Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Let the Wave Catch You!

The New Moon Eclipse of March 20th emerges from the dreamy depths of Pisces, bringing to the surface something so new, so unexpected and un-formed yet incredibly eager to be born. The more I try to name it or define it, the more it slips through my fingers and vanishes into the mist. Yet the energy of excitement and anticipation is palpable. Mere hours after this watery Eclipse, the Sun and Moon enter Aries, signaling the start of Spring, the birth of new Fire. It’s not too often that the Solar and Lunar cycles line up like this – the light of our conscious (Solar) minds and the subterranean (Lunar) longings of our hearts get to ride this brilliant new wave together. But, the New Moon Eclipse is first – the heart must lead, we must yield to its pull if we long to bring to light something never before seen in our lives. There’s an element of mystery, danger even… if we can’t yet see the goal, how do we take that crucial first step?

While struggling to define the message of this Moon, a magical surf session from a few weeks ago drifted back into my mind. We were enjoying the sunset at anchor in front of El Anclote when the first sets of a southern swell began to lift our boat. Was it too late to paddle out? Maybe wait till morning? Seeing my friends catching some lovely rides all by themselves, I couldn’t resist. The sun was dipping below the sea as I paddled out. Over the mountains a nearly full tangerine moon rose in the lavender sky. It felt glorious just to be in the water, immersed in the elements. In a rush to catch a wave or two before it got dark, I fumbled and missed again & again. I didn’t even mind my pathetic performance. The moment felt too magical to allow the “inner critic” to spoil it:) As the last light of day faded, we were surfing in the moonlight, nevermind I could barely see the swells! Watching a friend gracefully glide by, I drifted too far in. Oh-Oh, the next wave was about to get me & toss me “in the washing machine”! At the last instant, I decided to turn my board and go for it – maybe I’ll get lucky? The dark mass caught me, I held on to the board and whoo-hoo, found myself on a wild ride towards the beach. I was giggling like a kid while attempting to steady myself. I felt exhilarated and humbled – the wave had definitely CAUGHT me! This wild stallion of the sea I had tried in vain to tame was now graciously carrying me along on a moonlit joyride. I feel there is a similar quality to riding the energy of this Eclipse- pushing it won’t work, neither does trying to figure it out in our heads. A sense of almost childish curiosity, the innocence of going for it in the excitement of the moment is strangely enough a better strategy. You may not “see” or know yet what you want to bring into the world, but you can feel the swells starting to lift you. Allow this wave to catch you, relax into the wild emergence, become one with “the beast”!:)

A beast? This is peace-loving Pisces we’re in, right? Yes, but there is a wild spring feeding these deep waters: this Eclipse lands on the fixed star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse. Sired by Neptune, born of Medusa as she was beheaded by Perseus (aah, the gory Greeks!:) , this is indeed a potent beast –his first job was carrying thunderbolts for Zeus! According to legend, everywhere he struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth, making him the patron of poets and artists. Bellerophon captured this mythical creature, as the horse was peacefully drinking from a spring. Who wouldn’t want the power and potency of legends at his beck and call? Have you ever tried to capture inspiration and control the flow of primal creativity? Has it worked out? Pegasus cooperated with Bellerophon in the divinely appointed mission to kill the fearsome monster Chimera, but when the warrior, inflated by pride, tried to ride the mythic beast to the heavenly abode of the Gods, he got bucked off. Pegasus galloped on without him, making it to the stars. Again, a lesson in humility here:) But, also a clue: Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology offered a novel solution to realizing our high ambitions- become one with the beast itself! Merge with your inner Pegasus, follow your animal instinct and trust the WILD desire in you. Playing it safe and remaining on the ground is not really an option here – the wave of this Eclipse will sweep you up, might as well give it a go! Growth requires risk. Even if you take a tumble, remember what happened to our warrior hero Bellerophon – uncharacteristically to the bloody bent of Greek legends, he didn’t fall to a dismal death. Only a broken leg and a broken pride, perhaps he even attained some wisdom from the experience:)

If you’d like to see what area of your life gets awakened by this Eclipse, check the last section of your March Cosmic Wave Scope.  Enjoy the ride!

Mighty March, wake up World!

MIGHTY MARCH, Spring is here!   There’s enough FIRE in the sky to melt the most stubborn snowmen! Sizzling hookups between Uranus, Jupiter and Venus start the month off with a major dose of adrenaline and ABUNDANCE.  We need all this extra “juice” to navigate the choppy seas mid-month as last of the Uranus-Pluto squares rumbles through. A soulful New Moon Solar Eclipse in the oceanic sign of Pisces points the way forward on March 20th. This Eclipse lands on the star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse, daring us all to gallop towards our deepest dreams.   Check your MARCH Scopes to see how to rock these wild and wonderful waves!   ***


sunflareBeachGirlThe focus of these Scopes is how to best ride the cosmic energy of the month: how to catch the good waves and use the challenging ones as opportunities to transform & learn.
As I saw on the wall of a surfshop: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” 🙂

If you know your rising sign, you can read that as well for a more complete picture, picking the info that feels light and right for you.
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February 2015 Scopes Archive

FEBRUARY 2015 Cosmic Wave Scopes

Dear ARIES, you got a welcome break at the end of January after tackling the intense burst of work that started off your 2015. Mars, your impetuous cosmic patron dipped into the mellow ocean of Pisces for a soothing swim and liked it enough to stay until February 20th. If you haven’t found the time for a bit of rest, relaxation and reflection yet, use the first few weeks of the month to give yourself this much-needed gift. Take a walk by the ocean, breathe in the SPACE and allow the knots in your shoulders to unwind. Schedule a session of energy work or a yummy massage. You may notice your energy level has dipped a bit lately. Don’t worry – this signals the point of power has shifted inwards. Pay attention to your dreams; listen to the whispers of possibility gently drifting into your awareness.   You won’t be bored by this temporary detour into slower waters – this healing dip in the Piscean ocean will leave you stronger and wiser, filled with Spirit –INSPIRED! Some of this inspiration will surely come from your “chosen tribe” of friends and colorful co-creators, as Mercury the magic messenger dances backward through your extensive community. If a thought crosses your mind to contact an old friend, go for it: serendipitous “blasts from the past” fill your mind with a fresh breeze of ideas this month, expanding your horizons in delightful ways. If you’re curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite a fun journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in magnificent Leo shines a bright spotlight on your bubbling cauldron of creativity. You’ve been “on fire” in this realm for months now! This benevolent Moon teaming up with expansive Jupiter asks you to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. Give yourself a friendly pat on the back, let your heart rejoice. And, be prepared to make some welcome edits and adjustments to your creative course: consider the input of friends old and new; take into account the wisdom trickling in from the ocean of consciousness you’ve been floating in lately. Make sure your brilliant creativity is channeled in a way that benefits your whole community. It feels lovely to bask in the warm glow of applause, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, knowing you’ve contributed something unique and valuable to the evolving story of humanity is a reward of a deeper, more soul-nourishing kind.   Seeing your gifts making a tangible difference fuels your drive to keep on creating!   How does it get better than that?:)

Speaking of fuel, you’re about to get a welcome “refill” towards the end of the month as Mars emerges from the dreamy waters on February 19th, bursting into his natural habitat, your own fiery and adventurous sign. Whoo-hoo, it feels great to be ALIVE again! Celebrate this “homecoming” by dancing, running, jumping – anything that shakes your body from its winter slumbers. Feel the sunlight on your skin (yes, you can find some even in February:), ask your cells to wake up, move and groove. The New Moon of February 18th squeaks in at the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means your “tribe” is all the more important this year. Connect and communicate to your heart’s content! The magical new web you’re weaving will support you for years to come, allowing your creative sparks to fly far and wide.

And, last but not least, there’s a sexy treat in store on February 22 as your cosmic guide Mars sweeps his divine lover Venus into a fiery embrace. A current of ecstasy courses through your whole being – you’re falling in mad love (and lust:) with yourself. This yummy vibe will light up your friends and lovers too, so be prepared for sparks to fly! Who knew this much fire can emerge from such a sleepy watery womb? So, rest up while you can, be a little lazy, let the inner knots melt away – clear the SPACE to receive this fun and fiery wave already on its way across the horizon!

Dear TAURUS, last month’s New Moon in brilliantly unconventional Aquarius opened the door for you to “shine out” in the world in ways that are much more aligned with your highest hopes and dreams. You long to share your authentic vision and wisdom, strange as it may seem to others at times. Curiously, the less you care about appearing normal, the more you open yourself to opportunities that not only beef up your “bottom line” but expand your horizons and role in the community in a mutually empowering way. Mercury the messenger planet is doing its “backwards dance” thru the career sector of your chart until February 11th, urging you to look back at what you’ve accomplished and see if there are valuable clues, insights and opportunities you might have missed in the relentless forward march. If you’re looking for new, more expansive and fulfilling work, it might be wise to contact your former bosses and collaborators for an open-ended conversation to gain a fresh perspective on your most valuable gifts and assets. You may be pleasantly surprised and perhaps even genuinely moved by what you hear! Venus, your lovely cosmic patron is taking a dip in the creative, spiritual and intuitive waters of Pisces – you’re ready to receive guidance and contribution in all forms from all realms! Weaving together Mercury’s magic threads with Venusian whispers of desire, you’re on a path to a life you can truly LOVE. The road has its twists and turns, of course, but the unexpected vistas that open into your own quirky and brilliant inner landscapes are delightful. If you’re curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite a fun journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in majestic Leo illuminates your desire for a home that’s fit for your “inner king or queen”. Generous Jupiter adds fuel to the fire and unconventional Uranus feeds your fantasy by flashes of insight from the “wider web”. You’re getting much clearer on what you need from your environment in order to feel genuinely (and why not luxuriously:) nourished. New directions in your career could point the way towards a move- you may need a different climate and richer soil in order to truly blossom. Trust the flow, follow your heart into a nest that sets your soul to sing!

The New Moon of February 18th squeaks in at the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means your “work in the world” is still in bright focus. With Mercury now speeding direct, seeds planted in the beginning of the year are starting to sprout. Be open to entering into new agreements, but make sure you don’t sell yourself short in any potential business partnership. Venus, your cosmic guide emerges from the dreamy Piscean waters to put on the shiny armor of the Warrior-Goddess in the fiery sign of Aries on February 20th, giving you a boost of confidence right when you need it. There’s more magic at hand on February 22nd, as Venus meets Mars, her mythical “other” in a passionate embrace. For you, this cosmic coupling takes place deep in your spiritual realms, infusing your subconscious terrain with ecstatic energy of creation. Your inner masculine & feminine unite. Whoo-wee, what will the children of this mystical union be? It’s (at least partly:) up to you, dear joyfully creative Bull! Remember the clarity Mercury gifted you as he emerged from the meandering retrograde journey- you KNOW what you’d like to create as the crowning glory of your life. Now, let the Spirit be your partner in the work!

Dear GEMINI, last month’s New Moon in broadminded Aquarius lit up your desire to expand and explore. The travel bug bit you big time – your mind was so ready for a good stretch after the crammed schedule of the holiday season. But Mercury, your cosmic patron and the trickster of our solar system had a few tricks up his sleeve: on January 21st he spun his wheels into reverse for a fun detour, scrambling your best-laid plans for a quick getaway. Now, admit it, deep down you actually LOVE a good distraction:)   As a mutable Air sign, you intuitively know that willingness to change your mind and your plans is the key that opens opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. This is especially true this retrograde cycle as Mercury explores the unconventional Aquarian terrain. Enjoy this chance to play in the lofty air currents of your fellow Air sign! The fresh vistas and new perspectives are well worth a few “delays”. Besides, what’s a delay anyway? Didn’t someone say the crooked path is the straightest route or something like that?:) One thing is for sure: your mind will get way more stretching than you asked for! If you’re curious for more, click here for the Cosmic Wave take on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite an unexpected journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in gregarious Leo sets your communication capacities on fire, stretching your mind even further. Generous backing by jovial Jupiter combined with a friendly wink from Uranus the cosmic wild card have you buzzing like a bee. Unexpected visits by friends turn into impromptu brainstorming sessions where “big ideas” fill the air like rainbow-colored bubbles. Most of these bubbles float away on airy Aquarian breezes, leaving you a bit bedazzled. A few will “pop” in your face, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to harness a particularly buoyant bubble to carry you to brilliantly creative horizons… and beyond! Enjoy this playful vibe and don’t even try to make sense of it:)

The New Moon of February 18th squeaks in at the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means another round of freshly rehashed plans for more wonderful expansion of your mental and physical horizons. With Mercury now speeding direct, expect smooth sailing ahead! There’s more magic at hand on February 22nd as Venus meets Mars, her mythical “other” in a passionate embrace in adventurous fire sign of Aries. For you, this cosmic coupling sets your friendships on fire – a certain “special friend” may be ready to commit to being your own star-crossed lover:) This ecstatic burst of energy revitalizes your highest hopes and dreams as well, refueling your desire to create a new way of living and loving on this planet Earth. Go ahead, jump on this sexy wave:) – spread the sparks of love everywhere your newly green-lighted plans take you. After all the detours and delays, fruitful though they may have been, you’re so ready to GO!   Fair winds, dear magical child of Mercury, fair winds!

Dear CANCER, last month’s New Moon in quintessentially quirky Aquarius opened up the space to be uniquely YOU in most intimate (and possibly intimidating!) encounters. After a stormy start of the year, this broader and more accepting perspective felt like a breath of fresh air, a sense of radical friendliness with every living being on our planet. Hopefully you were able to see yourself with similarly open and curious heart and eyes. If you don’t feel you’re quite “there” yet, don’t worry, dear fretful Crab! Mercury the messenger of Gods is offering you a magic mirror, showing you the depths and heights of your soul from a dizzying variety of views. As he tiptoes backward through your most intimate chambers, his looking glass reflects all that…stuff…. you’d rather not see the light of day. Is that your fear?  Have you considered the odd chance of finding something truly precious in the corner of your inner closet instead? Perhaps what you’ve hidden so well is precisely what will set you free: your natural ease with power, your brilliant potential and innate sense of COMMUNION with all that is. Are you now ready for another look? Warning: your magnetism may increase in magnitude, the deeper you dive into Mercury’s mirror! If that’s got you curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite an unexpected journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in magnanimous Leo echoes the theme of reclaiming your potency from a pleasantly practical angle. Jupiter has been buoying up your pocketbook since mid-July, filling your head and inbox with enticing ideas of work that’s actually worth your time. Now, one or two of these shiny seeds have matured to bear fruit. You may be finally ready to cut the cord tying you to tired (though familiar:) drudgery. Letting go of your financial security blanket does not come easy; the trickster spirits at work here may just have to snatch it away. Don’t panic – anything that drops now is but a rotten apple well past its prime. New, more nourishing and way more exciting opportunities await you towards the end of the month as planets cross the top of your chart – your “house of honors”, the shining summit of your Tree of Life.

The New Moon of February 18th squeaks in at the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means another look in Mercury’s magic mirror – there’s more of you to reveal, more sexy stuff to uncover:) As you get used to trusting your own unique approach to intimate merging, a wonderful web of support starts appearing around you. Whether it’s more fun “between the sheets” or greater confidence in courting power, you’re ready to emerge lighter and brighter as Mercury speeds forward again. Just in time to put your reclaimed gifts to good use: Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, meet for a hot date on February 22nd right at the top of your chart, merging action and desire and setting your career “on fire”. What a brilliant new start for your work in the world – a chance to shine in all your creative glory, to show the world what you found on this magical Mercurial meander in the depths of your soul. Are you ready?:)


Dear LEO, last month’s New Moon in brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius opened the door for potential new partners to enter your life. Some of these peeps may in fact be serendipitous “blasts from the past” seen in a fresh and more endearing light as Mercury weaves his magic, turning back the linear flow of time on his retrograde journey from January 21st till February 11th. Enjoy connecting and re-connecting! An old friend may touch a deeper place in your heart this time around, planting a seed of romance in the fertile field of friendship:)  Allow yourself to SEE your dear ones in a fresh new light. Let them catch a glimpse of their own uniqueness in the clear and generous mirror of your eyes. Stay open and curious and you may discover a whole new way of knowing LOVE! This could crack open your whole world! Wouldn’t it be wild and wonderful to relate with much more freedom, authenticity and genuine connection? The culturally constructed code of courtship hasn’t done you much good anyway, has it? So, take Mercury’s hand, let him lead you on this journey to your heart – enjoy getting intimately acquainted with your own funny, strange, ridiculous, odd and impossibly endearing ways of living & loving! If you’re curious for more coordinates, click here for the Cosmic Wave take on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite an unexpected journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in your own sign turns the spotlight on YOU. Shifting perspectives on relationships can certainly shift your sense of Self. Also, this Moon shines very close to jovial Jupiter who’s been expanding your world and buoying your confidence since mid-July. It’s time to look back at what you’ve accomplished since the summer, celebrate your successes and give yourself a nice round of applause. Some fruits have ripened and are ready to be picked. Before starting any new ventures, share the harvest from your work so far. Find a fun way to give back. You may get an urge to empty your closets of all the clothes you feel “done with” – go for it! Clear SPACE is needed, so the new seeds can find a place to land. You may need to “travel light”, as the planets shift to adventurous Aries in a few weeks!

The New Moon of February 18th squeaks in at the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means more fun with friends and lovers for you:). A creative partnership may blossom that helps you solidify some of your expansive ideas. With Mercury now speeding direct, you can gain a sense of clarity and spacious peace – you’ll KNOW which connections truly nourish your soul and let your imagination soar. With clear instructions, the universe can get to work on your behalf. There’s more magic at hand on February 22nd as Venus meets Mars, her mythical “other” in a passionate embrace in adventurous fire sign of Aries. This cosmic coupling ignites your wanderlust – you dream of discovering new territory both inside and out. Perhaps your newfound “special someone” is ready to whisk you away on a world-wandering journey? Or, if physical travel is not an option, you can embark on an exciting course of study together, a quest to reveal the mysteries of Life. You have a lot of choices, dear Leo! Pick what really lights you up, follow this ecstatic burst of energy and your whole life can turn into an adventure. As the planetary dance heats up by the end of the month, boredom is banished from your world for sure:)

Dear VIRGO, last month’s New Moon in the open-minded air sign of Aquarius invited you to brush up your skills and perk up your body by taking a curious class or two. Haven’t tried acro-yoga yet? There’s still plenty of time, since we’re in for an extended exploration of eccentric Aquarian energy this year: Mercury, your own light-footed cosmic patron is hopping along backward in this rather “out there” terrain until February 11th, and the next New Moon on February 18th manages to squeak into Aquarius as well. Seems like the universe is on a mission to crack open your comfortable routine:) Truth be told, you’d rather dance to your own beat anyway, even though you can play along with society’s plan on the surface. This month extends the invite to explore how YOU would like to live your day-to-day. In order to gain genuine clarity, you’ll need to hack your own inner “operating system” by introducing new neural networks to your brilliant mind. That’s the deeper purpose of trying out new ways to exercise both your muscles and your mental circuits. Some of this “new” may well turn out to be of vintage value, as Mercury picks up pieces from your past and asks: “Remember, you used to love to …?” Be open and flexible! Renewed health and vitality are your rewards if you dare to stretch your body and mind. If that’s got you curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s well worth the journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in majestic Leo illuminates the deepest recesses of your soul – the secret subconscious chambers. New Year’s fireworks ignited your creative fuse. In order to birth these potent seeds into Earthly form, you need to clear the cobwebs from the maze of your mind. Generous Jupiter is right next to this bright Full Moon, amplifying the volume of these nagging voices in your head so you’ll know beyond a shadow of doubt what stands in your way. Uranus the cosmic rebel joins the party, handing you a flame-thrower. A sudden surge of power sizzles through your system as you torch the inner barriers to the full and joyful expression of your creative core. Take a deep breath… it’s OK to enjoy the rush:)

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means more experimentation with your daily routine, now with renewed clarity as Mercury speeds direct: you’ll know which new healthy habits truly support your unique approach to life and which activities need to be cleared from your calendar. You have a chance to establish a new foundation, a new practical baseline that will serve your continued creative growth. Remember the unexpected excitement of the Full Moon? More fiery magic moves your way on February 22nd as Venus meets Mars, her mythical “other” in a passionate embrace in adventurous Aries. This cosmic coupling heats up the molten lava of passion and power in your hidden core. Whether it’s more fun “between the sheets” or the chance to attract a potent backer for your projects, your personal magnetism gets a healthy boost. Good thing you cleared your mind and your schedule – the universe is planning to heap new exciting assignments on your desk. Build the space and stamina now, you’ll be busier than a bee soon, in a good way:)

Dear LIBRA, last month’s New Moon in quintessentially quirky Aquarius filled your head with bubbles of brilliant (and sometimes bizarre:) ideas. Your creativity got a lovely lift as the Aquarian breeze buoyed your mind to lofty heights of utopian visions. As a fellow Air sign, you feel right at home in this playful vibe. Lucky for you, you’ll get to enjoy this energizing environment for a good while longer: Mercury, the magician of the mind is meandering backward through this rather eccentric terrain until February 11th, and the next New Moon on February 18th manages to squeak into Aquarius as well. Seems like the universe is on a mission to crack open your creativity big time! Make sure you jot down some of these bright ideas swirling through your mind – seeds of “something big” float on this buoyant breeze. But, beware of taking yourself (or anything else:) too seriously – heavy intentions can squash this fun and fertile flow. FLIRT with ideas, PLAY with possibilities, take DELIGHT in the game of creation. Potential partners in the dance of life flock to you like bees to a flower, attracted by this light and lovely vibe. Some of them may be playmates from bygone days, popping up at just the right moment with a wink and a smile to remind you how uniquely brilliant you really are. If that’s got you curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite a fun journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in generous Leo shines a sparkling spotlight on your beloved community. It’s time to celebrate your fabulous friends! Go ahead, throw a party to honor your circle of courageous co-creators – with jovial Jupiter in this sector of your chart since last July, you’ve benefited beautifully from their contributions of creative sparks and golden connections. Uranus, the spin-master of surprise gives this Moon a friendly poke, opening an opportunity for an unexpected introduction that could heat up your lovelife by quite a few degrees. Perhaps a close friend gets even closer under the light of this Moon? Be open:) And if this element of surprise involves a change in the size of your circle- some peeps moving on or away, don’t fret, dear lovable Libra – new and even more fun and fab friends are on their way.

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means more creative adventures for you! This time, with Mercury speeding direct, a sense of clarity starts to emerge: you’ll KNOW which ideas are actually worth the commitment of time and labor to bring to Earthly form. Saturn, the tough taskmaster is making a connection to this Moon, making sure you’re “keeping it real”J If mentioning Saturn brought a frown to your lovely face, don’t worry – he’s got a small role to play at the moment. The main attraction is rather more romantic: remember the unexpected excitement of the Full Moon? More sexy sparks are in store on February 22nd as Venus meets Mars, her mythical “other” in a passionate embrace in adventurous Aries. This cosmic coupling heats up the partnership sector of your chart, birthing a potent possibility of renewed romance.   Whoo-wee, spring comes a little early for you this year:)!   Whether you’re single, or happily entangled “between the sheets”, the deeper drift of this lovely development is an inner union, a divine marriage of your own feminine and masculine energies. Have a date with yourself; create a ritual that celebrates the ecstatic merger within your own body, mind and soul. Your creative powers have gotten a major upgrade in this extended Aquarian cycle. Put your power into practice now, use this potent moment to seed a new life of LOVE!

Dear SCORPIO, last month’s New Moon in the community-minded air sign of Aquarius awakened your longing for belonging, sending tingles of restlessness down to your roots. Was the air in your earthly abode starting to smell a bit stale? Could a fresh coat of paint satisfy this yen for “something new”, or does your sense of home need a more fundamental review? Mercury, the planet of mental messages comes to your aid here by taking a look backward at the very foundation of your Earthly life on its retrograde journey from January 21st -February 11th. What makes you feel at home? Can friends fill the role of family, now that you’re old enough to choose who to hang out with? Does your present base support your quirky creativity; is your nest spacious enough to let your imagination soar? And, you know what kind of SPACE we’re talking about here – yes, an extra room as a studio is brilliant, but the SENSE of inner space you feel when you open the door is what really counts. A move may be in the works soon if you discover you’ve outgrown your present plot. Digging even deeper into the concept of belonging, you may get an urge to track down your remaining relatives in hopes of filling in the gaps in your origin-story. What you find may surprise you – your folks may turn out to be even stranger than you knew:) “You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be YOU!” said Robert Holden on a postcard with a girl standing on her head. You’re FREE to pick the bits of family fables, jokes and stories that truly feed your soul. Think of this as a creative project, a kaleidoscopic collage of the colors of YOU. The quandary over what color to paint your pad may find an answer in a strange story about the childhood of your dad:)   If that’s got you curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite a fun journey!

Full Moon on February 3rd in sunny Leo shifts your focus from digging in your roots to admiring the fruits of your labor. With generous Jupiter buoying up this Moon, it’s time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished since last summer. You may get an unexpected compliment from a coworker, or a brilliant bit of information that can crack a creative jam you’ve been stuck in.   With Uranus the cosmic wildcard in the mix, doors can open where walls were before. But, in order to explore these emerging options, you’ll have to actually step through the door and close the chapter behind you. If you find yourself “on the fence”, this Uranian lightning bolt may be just the prod to push you off! But, don’t fret – the cosmic weather around this Moon is pretty sunny – you may land in a better position that you could have imagined, especially after Jupiter moves direct again in April. Until then, enjoy the fruits that have ripened. You’ve earned a bit of rest. While in Mexico, I learned the word they use for “retirement” is “Jubilacion”! This is so the spirit of this Leo Moon 🙂

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means more digging in your roots – the universe is clear you need a base that supports ALL of you, in order to be ready for the next exciting assignment. With Mercury speeding direct again, you’re getting clear on what and where is HOME. Doubts may emerge- am I really worthy of all this? Saturn is the voice of caution here, reminding you not to live beyond your means. Take in his Earthy advice, but don’t let it crimp your style: it’s not the money you spend that counts- you can make a home for your soul at any budget if you set your brilliantly practical creative mind to it. Mercury’s extended Aquarian journey gifted you with plenty of sustainable solutions! If you need a bit of extra energy to carry the new couch up the stairs, you’ve got a good jolt of life-juice coming your way on February 22nd as Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers hook up for a hot date that will set your cells tingling and your body humming a happier tune. Enjoy this extra dose of energy in your daily doings! Whether you’re moving or staying put, a happy home is what your heart is after, and your body’s got the power to back you up.

Dear SAGITTARIUS, last month’s New Moon in the brilliantly broadminded air sign of Aquarius brought you a flurry of fresh ideas and inspiring contacts in your community. Your inbox filled up with communications galore. As Mercury, the messenger planet took a backwards turn on January 21st, peeps from your past started popping up as if by magic, bringing along fresh perspectives and opening your eyes to exciting opportunities. New friends, old friends, serendipitous connections – your mind is buzzing with the joy of creation. Your own far-sighted visions mesh well with the utopian ideals of Aquarius – you feel right at home in this lofty and sometimes “far-out” terrain. Lucky for you, this year you’re booked for an extended stay in this wildly inventive global village: Mercury, the magician of the mind is meandering backward here until February 11th, and the next New Moon on February 18th manages to squeak into Aquarius as well. Seems like the universe is on a mission to crack open your communications capacity big time:) Ask questions, share your insights, network – any way you can contribute to weaving a stronger, more beautiful brotherhood and sisterhood, go for it! If that’s got you curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite a fun journey! 🙂

Full Moon on February 3rd in majestic Leo illuminates the “big picture” of your life. With all these new Aquarian ideas and insights pouring in, your mind may feel like it’s bursting at the seams. Perhaps this dizziness and pressure is a sign your mental ceiling is too low?:) The overarching structure of your worldview could use a good stretch to accommodate the brilliantly “off the wall” perspectives granted to you by Mercury’s backward dance. With Jupiter, your own jovial cosmic patron also in retrograde, there’s inner expansion to be done for sure. Uranus the wild card is supporting this Moon’s mission by throwing a lightning bolt of creative breakthrough into the mix that can send your carefully constructed cathedrals of conventional wisdom tumbling down. When the dust settles, you can see the stars above and horizon stretching to infinity! Wow, even your larger than life visions can still be outgrown and surpassed now and again:) Enjoy the space you created!

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. This means more incredible ideas in your inbox, more contacts & communications. Geez, which train of thought to jump on? Saturn is sending you a stern reminder to “get off the cloud” and commit. Luckily, with Mercury speeding direct now, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall in place – you’ll have a lot more clarity with choice. Saturn is settling in for a three year term as your life coach and occasional drill sergeant, so you might as well get used to the gruff fellow and let him help you actually BUILD the life of your dreams, instead of comfortably “shooting the breeze” about what you could create, if only… But, let’s not get all too serious here: there’s a crackling cosmic wave headed your way that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits in more ways than one: Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, hook up for a hot date on February 22nd, setting your creativity on FIRE. This ecstatic energy is bold and playful, inviting you to flirt with potent possibilities than can rock your world! Romance is in the air – you’re falling in love with innovative ideas, gorgeous co-creators and with the creative power of Life itself. In fact, if you desire a love child of your own, this may be a good time to plant the seed:)

Dear CAPRICORN, last month’s New Moon in the innovative air sign of Aquarius kindled the desire to put your own unique gifts and talents to work. Mercury the messenger is backtracking through this breezy and brilliant Aquarian terrain until February 11th – unexpected run-ins with old friends and colleagues play a big part in helping you realize and monetize the considerable contribution to the world you have become. Don’t be shy­ –call up your co-creators, share your latest insights, plans and visions. What you have to offer is way more unique than you realize! You’re not one to “toot your own horn” too loudly. Instead of admiring your accomplishments, your eyes are always on the next ambitious project, the next mountain-top to climb. With its three-week backward look thought the values sector of your chart, Mercury is slowing down your ascent in order to offer you a much-needed look in the mirror. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself an inventor? Sure, you may not have a Nobel Prize on your mantle yet, but the willingness to see your own brilliance and to VALUE your contribution to the community is the key to increasing your income in the near future. Let your friends and colleagues be a mirror to you, let them show you what a gift you’ve been. Any authentic increase in self-worth will translate to a lovely bump in your net worth, once Mercury moves forward again. If that’s got you curious, click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s well worth the journey:)

Full Moon on February 3rd in magnanimous Leo illuminates another aspect of your monetary mosaic – how you handle merging resources and power with others. Is pride preventing you from asking for the support you require to get your next venture off the ground? Do you fear losing control to influential investors? Sharing financial responsibility is a delicate dance for sure, but staying on the sidelines and stubbornly going solo is a drain on your energy and a drag on your momentum. With generous Jupiter (also in retrograde) right next to this Moon, there’s a call to crack open longstanding internal barriers in order to really RECEIVE the potent possibilities headed your way once Jupiter moves direct in mid-April. Use the light of this Moon to see clearly the old habits of hardship holding you back. Amazing alchemy of abundance is possible for you this year, if you couple your natural caution with strategically chosen alliances.

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. Seems like the universe is on a mission to unlock your unique contribution big time! With Mercury speeding direct now, some of the chance encounters and energizing exchanges of earlier weeks are ready to bear fruit. Interesting income potentials are on the table. Saturn, your steadfast cosmic patron is reminding you to choose what feeds your soul as well as fattens your bank balance. Consider the long term benefit, both to yourself and the world, before you sign on the dotted line. Remember what Mercury showed you – you’re worth more than you imagined! Invest your TIME wisely:) If you need extra energy for tackling these new and exciting ventures, you’ve got a welcome shot of life-juice waking up your roots as Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, hook up for a hot date on February 22nd at the very base of your chart. Your home, your Earthly foundation is renewed by this ecstatic burst of energy. You may find yourself moving, perhaps because of the new job. In any case, this fresh burst of Spring-like joy will balance and ground you, giving you the strength to launch yourself wholeheartedly into the innovative ideas and alliances headed your way. Enjoy building a new platform for your life!

Dear AQUARIUS, Happy Birthday! Last month’s New Moon in your own brilliantly broadminded sign lit the candles on your Birthday cake, welcoming you to the world, once again. It’s time to celebrate the uniqueness of YOU! I know you often feel like an alien or a visitor from a distant (and much more evolved:)) future. You’ve probably felt quite lonely at times. But if you look around now, you’ll see more than a few Earthlings starting to “see the light” – seeds of solidarity, sustainability and creativity you’ve planted are sprouting up all around the world, cracking through the concrete of conventional thinking. This year, we’re all in for an extra dose of your unique and utopian wisdom as Mercury the messenger dances backward in your sign till February 11th. This means our world is READY for MORE of you! Enjoy the flashes of insight that light up your inner sky as Mercury shows you a magic mirror. You may learn something entirely new about yourself – perhaps you’re even stranger and more brilliant than you thought?:) And what if there’s nothing wrong with that? “You did not come here to be normal, you came here to be you!” said Robert Holden on a postcard with a girl standing on her head. Enjoy being the funny, strange, quirky, odd and impossibly endearing YOU! The world would not be near as fun without you! Click here for more on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite an unexpected journey:)

Full Moon on February 3rd in glamorous and creative Leo shines a bright spotlight on your relationships. Your partners – whether intimate, creative, business or all of the above – have brought you a lot of joy and expansion since last July. It’s time to celebrate your joint journey, to be grateful for all you’ve created and received. Mercury’s birthday gifts of new insights into your own being may require an adjustment in the balance of your dance together. Uranus, your own wild and wonderful cosmic patron is sending a supportive beam to this Moon, encouraging you to express your ideas, no matter how strange they may seem. Have a good “heart-to heart” with your special someone or a brilliant brainstorming session with your co-creator – you may find them rather receptive to your innovative input. What else is possible for you to create together if you dare to step off the familiar path?

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in your sign. Seems like the universe just can’t get enough of you:)! With Mercury speeding direct now, a renewed sense of Self is taking shape with greater clarity. Stately Saturn is sending a reminder to consider how your new plans and ideas mesh with the broader goals of your beloved brotherhood and sisterhood. If you’ve hopped too far “out on a limb” during the barrage of brilliant insights brought on by Mercury’s backward dance, Saturn is there to make sure you’ve still got some ground under your feet. But, this reality check does not diminish the importance of the inner gifts you received your Birthday season! In fact, your mind will be on fire starting February 22nd, as Mars and Venus – action and desire – meet for a hot date in the communications sector of your chart, sending fresh flashes of creative sparks sizzling through your mental circuits. Write, share, blog, communicate – you’ll discover your Birthday gifts were meant to be shared:) It’s not an accident Mercury is spending 9 weeks in your sign this year – the world needs your input, now more than ever. Don’t hide your newly amped up light!

Dear PISCES, last month’s New Moon in brilliantly original air sign of Aquarius on January 20th burst open the windows of your interior castle, letting in a fresh breeze of ideas, inspiration and insights. Mercury, the magical messenger took you on a mysterious meander through the back-alleys of this secret city of your soul by starting its retrograde journey on January 21st. You’ll have until February 11th to play with brilliant bits of your past (sometimes WAY past- you could stumble into other lifetimes and alternate dimensions on this long and strange trip!) While this may seem a daunting task to some, it’s actually pretty close to a Piscean version of heaven – tripping through lofty utopian realms where dreams ARE realityJ And, it gets even better: there’s a cosmic gathering of poets, healers, lovers and dreamers in your sign for the first three weeks of the month – Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron all mix and mingle creating an atmosphere of inspiration and healing in your beautiful oceanic soul. Venus meets Neptune, your own dreamy cosmic patron on February 1st, creating a gorgeous wave of creativity you’d be a fool not to groove on. Mars gives you extra energy to pick up a brush, tune up your guitar, grab a pen to actually capture some of this incredible inspiration infusing your system. Trust this mysterious flow – you’ll be carried precisely where you’ll need to be to start your next cycle as your Birthday season beckons. Let yourself drift and dream… it’s essential nourishment for your cosmically creative Piscean soul. Click here for more musings on this Mercury retrograde cycle – it’s quite a lovely journey.

Full Moon on February 3rd in large-hearted Leo shifts your focus to more “down to earth” matters temporarily: you’ve been quite busy since July, generously giving of your time to causes close to your heart. Your workload has grown in every way, leaving you spread a bit thin. Now some projects are coming to a close. Celebrate the fruits of your long and loving labor, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. There may even be a bonus in the works, a visible reward for your contribution. As the assignments wrap up and your schedule starts to clear, don’t be so quick to fill it up again. Enjoy a bit of breathing room – your body will thank you for it! Allow yourself the SPACE to receive the seeds of inspiration drifting into your awareness on the brilliant Aquarian breezes. Don’t let anyone call you lazy!:)

The New Moon of February 18th lights up the last degree of Aquarius – it’s quite unusual to have two New Moons in the same sign. Seems like the there’s more hidden chambers to explore in your inner castle, more healing and inspiration to receive from the Spirit realm. Now, with Mercury speeding direct, you’ll be able to put some of the secrets received on these soul-journeys to practical use in your worldly work. Saturn reminds you there are responsibilities to attend to, commitments to honor. It’s a balancing act you’re all too familiar with- how to function “in the world” without losing YOUR world. But, don’t let yourself get too weighed down – Sun shimmies into your sign in the evening of February 18th to cheer you up, lighting the fuse of your Birthday fireworks. Happy Birthday, dear Pisces! Welcome to this wild and wonderful world, yet again!:)   Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers deliver a fun and potentially very practical present on February 22nd: after fertilizing your inner garden with daring dreams and desires on their journey through your sign, they hook up in a passionate embrace in the values sector of your chart. The more you genuinely celebrate yourself this Birthday season, the more exciting opportunities come your way to increase your income by joining action with desire. A potent present indeed! The incredible inner journey you’ve been on leads into more authentic, bold and passionate engagement with the world. Deep down you’ve always known there’s no separation – the “inner” and “outer” are ONE. Now you have a chance to fully live this truth.