January 2015 Scopes Archive

January 2015 Cosmic Wave Scopes

Dear ARIES, Santa and his magical crew delivered a strange (but very useful!:) bunch of presents to your door: instead of the standard shiny trinkets and ugly sweaters you’d need to return at the first chance, a wealth of opportunities to amp up your impact on the world landed in your lap this holiday season. “Wow, how did I get so lucky?” Actually, luck has little to do with it – the potent possibilities knocking at your door are direct descendents of the cosmic blasts that rocked your world in 2014: the space you created in your life by blowing your old “Self” to smithereens is the magic that attracted the power that now courts you. You survived and even thrived on the rush of adrenaline, and now you’re ready to show the world what you’re made of. Pitch that “big idea”, talk to your boss about taking on a larger role, play in the halls of power. BE the leader in your own life. If this still feels a bit scary, remember the thrill of the rollercoaster, or how it felt to catch that “impossible” wave – was it fear, or EXCITEMENT? C’mon, the sheer JOY of living on the edge of possibilities is what feeds your soul more than any physical food ever could. Goosebumps look good on ya – they show you’re on the right track:)

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer adds an element of volatility to the already potent brew: you may find you’re being pulled in too many directions at once, as home and family clamor for attention in the midst of high-powered meetings at work. Be careful not to “blow your top” as the pressure mounts. Hang in there, and see what adjustments need to be made at home in order to accommodate the demands of your new, more potent role in the world. This storm may feel intense, like a midsummer thunder-burst.   Remember the clear fresh air after the tempest has passed? A similar gift of clarity is on offer here about your own life, if you stay just a tad above the fray.

A welcome break for some much needed R&R is headed your way towards the end of the month as Mars, your impetuous cosmic patron takes a soothing swim in the mellow oceanic realm of Pisces.   Take a walk by the ocean, breathe in the SPACE and allow the knots in your shoulders to unwind. Schedule a session of energy work or a yummy massage.   As Mars meets Neptune on January 19th, pay attention to your dreams – the spirit realm is speaking to you, softly but surely. The January 20th New Moon in Aquarius opens the door for a wave of support from your friends – brand new exciting connections mix with serendipitous “blasts from the past” to fertilize your imagination, showing you brilliant paths to channel your newfound power. Don’t be afraid to slow down for a few weeks, as the excitement & rush of the holidays subsides – this healing communion will leave stronger and wiser, filled with Spirit –INSPIRED – to take the reins with a steady hand and lead us all towards new horizons in 2015. Slow down to speed up:) No one benefits when you run yourself ragged, dear adventurous Aries! True power moves below the surface rush, and this month is your initiation into this deeper potency. Enjoy the journey, with all its detours, twists and turns!

Dear TAURUS, in addition to the obligatory tasty treats, Santa and his magical elves filled your stockings with fun books of far-off adventure and your inbox with tempting offers for delightful getaways. You’d do well to find a way to indulge your nascent wanderlust – deep inside, your heart is mapping the course for the next round of joyful (and very practical!) expansion. The gates to your bullpen are flung wide open as the New Year rings in. You can smell the greener pastures just beyond the horizon! All you have to do is take that first step… and, yet, you may find yourself hesitating, one foot in and one out the door. Part of you would love to crawl back into your cozy corner and wait a few more days…or years…until you feel “ready”:) Arrgh… what is this invisible chain tethering you to familiar pastures? Deep in your gut you sense that once you step through this gate, you will never be the same. You will not fit into your old world again. Perhaps it helps to realize that no matter how hard you hold on, the tide of time still changes YOU and all around you. The stability you crave is found on the flow your own breath as you open your lungs and breathe in COMMUNION with all the changing, dancing, shifting, singing molecules of Life. Breath by breath, step by step …. Aah, that feels better:)   Embarking on this journey, opening this GIFT of cosmic expansion takes courage, no doubt. But you won’t have to do it alone – there are powerful mentors, steady supporters and profound teachings all aligned to lend you a hand. Reach out, ask a question – the whole world is your textbook in this graduate course in the University of Life. Keep a notebook handy, or even better, start a blog of your journey- ­ there’s incredible power in sharing your discoveries, being a beacon for others on the path. You’ve got more to offer than you realize! If you’ll accept the assignment, doors will open where walls were before.

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer brings a flood of communication, so keep your schedule as clear as you can (easier said than done:). This is an excellent time to do some digital and mental clutter-clearing! I know you’d love to be everything to everybody, but the strain of this impossible task is tensing your beautiful body and crimping your creative flow. Trust your heart; keep only the communications that really support you on your expansive path. A few weeks from now, you won’t even remember the cancelled appointments and dropped calls – you’ll be having too much fun filling your life with work you truly love and enjoy. So, hang in there, make the cuts, breathe, let go!

New Moon in brilliantly unconventional Aquarius on January 20th opens the door for you to “shine out” in the world in all your newfound wisdom, courage and glory. Career opportunities crop up that not only beef up your “bottom line” but expand your horizons and role in the community in a mutually empowering way. Teaching, sharing, consulting, networking – any way you can contribute to weaving a stronger, more beautiful brotherhood and sisterhood, do it! New friends, old friends, serendipitous connections -the rewards will multiply as if by magic. You’ll be able to experience what communion really feels like in the very here and now. Enjoy creating on this broader canvas in 2015! Explore the endlessly expanding “greener pastures”:) . As the mystical poet and lover of Life Rumi said, “Let the beauty you love be what you do.”

Dear GEMINI, instead of (or perhaps, in addition to?:) the usual pile of shiny new gadgets, Santa and his magical crew delivered a rather more… shall we say sexy… or, at the very least deeply intimate surprise for you this holiday season. It’s got nothing to do with being naughty or nice, thank goodness!:) Rather, the more you let the mirror of last month’s Full Moon to reveal the real YOU, shed of all the same old stories, the more a certain deep and sensual power started to rise in your life, bubbling up like hot lava from the depths of your soul. At the heart of this cosmic gift lies the potential for a truly ecstatic merging of body, heart and soul (whooowee!:) The ripples of this seismic shift reach far beyond your activities “between the sheets”, touching every part of your life where you dare to merge your energy with others. Your business relations acquire extra potency, making it easy to attract powerful backing for your projects. People are drawn to you as if by a magnet. Even walks in nature take a deeper turn – if you relax and relate through your body for a moment or two, you can sense a deep COMMUNION with all that lives and breathes on our precious planet. Geez, what’s not to love?

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer illuminates the shadow side of this potent present by exposing your deepest doubts and fears: “Who am I to deserve all this? Could it really be this easy? And what if the magic suddenly disappears?” Turns out it takes courage to BE the magic you truly are! The nebulous landscape of emotions is not your comfort zone, but in order to claim your cosmic Christmas gift, you’ll have to cross this dismal swamp. Cross, not swim or wallow in it! Lucky for you, Mercury, your resourceful cosmic patron has winged sandals on his swift feet, and he’s just hopped into innovative Aquarius for a fresh dose of unconventional wisdom. “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind that created them.” Remember this advice from Einstein, one of the most creative minds that ever graced the Earth, as you navigate this tricky patch on your path.

The mood brightens mid-month, and brilliant ideas pop into your head like fresh fluffy popcorn as Uranus the rebel sends an exciting greeting to Mercury on January 14th. New Moon in Aquarius follows on January 20th, lighting up your desire to expand and explore. Whether it’s a new course of study or a journey to far-off lands, your horizons are ready to be stretched. Your mind is buzzing with excitement again, you’re in Gemini heaven. But, before you dash off to make your million new dreams come true, hold your horses – Mercury has a few tricks up his sleeve as he decides take a fun detour by going retrograde on January 21st. This means you’ll get to explore the brilliant Aquarian realm even longer this year, re-inventing and rethinking your plans and playing with different strategies. If you drop the need for speed, this actually sounds like a lot of fun! Your journey will not take the shortest or straightest path, but patience has its rewards- unexpected vistas, serendipitous connections, creative sparks and insights are yours if you keep an open mind and a flexible schedule. And, on a deeper level, this mental detour gives you time to choose where to invest your newfound magnetic power and which alliances to really cultivate. Remember the potent present you received for the holidays? Time is on your side. Let the best ideas to rise to the top. They may be nothing like you thought or planned. They may be far more brilliant than you’d ever imagined!

Dear CANCER, as the holiday hubbub subsides and the last guests take their leave, you’ll have time to focus on unwrapping the most precious and personal present of the season. Santa’s magical elves were busy while you were cleaning and cooking – they slipped a potent love-potion into your eggnog while you weren’t looking!   The effect is powerful and long-lasting, awakening a longing to touch and be touched in the deepest of ways, body and soul. Hot stuff! Luckily, your heart is wise enough to know that relations of this depth are not to be entered lightly. Commitment, responsibility and genuine vulnerability are called for, as you carefully nudge open the gates to your guarded heart. Each step you take closer to each other is loaded with potential: each word, each look can build a bridge or send its delicate structure tumbling down. Building new structures is indeed the key here – you need to know you can trust the ground you’re covering together. As you navigate this challenging and hugely rewarding path towards true communion, you will learn to rely on your own knowing, your own body and soul as the beacon that shows the way. Beware of throwing away your power – no one else can MAKE you feel anything, although it may sometimes seem this way. Your own steady hand on the tiller is the only way to steer this loveboat into a safe harbor. No knights in shining armor here, dear impossibly romantic Cancer:)

A stormy patch of weather awaits you as the the Full Moon on January 4th illuminates your own sign, shining a bright spotlight on who you no longer are. A lot has changed throughout last year, don’t you think? You, your partner, your colleagues and friends – we all went through a cosmic washing machine with an extra rinse cycle. If things feel a little strange, you’re right! As this brief but potent thunderstorm shakes your limbs and drenches your soul, it helps to see what’s being washed away is merely the dirt and dead leaves of yesteryear. A cleaner, brighter and lighter YOU is ready to emerge as the tempest passes, hang in there!

Breaks in the clouds emerge indeed around January 7th, building into clear blue skies and softer breezes by mid-month. New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius on January 20th opens up the SPACE in your relating – some of the intensity of earlier storms is gone, replaced by radical friendliness. It’s the clarity and fresh air that remains after a midsummer thunderstorm has passed. “Hello”, you say with clear and open eyes to the person standing next to you. A new, more easy and accepting understanding emerges between you. You are not the tortured characters in a romance novel, thank goodness! Nor are you some Hallmark version of an “ideal couple”. You are you, just the way you are, and that is simply brilliant! “You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be HAPPY!” said Robert Holden on a postcard with a girl standing on her head. Enjoy getting intimately acquainted with your own funny, strange, ridiculous, odd and impossibly endearing ways of living & loving! The sunshine of your smile turns tears into rainbows, dear magically quirky Crab. Let it shine, let it shine!

Dear LEO, Santa and his magical crew dropped off a slew of fitness equipment at your door this holiday season, echoing the message of last month’s Capricorn New Moon: time to shape up, dear indulgent beast!   Even if you didn’t literally find an Elliptical trainer or a pair of running shoes under the tree this year, you’re still advised to take a look at your daily routine with an eye towards increasing your health and stamina. Consider it a GIFT to yourself! Doesn’t it feel better to wake up in the morning full of energy, ready to roar to life? And, a turn towards healthier habits certainly doesn’t hurt your looks either, you glorious creature! If looking good and feeling good is still not enough to get you off the couch, consider this – the universe has upped your assignment this year, calling you to offer even more of your gifts in the service of our planet. Jupiter has helped you feel more expansive, joyous and happy since July. Now it’s time to share the bounty, to see how you can contribute to making the world a bit brighter for all of us. Sun, your shiny cosmic patron teams up with transformational Pluto on January 3rd, launching you into a year of deeply potent service. You need to be in super-shape to fully access this power to create change for all of us. Your natural leadership qualities need the support of serious stamina. So, stretch your sturdy legs, put on these running shoes!

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer sheds light on any old stories or lingering emotional blocks that stop you from getting off the couch and taking a stronger stand for your health. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, you know you’re on to something!:) Pay attention to your dreams and keep a journal handy – this stormy watery moon will flush out the gunk in your unconscious chambers, freeing you up to create a new, more authentic personal myth. If you find yourself stuck or swamped by these sudden emotional floodwaters, reach out to a wise mentor. A fresh perspective from someone who’s “been there” can help steer you through these turbulent tides.

The storm clouds part mid-month, revealing the clear blue sky that is your (and our!) true nature. New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius on January 20th opens the door for new friends and partners to enter your life. Some of these new peeps may in fact be serendipitous “blasts from the past” seen in a fresh and more endearing light as Mercury weaves his magic, turning back the linear flow of time by starting his retrograde journey on January 21st. Enjoy connecting and re-connecting! An old friend may touch a deeper place in your heart this time around, planting a seed of romance in the fertile field of friendship:) Allow yourself to SEE your dear ones in a fresh new light! Previously unseen perspectives, new ideas and insights, even potential joint business-ventures are all on offer here. Good thing you spent (at least a little:) time getting yourself in shape earlier in the month – you need to be light and bright to catch some of these tempting possibilities!   Enjoy the whiff of romance in the air!

Dear VIRGO, this holiday season brought you a gift that keeps on giving- a serious boost of your brilliantly practical creativity. In fact, those lucky enough to be among your nearest and dearest already got a taste of what you can create as the festivities whirled around – a wonderful meal, an exquisite dessert, a deeply thoughtful personal greeting card – anything your hands and heart touched turned into beautiful ART. As the Sun prepares to meet transformational Pluto on January 3rd, the creative fire in your belly gets turned up a notch. You may begin to sense there’s a whole deeper dimension to what you’re creating: your art has been invested with a power to change this earthly reality, to bring healing and wholeness to the hearts of men. “Geez, that’s a lot of pressure! Thank goodness I’m not an artist; this sure doesn’t apply to me!” you may find yourself trying to dodge. Well, no matter what you do for daily work or which box you check on your tax return, you’re not off the hook:)   Every word, thought and action CREATES, and this cosmic gift of extra firepower is meant to wake you up to the JOY and duty of conscious creation. In fact, if your heart yearns for that deepest, most natural kind of human creation-– a child of your own– this holiday break may be a beautifully potent time to “get to work” on this joyous project:) The more you embrace your newly amped up creative potential, the more your world changes, in just the right way!

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer casts a bright beam on your beloved community. You’re such a nurturer to your friends and colleagues; it’s easy to form deep bonds of attachment to these people. These are turbulent times, and you may find that your cozy tribe is shaken up by some unexpected turn of events – a restructuring at work, a cross-country move by a crucial friend. Even though your heart may flutter, take a breath; allow your circle to find a new balance. Parting ways can be hard, but time is a soothing balm. As you gain perspective, you may see how you actually needed to shake up your circle to make space for the potent creative seeds you now carry.

The tempests and floods of the Cancer Moon make way for clearer skies and fresh breezes mid-month. New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius on January 20th opens the door for new friends to enter your life, if you follow your natural curiosity and venture out to learn a useful skill or two. The creative seeds you received need to grow and find their way to serve the greater good.   To bring your vision to practical fruition, you may well need to learn a thing or two. Consider an apprenticeship with a skilled mentor – the experience she’ll share can do wonders to boost your confidence. You may find you need a boost in your energy level as well, if you really decide to use these creative sparks for all they’re worth. A fun exercise class, perhaps something a bit unusual you haven’t tried before (ever heard of acro-yoga?:) is just the ticket to exercise both your muscles and your mental circuits. As you explore all these healthy and useful classes, you’ll likely make a fun new friend or two. Your circle is filled again, with peeps much more in line with the “new you” in the New Year. Enjoy growing & creating!

Dear LIBRA, hope you enjoyed a cozy time with family and friends this holiday season, complete with a crackling fire (you know about the Yule log on Youtube, right?:) and meals of yummy earthy bounty. This healthy dose of R&R was the perfect present for your body & soul! And if the holidays were still a bit too hectic for your taste, it’s not too late to give yourself this gift of quality “cave time” as you return to the quiet of your nest. Listen to your body – if you feel a need to take a nap at 2pm, go for it, follow that “hibernating instinct!” Enter the deep Dreaming. Listen to the whispers of the seeds below the blanket of snow – what is being born, what desires creation in your life? Don’t worry if you can’t yet name it, can’t yet see it. Trust the mysteries of Earth, nourish your roots with faith, knowing that potent fruits are being born that will sustain you well for years to come. January 3rd, when Sun meets transformational Pluto, is a particularly powerful day to commune with the solid, supportive core of Mother Earth. Pluto, the “lord of the underworld” will guide you in the inner alchemy of transmuting ancestral lead into present gold. Trust the power that moves in the deep.

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer lifts your eyes from the cozy darkness of roots to your “leaves and fruits” – the wisdom you gained from the mid-winter deep dreaming is making you question your work in the world in a profound way. The mystical poet and lover of life Rumi said “Let the beauty you love be what you do.” Is that really true for you? Does your heart yearn for a more genuine engagement with the world? You may surprise yourself by walking off a job you’re no longer “in love with”, or by saying no to an assignment your mind screams you’d be crazy not to take. Sometimes crazy is a good thing, dear lovable Libra! In order to find the new balance, you may have to make some waves. Hang in there, these choppy waters are not here to upset you – these wild waves offer to wipe out any worldly task that’s become a drag on your true path.

The cosmic weather mellows out quite a bit mid-month, promising clearer skies and smoother sailing ahead. A fresh breeze of quirky creativity fills your sails on the January 20th New Moon in brilliantly unconventional Aquarius. This light and airy vibe is familiar to you; a fellow Air sign, you thrive in the realm of ideas. Brilliant insights pop into your head like fresh fluffy popcorn as you play in the lofty heights of utopian visions. All the time you devoted to nourishing your roots and shoring up your foundation bears delightful fruit now. You may have to prune off a few excess shoots, however: remember Saturn, the master teacher of manifestation? He’s offering solid support to your creative visions, if you resist the urge to totally drift off to “la-la land” and focus on what you’d actually love to bring into the physical world instead. By the way, if your heart yearns for that deepest, most personal kind of human creation-– a child of your own– this New Moon time is a lovely time to play the Divine lotter:)   Enjoy making your whole life a work of ART, dear Libra!

Dear SCORPIO, if these were the “good old times”, you might have found a fresh pot of ink and a newly sharpened quill in your stocking this season… or, perhaps a shiny new typewriter… you’d actually rather love a strange gift like that right now, most likely:) Well, if Santa was consulting the stars these modern times, a communication gadget of some sort was surely stashed under the tree. What the universe is hinting at, dear daringly curious Scorpio, is a cosmic gift of extra wattage for your words and thoughts. Deep down you know about the power of the WORD – you don’t speak lightly, and once you do promise something, your word is solid like a rock. As Pluto, your potent cosmic patron meets up with the Sun on January 3rd, you’re asked to bring your insights into the light, to speak truth to power for your own sake and for our world. The “power-brokers” of this planet don’t scare you anymore, you may find out to your own surprise. So, don’t hide under a rock when you feel that sting of conscience – USE your word in the world. The dynamic shifts you’re learning to create are worth the initial discomfort. Enjoy unwrapping this amazing inner gift: your language will mature into potent poetry over the next months and years – like a wizard using a spell, you’ll learn to conjure creation with the tip of your tongue.

The Full Moon on January 4th in your soul-sister water sign of Cancer illuminates the “big picture” of your life, helping you see the legends and themes that weave through all your personal stories. What if your whole worldview could use a good stretch, in light of all you’ve learned this year? Are you sentimentally clinging to an old story of “how life is”, for no other reason than “the devil you know is better than…?”   The stormy waters of this Full Moon are ready to wash the gunk away, if you dare to loosen your grip. It’s actually kind of fun to watch the memories melt! What’s truly authentically yours is be there to stay, you can rest assured.

The tempests and floods of the Cancer Moon make way for clearer skies and fresh breezes mid-month. A welcome clarity emerges within you as well – the needle on your inner compass shows true North again as you look about and assess what’s left after the storm. You’re still here, standing with two feet on the ground. The dome of the sky seems a bit bluer and somehow bigger than before. The New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius on January 20th opens the windows of your earthly abode and sends a fresh breeze of fun ideas floating through. You may find yourself shopping for some quirky interior accents to freshen your nest, or feeling an urge to look for a new, more spacious plot to transplant yourself. Fitting for your deeply probing nature, a general curiosity about your roots may also arise, leading you to track down your remaining relatives in hopes of filling in the missing chapters of your story. What you find may surprise you – your folks may turn out to be even stranger than you knew:) “You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be HAPPY!” said Robert Holden on a postcard with a girl standing on her head. Remember your cosmic Christmas gift, the insight into the power of the WORD? Use this power! You’re FREE to pick and choose the bits of family fables, jokes and stories that truly nourish your sense of belonging on this crazy and beautiful planet. Think of this as a creative project, a kaleidoscopic collage of the colors of YOU. Pick up that quill, or a magic marker, enjoy writing your own potent story!

Dear SAGITTARIUS, after the feasts and fun of the holidays subsides, a strong desire to put all your freshly unwrapped gifts to work starts to raise its head. The most valuable present you received may turn out not to be a “thing” or a gadget at all: powerful pokes from Pluto on December 20-24th provoked you to take an honest look at what YOU would like to gift to the world, what value you can offer that sustains both yourself and your fellow citizens on this beautiful blue planet. Sure, it’s fun to get “stuff”, but having your own gifts really RECEIVED is a joy of a deeper, more nourishing kind. This questioning of values gives you much-needed clarity about what you truly treasure in your own life as well, what’s worth the investment of your most precious resource: your energy and TIME. As you get clearer and clearer on these important inquiries, the world responds with more precision and potency. The year starts off with a bang as Pluto meets up with the Sun on January 3rd, delivering a lightning bolt of power to jolt you into action. Your contribution to the collective is worth more than you can fathom, and the more you allow this knowing to permeate your whole being, the more practical opportunities to put your skills to work will come your way. You’re ready to play in the big leagues, dear daring centaur! It may feel rather wobbly at first, but as you gain your footing, the view from the top is hard to beat:)

The Full Moon on January 4th in the emotional water sign of Cancer illuminates your engagement with the “material world” from the reverse angle – you’re so naturally generous with offering your own time and resources, but how willing are you to receive practical support and backing from others? Does your fear of a loss of freedom, of getting caught in a tangled web of dependency prevent you from truly merging your power with others? Hanging on the sidelines will get you nowhere – these brilliant practical potentials activated by Pluto require you to jump right in and get messy. If this feels uncomfortable, remember the first time you jumped in bed with your beloved – an awkward mix of desire, expansion and vulnerability… wheew, what a rush!   Wasn’t it worth the goosebumps? A similar wave is sweeping through your life, so hang in there, feel the fear and take the plunge anyway, whether it’s into an intimate encounter or a powerful business deal. The energy is the same – pure potent juice of creation!

The cosmic weather lightens and brightens as the month goes on, thank goodness! The New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius on January 20th brings a flurry of fresh ideas and inspiring new contacts in your community. If you used the stormy Cancer Moon of January 4th to dissolve some emotional dams, the inner space you created is ready to be filled with fun and quirky collaborations on socially conscious visions. As Venus the planet of values opposes your jovial cosmic patron Jupiter on January 19th, you’re reminded to make sure your creative projects benefit BOTH you and the world at large. Deep down, we’re all connected, and in your expansive heart you know that. Make sure your actions reflect this knowing, and solid support will show up from sometimes surprising sources. Even Saturn, the stern master of manifestation is ready to lend a hand to a well thought-out endeavor with broadly beneficial aims. Ask questions, share your insights, network – any way you can contribute to weaving a stronger, more beautiful brotherhood and sisterhood, do it! New friends, old friends, serendipitous connections – your mind will be abuzz with the magic of creation. Enjoy being “plugged in” to this bubbling, expansive source! Your gifts are valued and so welcome on this planet!

Dear CAPRICORN, Happy Birthday! The winter solstice New Moon on December 21st lit the candles on your Birthday cake, reminding you to take a break from your busy schedule to celebrate yourself. You have accomplished a lot under huge amounts of pressure – Pluto the profound transformer has been in your sign since 2008, shifting and changing the very foundation of your life, forcing you to face your worst fears and unearth your deepest desires. It’s time to acknowledge the work you’ve done and the challenges you’ve conquered and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. I know crowing about your feats in not your style, and I’m not suggesting you announce your accomplishments all over social media:) What matters is that YOU know deep in your bones just what an amazing journey you’ve been on. A genuine sense of pride is not just a nice boost for your mood – this warm glow of heartfelt acknowledgement is deeply healing for your body, boosting your immune system and injecting all your cells with a spark of inner sunshine. So, indulge in healthy pride this Birthday season, dear courageous Capricorn, it’s “just what the doctor ordered”:) And, speaking of mood-boosters, another cosmic Birthday gift arrived on December 23rd, as your solid cosmic patron Saturn left the murky waters of Scorpio to explore the lofty heights of Sagittarian visions. We’re all a bit tired of the “deep digging”, that’s for sure! Now it’s time to share the treasures uncovered from the depths, to pick up the torch and courageously show the way to a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. Those of you born on or near January 3rd are going to lead the charge this year as potent Pluto infuses your Sun – the very core of your being – with a deep yearning to live your most authentic life and grants you the POWER to make it happen.   Use this power wisely!

Profound changes in you naturally shift your relations with your nearest and dearest. Full Moon on January 4th in the sensitive and nurturing water sign of Cancer brings a chance to have a heart-to-heart with your special someone, letting them in on your latest insights. An intuitive clarity in your business relations may emerge as well. You’re such a capable provider, perhaps you’ve over-pampered your partner(s), doing too much of their life’s work for them, playing a role more akin to a parent? Are you measuring your worth by how well you provide? In light of the exciting developments around your own life’s mission, it may be time to throw away the baby bottle. This may not be so graciously received by your pampered partner. A temper tantrum may ensue, but the clarity and SPACE that emerges after the stormy patch has passed makes up for the all the temporary discomfort:)

The New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius on January 20th kindles a strong desire to put all your freshly unwrapped gifts to work. If you’re looking for an increase in income, don’t be shy­ –call up your friends and colleagues, share your latest most creative visions. What you have to offer is way more unique than you realize! As your stately cosmic patron Saturn receives an energizing tickle from the Aquarian Sun on January 23rd, it’s time to tap your networks and reach beyond the “usual suspects”. Support and leads will weave together in ways you can’t logically explain, so don’t waste your time figuring this energy out. Magical Mercury is hop-skipping backwards through the breezy and brilliant Aquarian terrain, starting January 21st – unexpected run-ins with old friends and co-conspirators may play a big part in helping you realize and monetize the profound gift to the world you have become. Enjoy seeing your worth from a fresh new perspective! What’s merely “normal” for you may be just the touch of genius for someone else. Don’t hide your newly amped up light!

Dear AQUARIUS, hope you found a few moments of “ME” time this holiday season, ‘cause the most precious gifts from the cosmos were not found under the tree but deep within the vaults of your inner castle (of course, it’s great to be grateful for all the lovely gadgets & stuff, don’t get me wrong:) If that much-needed moment of silence didn’t materialize amidst the whirlwind gatherings of the season, use the first few weeks of the year to take a personal retreat. This is not mere R&R, although there’s nothing wrong with that either:) – in your dreams and quiet moments, you’re receiving potent healing and powerful guidance for the next cycle of Life. Your path for the New Year is gifted to you, if you listen well to the voice of SILENCE. And a thunderous silence it is! Far from a mellow meditation, this journey to your most mysterious inner landscapes is charged with potential to reshape the whole legend of your life, courtesy of powerful Pluto. On January 3rd, Pluto merges with the Sun – the life-giver of our Earth – setting up an inner earthquake that’s sure to shake you wide awake. Who knew a little “downtime” could pack such a wallop!:)   Allow this powerful wave of change sweeping through the deepest recesses of your soul to carry away anything that no longer supports you. What remains is a stronger, clearer, healthier YOU, ready to tackle the adventures of the New Year in style!

Full Moon on January 4th in the sensitive and nurturing water sign of Cancer illuminates your health as well, from a more “down-to-earth” perspective: dwelling in the realm of lofty ideas, you sometimes forget the sweet cuddly body that houses all that mental jazz. This rather emotional Moon is calling you home to your body, asking you to listen to its soft whispers before they turn into screams. Is there an unhealthy habit you’ve been meaning to drop? Now is the time! The inner shakeup provided by Pluto has loosened your emotional wiring, so it’s easier than ever to make a decisive shift. It may feel a bit awkward at first, but your body will thank you soon with increased energy and a lovely “glow”. A new YOU is about to be born as your Birthday season beckons, you want to make sure the soil is well nourished to receive the seeds.

The New Moon in your own brilliantly broadminded sign on January 20th lights the candles on your Birthday cake, dear Aquarius! Welcome to the world, once again! I know you often feel like an alien or a visitor from a distant (and much more evolved:) future wondering when the rest of the dummies are going to “get it.” It hasn’t been easy, but if you look around, you’ll surely see that at least a few fellow Earthlings are starting to see the light. Seeds of solidarity, sustainability and creativity you’ve planted are starting to finally sprout. With both Venus and Mercury breezing along in your sign, the world feels and thinks more like you – for a few weeks at least. The cosmic dance has an especially welcome twist in it this year as Mercury turns backward in your sign on January 21st, extending his exploration of your unique terrain. Enjoy the flashes of insight that light up the sky! You may learn something entirely new about yourself – perhaps you’re even stranger and more brilliant than you thought?:) And what if it’s not wrong to be that way? “You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be HAPPY!” said Robert Holden on a postcard with a girl standing on her head. Enjoy being the funny, strange, quirky, odd and impossibly endearing YOU! Happy Birthday! The world would not be near as fun without you!

Dear PISCES, hope you found some time to enjoy the sweet company of your soul family during the holidays! The best gifts of the season may indeed be the chances to rekindle the steady and supportive connections you’ve formed over the years.   Some these fantastic folks may be “blood family”, but the essence of these bonds lies deeper than blood – they’re the people you can share your highest ideals with, and they’re also the ones you can turn to when you’re feeling down. More than comfort and nourishment is shared when you get together – you nudge and poke each other to take the next crucial steps to being “all you can be”:). You shine a light on each others’ strengths (as well as sometimes “sore spots”:), being the mirror that reflects truths you’re not yet able to see. Be open to meeting a few more potent peeps like that, especially the first week of the month when powerhouse Pluto infuses the Sun– the very core of our being – with the deep desire to live the most authentic life. A solid, committed connection to your community is the key that opens the door to actually building the life of your dreams this year, dear cosmically creative Pisces. Don’t stand aloof on the sidelines, missing this potent wave of change. Pour your creativity into collaborations – let’s weave a world we all can be proud of, together!

Your creative capacity is in the spotlight on the January 4th Full Moon in the intuitive water sign of Cancer. Perhaps a brilliant insight or a “cosmic kick in the pants” from one of these potent comrades you’ve just met makes you see your path in a bold new light? The air is charged with emotion – you may fall in or out of love with your current projects at the drop of a hat. Hang in there and float on these turbulent tides, trusting the current to carry you to the best (perhaps unthought-of?) destination. Breathe in the temporary discomfort and listen to the steady hum of the ocean beneath the waves. As Venus and Mercury in Aquarius send a friendly tickle to Neptune, your own dreamy cosmic guide on January 7-8th, the pieces of the puzzle will start to fall back in place.

Mars the planet of motivation enters your sign on January 12th, carrying a gift of extra energy and inspiration. You’ll be able to dance in tune with the universe again, thank goodness! Beautiful dreamy healing is also possible as Mars merges with the oceanic oneness of Neptune on January 19th and greets compassionate Chiron on January 31st. As the turbulent weather of earlier weeks subsides, you’re able to enjoy playing in the mellow mental waves again. The New Moon in brilliantly original air sign of Aquarius on January 20th opens the windows of your inner castle to a fresh breeze of ideas and insights. The clouds of confusion part revealing a vast starry sky over your interior landscape. Look up, trace the path of your destiny in the stars! Meditate, dream, RECEIVE. This is pure Piscean heaven! Don’t let anyone call you lazy­ – this outwardly indulgent time of “not-doing” is precisely the best preparation for your next cycle, as your Birthday season (your personal New Year!:) beckons. It takes time to integrate the intense input you received communing with your bright and potent peeps earlier in the month. A little “me time” to balance the busy “we time” of the holidays is what you yearn for. Allow it! Let yourself drift and dream… it’s essential nourishment for your cosmically creative Piscean soul. Aaahh….:)

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