November 2014 Scopes Archive

NOVEMBER 2014 Cosmic Wave Scopes

Dear ARIES, “Wheew, what just happened? Where am I? WHO am I?” you may find yourself asking in the wake of last month’s cosmic storms. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse aided by rebellious Uranus blew your Self Image to smithereens – all in the name of liberation, of course:)   Then, as you stood there dazed and amazed, the Solar Eclipse of October 23rd beamed a faint glimmer of light through the ruins of your former shell. This light, instead of showing you a clear “way out”, guided you deeper and deeper IN.   Unfamiliar direction, perhaps, you impetuous explorer of external horizons! But, if you gather up your courage and follow this subtle thread into the heart of your inner Labyrinth, you’re on track to unearth deep authentic potency like you’ve never felt before. The path will not be straight or quick – months or even years of exploration lay ahead, so patience and perseverance are required. Luckily, your cosmic patron Mars is your ally here, as he transits the sturdy and committed Earth sign of Capricorn, allowing you access to a different, more deliberate mode of action. Use the first week of November to set off on this fearless quest to your personal “underworld”, and LISTEN every step of the way for guidance from powerful supporters from this world and beyond. Most of all, listen to the voice of your own soulful passion and deep curiosity. Make it an adventure, although outwardly you might be sitting still! And, as fitting for a quest, there’s treasure to be found – previously hidden resources and support, both material and spiritual, is on offer, if you commit to navigate the authentic path.

Not everything you find on this journey will be fit to keep, however, and the Full Moon on November 6th in earthy Taurus will help you compost the garbage and sort through the piles of possessions. A revision of values is called for, on all levels – are you holding on to “stuff” (and, oh yes, this means all that “inner stuff” as well, all your precious ideas and notions!) out of habit, out of fear of some potential future scarcity? After you’ve emerged fresh and raw and still very much alive from October’s wild cosmic weather, is there anything really worth being afraid of? Take an honest look at what’s truly valuable to you and what you value IN you.   As you pick up and OWN your own precious qualities, the world will take notice – Mars and Pluto, a potent team of cosmic powerbrokers, are waiting to give you a “leg up the ladder” in your chosen field of worldly endeavors on this Full Moon.   The only thing you’ve got to lose are the dusty old rags you’ve used to cleverly hide your brilliance. Not a hard choice, is it?:)

If all this meticulous inner work is starting to bore your adventurous soul, you’re going to like the shift of winds that’s on the way later in the month: Venus emerges from the underworld first, dancing into the bright and spacious quarters of Sagittarius on November 16th, sparking your desire to stretch your wings once again and soar to lofty heights. A bouncy New Moon in Sag follows on November 22nd, igniting your wanderlust big time. Mercury joins the cosmic Archer’s party on November 27th , offering you chances to spread your words and inspire us all with your indomitable spirit. You’ve gone through a lot lately, emerging into this warm glow of fiery light with swashbuckling tales to tell and soulful wisdom to share.   We’re all ears, don’t keep us waiting! Your inner quest is ready to crack open far and wide!

Dear TAURUS, last month’s fiery Lunar Eclipse on October 8th torched the cobwebs and cleared out the ghouls from the deepest chambers of your soul . The effects of this powerful subterranean blast will continue to reverberate for months, perhaps even years to come – your whole “psychic DNA” is irrevocably changed, harmful and limiting patterns of behavior rooted out through generations and lifetimes of lineage. Allow this potent medicine to run its course, and bring the light of your conscious awareness to witness the unfolding of the new YOU . Into the fertile space created by this clearing a beautiful seed of soulful relating was planted by the New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 23rd. Venus, your lovely cosmic patron was the fairy godmother at this birth, offering you blessings of ever-deepening intimacy with those you hold near and dear. The potential here is for a sacred union and communion on all levels, body and soul! But, there are risks and trials on this journey, dear sensuous Bull – in order to truly merge in ecstasy with another, you have to bare way more than your body – you have to be ready to expose the deepest, softest, most vulnerable chambers of your heart, and that takes COURAGE of the most original, authentic kind. Did you know, the word “Courage” itself comes from the Latin word for heart, “cor”? So, the gifts of this soulfully passionate Scorpio Eclipse hinge on the gate of your heart. Do you dare to open it, a little more, a little more, and let the light of Love in?

You may run, but you can’t really hide, as the Full Moon in your own sign on November 6th follows you with a spotlight, insisting on revealing the authentic you. This light may feel a bit harsh, it has no use for flattery, but its purpose is not to expose your wrinkles, dear Venusian creature!   In fact, this Moon is your ally, showing you plainly and clearly where you’ve outgrown your rather safe and comfy image of yourself. Your shell must crack now and again, like the bark of a tree cracks as it grows. Remember the budding seeds of intimacy that got planted in you in October? If you allow yourself to “crack” even a little, these seeds will grow. Intimacy with yourself, the deep peace of truly seeing, being and knowing YOU is the sweetest reward of all.

If all this intense inner focus is starting to wear out your emotional muscles, you’ll like the lighter and brighter planetary weather that’s in store for the latter part of the month, as the cosmic party shifts from the deep waters of Scorpio to expansive horizons of Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge from the underworld on November 16th, giving a lift to your spirits and a healthy boost to your finances. New Moon in Sag follows on November 22nd, expanding your base of support and helping you see your future in a more optimistic light. Mercury joins the cosmic Archer’s party on November 27th, weaving connections that carry the potential to bring powerful backing to your projects (any modern day Medicis out there?:)   The soulful seeds of authentic relating and deep intimacy you’ve nourished earlier in the month are starting to flower and bear fruit, and the harvest multiplies as if by magic, the more you share it – the more you share of your true SELF. Having the courage to be you catalyses cosmic alchemy where the result is way more than the sum of its parts. Enjoy being the magician of earthly manifestation you know you are!

Dear GEMINI, Mercury, your quick-witted cosmic patron is happily hop-skipping forward again with his winged sandals ready for flight. You’re feeling a sense of restlessness as well , eager to put the creative insights you’ve harvested during last month’s retrograde into action. And, if getting something done is your goal, you’ve got powerful backers waiting to lend you a hand: Mars, the planet of action is teaming up with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation in the ambitious Earth sign of Capricorn, offering a direct line of cosmic support which may translate to finally getting your idea funded, or in other ways green-lighted to come into earthly form. This exciting possibility is strongest from November 16-20, so you’ve got time to “get your ducks in a row”. And, there is work to do indeed, to lay a solid foundation for this next round of expansion: the Eclipses of last month continue to call your attention to letting go of any old hopes and dreams that are too small for these bright new possibilities, and urging you to set up a sustainable schedule that supports your whirlwind of creativity. There’s a need to focus and set priorities, to choose the projects and tasks that truly touch your deepest aspirations and let go of the rest, no matter how temptingly shiny these ideas may be:). If the word “focus” feels a bit forceful, there’s a cosmic clue in this puzzle that will make finding your true course more natural: consider what you’d most like to GIFT to the world? What is your highest and most soulful SERVICE? You know you’re so good at so many things, but what’s actually good for you, and good for the community at large?

The Full Moon on November 6th in the grounded Earth sign of Taurus comes to your aid as well in this search for clarity by illuminating the most hidden recesses of your mind – your deep subconscious chambers that contain “stuff” you didn’t even realize you had. Use this practical Earth energy to sort through your inner inheritance and compost what no longer serves you here and now. There’s a lot of “psychic DNA” we all carry that is long past it’s “expiration date”, waiting to be recycled. The reward for getting your hands dirty with sorting through your inner muck is a sense of lightness and clarity – you may feel like you’ve lost a ton of weight after you’re done! A lot easier to take flight with your winged sandals, when you’ve dropped centuries of baggage you’ve unwittingly carried along:)

If you’ve exceeded the limits of your patience with this slow slog through your personal underworld, you’re going to like the latter part of the month when the energy gets a lot lighter and brighter as the cosmic party shifts from the deep waters of Scorpio to expansive horizons of Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the bouncy New Moon on November 22nd. Together they shine a fresh beam of optimism, adventure and fun on your relationships. Take a spontaneous jaunt with your special someone, enjoy looking at the starry sky and sharing the “big dreams”. Let your partner show you the larger canvas of life, inspire you to seek wider horizons. Mercury joins the cosmic Archer’s party on November 27th as well, helping you stretch your mind to previously unthought-of dimensions. All this expansive “cosmic juice” spills over to your business partnerships as well – the powerful potentials that emerged mid-month will find fresh wind in their sails. Dare to dream big and keep your course steady by your newly-calibrated inner compass. The whole world is your playground, enjoy the excitement of expansive co-creation!

Dear CANCER, the cosmic fireworks of October conspired to rocket your creativity into the limelight, ready or not. If you managed to stubbornly resist the inner urges and outer nudges to “shine out” in the world, you haven’t missed the train. There’s no way to really escape your destiny – the Eclipses take a long view of time, the changes they initiate in your inner wiring will become more and more apparent as months go by. No matter how cozy you’ve gotten in your cave, the light will trickle in eventually, waking up your own authentic desire to share your magical imagination with the world. For now, trust the unfolding, the demolition of the old and the emerging blueprints of the new YOU.   Use your impeccable intuition to help the process along – any time you find your mind straying down the old familiar path of “I can’t… what if…what will happen, etc, etc”, take a breath, stand up, stretch yourself and MOVE. Move your body and mind to a new place, a new shape, bit by bit. Before you realize it, you’ll be well along the way to creating the life of your dreams in your everyday. Mars, the cosmic motivator in methodical and ambitious Capricorn is ready to be your coach (or a drill sergeant, if you need one:) in this step-by-step approach. This potent planet is traveling through the partnership sector of your chart, where he’ll run into the most powerful change-maker of all, Pluto. So, yes, your special someone may well give you that “kick in the pants” you need to step out of your comfort zone. Be aware and listen to the deeper message, don’t be quick to take offense! A friendly nudge may turn into a tug-of-war, if you choose to see it from a defensive perspective. Be open to receiving a healthy dose of motivation, irritating though it may taste at times:)

The Full Moon on November 6th in the sensual Earth sign of Taurus will grant you a welcome break from all the action. Its soft glow will illuminate your lovely circle of friends, and your partner will be in the mood for a party as well. Enjoy some good food for your body and soul, celebrate life in all its earthly glory. Allow yourself be inspired by nature’s effortless abundance, as you savor the wine and cheese. Let the mellow glow of this Taurus moon melt away any memories of lack you harbor in your sensitive soul. Take a look around your tribe and see who makes you feel truly blessed, and who drags you down. Caring as you are, it’s not your job to be the blood donor to the Halloween ghouls – if you feel drained after an encounter with a friend, don’t hesitate to take a break from that relationship. There are plenty of people in your life who love to light you up. Let them!

In fact, the whole world will get involved in the project of lightening and brightening your days, as the cosmic party shifts from the deep waters of Scorpio to expansive horizons of Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the bouncy New Moon on November 22nd. Together they inject a healthy dose of optimism, adventure and fun into your day-to-day doings. You will feel that certain “spring in your step” again, as you whistle while you work:)   This is a signal that some of the creative seeds planted during October’s potent Scorpio Solar Eclipse are ready to burst through the ground. Which ones to cultivate and water? You’ve got an abundance of ideas, no doubt… but, the choice is easy: simply pick the projects that make you most happy! Mercury, the magical messenger of divine inspiration comes to your aid here as he rushes to join the Sagittarius party on November 27th, attuning your mind to the most expansive frequency. Do at least one thing every day that makes your heart sing, and you can’t go wrong! The whole world has been waiting patiently for your beautiful song:)

Dear LEO, last month’s potent Eclipses had you digging deep into your roots and reaching high through the clouds: without quite realizing it, you had outgrown the plot you’ve been planted in, and cracked open the glass ceiling of your life’s potential. Expansive Jupiter’s entry into your sign around your Birthday may have been the cosmic catalyst for this growth spurt – somehow, you just don’t seem to fit into your old world anymore! Remember, as a child, when you found your last winter’s boots ridiculously small, and wondered who was that little elf who could have possibly worn these? When in disbelief you stubbornly insisted on squeezing your toes into them and tried to walk, you nearly toppled over, right?:) Well, it’s that kind of time again – time to accept you need a wider and deeper foundation for your life, both inside and out. Eclipses take a long view: this spreading of roots and sprouting of new shoots will go on for months, even years to come. But the point of most power is right here and now. The time is ripe to explore the legends of your earthy origin in search of stronger, more resilient roots: if you can, look up your ancestors, listen to their stories while they’re still around. The approaching holiday season provides the perfect “excuse” to take grandma out to lunch and ask her some soulful questions you’ve never asked before. You may find the fabric of your life enriched by strong and vibrant threads of history. And if some of the threads turn out to be musty or broken, the conditions are ripe for healing and transmuting your “psychic DNA” – this Scorpio cycle is prime alchemy time. Whether it’s stories, old photos, dreams or memories – take a moment to dig a bit, and treasure will be yours – the rich yummy soil you’ll unearth is worth more than all the glitter and gold:)

Full Moon in earthy Taurus on November 6th continues this terrestrial theme – its light will illuminate your “fruits” that spring forth from your newly nourished roots. If you discover a few rotten apples, a few projects that went awry, all the better: you’ll be able to pluck them off and stop the drain on your time and resources, turning them into compost for your future growth. This Taurus Moon invites you to look at your work in the world in a very practical, grounded light: is what you spend your time on truly sustaining? Do your abundant creations nourish both you and the world? Follow these threads, and you’ll be able to adjust your course towards most authentic and abundant flowering.

If you’re getting a bit bored with all this “mucking about in the mud”, you’ll like the shift that’s on its way later in the month as the cosmic party moves from subterranean Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the bouncy New Moon on November 22nd. Together they light a fire under your creative cauldron, sparking your natural desire to “show and tell”. All the energy that’s gone into your roots is ready to burst out in a kaleidoscope of vibrant color. Creation is your natural element, your love and JOY. Enjoy this adventurous, optimistic wave as it carries you towards playful delights! If you heart’s been yearning for your very own little “bundle of joy”, the time is ripe for this most mysterious and intimate kind of creation as well:). What a lovely time to be a Leo!

 Dear VIRGO, last month’s dynamic Aries Lunar Eclipse urged you to find the “fire in your belly” – to dare to access your true potency that’s been bubbling under the surface like hot lava under Earth’s seemingly tranquil crust. And if that wasn’t enough of a cosmic task, the Solar Eclipse in passionate Scorpio on October 23rd insisted that you stop hiding from the formidable power of your thoughts and words – you can heal or harm with incredible acuity, and often the sharp end of the stick is pointed at your own heart. Scorpio is after the truth, nothing more and nothing less, but this doesn’t have to mean a stinging form of “brutal honesty” (isn’t it time to dismantle this whole concept anyway, and find a way to be simply honest?) This brings to mind a story I heard of a Benedictine nun’s daily prayer: “Dear God, show me the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is”. You might consider adopting your own version of this prayer, dear Virgo, and see what shows up:). Authentic, soulful communication and meticulous examination of your whole mental wiring is going to be on your agenda for months, if not years to come – integrating the Eclipses is a “long term project”, one that’s meant to guide you towards the most challenging and rewarding path in life: the evolution and revelation of your soul, your essence – who you really are when you’re not trying to be anything or anybody:)

November 6th Full Moon in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus lifts your sights from the intricacies of your inner wiring to the “big picture” of your life. What if your whole worldview could use a good stretch, in order to accommodate the possibility of a more beautiful and abundant version of Life on Earth? You may enjoy an educational excursion to an eco-village, or take a permaculture course at a retreat center that also happens to have a lovely spa. What would it take to create a truly sustainable, healthy and enjoyable life for all of us on this precious planet? You have some crucial pieces of the puzzle, dear Virgo! Use this friendly Full Moon to explore, learn and access your most creative thinking on all our behalf.

The mood gets even lighter and brighter towards the end of the month, as the cosmic party shifts from subterranean Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the bouncy New Moon on November 22nd. Together they conspire to spruce up your home for the holidays and whip up a warmhearted gathering, inviting all your nearest and dearest to partake in the cheer. You prefer entertaining in your own castle to arduous holiday travel anyway, right? Enjoy the spirited conversations that get sparked around the abundant table, and see if some of seeds of authentic communication planted at last month’s Solar Eclipse are starting to sprout in the form of deeper, more genuinely heart-to-heart exchanges that go way beyond the usual pleasantries. Nourishment for both body and soul are your gifts this holiday season, enjoy!

Dear LIBRA, hope you enjoyed unwrapping the cosmic Birthday present brought to you by the magical messenger-planet Mercury’s backward dance through your sign last month. An unexpected and all the more refreshing shift of perspective, a new way to see and BE you, inside and out – that’s what Birthdays are all about, don’t you think? Of course, a rebirth in yourself has a way of reconfiguring your whole reality –and it’s too late to send this Birthday present back!:) The Eclipses of last month provided a cosmic catalyst to getting you on track to direct the most authentic version of “the movie of your life”. Sounds good in theory, but not always easy in practice, since change inevitably involves rocking some boats. First, your relationships came under scrutiny, as the fiery Aries Lunar Eclipse illuminated all the ways you’ve imprisoned yourself (or your “significant other”!) in the name of Love. Ouch!:) But, the temporary discomfort is easier to bear if you start to see the healing inherent in these shifts and changes: what if everything in life happened FOR you, not TO you, as is the common perspective? What’s right about this I’m not getting? These lines of inquiry will lead you to discover the gift, no matter how strange the wrapping. And, speaking of presents, a quest to reveal the true gifts of YOU became your cosmic mission for the next months and years, as the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on Oct 23rd sent a searing shaft of light to the deepest well of your power and potential. What’s right about ME I’m not getting, you may ask yourself as you go about your daily doings. A simple and strange clue for your inner treasure hunt: what’s ridiculously easy for you, so easy in fact that it seems almost worthless? Got it? Now, look around, is it easy for others too? Perhaps not… herein lies the path to your hidden treasure, dear Libra, enjoy the excavation! The inner gifts you’ll discover will easily turn to outer gold – this Scorpio Eclipse activates the magician and the alchemist in you.

The Full Moon in earthy Taurus on November 6th echoes the gifting theme by illuminating the reverse angle – how willing are you to receive practical support and backing from others? Are you embarrassed to ask for help? Especially if the aid would be of material kind? And, are you willing to generously share your earthy resources without succumbing to jitters of lack? An adjustment of course towards a healthier, more interdependent and mutually supportive path leads you to beautiful, powerful co-creation in the garden of earthly abundance, dear caring and cooperative Libra.

If all this deep digging has worn out your emotional muscles, you’ll enjoy the lighter and brighter mood that develops towards the end of the month as the cosmic party shifts from subterranean Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the adventurous New Moon on November 22nd. Together they conspire to get your communication capacities to joyful overdrive, as you make arrangements for happy holiday get-togethers with friends and family. You might have some fun chances to mix business with pleasure as well, since some of the hidden talents you uncovered earlier in the month are quickly catching the eyes of expansive collaborators. Mix and mingle, enjoy being the social butterfly – the hopeful messages you sprinkle into your conversations like fairydust make life brighter and lighter for everyone. (Could this be one of the “hidden gifts” you take for granted, dear Lovable Libra? Well, you’ve been found out!:)

Dear SCORPIO, Happy Birthday! The universe delivered quite a potent present to your doorstep on October 23rd – a Solar Eclipse heralding a total rebirth in the way you see yourself and BE yourself. What a perfect gift for the master magician and most tireless transformer of the zodiac! You are uniquely qualified to take full advantage of the massive metamorphosis that’s set to unfold, cell by cell, breath by breath over the coming months and years. Integrating the Eclipses is a long-term project, one that’s meant to guide you towards the most challenging and rewarding path in life: the evolution and revelation of your soul, your essence – who you really are when you’re not trying to be anything or anybody:) Venus was the midwife at the birth of this butterfly, making sure the new you is soulfully sexy and magnetically beautiful. Watch out world, as you begin to test your wings, rising from the ashes yet again, dear magical Phoenix of the zodiac! You’ve gone through a ruthless restructuring of your inner (and sometimes “outer”) life under the stark and demanding tutelage of Saturn over the last two years. Now you’re nearing the graduation date, as Saturn prepares to take leave of your sign in December. This Birthday Solar Eclipse is the key to your next cycle – one of rebuilding a better, stronger, more honestly and unapologetically authentic life. Enjoy the emergence, and thank the old curmudgeon Saturn for his gifts on his way out! Really, no irony here – as you look back on your life you’ll see the cosmic weed- whacking he accomplished was essential for clearing the ground for the new seeds that got planted on your Birthday this year.

Big shifts inside of you inevitably shake up your relations with those nearest and dearest – just when they think they’ve got you finally “figured out”, you peel off “yesterday’s skin” and reveal a mysterious stranger. It’s almost funny to see the puzzled (and irritated) look in their eyes! But if you desire a genuine connection, the revelation will have to be mutual, guided by gentle curiosity and heartfelt vulnerability. If you scare or manipulate someone into showing you their truth, you may get a moment of gleeful satisfaction, followed by a definitive slam of the door in your face. The Full Moon in earthy Taurus on November 6th shines its light on the ways you seek intimacy, urging you to re-connect with your heart’s true desires. Mars and Pluto, your ancient and modern cosmic patrons, extend their support to this endeavor by amping up the power your words and thoughts, lending you the courage to speak from your heart. Be mindful of what you say or leave unsaid! With a word or two, you can build a beautiful bridge of authentic connection, or send it crumbling down. The choice is yours to make.

If all this interior excavation is starting to take a toll on your emotional muscles, you’ll enjoy a welcome break towards the end of the month as the cosmic crew shifts from your own interior castle to the expansive estate of Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the adventurous New Moon on November 22nd. Together they conspire to get you out of your cave and into the world of joyful productive work. Haven’t you noticed that being utterly engaged in a project you love can be a more of a “vacation” than sitting at idle contemplating your vastly complex psyche? Yes, all this inner work is hugely rewarding and necessary, but at some point you need a break, lest you implode on yourself from all this “gravity”. “Let me out, let’s DO something, please!” – your wish is generously granted, if you put on something fresh and fun and proceed to mix business with pleasure, as the invites to holiday gatherings roll in. Keep an eye out for opportunities and offers, and enjoy this breezy atmosphere of possibilities. You deserve it, after the cosmic workout you’ve just been through!:)

Dear SAGITTARIUS, are you feeling the tingles of restlessness, as the sparks of creativity liberated by last month’s fiery Aries Lunar Eclipse work their way through your system, igniting multitudes of ideas that seem to burst out all at once? “Look at me! Pick me! What about me?”, they buzz around like excited third graders at the “show and tell”. No wonder it’s feeling a bit crowded in your head! Instead of inspiration, you may end up with a splitting headache if you don’t create the SPACE for all this fresh creative juice to flow. Luckily, the October 23rd Solar Eclipse in Scorpio knew just where to point you to find the extra acreage you didn’t even knew you had – it pushed open the squeaky door to the most hidden chambers of your soul, illuminating inner landscapes shrouded in the mists of time. Venus volunteered to be your guide on this journey into your personal “unknown”, helping you unearth long-forgotten treasures of soulful beauty. This being Halloween time, you’re bound to rustle up some spooks and ghouls too on your inner rambles. Don’t be too quick to slam the door in their faces – they’ve got stories to tell that could fuel your newly excited engine of creation with plots of startling originality. Everything old is new again – recycling is in vogue:)   There’s also a deeper, more personal benefit to digging through the vaults of memory, hearing out the old stories – a subtle yet profound healing is on offer here, a mending of the frayed and faded threads of your psyche. The Eclipses take a long view on time, so have patience as this journey unfolds over months, perhaps even years. Pay attention to your dreams, let your mind roam free across this mysterious terrain. This subtle inner integration is the perfect preparation for your next cycle of emergence.

Health is the focus of the November 6th Full Moon in Taurus as well, but the spotlight shifts to the physical, tangible realms – how you nourish and care for your body, how you plan your daily doings to ensure enough energy for your myriad tasks. Are you managing your earthy resources in a way that sustains you and our beautiful planet? Any attention to achieving a healthier balance here is handsomely rewarded and powerfully supported by Pluto and Mars teaming up in your world of work. The universe is keeping you busy, and it’s your task to take care you don’t spread yourself too thin. In fact, some healthy indulgences might just be the medicine you require to keep going strong – a scrumptious dinner, and a marvelous massage to melt away the knots in your shoulders… mmm… who knew staying well can be this much fun?:)

After you’ve passed all the physical and mental health checks, you’re ready to re-join the race again as your Birthday season beckons. Venus is the first to emerge from the subterranean Scorpio territory on November 16th, ushering in a brighter and lighter mood and igniting the wanderlust in your restless heart. A bright New Moon follows on November 22nd, wishing you a very Happy Birthday:)   Mercury catches up with your celebrations on November 27th, making sure the whole world attunes to your expansive and hopeful wavelength. It’s no accident the busiest holiday festivities are held under your cosmic guidance – besides filling our bellies, we have a deeper hunger to satisfy this time of the year- we long to feel HOPE again, a sense of LIGHT returning. You are the cosmic torch-bearer, inspiring us all to explore bright new horizons inside and out. Let it shine, dear Sag, let it shine!

Dear CAPRICORN, last month’s potent Eclipses made you question the solidity of your existing root system, pointing you towards new friends and communities with ideals more aligned with your deepest core. You may have discovered an urge to transplant yourself completely from the present soil and find a more nourishing place to grow. The purpose of this rather uncharacteristic restlessness was not just to peer through the real estate ads, however – the seismic shifts at your foundation went deeper, asking you to find your own unique way to connect with “life on Earth as we know it”:)   Am I living someone else’s dreams, you may ask yourself. As we grow up, we all install some version of our family’s and society’s “operating system”, but at some point the lightning strikes our roots and we begin to question the validity of the instructions handed to us. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse was just this kind of a flash, illuminating your path toward building a more authentically satisfying life from the ground up. And, don’t fret, you can still hold a lot of love and loyalty for your “folks” in your heart, while quietly, steadfastly laying the foundation for your own castle. Mars, the planet of action and motivation is your ally here, as he marches through your sign from October 26th – December 4th, giving you the energy and confidence you need to take the first steps. And, supremely capable though you may be, especially with Mars on your side, you don’t have to go it alone.   The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Oct 23rd opened the way for more and more solid and soulful support from your chosen “peeps” – together, you’ll accomplish with ease what would have taken you years of effort before. Enjoy reaching out, it’s not a sign of weakness! Quite the contrary – knowing how to effectively collaborate in service of a larger ideal is a sign of maturing wisdom and authentic leadership. What a potent cosmic gift indeed!

Full Moon in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus on November 6th shines a bright light on your practical creativity. Ideas on how to improve just about anything pop into your head like the proverbial lightbulbs going off. Allow yourself some leisure time to PLAY with them – it doesn’t all have to makes sense or prove to be useful. Enjoy the pleasure of creation just for the fun of it, even for an hour here and there. Dare I suggest “flirting” with some of these ideas? Taurus has it’s whimsical, sensual side, you know:)   Notice any internal censorship or negative mind-loops (like: “this is a big fat waste of time”: )that don’t allow you this unfettered playtime in the sandbox of life. You could believe all the stuff your mind is saying, why not. But, you’d miss out on growing some crucial new connections in your brain that support just the kind of grand ambitions you’re harboring deep inside.

Speaking of things vast and grand, the mood is about to get a lot lighter and more spacious towards the end of the month as the cosmic crew shifts from subterranean Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the adventurous New Moon on November 22nd. Together they conspire to take you on a journey like none you’ve been on before – a guided tour of your interior landscapes so unexpectedly vast you could lose yourself in them. Don’t worry, the purpose of this ramble through your inner worlds is not to confuse you, but to help you find your way to that inner compass we spoke of before – one that points toward living YOUR life. Mercury the magical messenger joins your crew of cosmic guides on November 27th, reminding you that not all who wander are lost:)  Pay attention to your dreams, let your mind roam free across this mysterious terrain. This inner integration is the perfect preparation for your next cycle of emergence, as your Birthday season beacons next month.

Dear AQUARIUS, the dynamic month of October gave your mind quite a workout as you stretched high and wide to incorporate new knowledge, making space on your “interior bookshelves” for this fresh intellectual influx by tossing out some old, outdated mental manuscripts. Just the kind of work you’re made for, dear eternally curious Aquarius! The Solar Eclipse on Oct 23rd in the potent water sign of Scorpio opened a path for putting all this learning and expansion to work. Eclipses take a long view on time, so don’t be too impatient if you don’t see immediate offers for advancement in your inbox – allow this new level of potency to gradually come to light. Think of it more as the cosmos speaking through you, delivering a whole new blueprint for a more holistic, harmonious humanity. You might have heard of the utopian “Age of Aquarius” that the hippie generation excitedly crooned about in 1969? Well, they were a bit early in their proclamations, but by now, almost half a century later, we are actually tiptoeing across this paradigmatic threshold, mostly without a clue as to what to do next:)   Here’s where you come in, with your mental circuits freshly cleared by last month’s Eclipses – your thoughts and words are directly plugged into the power-sockets of the universe now, and some of us are finally ready to receive your innovative wisdom. So, look for practical opportunities to share and implement your “far out” ideas! You may hold the seeds for the next brilliant startup or a social change that turns our current mess of a “world order” on its head in just the right way. Don’t keep these clues to yourself, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what transpires over the months and years to come.

The Full Moon in the mellow Earth sign of Taurus on November 6th turns your attention to your home base, highlighting a need for some well-deserved R-n-R in your cozy nest. All this learning and career expansion is exciting, but if you’re not nourishing your roots, your precious fruits may dry up before they get to fully ripen. Unplug yourself from “the grid” for a few days and attend to your body and soul. If you find yourself sleeping for 20 hours straight, so be it – Lion, the crowning beast of the animal kingdom does so on a regular basis. Allow yourself some scrumptious “cave time”, and you’ll emerge refreshed and ready for the busy weeks to follow.

Indeed, the pace picks up considerably and the mood brightens by several shades when the cosmic crew shifts from subterranean Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius towards the end of the month. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the hopeful New Moon on November 22nd. Together they get your social life buzzing, as the invites to holiday gatherings pour in. Make the time to circulate, and don’t hide your light – the conversations you’ll spark will reach way beyond the usual social niceties, igniting far-reaching collaborations with bright-eyed visionaries who share your dreams of a better tomorrow. Some of the “peeps” you’ll meet will jolt you into inspired action and expand your life in unexpected ways for years to come. Enjoy your wild and wonderful community!

Dear PISCES, last month’s potent set of cosmic waves conspired to push you out of your quiet little cove into the wide and wonderful ocean. Hope you managed to ride some of these powerful currents to juicy new destinations in work and learning, as the Eclipses stimulated your desire to expand your knowledge and skills, helping you cut any dead-weight anchors to past troubles that had been dragging you down. If you managed to stubbornly resist the inner urges and outer nudges to explore the wider the world, don’t worry, you haven’t missed the train. There’s no way to really escape your destiny – the Eclipses take a long view of time, the changes they initiate in your inner wiring will become more and more apparent as months go by. Allow that yearning for higher learning to take you on a journey, whether it’s to a far-off country or to your local library. The seeds of wisdom you plant this fall will bear many wonderful fruits, as the magic of the Eclipses unfolds over the coming months and years. Perhaps you’ve already gathered some gems to share? Don’t hide your light, dear compassionate Pisces – write, blog, speak and publish to your heart’s delight – the world is hungry for your intuitive insights into the deeper workings of these strange and dynamic times. Your words (and art!) will find receptive eyes and hearts, if you allow life’s currents to carry them out beyond the familiar shores.

Your way with words will be the focus on the Full Moon too, which shines beautiful and bright in the mellow sensual Earth sign of Taurus on November 6th. This calls for a temporary disengagement from the busyness of e-mails and calls in order to sink into the nourishing beauty that reading and writing can offer you. You need some genuine soul-food, and you know where to find it. A good book and a glass of wine can do wonders to get your creative juices flowing again:)  However, your sleepy indulgent time may not last so long: if a friend tracks you down, inviting you to a gathering, you’d be wise to get out of your cozy nest and go – a potent collaboration is brewing that could lay a solid foundation for the next stage of your creative expansion, courtesy of Mars and Pluto, the dynamic duo of cosmic movers and shakers. So, this might not be such a mellow moon after all:)

Hope you managed to recharge your batteries a bit, because the pace picks up considerably and the mood brightens by several shades when the cosmic crew shifts from subterranean Scorpio to expansive Sagittarius towards the end of the month. Venus is the first to emerge on November 16th, followed by the hopeful New Moon on November 22nd. Together they shine a bright spotlight on your work in the world, helping you expand your mission and put all your newly-acquired knowledge and skills to good use. Mercury dashes into the planetary meeting in your career-sector on November 27th, bearing invites to holiday parties that help you graciously mix business with pleasure:)  Enjoy the new connections, communicate with gusto and you’ll have plenty in the bank for a joyously abundant celebration of the season.

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