conscious awareness.   Seeds were planted Halloween time, with October 30th Scorpio New Moon…after a long hibernation, a seeming death in the darkness of winter and a slow spreading of roots in early spring, the plants (and plans:) have finally popped.  What became of your seed?  Is it a flower or a weed?:)  This Moon grants us a glimpse into the mysteries of creation – the eternal cycle of birth-death-rebirth.  Phoenix is one of Scorpio’s ancient alchemical symbols…everything lost is found again – renewed, reborn, recycled.   One of the subtle gifts of this magical Moon is awareness of our influence, our co-creative power…and the responsibility required to wield this potent force with more consciousness and care.   An honest look at where we are is the perfect place to start.

Stellar Spells to enhance this Moon’s magic:

“Revelio!” – a revealing charm from the wonderful world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter, used to reveal concealed objects. It may also be used to reveal the true appearance of someone who changed their appearance with a spell.  How perfect for some serious Scorpio sleuthing!  However, do we dare to turn the spell towards ourselves?  To cut through our own convenient web of little white lies?…hmm…:)

“Spirit grant me Second Sight, let all that’s hidden come to Light!” –  enhancement spell to increase our intuition and clear seeing, inside and out.

Happy Full Moon!  Enjoy this magnificent magnifying glass… it will show exactly what you’ll need to know!  


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