July 2015 Scopes Archive

July 2015 Cosmic Wave Scopes – Surfing the Summer of Love

Dear ARIES, this month’s cosmic currents carry you to the deepest waters that nourish the very roots of your being, inviting you to explore the rather unfamiliar realm of emotions. You may find yourself more moody than usual as Mars, your cosmic guide, explores the watery realm of Cancer. Balance between your roots and the fruits of your labor comes into focus as the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1st illuminates the very top of your chart – your “house of honors”. Perhaps a potent project seeded in the darkest days of winter has reached ripeness? As Jupiter meets Venus for a glowing kiss the same day, setting your creativity on fire, a lucky break can line up that allows you to re-shape your world of work into something wild and wonderful. Pluto, the cosmic power-broker lends extra potency to this Moon. You’re called to examine your current goals in this soul-searing light – are you chasing fame and fortune at the expense of your deeper drives? Nothing wrong with Earthy accolades for your accomplishments, dear adventurous Aries!:) Just make sure your ambitious assent does not leave your roots parched and soul-well dry.

A fresh spring of emotional nourishment bursts open on New Moon in Cancer on July 15th. But, in order to reach this refreshing source of comfort and grounding, you’ll have to break through the concrete cast of painful old patterns. Darn, why couldn’t it be easy, right?:) Tensions along the work-home axis can spark a row if you can’t resist a reactive trigger. Going head to head in the same-old pesky power-struggle only digs you deeper into the trench. A profound healing shift is possible – Spirit Guides Chiron and Neptune are offering to dissolve these jagged structures in the cosmic ocean of compassion if you catch a long-deep breath or two. Step out of the heat of the moment into the cool, clear space of the larger landscape of life – this unexpected perspective is fresh like a field after a summer thunderstorm. Braving to explore the emotional waters this month can refill your deepest reservoirs, leaving you tingling with aliveness, ready to send forth new roots and shoots.   It’s worth taking the plunge:)

Dear TAURUS, Venus, your gorgeous cosmic patron, is making waves this month, waltzing into an abundant embrace with Jupiter on July 1st.  This dynamic duo delivers a powerful boost to your roots, helping to build a fab foundation for the next chapter of your story. However, this tale has a few twists and turns before the happy Hollywood ending: Venus is preparing to go retrograde on July 25th, retracing her steps as if she’s dropped a precious jewel along the path of her dizzying dance. Revelations regarding the hidden motives of your relationships are a distinct possibility as she stumbles into an awkward square with Saturn on July 14th. Sleuthing in your lover’s closet, however, is not the highest and best use of this rather rare set of cosmic waves (Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time!) True treasure is found by rooting through your own “stuff”;) Unearthing the ancestral underpinnings of your values – your likes and loves – can yield a healthy return indeed. You may get the urge to visit the place of your birth or move closer to family. Don’t look for a rational explanation – the voice that’s calling may be from beyond the realm of present time. Relax into this adventure. You’re blessed with several months of Venus as your archetypal archeologist. Be ready to receive substantial shifts in all your relations, including the one that’s truly lifelong – your friendship with yourself.

New Moon in caring Cancer on July 15th grants you the key to communicate your heart’s hidden murmurs by merging thinking and feeling into one “heart-mind”. The fluid, intuitive and compassionate waters of Cancer help dissolve any rough edges that emerge as you root about in your relationship patterns. Turn to your soul-family and friends for a healing perspective on the tangled knot of ancestral DNA. Remember, you can choose which storylines to take and which to lose as you re-weave the narrative threads of your own edition of the eternal love story, dear big-hearted Bull! Drop the dark strands dipped in tears shed over past mistakes, whether your own or your forefathers’– carrying around guilt or shame benefits no one.  Echoes of this healing shift will ring out in all directions, past, present and future. Your grandparents and grandchildren both will benefit from this worthy work of the heart.

Dear GEMINI, hope you’ve had ample time to discover the quirky gifts of this year’s “backwards Birthday season” courtesy of Mercury, your madcap cosmic patron’s retrograde romp. Ripping open the strange wrapping revealed a refreshing new perspective on your very sense of Self – your inner Magician was born again! Like the three Kings of Christmas legend, Cosmic greats Jupiter, Uranus and Venus come to greet this “newborn you” with gifts galore in the first few days of July: an extra helping of luck, brilliant breaks and beauty, how does it get any better than this? Your mind is alight with shiny new ideas sprinkled with cosmic confetti of creativity. Where to channel all this juice? Mercury’s entrance into the “values & income” sector of your chart on July 8th is a welcome clue – it’s time to put this baby to work, “show me the money!”;) But before you dive headlong into the passionate pursuit of profit, dear quicker than lightning Gemini, you’ll need to reboot your financial foundation: old agreements with investors and powerful partners are up for review. Some of the structures that supported you before are now too narrow to spread your wild wings. Cash in on any gains and cut yourself free from the golden cage! Yes, this may bring up an emotional knot or two… hang in there, take a deep breath and take the next bold step. “The way will show the way”, as Robert Moss, my favorite living magician said:)

New Moon in intuitive Cancer on July 15th shows you the threads to follow on your quest for passionate fulfillment in the world of work. “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”, advises the ancient Chinese sage Confucius (hmm…being an ancient Chinese sage must have been a pretty cool job, right?;) You’re all fired up and ready to run with these brilliant new ideas, and then (cue the scary movie music!) Pluto, the Dark Lord of a cosmic power broker provokes a classic stand-off right across your path. Darn, why can’t this be easy?!:) The key to getting through this test of resolve lies in understanding your worthy opponent: Pluto’s ultimate goal is authentic empowerment. He’s come to show you how to really be your own boss. The opposition is not “out there”, but “in here”, anywhere in your mind where you still think there’s something or someone that can truly stop you! Crack this code, dear mad hacker of the mental circuits, and Pluto’s power will be yours. Enjoy the quest, the riddle, the adventure of it all!

Dear CANCER, Happy Birthday! Quite a crop of gifts from the cosmos await you ­ – generous Jupiter ignited your income potential with collaborative connections to Uranus (June 22nd) and Venus (July1st). Motivating Mars in your sign since June 24th makes sure you’ll have more than enough mojo to go for the gold. Enjoy the action, sleepy times are gone for quite a while! The extra boost of energy from Mars launches you on a passionate quest for personal fulfillment. Look around your life and ask: “What makes me feel most ALIVE?” Follow that precious thread no matter what the world thinks! As Mercury slips into your sign on July 8th, the world will actually think more like you for a couple of weeks – thank goodness:) What a perfect opportunity to come out of your creative cave and test the waters, dear cautious Crab!

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1st casts a cool clear spotlight on your relationships, urging you to take back your power. Perhaps you’ve been leaning on your partner too much, making him or her “the rock” that supports your ephemeral castle of dreams? However, you’ve may have noticed this cliff top castle straddles a powerful planetary fault line that rumbles rather violently at times. It’s easy to blame your “special someone” when the floor shakes and dishes break:) But that old game is getting tired. The gift of extra confidence from Mars can help you build a more sustainable foundation if you’re willing to step up to a stronger role. This doesn’t mean a head full of steam, although a little venting of old frustrations may serve well to clear the air:) A true healing breakthrough is well within reach if you keep your heart’s compass on a course of love and compassion.

New Moon in your own sign on July 15th caps off your Birthday season with a refreshing summer sunshower. Yes, the weather is still volatile – a few cracks of thunder can be heard in the distance. But there’s also electricity and excitement in the air, your life is pregnant with possibilities. The beautiful butterfly, the “newborn you,” is out of the cocoon and ready to spread her wings. Venus, the lady of love and luck is weaving a wild new pattern in your world of work, asking you to question how well you value your considerable creative contribution to our world. A rather rare set of cosmic waves is on the way as Venus gets ready to retrograde through the “values and income” sector of your chart on July 25th. Saturn, the stern teacher is also retrograde this summer, returning to help you clear the last stacks of psychic debris that have clogged your creative pipeline. Question everything you think you know! Follow the red thread of passion as you navigate the shifting landscape of your life, and you can conjure up a world of your most treasured dreams! All it takes is a step, and the journey has begun:)

Dear LEO, the month starts off with stellar surf – Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck embraces generous Jupiter on July 1st in your sign. Jump on this wonderful wave and make a wild wish – your heart’s desires are well within reach! This cosmic coupling amps up your already considerable charisma, making it a fun time to simply “be you”:) Lovely Venus has a longer-term lease with you this year – due to a rather rare retrograde cycle (Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time!) you’ll get to host the Goddess of Love for a whopping 4 months. How did you get so lucky?;) Besides helping you look and feel fabulous, Venus has a deeper agenda – her backwards dance invites you to examine your values, your loves and likes from a new, more soulful angle. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your present “look”, both inside and out? Nothing short of a whole new way living and LOVING is on offer here. This journey is not all wine and roses: things can get a tad touchy as Venus stumbles into an awkward square with Saturn in searing Scorpio on July 14th, digging up all kinds of “ancestral baggage”. Take a cue from your own cosmic patron, the giver of all life on Earth – the Sun shines on everyone, saints and sinners alike. Can you learn to love yourself with a similar generous heart? It takes tremendous courage and aching vulnerability, dear lovable Leo! You know you long to go there, to fall madly in love with LIFE in its unique expression as YOU…

New Moon in caring Cancer on July 15th opens up a refreshing well of compassion in the deepest chambers of your soul. Time to let yourself dream a little, to take a slow stroll by the sea, meditate and melt into the Oneness that embraces all of our myriad differences. Allow the healing waters of this Moon to nourish the very ground of your being, the soil that’s ready to support new seeds as your Birthday season beckons. The Sun bursts into your sign on July 22nd, followed by magical messenger Mercury singing “Happy Birthday to YOU!” As the well-wishes pour in, let the LOVE really soak in. Open your generous heart even wider and let lovely Venus help you RECEIVE the blessing that being alive on this beautiful planet can be. Once your inner Sun is happy, you can’t help but share the love!

Dear VIRGO, the first few days of the month are golden for cashing in on the innovative insights and bold new perspectives on your public role gained during Mercury’s recent retrograde cycle. Nice to know all this running around in circles actually led somewhere!:) Your project could suddenly secure powerful backing, or you may be able to shift to a job that feeds your soul as well as your body. However the particulars play out, the winds of change are finally in your favor on the career front. This stellar swell is at its peak July 1st-5th, so if you’ve got a plan in mind, it’s time to take a step –make that call, send out the proposal, reach out to potential partners. Your creativity is at its peak near the July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn. Take an honest look at your ambitions, and align your current course with your core goals. Clarity is needed to successfully harness the incredible drive of the mountain-goat. You could step into a whole new level of authority, reach a level of creative maturity that commands respect and pulls in some extra zeroes behind the numbers in your bank account. However, realizing these tantalizing potentials requires you to own your own power like never before. Remember, assent to the summit starts with a single step…

Mercury, your quick-witted cosmic patron takes a break from all the maddening mental activity of the past two months in the nourishing waters of Cancer on July 8th. On July 15th a New Moon follows in caring sign of the Crab. Your focus is drawn to creating a solid safety-net of community –you can’t climb the mountain by yourself, you’ll soon see:) New supporters and soul-friends are ready to enter your circle. Conversations within this core group can bring up a sudden gust of creative tensions. Make sure you argue about approaches and ideas instead of injuring each-other in the passion of the moment. A seemingly slight remark can deliver a wound that lasts a lifetime. Creative clashes can bring out brilliant possibilities, if you manage to keep your caring and compassion alive. If you have children, similar situations may play out – your little ones may test your patience quite a bit mid-month. A deep breath or two can keep you on an even keel as you navigate the dynamic shifts and changes of July – a month of soaring summer breezes sprinkled with sudden sunshowers:)

Dear LIBRA, the month starts with a fabulous party hosted by your own gorgeous cosmic guide Venus, featuring generous Jupiter as a guest of honor. The guest list includes a colorful cast of characters set on expanding the boundaries of your universe. Conversations sizzle with brilliant possibilities and far-out fantasies. Enjoy the creative crosspollination, dear lovable Libra, you’re so in your element! This stellar swell is at its peak July 1st-5th, it’s definitely not a time to hide under the covers:) Unexpected sparks may fly, igniting something hotter than friendship in your heart. However, the journey to the “Hollywood happy ending” is not so straight and narrow this summer, due to the rather rare retrograde cycle of the Planet of Love(Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time!) Have patience and enjoy the possible plot twists – old friends and lovers resurface, or a close friend gets suddenly even closer;) Don’t worry, these antics by the Goddess of Love are not meant to turn your life into a daytime drama! The deeper drive is to find out who your true friends are – which of your peeps truly light you up and make you smile? Whose company you crave for somewhat shadowy satisfaction? Observe your heart and check in with your body as you circulate this summer, and you’ll be led to a deeper, truer way of relating, dear social butterfly!

Your work is back in focus mid-month with a New Moon in caring Cancer near the top of your chart, the area the ancients called “the house of honors”. A fresh crop of opportunities to follow your passion awaits you, but there are bumps on the road to glory: potent Pluto rumbles your foundations as you ponder which path to take. You may have to shake up your cozy nest, perhaps even move in search of greener pastures. Your home is your castle; the thought of uprooting yourself can make you grumble. Remember, you always have a choice! You don’t have to chase every offer far over the horizon. With all that Venus action stirring up your friends and lovers, you might be too pleasantly distracted to pay much mind to the career front anyway. And, who says there’s anything wrong with that?;)

Dear SCORPIO, generous Jupiter ignited your income potential with beautiful collaborative connections to Uranus (June 22nd) and Venus (July1st). Even though the sun is high and the breeze is tempting, the beach may take a backseat this summer, dear Scorpio – your career will be so hot you can forget about the sun for a while:) The July 1st Full Moon in Capricorn joins Pluto, your potent cosmic patron, urging you to voice your ambitions from the position of authentic authority. Ask boldly for what you desire, breathing into the fire in your belly, your Solar Plexus center of personal power. With Jupiter and Venus as your talent agents, your stock is riding high. Neptune brings in the “bigger picture perspective” into the negotiations, opening the door for creative solutions that can serve the greater good. If you manage to blend genuine confidence with a humanitarian approach, you can ride this potent wave to a rather daring destination!

The July 15th New Moon in intuitive Cancer sets you on a quest to expand your horizons. Cashing in on the emerging opportunities may require you to pick up camp and move to greener pastures. Integrating new ideas into your work could mean taking a class or two, or otherwise upping your expertise. Don’t worry, this mental magic is far from boring old “on the job training” – you’re asked to follow your passionate curiosity, unite heart and mind into one arrow flying upward to new heights of experience. However, there are potential pitfalls lurking along the path: differences in tactics or strategy can lead to an intense ideological clash, if you can’t resist a reactive trigger. Going head to head in the same-old pesky power-struggle only digs you deeper into the trench. A profound healing shift is possible – Spirit Guides Chiron and Neptune can dissolve these hardened viewpoints in the cosmic ocean of compassion if you manage to catch a long-deep breath or two. Saturn dipping back into your sign this summer signals a mop-up of the last dregs of psychic debris from the past few years. Allow the watery waves of this Cancer cycle to flush your system of whatever still snags you up or drags you down. Emotional intelligence is the name of the game – as the master alchemist of the zodiac, you can turn anything (even the sh*t;) into gold if you set your heart and mind to the task.

Dear SAGITTARIUS, the month starts off with fireworks – Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck falls into Jupiter’s abundant embrace on July 1st. Your expansive visions find wind under their wings as you share The Word with the world. The cosmos is conspiring to hook you up with plenty of practical rewards from all this pizzazz: Full Moon the same day in career-focused Capricorn amps up your earning potential big time. There’s one small “catch” however: you’re asked to truly own your power like never before! The cool, clear light of this Moon asks you to analyze your aims and find the nugget of genuine gold at the center of all your grand plans and ambitions. There’s something so solid at the core of what you’re here to contribute, something so clearly valuable. Recognizing that removes all doubt from your trajectory. No amount of fluffy fantasies or perky pep-talks will get you there. Only an honest experience of your own worth, a look so free of any filters, good or bad, will yield the true treasure. Happy hunting, dear courageous Centaur!

The July 15th New Moon in intuitive Cancer invites you to put this freshly unearthed potency to work in passionate partnerships. A subtle opening for gaining a deeper level of trust is available, if you tread lightly. Emotional intelligence is the name of the game, in the boardroom and the bedroom:) Old barely conscious fears can crop up as Saturn stumbles into Venus on his last clean-up sweep through the secret chambers of your soul. Your newly minted values clash with these remnants of past psychic debris. Discussions can get a bit touchy, especially around the dreaded minefields of sex and money:) Fear not, an incredible healing shift is possible if you stay grounded in the spacious awareness of possibilities – Spirit Guides Chiron and Neptune are ready to dissolve these lumps of tension in the cosmic ocean of compassion as you take a deep breath or two. A potential power struggle can crack open into truer forms of trust, authentic alliances and more profitable partnerships. Wow, that’s a mad feat of magic indeed, a high-wire act you’re thoroughly capable of performing, dear cosmically creative Centaur! Remember the nugget of gold at your core, and your steps will be steady yet soft.

Dear CAPRICORN, the month starts off with a peak of power: Full Moon of July 1st shines a bright spotlight on you, helping you reset your inner compass according to your own “True North”. The same day sees Venus, the Lady of Love & Luck catch up with generous Jupiter in splendid Leo, making a most auspicious pairing. This cosmic couple heats up your intimate partnerships to a midsummer’s melting degree. Whether it’s amorous alchemy in the bedroom or conscious co-creation in the boardroom, you’re positively magnetic! Pluto, the cosmic power-broker joins this Moon, making this moment even more potent. Great gains can be yours if you dare to bare your authentic ambitions. Under the dazzling light of this Moon, you can’t hide even if you tried:) Might as well go for it, jump on this magnificent wave, you can end up impressing even your own demanding self!:)

One note of caution – there’s a distinct difference between acting from your core of personal potency and engaging in petty power-plays. The latter can land you face first in a puddle of tears – Mars in moody and sensitive Cancer makes your partnership sector touchy territory this month. Profound heights of passion or a quick tumble into a blame game where no-one wins….aahh, the difference can be as thin as a knife’s edge! The July 15th New Moon in nourishing Cancer opens up a fresh spring of emotional intelligence in your dating and relating. Speaking softly from your solid and confident core can smooth the ruffled feathers of your lovebird and settle any choppy seas your business partners may have stirred up. Navigating this tricky passage with skill and poise can have sweet rewards – a happier home and more authentic alliances at work. Earning a true sense of trust among your partners is worth a little emotional education, don’t you think, dear cosmically capable Capricorn? There’s even an extra bonus – if you’re searching for a special someone, a chance meeting in sultry summer thunderstorm can be a bright beginning if you survive the initial intensity;) Enjoy the tantalizing tango of emotional entanglements, dear cool cat Cap! “A little rain never hurt no one…” crooned Tom Waits, a fitting ambassador of the moody passions of the month.

Dear AQUARIUS, romance rings in the month as Venus, the Lady of Love and Luck, dances into Jupiter’s abundant embrace July 1st. May I suggest a sultry stroll, a magical night of Moon-gazing with your special someone?;) If you’re gathering the courage to “pop the question”, the cosmos will back you up big-time! This Full Moon in grounded Capricorn adds an extra dimension of depth and commitment to your conversation. You may find yourself trading treasured secrets with your sweetheart under Luna’s soulful spell. Be aware of the power of these bonds, share only what’s deep and true! The shimmering haze of Venus and Jupiter’s sparkling wine blurs the bounds of reality quite a bit…which can be a lovely thing, but what happens when you wake up next morning?;) Luckily, you’ll get a “take two” at this crucial scene in your love life- Venus takes a backward step later in the month as if looking for a jewel that got lost in the dashing dance. Due to a rather rare retrograde cycle (Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time!) you’ll have the Goddess of Love gracing your relationship sector for a whopping 4 months. How did you get so lucky?;) An extended Summer of Love, a chance to explore what really makes your love-light shine. If you’re single, old flames can re-emerge, hotter than ever:) Enjoy the tantalizing tango, one step forward, two steps back… what emerges by autumn’s golden days is worth the wait!

The July 15th New Moon in nourishing Cancer invites you to take a break, draw a hot bath and curl up on the couch for a yummy nap – allow yourself to indulge in anything that signals serious Self-Care. You’ve been busier than a bee the past few months, juggling a sizzling social life, brilliant new creative endeavors and innovative initiatives at work. Allow yourself to take a breath, to melt into the mothering embrace of the Cancer season. As you slow down, you may notice the incredible pressure you’ve been putting yourself under. You may actually feel worse before you’ll feel better. Resist twisting yourself into annoyance and frustration! Let the loving rest slowly unwind you. Breath by breath, nap by nap you’ll emerge happy like a cat on a sunny windowsill. Loving yourself is the foundation for successfully surfing your Summer of Love! Fill your own cup first, and then share the sweet wine;)

Dear PISCES, your creativity is bubbling over this month as the planetary party shifts to your soul-sister water sign of Cancer. July 1st Full Moon in grounded Capricorn helps you see yourself for the potent creative force you’ve become by shining a spotlight on your social circles. Don’t brush off any admiring glances thrown your way – be open to RECEIVE the honest recognition for your considerable contribution to the greater good. You may be asked to step up to a larger role, to serve as a leader of your circle. Don’t shy away from this awesome opportunity! This is not a slippery setup for an ego-trip, far from it – with Venus and Jupiter in a stunning alignment in the “service & worthy work” area of your chart, you’re asked to step into your true destiny as a courageous and compassionate co-creator. There’s a beautiful balance in this cosmic weave – your soulful essence, your innate talents and desires are channeled seamlessly into a common goal. Deep down you sense and KNOW the mystery of oneness as you surf the cosmic ocean of consciousness. Allow that knowing to permeate your public persona and you’ll be an unstoppable ambassador of LOVE!

The July 15th New Moon in intuitive Cancer opens up your creative channels even more. The passion to share your incredible insights reaches a peak of power. Potent brainstorms can bring out brilliant possibilities. A note of caution – creative tensions can crop up with the speed and intensity of midsummer thunder cells. Make sure you argue about approaches and ideas instead of injuring each-other in the heat of the moment. A seemingly slight remark can deliver a wound that lasts a lifetime. Emotional intelligence saves the day – keep your caring and compassion alive and you’ll be able to harvest a nourishing crop of creative fruits fed by these refreshing summer rains. A passionately personal expression of this wild and watery weather is also possible – if you’re searching for a special someone, a chance meeting in a torrential thunderstorm can be a bright beginning if you survive the initial intensity;) And if your heart desires a little bundle of joy, a child of your own to lavish with love, the ground is well watered to receive the seed:) Enjoy playing in the divine currents of creation!

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