Career Path & Business Strategy Session

We are living through a massive and rapid paradigm shift – old socio-economic structures are crumbling and out of this creative Chaos new worlds are being conceived.  In astrology, 2020 represents a shift out of a nearly 200-year Earth element cycle into a whole new playground of possibilities – the element of AIR.  What does all this mean for your career and business going forward?  Are you going through a radical reinvention of how you show up and contribute to this creative game called Life?  This session is designed to give you an “eagle-eye” perspective of the potential paths ahead by looking at the intersection of your personal evolution (Birth Chart) and the collective cycles of change.  Sparks will fly and ideas will be ignited!   

Flow Coaching – Innate Wisdom,Inspired Action

This deep dive into our true nature is designed to unleash your innate wisdom, wild joy and creativity.  If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or spinning in a whirlpool of same old habitual thought, flow coaching can gently guide you toward the deep peace, clarity and innate well-being at the heart of who you truly are.  The surface of the sea can be rough, but it’s always calm in the depths.  What if we could play in the stormy swells with full gusto, knowing that no thought, no feeling or circumstance can harm us at our core?  What could we create if we weren’t so afraid to fall? 

Personal Astrology – the Unique Magic of YOU

There will never be another YOU – never before or never after will stardust coalesce in the exact same unique beautiful pattern.  This session shines light on your Birth Chart – the seeds of cosmic potential in you: your talents and gifts as well as potential blind spots or challenges.  We will also explore your current growth opportunities – what Cosmic Waves are emerging to be surfed, what’s being activated and awakened in your Soul.  Any special concerns and questions can be addressed – be open and curious – the cosmic currents will support and carry you.  

Relationships – Cosmic Dance of Co-creation

Astrology can help us understand our loved ones better and to heal and transform the challenges that can arise in the cosmic dance of co-creation when two or more unique planetary patterns come together. In this session you’ll discover how to help each other truly shine and to see with gentle humor and clarity the quirks and quibbles – what kinds of “buttons” your loved one pushes in you, and vice versa. You also get a sense of the overall nature of your relationship, the deeper purpose and possibilities of your journey together.  Not just for lovers – parents and children, brothers and sisters, business partners and co-creators of all kind can benefit from understanding the cosmic connections that create the magic and growth of our lives together.

Children’s Reading – Welcome to the World!

We will explore the beautiful planetary potentials in your child’s Birth Chart to help your child or teenager blossom into their innate gifts and talents – their own unique expression of Life.  You’ll also discover how to navigate the challenges your child may encounter on the path of growth with grace, compassion and natural flow.  All questions are welcome and children are welcome to be present for the reading to ask their own questions – they have a lot of wisdom to share, and astrology can help us get a glimpse of the powerful beings they’re in the process of becoming.

Shamanic Astrology Session

An in-depth look at your Birth Chart and the cosmic cycles of the year ahead, focusing on the areas of life that are most important and active for you.  After exploring these personal and collective cycles, you’ll get to experience a guided multisensory shamanic journey to meet the planetary energies that are active in your life, so you can receive their gifts and lessons with grace and ease.  Expanded consciousness of the journey-state calibrates your own cosmic compass on a cellular level, enabling you to flow and grow in complete harmony with the natural unfolding of Life.