New Moon in Aries – the primal JOY of being ALIVE

A few days before this New Moon, I had a chance to see a spectacular circus performance put on by a large group of kids from the circus-arts school Cirque de los Ninos in the small seaside Mexican town of San Pancho.  The young performers’ energy and excitement made my skin tingle and my whole body light up with sparks of joy.  In addition to admiring their acrobatic feats, I actually wanted to BE one of these happy little “monkeys” tumbling and doing somersaults!  (hmm…perhaps it’s not too late to run away with the circus?;)  Connecting with this rambunctious rush of raw life energy, expressed so fully by these kids, made me wonder what happened to my own “wild one inside”… I felt a tinge of sadness drop into the bubbly brew of bouncy beats… when was the last time I felt so unabashedly ALIVE?  And will I ever be able to experience this innocent and yet so primally powerful JOY again?

This Aries New Moon (exact at 10:57 pm March 27th in NYC, 5:57am March 28th in Estonia) offers us all a chance to recover this wiggly-giggly wild Soul in the very physical, felt expression of life – to bring back that proverbial “spring in our step”, to reawaken to LIFE in all its cosmically creative glory.  But, before we get all excited with writing out our New Moon wishes and goals, the starry patterns suggest a look back: the closest planet to this Moon is Venus, the Goddess of Love, who is on a retrograde journey all the way till April 15th.  To recover our spark, we might have to revisit the terrain and time when we lost it – perhaps way back in childhood, when our shrieks of laughter and mad-monkey antics were met with harsh spells of “SSushhh!”, when being a ball of effervescent energy was deemed a dangerous challenge to parental authority.  Whatever it was that squashed our spark, we might not really remember – over time, the societal straight-jacket can become so internalized that we “Shush!” and shame ourselves for being too much, too loud, too out there.

This Moon can help us find the keys to these hidden shackles in the very here and now, in the place we’d least expect to look: in our BODY, in our physical patterns of experience (Mars, the ruler of this New Moon, is in Earthy Taurus, inviting us to trust the guidance of “our guts”:).  We can start by tuning into moments of aliveness of any kind, whether pleasure or pain (a stubbed toe can bring a rush of energy and emotion, along with a flood of memories mixed with curses and tears;)  As we find these sparks, we will also notice any blocks in the flow.  What happens to a frozen dam of ice in a rushing river in Springtime?  It cannot hold forever…the inevitable influx of new LIFE breaks down the most stubborn barriers…starting with a trickle, culminating with a crashing crescendo!

The breakthroughs of this Lunar cycle may indeed require enduring some discomfort, as we come up against long-ingrained limitations, but nature’s innate drive for new growth is on our side – we can shake off the shackles of “Ssushh!” with a bold physical explosion of energy – dancing our hearts out, screeching like monkeys, even going for an all-out adrenaline-pumping run.  For the more mellow among us, a deeply releasing massage might do the trick, releasing the restrictions and rules stored deep in the tissues.

***A note from the retrograde Venus – this New Moon awakens our primal desires in their sexual expression as well…and with the Goddess of Love doing the “backwards-forwards” dance, we may stumble back into past’s turbulent passions!  So, before jumping into a spicy Spring fling with your “ex”, it’s wise to take a moment and tune in – is this truly heart’s deepest desire, or are you willingly binding your ecstatic energy back in the old cage?  I’m not saying recycled romance is always a “no-go”…but, this Moon’s primary drive is towards yourself – LOVE as the simple joy of being alive, rejoicing in your own being.   Venus will turn direct April 15th, bringing along the “birds and the bees”…a bit of patience, dear!

A New Moon SPELL to practice & play with: “Relashio!” – the spell Hermione used to release the Dragon from the dungeons of the Gringotts Bank in the Harry Potter series.  Go ahead, break the chains, free the wild one inside!   This Aries’ energy is bold and primal.  Let it refuel our lust for LIFE, bring the “zing!” of Spring back into every cell of our bodies!

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Full Moon in Virgo – a Healing Spring Cleaning

Full Moon lights up the sky on March 12th (exact at 10:54 am in NYC, 16:54 in Estonia).  In fastidious and detail-oriented Virgo, this energy can feel like a merciless magnifying glass on all our imperfections.  As I was mulling over what to write, and Moon was already well into Virgo, my gaze drifted to my husband’s face, zooming in on a spot on his cheek where he missed a few hairs while shaving.  Pointing it out to him felt strange, since this is so far from my usual (blissfully?;) oblivious state of being where I can walk around with lunch leftovers on my shirt for a whole day without a care.

This Moon carries a tinge of almost uncomfortable awareness verging on anxiety, courtesy of a tense quincunx aspect to electric Uranus.  Instead of indulging in irritation, we can put this edgy vibe to perfect practical use by getting a jump on some serious Spring cleaningAdding the magic ingredients of mindfulness and intention, we can merge the exterior action of creating cleanliness and order with a reciprocal inner process …and feel the mental knots melt away as pots and pans find their rightful spots and the sink re-emerges from under the mountain of dishes:)

There is also a beautiful healing aspect to Chiron in this planetary pattern, inviting us to explore deeper levels of “putting our world right”.  We can use this Moon’s “urge to purge” by dropping harmful health habits and clearing space on the “inner hard-drive”.  Or, we can try an almost old-fashioned, more loving and less perfectionist approach: we can repair what’s broken, restoring it to full function.  Living in a small Mexican village, I’m impressed with the locals’ patience and skill – they can fix just about anything, as long as it serves a practical purpose.  And if the original function is no longer an option, they often find fun creative ways to repurpose and reuse even the smallest stuff – a very Virgo virtue indeed:)SoccerBall_Planters  A few days ago I saw a lovely row of planters on a cafe windowsill. As I admired their unusual texture, I realized to great delight they’re actually old soccer balls filled with soil…containing new green life instead of clogging up a landfill. You can use this humble but highly potent alchemy to mend any aspect of life, from a busted pair of sunglass frames to a broken friendship… it won’t work if you won’t try!:)

Full Moon SPELLS to play with:

“Reparo!” – the mending charm Hermione used on multiple occasions to repair Harry Potter’s glasses.  You can use it to add extra potency to any fix, ensuring the repair is effective and long-lasting on both physical and etheric levels.  I bought some needles and thread to sow up a skirt I really love, and plan to use “Reparo!” to make the whole process faster & more fun:)

“Scourgify!” – the scouring spell used by Molly Weasley to make cleaning up after a party of hungry wizards a breeze.  Infinite number of uses, this might be a true Virgo witch’s favorite bit of practical magic!;)

Enjoy this healing Moon, and share what’s stirring for you!  Xoxo

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