January Scopes – Ready, set … hold your horses!;)

Happy New Year!! Ready to tackle a fresh set of goals?  Mercury, the mischievous messenger says: “Hold your horses!”, advising us to take a good look back before jumping into new adventures.  What are you most proud of from the past year?  What projects and peeps got lost in the holiday shuffle?  The Jan 5th -25th Mercury retrograde  in ambitious Capricorn offers us a chance to refine our goals and make sure we have a truly trustworthy foundation to take off from.  No need to grumble, most of us could probably use a bit of a breather after the Holiday rush:)  Check your January Scopes for your personal Mercury message on how to spot the best wave to start off the Year! 



The focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂
If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.
If you don’t know your rising sign, you can contact me or look it up yourself online.

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Joyful January!

JOYFUL JANUARY to you & yours!!  A burst of Cosmic Fireworks kicks off the year, as Sun meets potent Pluto on January 3rd, launching us all on a profound journey of personal EMPOWERMENT.  Yes, we ARE the change we’ve been looking for and it’s no time to be afraid of yourself!;)  Check your JANUARY Scopes to unwrap the precious GIFTS of 2014, and see how to put all that new-found potency to use in making 2015 your best year yet!   ***


PS- If You’re in NYC, come explore the Cosmic Waves of 2015 TOMORROW, Jan 2nd, 6:30-9pm with me & amazing NY astrologer Rebecca Gordon at Awakening NY, 607 Manhattan Av, Brooklyn!  Looking forward to a powerful start of the Year together!

For a personal reading, contact me at katrinhaiba@gmail.com