December 2014 Scopes Archive

DECEMBER 2014 Cosmic Wave Scopes

Dear ARIES, the New Moon in Sag on November 22nd ignited your wanderlust, seeding dreams of far-off journeys and all-out expansion into your adventurous soul. All the intense inner cleansing and restructuring of October and November has left you hungry for signs of “what’s next over the horizon”. The best place to look for the secret roadmap is in your own heart, of course☺.   Although this may seem a bit confusing at first, as you’re still picking up the pieces from the explosive Lunar Eclipse of October 8th, deep inside you know you wouldn’t have it any other way – no external advice or pre-set plan can replace the joy of making it up as you go along, following the sparks thrown off by your own inner torch. Allow yourself to explore and wander, inside and out, as this buoyantly hopeful Sagittarian wave carries you along to unexpected horizons. Take note of any ideas or destinations that really light you up, no matter how strange or disjointed they may seem. Clarity and structure is coming later in the month, when Saturn the stern master of manifestation enters Sagittarius on December 23rd, guiding you to CHOOSE one or two of these expansive plans and COMMIT all your inner fire to bringing it into the world. This is a long term project – Saturn visits your house of expansion and travel for nearly three years. You’d do best to welcome this stately and serious guest-teacher and allow him to guide you to muster the resources and dedication to work on an expansive project (such as writing a book, or enrolling in University) step by step, day by day, page by page. Use the first part of December to play in the fertile field of dreams, allowing the seed that’s worth all your commitment and energy to find you!

The Full Moon on December 6th in the quick-witted Air sign of Gemini will be just the time for a whirlwind of meetings, phone calls, brainstorms – all in service of finding and refining your “big ideas”. Listen well and ask plenty of questions – the Universe is ready to contribute the connections and threads necessary to weave your grand tapestry. Your own capacity to communicate will be in top gear as well, so don’t hide your latest and greatest flashes of inspiration- share, and you’ll find a wonderful cross-pollination occurring that strengthens your own vision and contributes to all of our understanding of what’s needed to create a more beautiful and just world. If you find this flood of information a bit dizzying, step outside, gaze at the beautiful Moon and listen with the cells of your body- you’ll hear the hum of Oneness underneath all the beeping, chirping & buzzing of our world – let that deeper melody guide you. The best ideas & insights will find their way into your vision; don’t worry if your brain can’t “catch” them all with its rather tiny butterfly-net:)

The holiday season brings a grounding shift, as the cosmic dance moves to steady Capricorn. The Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in Cap on December 21st, ushering in a busy season of work and responsibility for you. Yes, the rest of the world may be taking a break and indulging in the coziness of the holidays, but you’re starting to feel like you’ve got your “ducks in a row” for a potent wave of career expansion. You may find yourself juggling some last minute business deals and calls, in between holiday toasts and cheers. If that gives you a sense of excitement, why not! You know you have way more “cooking” in your life than the turkey:)   If you feel you need a break, however, feel free to relax and enjoy the nourishing treats and long morning sleep – don’t worry, the work will be there when the New Year rings in!

Dear TAURUS, the New Moon in Sag on November 22nd invited you to expand your base of earthly support by seeing potent new possibilities of merging your power with others – engaging in creative alchemy where the result is way more than the sum of its parts. Venus, your lovely cosmic patron teamed up with this Moon, allowing you to see the value you offer in both your intimate and business partnerships. Perhaps the two are the same in your life – if so, the message of this Moon echoes even more potently! Take a clear and courageous look at what you receive from these arrangements as well – this is an excellent time to renegotiate agreements that have drifted out of balance. As you open up these (sometimes intimidating) conversations, your courage is handsomely rewarded – fresh ideas and a more mutually empowering and expansive network of relationships will help you feel supported and nourished in a very tangible way. Saturn, the master-teacher of matter and manifestation enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for a three-year program of committed inner and outer work. He will not tolerate lies and wishful thinking – clarity and honesty are the keys to unlocking his contribution to your project of building a solid foundation for yourself to blossom from.   Knowing where you stand allows you to spread your roots with confidence and harness your magnificent powers of earthly creation towards building an abundant garden of shared delights. It’s worth a little work, don’t you think, dear strong and indulgent Bull?:)

The Full Moon on December 6th in the mental Air sign of Gemini will be the perfect time to spark these eye-opening conversations. And, some of these talks may not actually require tracking down your partner – you can start with a good “get clear” with yourself. What do you truly value in your own life? What contributes most JOY to your day-to-day? Where would you most LOVE to invest your valuable resources, including the most precious of all – your TIME? What value do you contribute to your fellow citizens of this beautiful planet? As you jot down your answers, you’ll start to notice where your actual life diverges from the “true North” of your inner compass. Seeing this gap so clearly may feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re prone to self-judgment. Taking a more neutral and curious (very Gemini!) approach makes it easier to simply grab the wheel and turn your ship’s nose in the desired direction without undue drama:). And, sharing your findings and new coordinates with your close co-creators will make the journey you’ll embark on together smooth and expansive, with untold treasure and bounty to boot.

If you’ve succeeded in seeing your own value in a brighter, more hopeful light, you may find a nice holiday bonus in your bank account as a tangible reflection of the inner re-evaluation. Even if the reward is not yet so obvious, don’t pout, there’s a lot to rejoice about as the New Moon in Capricorn on December 21st ushers in the holiday season, lighting up your urge to explore the far-off horizons. Venus and Mercury teaming up with potent Pluto form December 20-24th make sure you won’t just lazily sip margaritas under a palm, dear sensuous beast – any journey you’ll embark upon this week is guaranteed to rock your world in a big and beautiful way. If a physical trip is not on your schedule, give yourself the gift of inner exploration – indulge your curiosity, take a course, get lost in a fun adventure story. This is far from frivolity – deep inside, your mind is mapping the course for the next round of joyful (and very practical!) expansion, as the New Year rings in. Enjoy the adventure!

Dear GEMINI, the hopeful New Moon on November 22nd kindled fresh sparks of optimism, adventure and fun in your relationships. This light and expansive mood continues for the first three weeks of December, you lucky duck! Make time for spontaneous jaunts with your special someone, enjoy looking at the starry sky, holding hands and sharing the “big dreams” together. Let your partner show you the larger canvas of life, inspire you to seek wider horizons! And, if all of this romance talk makes you cringe, no worries – this playful breeze of expansion and optimism lifts the spirits of your business partnerships as well: projects and potentials that emerged in the past months will find fresh wind in their sails. Enjoy making the most of all of your close alliances this month – the sense of being supported and inspired is a sweet reward for any energy you invest in your relationships. And if you’re single, don’t pout, it’s the perfect time to mix and mingle as the holiday season gets in gear. A friendly smile, a goofy joke, a fun idea shared – your signature light touch is the key. Enjoy sprinkling the fairydust of JOY around your circles! Who knows where sparks may land, igniting more than a passing fancy☺   Saturn enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for an extended visit, bringing along his gifts of clarity and deep commitment. A lighthearted romance that started under the mistletoe can take a serious turn in the New Year!:) Saturn has no patience for BS and make-believe. Under the guidance of this rather stern teacher you will strengthen the bonds that have true mutual respect and honor at their core. Saturn helps you clear out everything that doesn’t pass muster both in your own behaviors towards your nearest and dearest, and in the ways they treat you. Knowing clearly where you stand and who is standing in strength beside you is so worth the work.

The Full Moon on December 6th in your own sign shines a bright spotlight on YOU. It’s time to take a breath and celebrate what you’ve accomplished and, more importantly, who you’ve become. It can be hard for you to find the time for self-reflection – you’re always so excited to hop on the next promising wave, dear eternally restless Gemini. Allow your friends and loved ones be your mirror right now! Mercury, your quick-witted cosmic patron is shining with the Sun, lighting up your nearest and dearest while Uranus extends a friendly and unique perspective from your chosen “tribe”.   Take it all in – allow your friends show you what’s truly original about you, while your partner reflects back your shining core. It’s like being plugged into a cosmic re-charger – you’ll emerge with a fresh perspective and genuine appreciation of yourself and a clearer sense of your place in the “big story” of Life.

As the New Moon in Capricorn on December 21st ushers in the holiday season, all the care and attention you’ve put into cultivating loving connections starts to bear potent fruit. Venus and Mercury teaming up with powerful Pluto from December 20-24th water soulful seeds of authentic relating and deep intimacy, opening the door for a truly ecstatic merging of body, heart and soul. Trust your intuition and follow the energy that feels genuinely aligned with your own. These powerful threads of intimate merging carry over to your business relations as well, weaving connections that carry the potential to bring powerful backing to your projects. Having the courage to be authentically YOU catalyses cosmic alchemy where the result is way more than the sum of its parts. Enjoy weaving a tapestry of magic with these most potent yarns!

Dear CANCER, the bright Sagittarius New Moon on November 22nd injected a healthy dose of optimism, adventure and fun into your day-to-day doings. The first three weeks of the month are perfect for riding this buoyant wave, allowing yourself to be carried towards discovering enjoyable ways to freshen up your daily routine. It’s important to keep your “tank full”, as you continue to cultivate the creative seeds planted in the past few months. This quest to stay healthy need not be a bore or drudgery at all, dear comfy Cancer – magical messenger Mercury and Venus, the lady of love & luck are your dynamic duo of wellness-coaches this month, making sure you can find that happy “spring in your step” again, as you whistle while you work:)  Any investment in a healthier, more grounded and collected YOU will trigger jubilant applause and showers of abundance from Jupiter. You know how you feel better after a good workout, proud of yourself for having done it? That pride triggers a natural uptick in your self-worth, which translates directly into a happier bank balance with Jupiter bringing you ample opportunities to increase your earnings. In fact, you’ll need the extra energy, excellent health and super-stamina to actually take advantage of all the bountiful offers Jupiter keeps sending your way. And, if you still need a bit of extra motivation, you’ve got a truckload of it coming when Saturn enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for an extended visit. His style is… well… a bit more stern – imagine a cross between an Olympic coach and a drill sergeant. If you allow this gruff guy to help you, you’ll be surprised how strong you’ll be by the end of his term. Your bonus – well-organized days with space for both efficient expansive work and adventurous play, and a sense of genuine pride and self-respect that adds an inch to your height -not a bad return for your time and dedication:)

The Full Moon on December 6th in the mental Air sign of Gemini offers a helping hand on your journey to optimal health as well by shining a bright spotlight into the most hidden recesses of your mind – the deep subconscious chambers that contain “stuff” you didn’t even know you had. There’s a lot of “psychic DNA” we all harbor that is long past it’s “expiration date”:). The reward for bravely rooting out these sneaky “thought-viruses” that trip you up and hold you back is a sense of incredible lightness and clarity – you may feel like you’ve lost a ton of weight without a bead of sweat:). A lot easier to get a running start on your creative projects when you’ve dropped centuries of baggage you’ve unwittingly carried along!

As the cosmic dance shifts to steady Capricorn, all the time and energy you’ve invested in yourself is set to bear lovely fruit in your relationships. Winter Solstice coincides with the New Moon in Cap on December 21st, ushering in the holiday season. In the midst of all the jolly crowds and gatherings, make sure to find a cozy haven of time just for you and your special someone. Venus and Mercury teaming up with powerful Pluto from December 20-24th water soulful seeds of authentic relating, encouraging you to touch each other in the deepest of ways, body, mind and soul. The same potent thread of connection runs through your closest business partnerships, urging you to remember your colleagues and co-creators with heartfelt words of genuine gratitude this holiday season. Knowing you’re truly there for one another is the greatest gift of all, and a solid foundation for the adventures of the New Year!

Dear LEO, the bright New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd lit a fire under your creative cauldron, sparking your innate desire to express your true SELF. Creation is your natural element, your love and JOY. Enjoy this adventurous, optimistic wave as it carries you towards myriad delights! The first three weeks of the month are golden for playing in the “sandbox of the Universe”, picking up colorful rocks and shells, seeing what shapes catch your eye. Both Venus, the lady of love & luck and the magical messenger Mercury receive a glowing kiss from Jupiter happily basking in your own sunny sign in the first week of the month, setting your creative circuits truly on fire. Keep a sketchbook handy, jot down some of this cosmic bounty!   If you heart’s been yearning for your very own little “bundle of joy”, the time is ripe for this most mysterious and intimate kind of creation as well – you will be in love with Life, flirting with the birds and bees, humming a happy tune in harmony with All That Is. If all this abundance of ideas starts to overflow, threatening to swamp you in a tsunami of “too much juice”, relax – help is on its way on December 23rd, as Saturn, the lord of structure and choice enters this sector of your chart. “Order, order!” you may hear an unexpected inner voice bellowing with authority. Don’t worry, this does not mean an end to your joyous creative flow! Saturn is offering you a structure to shape and direct that wildly roaring force, so you can actually make something real and useful out of this raw material. Treat this somewhat curmudgeonly teacher with respect, and he’ll help you hone your explosive creative potential into refined brilliance of a well-cut diamond you’ll be proud to show the world.

The Full Moon on December 6th in the sociable Air sign of Gemini highlights your role in community, shining a bright spotlight on the considerable creative contribution you’ve been to your chosen tribe. Through honestly expressing your own journey and struggles, your own hopes and dreams, you’ve taught your friends more than you realize. It’s time to let that awareness sink in, to acknowledge your gifts, whether or not there’s any external applause. The light of this Moon allows you to receive your own journey, absorb the learning and start to let it go. The Universe has new assignments brewing for you, but let’s not get too much ahead of ourselves just yet:). For now, relax in the knowing you’ve done your best. The next cycle will bring chances to add even more to the world, no doubt!

As the cosmic dance shifts to steady Capricorn, Saturn’s message of order and structure is echoed again: your attention is drawn to shifting and changing your daily routine to accommodate your new creative tasks. There’s work to do if you desire to see the fruits of the brilliant creative seeds you planted earlier in the month. Winter Solstice coincides with the New Moon in Cap on December 21st, ushering in the holiday season. If you find yourself in the mood to work rather than party hearty, consider volunteering, helping those in need feel the warmth and care of the giving season. Venus and Mercury teaming up with potent Pluto from December 20-24th give your thoughts and actions extra power – a simple smile, a kind gesture, a thoughtful word can make the world of difference to a friend or even a stranger passing by. Wield your power wisely – sometimes the smallest of deeds fills the greatest of needs. Enjoy BEING the gift you are!

Dear VIRGO, the expansive and hopeful New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd inspired you to look at your cozy nest with a fresh pair of eyes and do some brightening up for the holidays. However, the impending holiday season is just a convenient excuse for spending some precious time and money on beautifying your castle – the real motive lies deeper: all the growth, all the inner and outer stretching you’ve experienced throughout the year simply means your old nest feels a bit “small” to contain the span of your wings. This does not necessarily mean you need the extra room; the expansion could be accomplished by re-arranging the flow in your existing pad, fiddling with it till your heart feels a sense of “lift” as you walk through the door. If you do feel a move coming, the first three weeks of the month are a brilliant time for action: both Venus, the lady of love & luck and Mercury, your own cosmic patron, have signed on as your real-estate agents, making sure you’ll find a place on Earth that will make your heart sing. December 4-6th is particularly golden for connecting your soul’s deepest desires to a special spot to call “home”. You will feel ready to commit by the end of the month, as solid Saturn enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for an extended visit. His steady step-by-step, brick-by-brick approach will help you build a strong foundation that will shelter you for years to come. You can take the theme of exploring your foundations even deeper this month, if rearranging your physical home doesn’t quite quench the inner yearning: the time is ripe to explore the legends of your earthy origin in search of stronger, more resilient psychic roots. If you can, look up your ancestors, listen to their stories while they’re still around. This festive season provides the perfect “excuse” to take grandma out to lunch and ask her some soulful questions you’ve never asked before. You may find the fabric of your life enriched by strong and vibrant threads, as you learn of the courage, resilience and creativity it took your ancestors to get YOU here:)

Full Moon on December 6th in the sociable Air sign of Gemini asks you to lift your sights from your roots to the fruits of your labor by highlighting your role in community. This may be quite a busy time for you at work with lots of loose ends needing to be tied before the holidays get into full swing. If you find yourself swamped, take a breath and realize that doggedly “plowing through it” may not be your wisest choice. Look for intelligent ways to plug into the power of your “grid” – you’ve got support, be it colleagues, friends, even your boss – dare to communicate and delegate, and you’ll soon be “whistling while you work”:)   What would happen if you drop the idea that only you can do it “right”? Dare to play with some creative collaboration – you’ll be pleasantly surprised and solidly supported by helpers seen and unseen:)

In fact, your brilliantly practical creativity gets a serious boost as the planets dance into your kin Earth sign of Capricorn in the second part of the month. First Venus, then Mercury, followed by the New Moon on December 21st – this Winter Solstice rings in a season of creative JOY for you and everyone who’s lucky enough to be around you. All the energy you devoted to replenishing your roots earlier in the month is ready to burst forth in a current of potent creativity. Venus and Mercury teaming up with powerful Pluto from December 20-24th make sure your artistic ambitions aim way beyond decorating the tree and glazing the holiday cookies.   This doesn’t mean you can’t obsess over making the most intricate gingerbread house the world has seen:).   Your LIFE is your ART, enjoy creating every minute of it, dear Virgo! What a gift you are to the world!

Dear LIBRA, the adventurous New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd conspired to get your communication capacities into joyful overdrive. This bright burst of hopeful words and expansive ideas is amplified as Venus, the lady of love & luck and Mercury the magical messenger receive a glowing kiss from Jupiter basking in the “soul tribe” sector of your chart during the first week of the month. Gather your friends, feel the love, support and giddy creativity rising up like champagne bubbles in your glass at a holiday party. What a lovely time to be YOU!   You may have some fun chances to mix business with pleasure as the festivities fill your schedule, since some of the hidden (or under-used!) talents you uncovered last month are quickly catching the eyes of expansive collaborators. Mix and mingle, enjoy being the social butterfly – the hopeful messages you sprinkle into your conversations like fairydust make life brighter and lighter for everyone. There are deeper currents of energy on the move here underneath the surface sparkles as Saturn, the master teacher of matter and manifestation enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for a three-year program of committed study. You are learning to harness the true power of your WORD. Allow Saturn to teach you how to use this primal seed of creation with courage, concentration and conviction. Your naturally beautiful, hopeful and expansive language will mature into potent poetry over the next years – like a wizard using a spell, you’ll learn to conjure creation with the tip of your tongue. Choose your words wisely, dear loving Libra, and you’ll weave a wonderful world for all of us to enjoy!   The stakes are high in Saturn’s Mystery School, it pays to pay attention:)

Full Moon on December 6th in the mental Air sign of Gemini lifts your sights from the details of daily chatter to the “big picture” of your life, helping you see the forest for the trees. What if your whole worldview could use a good stretch, in light of all you’ve learned this year? Has the larger pattern of your life shifted without you fully noticing it? The bright spotlight of this Moon shows you a glimpse of the new “master map”, allowing you to correct your course according to the grander plan of your life’s story. Use this friendly Full Moon to explore, learn and access your most creative thinking on all our behalf – you are part of our story too, our roots are inextricably intertwined.

You will notice a grounding shift as the planets head to steady Capricorn one by one starting mid-month. Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in Cap on December 21st, ushering in the holiday season. If all the expansive mental gymnastics have fried your circuits a bit, don’t worry, relief is in sight as your attention naturally turns to nourishing your roots. Follow that “hibernating instinct”, create cozy time with the closest family and friends. Curl up in front of the fire and feel the strength and solidity of Mother Earth holding and supporting you. You’ve stretched and expanded way-way up and out, now it’s time to integrate this exciting growth spurt into a solid, sustainable platform for the New Year. Don’t worry, this inner time won’t slow your progress! Quite the contrary- a strong foundation is just the “launching pad” you’ll need for your next adventures. Enjoy the holidays – a little R&R is the perfect gift for your body & soul!

Dear SCORPIO, the hopeful New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd conspired to get you out of your cave and into the world of joyful productive work.   The new YOU that emerged from the cosmic storms of your Birthday season is ready to test its wings. Watch out world, as you rise from the ashes yet again, dear magical Phoenix of the zodiac!   As you begin to engage your reborn and refreshed capacities, you’ll find opportunities popping up right and left – both Venus, the lady of love & luck and Mercury, the magical messenger have signed on as your career coaches, making sure you won’t sit idle twiddling your thumbs this month:). December 4-6th is particularly golden for connecting to work that really feeds your soul – Jupiter is reaching out his abundant hand to Venus and Mercury, creating a beautiful potent wave you’d be a fool not to jump on. Don’t worry if nothing “big” happens externally – watch for the little sparks of joy and expansion in your heart and “butterflies” in your stomach, as you ponder emerging possibilities. These internal “fireflies” of excitement are your guides to finding where to turn to catch this wave. And if things are still a bit fuzzy, you’ll have help from an unlikely ally clearing your path later in the month as Saturn, the master teacher of matter and manifestation enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for an extended tenure as your senior strategic adviser and occasional drill sergeant.   “Geez, Saturn again? Haven’t I heard enough of his stodgy grumbling?” Well, yes and no, dear Scorpio – Saturn has done a superb job of stripping you from any ambitions and desires that aren’t truly authentically yours. What’s left, even if it’s just a tiny seed in your heart, is unquestionably your own.   Now Saturn is offering you his steady, step-by-step, brick-by-brick approach to building a solid foundation for this precious seed to take root and grow. Yes, it will be work, but you’re not afraid of getting your hands muddy, are you?:) The rewards will be tangible and priceless – a solid sense of inner worth and confidence that’s earned, not bought. No Hallmark Card pep talks here, and truth be told, you’ve never fallen for that fluffy stuff anyway. So, roll up your sleeves, pick a project that truly lights you up and get to work!

The Full Moon on December 6th in the sociable Air sign of Gemini illuminates your engagement with the “material world” from the reverse angle – you know you can rely on yourself, Saturn has taught you that, but how willing are you to receive practical support and backing from others? Are you embarrassed to ask for help? Especially if the aid would be of material kind? And, are you willing to generously share your resources without succumbing to jitters of lack? We’re not just talking about hard cash here – the real currency of connection and support extends to all the words of encouragement, helpful insights and potent partnerships you share with your circle. Open up to more gifting and receiving under the light of this friendly Moon and you’ll never feel all alone again.

Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in steady Capricorn on December 21st, ushering in the holiday season. If you’ve played well in the waves of wonderful work and reached out to receive more and more nourishing support, you’ll have a lot to be thankful for. This New Moon lights up your communication capacities, so don’t keep the blessings to yourself – write, speak, listen – let your friends and family know what’s in your heart and on your mind. Your words carry even more power right now, as Venus and Mercury team up with potent Pluto from December 20-24th. Choose your words wisely, dear soulful Scorpio – like a wizard using a spell, you’re conjuring creation with the tip of your tongue. Weave a world we all can rejoice about with threads of deepest truth and love! You’ve got the power:)

Dear SAGITTARIUS, Happy Birthday! The bright New Moon on November 22nd lit the fuse of your Birthday fireworks, brightening your mood and igniting wanderlust in your restless heart. With Mercury and Venus happily trotting along in your sign the first two weeks of December, the whole world is tuned to your expansive and hopeful wavelength. We’re celebrating YOU, dear Sag, as you’re born anew! It’s time to shed the burdens and share the bounty of last year. Let it go with JOY in your heart, it is the season of giving after all!:) Generosity comes naturally to you, Jupiter’s lucky scion, because deep in your bones you know there’s always another adventure around the bend waiting for you – you live in an abundant universe. You’re the cosmic torch-bearer, inspiring us all to explore bright new horizons inside and out. Both Venus, the lady of love & luck and Mercury, the magical messenger receive a glowing kiss from your generous cosmic patron Jupiter December 4th -6th, setting your heart & mind abuzz with even more exciting plans of far-off adventures. You’re like the Birthday boy with too many toys – one shiny new possibility catches your eye, only to be brushed aside by another a minute later. Enjoy this delightful chaos for a few more weeks, because soon enough you have to choose: Saturn, the master-teacher of matter and manifestation enters your sign on December 23rd for an extended tenure as your life-coach and occasional drill sergeant. Now, hold the moaning and groaning, dear impetuous Archer! A little self-discipline is not the end of the world:)  In fact, if you treat this curmudgeonly teacher with respect, he’ll help you harness your fire into a concentrated bolt of lightning capable of moving mountains or more! Whoa, cool… But, hold your horses – such potency is not handed out lightly – dedication and focus is required to hone your skills and perfect your aim. Saturn is just the kind of teacher to help you learn all that. And, if it still seems unduly tough or boring, just pretend you’re in one of those action movies, diligently training for supernatural feats. Well, you are… kind of:)

A rebirth in you naturally shifts your relations with your nearest and dearest. Full Moon on December 6th in the sociable Air sign of Gemini offers you an opportunity to have a sincere heart-to-heart with your special someone, letting them in on your latest plans and listening to what’s new in their life. A moonlit walk by the beach as you share your hopes and dreams, how does it get better than that?:) Use this friendly Moon to get clarity in your business dealings as well – channels for communication are wide open, and with Mercury the messenger in your own sign receiving a blessing from Jupiter, your ability to express your expansive ideas is at its peak. Don’t let this lovely wave pass by – write, communicate, speak!

Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in steady Capricorn on December 21st, ushering in the height of the holiday season. For you, it signals the end of your extended Birthday party. A desire to put all your freshly unwrapped gifts to work starts to poke up its head, perhaps inspired by Saturn’s first serious nudge. As you get clearer and clearer on what you truly value in your own life, the world responds with more precision and potency. Venus and Mercury team up with powerful Pluto from December 20-24th., offering you opportunities to test your skills and hatch plans that harness your brilliance in service of building a practical platform for your New Year. The year starts with a bang, and you’re off to the races, dear galloping centaur! A stunning combination of strength and spirit, you’re hard to beat!

Dear CAPRICORN, the adventurous New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd invited you on a rather unexpected journey – a guided tour of your interior landscapes so vast and strange you could lose yourself in them. Don’t worry; the purpose of this ramble through your inner worlds is not to confuse you! Quite the contrary – this dip into the depths can clarify your direction, re-calibrating your compass towards your most authentic values and desires. Mercury the messenger planet is there to show you the way, reminding you that not all who wander are lost:)   Lovely Venus joined your crew of cosmic guides as well, pointing you in the direction of long-forgotten treasures. Are there precious heirlooms in your legacy you’ve brushed aside, or not even known about? Not all family secrets are of the dark and scary kind – there could be talents, stories, incredible gems of wit and wisdom hidden in the vaults of your inner castle. Pay attention to your dreams, let your mind roam freely across this mysterious terrain. December 4th -6th, the days before the Full Moon, are particularly potent for receiving expansive insights and authentic guidance, as both Venus and Mercury receive a generous beam of support from Jupiter. Perhaps you’ll see some old stories in an entirely new, hopeful and empowering light? Be open to healing gifts, no matter where they come from:)   If you do discover a weedy patch or two in your inner garden, or a chamber full of worn out junk in the ancestral abode, you’ve got a hard-working clean-up crew coming to your aid on December 23rd, led by your own solid cosmic patron Saturn. This patient planet will not rest until all that’s useless or unessential in your psyche is taken to the “cosmic dump”, composted and recycled (that’s why he’s signed a three year contract for this job!:)   If you accept his help and don’t take offense at his “no-nonsense” approach, you’ll be rewarded with unshakeable conviction and clarity. You will KNOW who you really are, beyond any shred of doubt, by the time your journey with Saturn commences. For now, have faith and take the first step – the inner quest is calling!

Full Moon on December 6th in the mental Air sign of Gemini lifts your sights from the deep excavations, reminding you of your daily duties and deadlines. This is likely a busy time at the office, as the year-end workload looms. The mental agility of this Gemini Moon will help you get a lot done, but that’s nothing new- you’re used to accomplishing the work of two or three “normal” people:)  In fact, this Moon is asking you to consider delegating some of your duties in order to gain back some much needed personal time and space. The inner work Saturn is directing you towards requires an outer shift. You can start with something small and very “doable”: a five minute meditation break, a fifteen minute walk at your lunch break to perk up your energy. Valuing your physical and mental health will help you contribute more of your true gifts to the world. Less “busy-work” is the extra bonus, as you learn to discern what really deserves your time and attention.

Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in your sign on December 21st, ushering in the high holidays and the start of your Birthday season. Venus and Mercury team up with powerful Pluto from December 20-24th., delivering you a potent cosmic birthday present – a chance to really amp up the power of your thoughts, words and intentions. You’ve been tapped into Pluto’s transformative power since 2008. By now you’re starting to get the hang of it – how to handle plutonium without blowing yourself (and the rest of us:) ) to smithereens.   This birthday season opens another chapter in your curriculum: you’re learning what your greatest GIFTS are, and how to share them with the world to the benefit of all. Happy Birthday! You’ve chosen a path of true mastery, be proud of yourself as you celebrate the day you took your first breath on this planet!

Dear AQUARIUS, the bright New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd got your social life buzzing, filling your inbox with invites to a myriad of community gatherings and holiday parties. You’re the agent of expansion in any group you decide to grace with your presence, dear instigator of innovation! Make the time to circulate, don’t hide your light – the conversations you’ll spark will reach way beyond the usual social niceties, igniting far-reaching collaborations with bright-eyed visionaries who share your dreams of a better tomorrow. Some of the “peeps” you’ll meet will jolt you into inspired action and expand your life in unexpected ways for years to come. December 4th -6th are particularly potent for making lasting connections, even meeting a kindred spirit with the potential to become “more than a friend”, as both Venus, the lady of love & luck and Mercury, the magical messenger receive a glowing kiss from jubilant Jupiter, sending sparks of love and joy into your already open heart.   You’ll get a stronger sense of who’s committed to walking the road of life beside you later in the month as Saturn, the stern teacher of duty and responsibility enters the “community sector” of your chart on December 23rd for an extended stay. If some of your “peeps” start to drift away over the next months and years, let them go in peace, and turn your attention towards nourishing the bonds that truly feed your heart and soul. You’re also likely to be asked to take on the role of a mentor amongst your peers. Perhaps you already do that, informally, inspiring your friends to look for the “big story” in their lives. Saturn brings an extra level of awareness and commitment to this process, helping you see how to make a lasting difference in all our lives. This is profound soul-work you’re being called to, but don’t let the gravity of this realization paralyze you! You have a naturally light, delightfully funny way of imparting your wisdom – don’t lose that smile!:) It’s the key that unlocks the most stubborn minds and hardened hearts, a unique gift whose power you’re learning to use.

Full Moon on December 6th in your magical soul-sister Air sign of Gemini lights up your creative circuits, illuminating ideas and insights impatient to be born. Mars, the planet of action just entered your sign, giving you an extra boost of energy to ride this magnificent creative wave. Perhaps there’s a book you’d like to finish writing before the end of the year? Not at all impossible, with Mars by your side! Even if your creative ambitions don’t have a deadline attached to them, make the time to put your pen to paper, brush to canvas. Even if you don’t see yourself as an “artist” of any kind, use this lovely cosmic juice to play with ways to make your LIFE a beautiful work of art.

The holiday season brings a grounding shift, as the cosmic dance moves to steady Capricorn. Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in Cap on December 21st, ushering in the holiday season. For you, this signals a much needed “time out” from the incredible influx of social and creative activity you’ve been happily engaged in. Sure, you love your “peeps”, you love the crackle of a good brainstorm, but at some point your battery starts to flash red – it’s time to tap into the cosmic Source to refill your reservoirs. Take a yummy nap, sneak off on a solitary ramble on your favorite wilderness trail, meditate, relax and RECEIVE. This is not mere R&R, although there’s nothing wrong with that either:) – in your dreams and quiet moments, you’re receiving potent healing and powerful guidance for the next cycle of Life. Your path for the New Year is gifted to you, if you listen well to the voice of SILENCE.

Dear PISCES, the bright New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd cast a brilliant spotlight on your work in the world, helping you expand your mission and put all your newly-acquired knowledge and skills to good use. With Mercury the messenger and Venus the Lady Luck as your dynamic duo of career coaches, you’ll be able to graciously mix business with pleasure as invites to holiday parties fill your inbox. Enjoy the new connections, communicate with gusto and you’ll have plenty in the bank for a joyously abundant celebration of the season:).   December 4th -6th are particularly potent for discovering new ways to “shine” in the world by offering your talents in service of the greater good: generous Jupiter casts a supporting beam to Venus and Mercury, ensuring you can do well AND do good at the same time. You’ve never been one to keep it all to yourself anyway; in fact some see you as generous to a fault. If there’s a grain of truth in this perception, use his beautiful cosmic wave of joy, expansion and abundance to regain a healthier balance: it’s possible to enjoy both receiving and giving, celebrating yourself and uplifting others. If you need to grow a stronger backbone for sometimes saying “No”, you’ll soon have support from an unlikely ally, as Saturn the stern taskmaster enters this sector of your chart on December 23rd for an extended tenure as your senior strategic adviser. Under Saturn’s tutelage, you’ll grow the inner muscles necessary to take on a role of more authority, responsibility and leadership in your work. Even if you’re your own “boss”, or live a life of leisure altogether, development of inner authority is on your cosmic curriculum. The world is ready to receive at least some of the gifts you carry deep inside, but confidence and conviction are required for you to offer them up for all to see. So, welcome this teacher, lacking in grace and fine manners though he may be, and you’ll be well on your way to being all YOU can be:)

Full Moon on December 6th in the mutable Air sign of Gemini shifts your attention from admiring the abundant fruits of your labor to the necessity of nourishing your roots. Perhaps in order to pursue some of the exciting new work opportunities you may need to move, or spend considerable time in more than one place. If so, it’s an excellent time to put the feelers out for a new nest that’s more in tune with who you’re becoming. Even if moving is not on your agenda, take the time to consider whether your root system is healthy enough to support all the growth you’ve got planned. You may need to dig a bit deeper than your physical surroundings! If you unearth some tired old stories of “how and why your life is like it is”, this friendly Moon is the perfect partner to help you dump all that inner junk onto the cosmic compost pile:)   “No mud, no lotus”, as the wise old Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh says.

Winter Solstice coincides with a New Moon in Cap on December 21st, ushering in the holiday season. For you, it’s time to rest a bit from all your inner and outer labors and enjoy the sweet company of your soul family. These are the people you can truly depend on, who are there for you in that steady, quiet, unpretentious way. Some of them may be “blood family”, but the essence of this group of very special folks lies deeper than blood – they’re the people you can share your highest ideals with, and they’re also the ones you can turn to when you’re feeling down.   Celebrate your community, dear compassionate Pisces! And celebrate yourself as just that kind of a true friend – it takes one to know one! Together you’ll step into in the New Year, stronger and wiser and ever full of love.

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