New Moon in Leo – the Sun in my Heart

New Moon in fiery Leo (exact at 05:45 am July 23rd in NYC, 12:45 pm in Estonia) invites us to re-ignite our heart’s passion and ACT from that irrepressible inner spark.  Leo is ruled by the Sun.  This heavenly body is our life-giver here on Earth – without the Sun, we would simply not exist in our kaleidoscopic creativity of forms – our planet would be a cold clump of rock circulating in the vast void.  A happy and healthy Leo radiates the Sun’s vivacious generosity, lighting up the room just by being one’s sunny self.  Like a summer sunrise in our heart, this New Moon can wake up our own innate glow, helping us recover the simple JOY of being ALIVE, buzzing with playful creativity.

Mars, the planet of action lends extra “oomph” and energy to this Lunar cycle – the key to igniting our inner fire is to actually DO whatever awakens our passion.  Curiously, for us “so called adults”, that’s sometimes the hardest thing – it seems silly, or somehow sadly out of reach.  But, frustrated passion can fuel a fight, warns the warrior planet!  If we don’t use this juice for growth, it will bubble up in all manner of drama …perhaps you’ve noticed the inner dictator raising its ugly head in a tempestuous tantrum in the past few days? (I certainly have, uggh;)  So, let’s turn our inner damaged divas into fun and fabulous shining stars by acting on our heart’s passion!  Let’s sow a seed of joy every day, no matter how seemingly silly or small.  It takes courage to choose LIFE…but, why not give it a go?

My plan for the New Moon day is to grab my surfboard and some friends and head to Fort Tilden, a hippy-trippy beach near NYC that used to be a restricted military fortification… crumbling cement barracks are covered with gorgeous graffiti and spontaneous sculptures sprout on the sand every day, swept away by the next high tide.  Fort TildenIt’s the one place where even the most self-conscious and serious New Yorkers shred their hard shells, becoming kids again for an hour or two…  if these high-strung ambition-addicts can do it, so can you:)

There is a lovely healing aspect to this Moon (a Chiron trine, to those astrologically inclined:) – opening up to more passion & play can help cure whatever ails us, body or soul.  Christiane Northrup, my favorite medical maverick told a story of one of her patients who was going through cancer treatment.  After listening to Dr. Northrup’s advice to include more pleasure in her life, the woman took the summer off, spending her days riding her bike and lounging on the grass, enjoying the clouds and sun.  Coming back to a follow-up appointment three months later, she looked radiant, healthy and fifteen years younger.  “What did you do?” asked Dr. Northrup, astonished at her stunning turnaround.  “I took summer into every cell of my body.  I hadn’t had a summer like this since I was a kid – it seemed to go on forever”.   Mmmm… this, I feel, is the essence, the highest promise of this lovely Leo New Moon – taking the Sun into our hearts, summer into our cells.  Enjoy!

New Moon MAGIC spells to play with:

“Revelio!” – a charm used to reveal concealed objects and the true appearance of someone who’s changed their appearance with a spell.  Try it on yourself, to reveal your heart’s authentic passion…useful if you feel you’ve lost the childlike sunny spark in the daily grind!

“Riddiculus!” – a fun and effective spell from the Hogwarts “Defence Against the Dark Arts” class – it destroys boggarts, most annoying creatures that take the shape of our worst fears.  The antidote – turn the frightening thing into something stupidly funny, and watch it pop!  Use to “poof” away any inhibitions, fears or judgments that won’t allow you to let loose and PLAY:)

Enjoy sowing seeds of JOY under this playful & passionate New Moon!  For a personal “play prescription”, you can contact me for an astro reading at  XOXO

Full Moon in Capricorn – Illuminating Thunder

Full Moon in Capricorn dominates the sky at midnight of July 9th (exact at 00:07 am in NYC, 7:07 in Estonia).  Some Native American tribes of North America call this midsummer moon the Thunder Moon, because the buildup of heat and humidity finds frequent release in spectacular thunderstorms this time of the year.  Gazing at the sky-chart of this lunation, the name is more than fitting – Pluto, the planet of deep transformation lends extra potency to this Moon, while Mars, the warrior opposes the Pluto-Moon pair from emotional Cancer – wheew, an intense and volatile cosmic cocktail indeed!  A flash of blinding light, a sudden release of a standoff, a realization that hits you like the proverbial “ton of bricks” from certainty’s crumbling castle… this dance of elemental energy can shake even the firmest of faith.  Capricorn governs the structures of life, our internal and external foundations.  In this Moon’s searing light, we cannot deny the cracks, the fissures in our firmament.  All that’s not truly solid can shatter in an illuminating instant… but, what’s still standing after the storm is refreshed and renewed, thoroughly tested and true.

Thunder invokes our most primal fears, and yet, there’s an intense attraction as well – our eyes are drawn to the eerie beauty of lightning’s ballistic ballet.  Huge reward can be gained by “hanging in there”, right in that scary place, with open eyes – getting a clear look at life is pretty priceless.  With all excess taken away, we can set our coordinates for only the most authentic goals and ambitions.  Capricorn has no patience for “bitching and moaning” about our curriculum in life’s school of hard knocks… under this Moon’s unflinching gaze, you cannot run or hide:)  As the potent peak of the storm passes, the path lies clear ahead.  It’s time to get to work.  No need to mourn the fallen false facades – practical Capricorn will help you recycle and reuse every ounce of energy, every brick and board in building a new Earthly abode from blueprints drawn by the most skilled sacred architect – your Soul.

Stellar Spells to max this Moon’s magic:

“Revelio!” – a revealing charm from the wonderful world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter, used to reveal concealed objects. It can also be used to unmask the true appearance of someone who changed their appearance with a spell…hmm, very useful in this age of fake news and false facades;)  Cast this spell while gazing at this magnificent Moon, or during a spectacular summer thunder storm – it will invoke the elements of nature to work on your behalf, illuminating both inner and outer landscapes and enhancing your ability to chart a clear course ahead.

“Diffindo!” – the spell of “controlled destruction” that Harry and Hermione used to escape from the dark and dreary trap set for them in the dead Bathilda Bagshot’s house.  Use this Spell to blast away any constricting structures or crumbling foundations, and to clear the rubble of past disasters from blocking your path.

Happy Full Moon!  Enjoy its intense illuminating thunder… it will show exactly what you’ll need to know!